Best Cushioned Basketball Shoes

Basketball is among the highest watched sports in the world today. It is an American sport that originated back in the 19th century and has evolved ever since. One thing that is noticeable about these players, apart from their athletic ability and height, is the well-designed shoes.

best cushioned basketball shoes

Every sport has shoes that specifically help them enhance the performance of the person who plays them, and basketball is no different. Basketball shoes are specifically designed to help players to improve the performance in the sport, and these shoes have been in production since the 1920s.

Now many basketball players have their brands of signature model shoes that they use in their sports. These brands have the same goal: to produce the best-cushioned basketball shoes for fans and professionals to use on the court.

This is why the market is now flooded with different kinds of cushioned basketball shoes. The list below can serve as a guide on which ones are the best to buy.




Fila is an international sportswear manufacturer that designs shoes and apparel. It was founded back in the year 1911 and originated in Italy. Because of this, you get the best of Italian design, quality craftsmanship, and refined materials in all of their products.

The Fila sneakers are made with a heritage design that comes with a timeless look. It is also made with different style, material, and colors that make them look fashionable and contemporary. This variant of sneakers are designed in the classic creeper style and have a sleek low profile look.

These shoes comes with EVA midsoles that are the best in class for cushioning materials which gives you more comfort and flexibility while playing basketball and thus, rightly put into the best cushioned basketball shoes.

I used these shoes for my final basketball tournament; their cushioning support is too good and gives more comfort to playing a game; this is one of my best picks.


  • The upper supports are made of synthetic faux leather.
  • The midsoles are filled with EVA foam.
  • Solid rubber is used in making the entire outsole.
  • Perforated quarter detailing is outlay on the body of the shoe.
  • Embroidered brand design on different parts of the shoe.
  • Designed with antiskid technology. 
  • The tongue is made of durable mesh.


  • The shoes are made of easily cleanable material.
  • Increased traction from the rubber soles.
  • Comfortable EVA equipped insoles.
  • The upper supports are firm and durable.
  • The lace-up closure ensures that the shoes don't slip from your feet.


  • The weight can be a little hard to handle until you adjust to it.


From my point of view, Puma is a premium brand that designs and manufactures some of the best athletic and casual footwear, apparel, and accessories. 

The Court X-Ray sneakers come with some cool Skeletal graphics on the forefoot;  Since they feature a combination of IGNITE foam and NRGY beads to cushion the soles, it should come as no surprise that these are some of the best cushioned basketball shoes.


  • Uppers are carefully engineered to be well-knit. 
  • Collar is designed to fit and feel like a sock. 
  • The entire shoe has a medial wrap up.
  • Midsoles are filled with EVA foam. 
  • Outsoles are made from solid rubber. 
  • The sole is made from high rebound foam.


  • The material used is durable and won't wear off with rough use.
  • These sneakers are designed to give a snug yet light fit.
  • There are specific parts that provide additional support to your feet.
  • They are light and comfortable to wear on court.


  • The Velcro strap might not be a strong gripped closure while playing.


Air Jordan is probably the most well-known brands among the best cushioned basketball shoes in the market. This brand is produced by Nike, the origins date back to 1984 when it was custom made for six times most valuable player and basketball legend Michael Jordan.

From 1985 these shoes were available to the general public and have sold like hotcakes ever since. These Jordans are made with a heritage silhouette back in 1989 when it was originally released and features an embroidered Air Jordan logo.

The unique zigzag treading gives you better traction than other sneakers. If you are in the hunt for the most comfortable Air Jordans, then this is it. 


  • The uppers are made with genuine Nubuck leather.
  • Zigzag and circular lines make up the thread pattern.
  • The cushioning is a combination of Phylon and Nike Air.
  • The outsole is rubber based.
  • It has a central lacing system that is connected to the uppers. 
  • The tongue of this shoe has a lace guard.


  • Most comfortable Jordan shoes
  • A snug fit that stays attached to your feet all throughout the game.
  • They give extra traction and grip on the court.
  • Your feet are well protected from the impact of jumping.


