Best Insoles for Vans

Are you looking for best insoles for Vans shoes? Or Do you want replace you Vans insole to make your Vans shoes more comfortable? Then you have landed on the right place.

Vans is a high-end American shoe and apparel business. The traction of the shoes is very good. They are more comfortable, enduring, and fashionable comfy shoes that are suitable for wearing all day long. But there will be times, where your Vans shoes need insoles replacement to provide better fit, arch support, or simply because they are worn out.

Choosing the right insoles for your shoes is a great idea to get a comfortable experience. There are various insoles available out there in the market for van shoes. We have pinned down the 8 best insoles for Vans that help in providing the ultimate experience.



Product Name




Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles


Superfeet GREEN

Superfeet GREEN - High Arch Orthotic Support - Best Insoles for Vans


Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles - Best Insoles for Vans


Amitataha Memory Foam Insoles

Memory Foam Insoles - Best Insoles for Vans


Basmile Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic Insoles - Best Insoles for Vans


1. The Walk Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles


  • Deep-stabilizing heel cup
  • Integrated silicon material
  • Foam layer with high density
  • 5-mm top cover
  • Fully extended footbed
  • Base made of Eva foam

Walk hero insoles are the finest option for heel discomfort, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and other leg issues. Walk hero comfort, and support insole offers the user the best level of comfort. Additionally, helpful for stress and discomfort related to flat feet, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, bunions, and heel pain.

Another excellent feature is the deep heel cup, which aids in proper foot placement. Furthermore, it stabilizes the foot and offers the heels the utmost protection. Since premium Eva material is utilized in its manufacture, the insole effectively reduces foot strain and keeps the heel cool.

This insole is made by WALK HERO COMFORT AND SUPPORT. It is an arch support insole that is excellent for individuals with various heel issues. This insole can be regarded as the best insoles for vans and is suitable for all-day use. It is wonderful to be placed in your shoes whether you are going skateboarding, hiking, or doing any other activities because it is comfy to wear and ideal if you have heel issues.

Walk hero insole also features an additional layer of padding, which lessens muscular strain. When you wear shoes with this insole, your feet will receive support and feel energized to accomplish activities. This kind of insole relieves the majority of heel issues. Furthermore, it helps to reposition the foot ligaments, strengthen the foot muscles, and enhance balance. With this insole, you can walk most safely and pleasantly as possible.


  • Extremely supportive
  • Affordable
  • Symptomatic relief for heel issues
  • A deep heel cup stabilizes the foot
  • Stable arch


  • The insole burns out after a few wears.

2. Superfeet GREEN – High Arch Cut-To-Fit Shoe Insoles


  • Stabilizer cap
  • Foam layer with high density
  • Deep heel cup
  • Fnduring design
  • Fdour suppression

Superfeet insole is a good full-length good insole for vans. It includes a deep heel cup that aids in giving the foot exceptional support and stabilization. Additionally, it gives the foot additional padding and gets you in shape for endurance exercises.

It has a lot of beneficial qualities, such as odor control to prevent offensive odors, deep heel cups to provide the body with the most support possible, long-lasting insoles to help you avoid wasting time and money, high arched insoles, relief from foot discomfort and heel pain, and many more.

 Due to its ostentatious characteristics, many are drawn to the insole and buy it. Both men and women can wear this insole because it is unisex. The insole's stabilizing cap gives the heels the greatest level of comfort and durability. High-density foam layer also helps in cushioning the foot. It is a reasonably priced orthotic support that makes your shoes comfy and appropriate for you.

Additionally, this insole aids in natural stress absorption and provides solid support for 12 months or 500 miles. Superfeet Insoles with a high-profile design are also beneficial for treating knee and ankle discomfort. It also has an energetic base.

Although this insole is available in various hues, green is said to give the wearer the best comfort and support. The fabric top minimizes the shifting, and the super feet insole is one of the best insoles for vans that provide maximum comfort to the user.


  • Pain-free walking
  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Lessens the pressure on the ankles and feet


  • Initial discomfort

3. Dr Scholl’s Comfort & Energy Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles


  • Responsive wave cushioning
  • Arch support
  • Additional heel support
  • Alleviation of muscular soreness
  • Manufactured using massage gel technology

If you have severe conditions relating to your feet, Dr. Scholl's insoles are ideal. It offers maximum comfort and keeps you feeling more energized. Multilayer waves of massaging gel offer cushioning and shock absorption. It is comprised of distinctive gel patterns that support the arch. The gel portion surrounding the heel is firmer to support the heel.

The advantages of this particular insole can be enjoyed by those who have severe foot fatigue and aches. It perfectly supports and is the best insoles for vans. You can even cut the insoles to your specific foot size to achieve the ideal fit.

This insole's standout feature is its massaging gel technology, which soothes foot pain and offers a comfortable, energizing sensation. Additionally helpful for tendonitis and heel spurs. If you desire superior cushioning and relief from foot problems and enjoy all-day comfort, this is the best insole for vans to fit.


