Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Crocs

After sneakers, the crocs have taken over the market with their comfy design and style. Yet, some people don't know how to wear them. Internet is flooded with questions like, do you wear socks with crocs? Or how to wear crocs with socks? And so on.

We understand, crocs have become a fashion statement and are really cool to wear. But you can wear whatever you want, and you don't need anyone's approval for that. However, if you are seriously conscious about your looks and concerned about crocs with or without socks, we are here to help you answer your query on whether you are supposed to wear socks with crocs.

Also, we have included a small guide on the best socks for crocs for you. Therefore, do read this guide till the end.

wear socks with crocs


Are crocs meant to be worn with socks?

For an answer with good proof, we have to go back to the history of crocs. According to Wikipedia, crocs made their first model named "Beach" which was actually marketed as a boating shoe. And the crocs are made of waterproof rubber and have small holes in the top, thus making it easier to drain the water.

So, it's not workable to wear socks inside them if you will wear them near water. However, some people, including your favorite celebs, love wearing socks over crocs and it's comfortable to wear them with socks so you can wear them if you wish.

crocs meant to be worn with socks

How To Wear Socks With Crocs?

If you have already decided to wear socks with crocs, it is nothing wrong with you. A lot of celebrities wear socks with crocs and still appear cool. So, if you wish, wear your socks with crocs and. However, here are some tips which would help you not appear lame.

  • If you want to wear socks inside crocs but not make them obvious, consider wearing no-show socks that only cover the feet and ankle. Thus, you won't appear like a gen X person.
  • There are also half socks available that are not at all visible and only cover half of your foot. So if you have sweaty feet, you can wear them beneath your crocs.
  • Many people wearing shorts or even long pants can be seen sporting standard-sized socks with crocs. However, if you don't want to attract attention towards them, try wearing white socks.
  • There is also a category of waterproof socks which you can try over if you don't want to make your socks wet and still want to wear them with crocs.

Best Socks To Wear With Crocs

What Type Of Socks To Wear With Crocs

1. No show socks

As explained in the tips section, the no-show socks are one of the best socks to wear with crocs because they are not easily seeable. And still, help you in keeping your feet warm. There are many high-end brands manufacturing no-show socks; you can check them.

2. Half socks

The half socks are not so popular as they are not even visible when someone wears them. However, they will work like magic if you want to wear socks with crocs and want to keep it a secret. These half socks only cover half of your feet and leave your heel open.

3. Standard sized socks

The standard-sized socks which you generally use with sneakers and formal shoes can be used with crocs. But unless you want some attention, make sure they go well with your outfit.

4. Waterproof socks

If you are going on a boat ride or a pool party, you might want to keep your feet away from water. For that, you can get a pair of waterproof socks, which will keep your feet away from any water spills.


1. Can you wear crocs without socks?

Absolutely yes, no socks or socks. You can rock those crocs anyway if you can carry any outfit well. Also, crocs are meant to be worn without socks, but anyone can wear socks as long as they want.

2. Are Crocs and Socks Cool?

Yes they are, many people and celebrities can be seen wearing crocs and socks together and till make a style statement. Simply search for 'socks with crocs' and you will have many images of people wearing them while being cool.

3. How to wear crocs with jeans?

You can style your crocs as you love. However, if you wear socks with crocs, go for long booted jeans, which can cover your heels and make those socks less obvious.

4. Should you wear socks with crocs?

The answer depends on the wearer. If you are at a place where your feet should not be visible, such as a workplace, you should wear socks. Also, socks will help in keeping your feet dry and warm.


Wearing crocs is the best decision, as they provide good ventilation and space to your feet. Also, they are much comfier than shoes and sandals. In fact, many youngsters can be seen wearing crocs nowadays, as they are trendy and relaxing. However, when it comes to socks with crocs, it totally depends on a person's choice. You can wear your crocs with socks or crocs without socks.

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