  • It has uppers made from Nubuck leather, which is not a breathable material.


The Underarmour brand was born back in the year 1990, and they started with their first line of shoes in the year 2009. They have been endorsed by world-class athletes like Stephen Curry, who regularly use this cushioned basketball shoes in their games.

They are famous for their trademark design that makes their shoes very light. They provide some of the best quality basketball shoes, and you can be assured that you're getting a pair of sneakers that are completely worth their price.

These sneakers are made with UA HOVR technology that provides 'zero gravity feel', which means your energy is preserved and your stamina doesn't end up getting drained. So I strongly recommend this best cushioned basketball shoes for your basketball game.


  • The uppers are made from molded textiles.
  • Lacing system is made with a webbed design.
  • The shoe tongue is constructed with the traditional design. 
  • It is equipped with a half bootie lining.
  • The sockliner is made of die-cut EVA.
  • The outsole is made of rubber.


  • The uppers feel comfortable on your feet.
  • The material used is breathable.
  • The webbed lacing system makes for a locked-in customized fit.
  • EVA cushioning provides underfoot cushioning.
  • The mesh tongue helps increase the airflow within the shoes.


  • The size may end up being smaller than expected. So be careful.


Air Jordan, Nike's most popularly sold brand, comes up with yet another pair of iconic sneakers for men and women. The look they sport is just pure class and will appeal to anyone that has followed basketball back in Jordan's glory days.

These sneakers are a homage to the original black and white Air Jordans and have the same classic construction when it comes to the shape. They are sure to catch your eye with a clean two-tone color scheme that has become the mark of a true OG.

The ankle support protects not just your feet but also your back and makes it clear why these sneakers undoubtedly have a place among this list of the best cushioned basketball shoes. One of the bounciest basketball shoes!


  • It has deep flex grooves on the sole.
  • Tread pattern is filled with concentric circles. 
  • The capsule is filled with air.
  • Outsole is made of solid rubber. 
  • Uppers are a blend of genuine and synthetic leather. 
  • Base is made with leather and has faux fur panels.


  • They are designed to provide flexible traction.
  • You will get a stronger grip on the court.
  • These sneakers are durable on every surface.
  • The air-filled capsule makes the shoe light and comfortable to play in.


  • The genuine leather is prone to wear off if it is brought into contact with water.


Adidas is a historically well-known brand that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel, and accessories. These sneakers are designed to have a retro basketball. A herringbone traction pattern along midsole and outsoles give these sneakers a huge edge over all of the competition.

The cushioned insole provides comfort, which is why these are also called as most cushioned basketball shoes. You can get one if you're looking for all-round foot comfort while you're on the court.

Your feet are protected and comfortable throughout the game if you use these comfy basketball shoes. Also, it is one of the most supportive basketball shoes which can help you win your game. 


  • The outsoles are made from rubber.
  • Regular fit size that is universal.
  • The ankles are padded.
  • The uppers are made with mesh.
  • These shoes are protected by a leather coating.
  • The closure is a standard lace system.
  • There is a herringbone pattern on the tread.


  • The sneakers are durable and won't wear off with extensive use.
  • They have a strong grip on the court.
  • The padded ankles provide comfort while playing.
  • The mesh in the uppers allows your skin to breathe.
  • You get strong traction on all kinds of surfaces.


  • These shoes have a narrow layout and maybe a problem for people with broad feet.


Nike is one of the most well-known brands of all time in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories, and services.

Kyrie's six-shot clock shoe is modelled after the Pro NBA player Kyrie Irving wears during his games and features his jersey number. These Nike basketball shoes are designed to have the same iconic look that the original Air Force 1 had.

Something that I found unique about these shoes is that there is an adjustable strap cross over the laces to keep your foot stable over the foot bed. It is also one of the most comfortable basketball shoes. So grab it now. 


  • The outsole has strategically designed curves.
  • Foam material that covers the midsole.
  • The tread design is a multi-angle blade pattern.
  • The collars of these shoes are padded.
  • It comes with a Nike Air Zoom Turbo unit.
  • The uppers are made out of mesh.
  • There is an adjustable strap over the laces.