  • Pain alleviation
  • Provide support to the heels
  • Simple to trim and size your shoes
  • Excellent cushioning


  • Little arch support
  • Slides around too much

4. AMITATAHA Memory Foam Insoles


  • Absorbs sweat
  • Releases foot pressure
  • U shape heel cup
  • Great support for the arch
  • Medical-grade PU and velvet material.

This insole is ideal for providing the best foot and heel base protection. It features shock absorbers and will provide immediate pain alleviation. Numerous heel disorders, including flat feet, spurs, and plantar fasciitis, see significant pain relief.

Using these insoles, you may perform all sports, like jogging, running, climbing, etc., without discomfort. It is excellent for supporting high arches and is especially helpful if you have flat feet, weak arches, or shaky steps. The removal of heel discomfort is also aided by high arch support.

Additionally, it makes standing on foot for extended periods easier and lessens walking weariness. This insole's flexible foam is its most prominent characteristic; the adaptable foam gives the wearer a comfortable fit and supports the heel all day.

The insole is constructed from premium PU and velvet, both of which are long-lasting medical-grade materials that are safer for the environment and the human body. This material is safer for children, women, and men because it has no negative effects or toxicity.

To ensure a suitable fit, these insoles can easily be cut to size. The back of the insoles has a distinct cut line that can be trimmed to the desired form. Additionally, these insoles prevent stinky feet by not producing much odor when used for an extended period.


  • Great Comfort
  • Suitable arch support
  • Control of odour
  • Optimal cushioning


  • Slippery on the top

5. Basmile Orthotic Insoles


  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Breathable stoma design
  • U shape heel cup design
  • Arch support
  • Suitable for all shoes

This insole is constructed of supple, lightweight memory foam. Maximum cushioning and shock absorption are provided for the wearer. It is beneficial to wear if one has plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or other heel issues, and maximum comfort is provided for carrying out daily tasks and even for prolonged standing.

You may include this insole into your van shoes to increase comfort because it is the best insole for vans. The ergonomic shape of the arch support eases pressure on all the high arch pressure points while also reducing foot and leg muscle fatigue.

Heel insoles include thick padding, which is particularly beneficial for relieving heel pain. You won't even notice the U-shaped heel cup is there because it doesn't cause your heel to feel uncomfortable. Since it is made of breathable mesh and stoma designs, feet stay fresh all day. In this insole, the airflow is enhanced.

This insole can also be readily customized to any size by trimming. It is gender-neutral, so both men and women can use it with ease. You won't find it difficult to walk, run, climb, jog, hike, or stand all day if you use this insole; since it keeps your heel comfortable.


  • Easily cut to any size
  • Good cushioning
  • Comfortable for everyday use
  • Multiple sizes available


  • No cupping around the heel

6. FeelLife Plantar Fasciitis Relief Shoe Insoles


  • Breathable velvety cover
  • Soft PU for added comfort
  • High arch support
  • Corn and bunion prevention
  • Deep U cup
  • Shock absorption

Feel Life insoles come in black and orange colors. This insole, in contrast to others, has amazing qualities that relieve the pain your foot may experience from a variety of heel issues. By putting this insole in your shoes, you can comfortably walk, work, run, and engage in any other activity.

Given that it corrects both men's and women's aberrant walking patterns, it is one of the greatest arch support insoles. We all detest foot fatigue and feel life insoles are the finest way to support the feet and say goodbye to fatigue. These insoles fit the foot surface quite well. The PU layer in it aids in stabilizing the foot.

Feel life insole has decent cushioning. Any foot size can be easily accommodated by trimming the insole. You can put this insole in your stylish van shoes to enjoy the most comfortable running and walking. It features a velvety surface that is breathable and offers strong arch support.

This sort of insole is better for stability and is beneficial for bunions and corns; excellent for people who have severe foot pain and also aids in reducing the pain brought on by several foot issues. Additionally beneficial for overpronators and flat feet. It shields the foot from blisters as well.


  • High arch support
  • Shock absorption
  • Blisters prevention
  • Stable support


  • No flexibility

7. Spenco Polysorb Arch Support Shoe Insoles


  • Forefoot crash pad
  • Lightweight Polysorb foam
  • Good cushioning and support
  • Excellent odor control
  • Neutral arch

The Spenco Polysorb Cross Trainer Athletic Cushioning Arch Support Shoe Insoles are the ideal insoles for van shoes and offer the wearer the ultimate comfort. Since the heel and forefoot parts have additional padding, they can be used for various types of sports activities. Sports competition and training can all go seamlessly very well with this type of insole.

Its four-way stretch fabric aids in blister prevention and manages odor buildup inside the shoes. Additionally, it has good shock-absorbing capabilities. Since the foam contains polysorb polyurethane, it is good for supporting the arch and heels. This insole keeps the feet comfy, preventing back pain in the process. By putting this in your shoes, you can wave goodbye to blisters and painful feet.

