Adidas vs Nike Sizing – Detailed Comparison

Nike vs Adidas, the debate will go on till eternity. However, the fact is that both have their market, quality, and shoe size. If you are a sneakerhead, you might know how the sizing differs depending on the brand you get. And, it's not always true that the quality brands such as Adidas or Nike will have true-to-size shoes.

On top of that, if you are buying shoes online, you don't have any choice other than to refer to the shoe size chart of the brand. If you already have one of the brand's shoes and want to try the other one, you have made the best decision of landing on this Adidas vs Nike sizing guide.

Here we will help you in choosing the best shoe size. Read this guide till the end to save your time afterward. We have done a lot of research regarding Nike's shoe size as well as Adidas' shoe size for this guide.

Adidas vs Nike sizing

adidas vs nike - which shoes run narrow?

If you have narrow feet or are close to ideal, chances are you don't have to size up or size down for any brand. Nevertheless, a lot of Nike enthusiasts suggest getting a shoe half size bigger than your regular shoe size. So, Nike runs small and narrow as well.

But, if you are someone with wide feet, you would be happy to know that Nike offers extra wide shoes. Hence, if you are a hardcore Nike fan, you will not be disappointed.

Moreover, if you have broad feet, you can get one bigger Nike shoe size. On the other hand, Adidas shoe size is perfect and true to size. Therefore, check for the Nike shoe size conversion chart if you are buying a Nike pair and already have an Adidas pair.

adidas vs nike sizing - which shoe size fit wide feet?

Most of the ideal feet size of brands tends to be narrower and it gets hard for people with wide feet to find shoes. However, brands like Adidas have normally wide shoes which can easily accommodate wide feet. Also, you don't have to compromise on the length and get one size bigger shoes.

On the contrary, if you see the Nike shoe width chart, normal Nike's run small and narrower than Adidas. However, Nike offers a special line of shoes for wide feet, which you should consider checking. To sum up, if you have narrow feet, Adidas won't fit perfectly. On the contrary, Nike with their extra-wide shoe range can.

Adidas Shoes

how to find the right size for your Adidas or Nike shoes

Searching for the perfect shoe size is the first thing to do while buying shoes online. You simply cannot get your ideal size even when they are Nike or Adidas shoes. It's good that both of these brands offer a good refund and return policy, so you can at least return it once you order the wrong size.

However, it's better if you know which shoes can fit you, so you don't have to go through all this hassle of return, refund, and reorder. Here are some tips from our size which will help you find your right size and deep insight into Adidas vs Nike sizing.

  • If you already have Adidas or Nike shoes, check for their size if they fit well. It can be on the Heel.
  • However, if you are a new buyer, first, measure your shoe size. Take a measuring tape and start measuring your foot by the end of your Heel to the thumb or the longest finger of your foot.
  • Also, as we have flaws, both feet can slightly differ in their length. So go for the big one while measuring.
  • Once you know your foot size (preferably in inches), depending on your brand preference, check for the Adidas shoe size chart or Nike shoe size chart. You can also search for the Adidas to Nike size chart for a better idea. 
  • The size of your shoe depends on its width too, so check for the width of those shoes using the shoe width chart of the brand. Moreover, you need to size down or size up using the chart.
shoe size chart


1. do Nike and Adidas shoes fit the same?

I wish it were true, but no, it's not. Adidas shoes fit true to size, so you can get any of them according to your current foot size. On the other hand, Nike shoes run small, so you have to buy half-size bigger shoes.

2. which is more comfortable? Nike or Adidas?

The answer to this question relies on person to person, as both brands are known for their uniqueness. However, in my personal opinion, we love Adidas more because they are obviously comfortable and wide too.

3. do Adidas run smaller or bigger than Nike?

Adidas runs bigger than Nike and is a bit wider too. Adidas runs true to size and Nike is smaller. So if you have wide feet, Adidas can be a comfortable option for you.

4. does Nike run big or small?

Nike runs half size smaller as compared to the ideal size. But, depending on the region, it may vary. You might look for the Nike men's shoe size chart while picking shoes.


To sum up, searching for the perfect pair of shoes is not that hard if you have a proper guide with you. And that's what we provide. So, while buying new Nike or Adidas shoes, feel free to check our guide for the Adidas vs Nike sizing. And make sure you make a perfect choice. Further, you can find more such guides on our website, so feel free to check them for a piece of in-depth information.

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