How To Condition Leather Boots With Household Items

This article deals with stuffs related to how to condition leather boots with household items. Well, your boots are going to get dirty anyway. So, why waste time washing them? Right? Wrong! If you own any regular fabric boots, no one would care how they look.But, if you have leather boots, after a certain period …

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How To Get Gum Off Shoes Without Making a Mess

We’ve all had it happen…you get home from a walk, start unlacing your shoes, and discover you’ve stepped on some gum! Well, don’t panic.Operation ‘get gum off shoe’ isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. There are several effective methods that you can use, and your shoes will be back to good as new in no …

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How Should Cowboy Boots Fit – Ultimate Guide For All Sizes

Cowboy boots are snug yet comfortable and also tend to run a bit larger in size. They’re manufactured to support long hours on foot or in the saddle. If you are planning to buy cowboy boots, you must have knowledge of how should cowboy boots fit. Should boots fit tight or loose? How to walk …

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Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes

best lightweight basketball shoes

Some basketball players prefer a more bulky, heavy type of shoe, while others prefer more lightweight footwear. If you are someone who prefers the latter, this list of best lightweight basketball shoes is for you. There are several advantages to wearing either type of shoe, but in my opinion, lightweight shoes, provided they are made of …

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Best Shoes For Pharmacists (Comfortable For Entire Day)

Pharmacists normally spend a lot of time in their fields of practice, including clinics, pharmacies, or even laboratories. They have to work for a long period and sometimes have to stand on their feet for the entire day, no matter where their workplaces are. So, if their footwear is incorrect, they can have achy feet, …

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Best Shoes For Treadmill Walking

To get yourself healthy, the first step is admitting to which level you are in terms of physical fitness. It is not possible for everyone to go out to the best gym and start pumping iron, leaving everyone in awe. Fitness is a journey, not a race. With that in mind, remember, you can start your …

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Best Shoes For Dancing Hip Hop

best shoes for dancing hip hop

Often, the growing popularity of hip hop seems like an enticing train of merchandise with no idea of closure. Hip hop has always been an overwhelming force in our culture, from its humble roots on the roadways of American cities to today’s multimillionaire industry that motivates millions of individuals.Also, hip hop doesn’t only come in …

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Best Longboarding Shoes (Affordable Picks)

best longboarding shoes

Longboarding and skateboarding are brothers, similar yet different. Skateboarding is more about agile turns, tricks and flips with a more casual attitude. Longboarding, on the other hand, is more about going far and going there faster. Have you guys seen those videos of long boarders going plus 60mph+ on a highway? Absolutely insane! In order to …

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Best Shoes For Peroneal Tendonitis


The Peroneal tendons in the foot are tissues that attach muscles and bones, and they help to lend stability to the foot so that you can walk smoothly while reducing the risk of sprains. If you happen to take part in a lot of sports or have suddenly started committing to high-intensity sports, you might …

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Best Walking Shoes For Rainy Weather

Rain is beautiful. But, the worst part about it is that it could ruin your favorite footwear. Rainy weathers are the times when your footwear experiences battering due to dragging itself into muddy surfaces and water everyday. The essence of the shoe gets destroyed if they are not waterproof and can cause severe bacterial infection …

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Best Shoes For Warehouse Work

Does the efficiency of your work closely go with the type of footwear you wear? I think, yes, especially in the case of workshops or warehouse jobs where there is constant movement, your footwear can hamper or benefit your work efficiency. If your shoes cause excessive fatigue and blisters on your feet, then you are wearing …

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Best Tennis Shoes For Bunions

Unless and until you either are someone that suffers from bunions, or you are close to them because if not, and you are looking for the best tennis shoes for bunions, that is kinda odd. Nevertheless, though, since I need to reach a certain word count in order to get money to buy vegetables, I …

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