The lightweight polysorb foam in it provides excellent support for the heel and arch while the forefoot crash pad eases forefoot pressure; with full feet of cushioning, you'll even receive the best possible balance of shock absorption and energy return.

The distinguishing quality of this insole is the additional cushioning in the heel and arch areas. Even aching, fatigued feet respond favorably to it. Spenco insoles give the wearer an excellent, comfortable experience. They are also suitable for physical activities. 


  • Full foot cushioning
  • Affordable
  • Good arch support


  • Thick heel cup

8. Copper Fit Men’s Zen Step Comfort Insole


  • Stimulating micro-massage
  • Slim design
  • Contoured arch and heel cup
  • Impact reducing cushion
  • Copper-infused

Copper fit men's zen step comfort insole is a blue-colored, copper-infused insole. The stimulating micro massages in insoles relieve pressure spots and massage the feet. Copper-fit men's zen step comfort insert offers a calming sensation.

Anyone can customize the insole to their specific size for the ideal fit; it can be cut and trimmed to fit the size and form of the foot. Since the insoles have a cushion to lessen the impact, their shape is never compromised. To get more comfort, it has a contoured arch and heel cup.

Additionally, the insole is odor-controlling and breathable. When worn for extended durations, insoles begin to smell, but this specific insole has odor-controlling properties and keeps the foot fresh. Its slender shape suits sneakers and shoes wonderfully.

This insole relieves tired soles and gives the wearer the most comfort possible. The massage nodes greatly reduce the pressure. It is an insole with a low arch and doesn't slip forward because of the heel cup and impact-reducing padding. Even people with wide feet may find that this insole fits them perfectly. This insole is sturdy and relieves several situations, including heel pain. Also, this is the best vans insole.


  • Micro massage nodes
  • Alleviation of foot pain
  • Comfortable
  • Better shank construction


  • No arch support

BUYER’S GUIDE - best insoles for vans

In 1966, Vans Shoes was established. The footwear is quite well-liked for skateboarding. Vans sneakers feature appealing styles and are always in vogue. It is suitable for everyone, including children, women, and men. Vans footwear is made of high-quality materials and is also among the most comfortable footwear you can wear.

Any shoe, however, needs the ideal insoles to give the foot appropriate support and provide pain relief. But there are certain things to think about when purchasing shoe insoles. You might need to consider the arch support, odor control, and thickening of the insoles to determine whether it's the ideal match for you. 

Here we have narrowed down the factors to be looked for while buying insoles for vans.


For people who are on their feet for extended periods, cushioning is beneficial. Cushioning gives the foot more support and comfort. Additionally, cushioned insoles reduce tension and shock around the foot area.

Arch support

It's wise to buy insoles that support the arch. It is advised to use insoles that offer arch support if you have flat heels or high arches to reduce discomfort and stress since it supports the arch and aid in keeping the foot in its ideal position.

Thick insole

Always try to avoid purchasing overly thick insoles. The best insole to put in shoes is the medium type. It can be too difficult to take a thick insole out of the shoes. Insoles that are too thick can hurt the nail beds as well.

Odor control 

Insoles with odor control absorb sweat and eliminate odor. A smelly foot may make anyone throw up. However, purchasing an odor-controlling insole is a terrific way to put an end to those revolting odors. Insoles that suppress odor help keep the feet fresh.


1. Do I Need to Remove the Existing Insoles from My Vans?

It is advised to take out the insoles from your shoes and place custom foot inserts instead. Custom foot inserts serve to alleviate foot and heel problems and offer the greatest support to those with heel ailments. Many people have flat feet, heel pain, and other issues. 

There are many different insoles available to treat these ailments, and it's excellent to insert a fresh insert that supports your heel. As a result, you can remove the insoles from your vans following the condition of your feet.

2. do vans shoes provide support without insoles?

Not really. Your foot will get hurt. Wearing Vans shoes without insoles is like deliberately injuring your foot. It won't give arch support to the foot and people with flat feet can only enjoy the shoes without insoles. It is preferable to put insoles to walk comfortably if you already have foot problems.

3. Do Vans sneakers have removable insoles?

No, removing the existing insoles will require a little bit of effort. Removable insoles are exclusive to Pro Mode Vans. Other than that, all other vans have insoles that are challenging to take out and won't easily peel off. Vans include padded insoles and foam midsoles for increased comfort.


Van shoes are high-end footwear that is often used for skateboarding and other adventurous activities. Their shoes are suitable for daily use and provide a comfortable walking experience. You may even jog, run, or work without difficulty. However, the flat soles of these shoes are not ideal for those with foot issues. Wearing these shoes without insoles will damage your feet and aggravate any existing foot ailments you may have.

As a result, we have suggested the best vans inserts that are beneficial for your heel and a perfect fit for the shoes. Here is a list of all insoles that are compatible with fitting in vans and are of excellent quality. People with flat feet, bunions, and other orthotic conditions can benefit from these insoles as well. Put insoles in your shoes, then stroll happily.

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