  • The shoes are lightweight and feel easy on the feet.
  • They are designed to align your feet with your ankle.
  • These shoes have a soft ankle-conforming fit.
  • It is designed to give extra grip and traction on the edges.
  • The Nike Air Zoom Turbo unit provides a smooth heel-to-toe transition.


  • The measurements have discrepancies and may not always be true to size.


Every sport has specifically designed apparel that you wear while playing, and basketball is no different. Basketball shoes are colloquially known as sneakers and are now popularly worn with casual attire of the court as well.

However, that is not what they are made for; cushioned basketball shoes are designed to enhance your performance on the court. Many players also prefer lightweight basketball shoes as they are made of durable materials and are the better option because of how agile it makes you well.

Let's see how they stand out from other shoes; basketball shoes are ankle length and provide sturdy support to your feet when you jump during games.

Best Cushioned Basketball Shoes (1)

The soles are cushioned not just for comfort but to absorb the impact of the jumps made on the court. Basketball courts also tend to have smooth flooring made from concrete and wood, which is why grip and traction are essential to play on them; the rubber outsoles that basketball shoes have provide you with the best possible grip and traction.

Basketball games are really fast-paced, and to ensure that your sneakers stay on your feet, the cushioned basketball shoes have a comfortably snug fit because of the lace closure system that they use.

Jumping is an essential part of any basketball game, and it is always better to have shoes that assist you in making these jumps higher and faster. This is something you won't find in any generic kind of footwear or sports shoes. This is why cushioned basketball shoes stand out from the other footwear.


When you're looking to buy a pair of cushioned basketball shoes, you need to look into a number of factors mentioned below before you have made your choice. 

  • Brand: This can determine the quality and the durability of the product. Some brands exclusively make only basketball sneakers and will be experts in their niche.
  • Material: Make sure the material used is of good quality. Always prefer synthetic leather, resin and other durable material over delicate options like Nubuck leather.
  • Uppers: To protect your feet, make sure that you buy uppers that allow your feet to breathe. Always go for uppers that are made of mesh and similar material. 
  • Midsoles: Choose shoes that have well-padded midsoles. So go for midsoles that have thicker padding, and EVA filled foam coating.
  • Insoles: Go for sneakers that have soft insoles that won't give you a shoe bite. The insoles rub against your skin all throughout the game, so make sure that they don't sting.
  • Outsoles: Choose the ones that are made out of rubber for durability. The best options would be those that specifically protect high impact areas of the outsole. 
  • Tread pattern: Always go for the option that is carved for a strong grip and flexible traction. The tread pattern should have shapes that will help your feet stick to the court.
  • Closure: give preference to centralized lace systems that will keep your feet secure in the sneakers. This ensures that you don't have to worry about your shoes falling off your feet when you jump. This is an important factor to consider no matter what sports you are into. For instance if you consider running or sprinting, I would recommend you to get sprinting shoes with spikes to get better closure. 

The shoes that a person wears during a basketball game can end up making a huge impact on their performance, which is why you should look into all of these factors and choose from the cushioned basketball shoes instead of settling for random models.



Basketball Shoes are made using special foam throughout the sole. This foam acts as a cushion, give the shoes extra padding, and helps in supporting your foot while playing.


The cushioning systems in your basketball shoes help reduce the stress impact. But apart from this, the extra support and solid base in the shoes absorb some energy used to drive a jump, reducing jump height. However, cushioned basketball shoes help you jump higher than normal shoes.


There is a difference between normal basketball shoes and cushioned basket shoes. The latter gives you more comfort. So if you have normal basketball shoes, then wear two layers of socks. This helps to break into them. You can also invest in second-hand soles or padding to bring another layer to your shoes.


Now that we've seen the available options in the market for sneakers and have gone through all the features, pros, and cons of these options making a choice on which of these options are right for will be easier.

So you are now familiar with the different brands and models and are able to tell which ones are going to be right for you. With all of this information, you can now skip hours of researching the market because I have you covered on that part. So you can go ahead and buy the best cushioned basketball shoes.

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