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Only shiny footwear can complete your formal outfit. Period. If you do not use the right polish or oil, it will take a lot more time than you think; it can even ruin your footwear. When it comes to an expensive leather boot, it won’t be chicken feed for you. So, your footwear deserves the best leather boot oil and waterproofing treatment.

With so many types of products; available in the market, choosing the best boot conditioning oil could be challenging and confusing for you. But not anymore.

best leather boot oil

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the best shoe oil for leather material construction, including a comprehensive buying guide to help you make the most informed decision in this matter.



Product Name





LEATHER HONEY - Oil For Leather



Bick 4 - best oils for leather



OBENAUF'S - best oil for leather



LEXOL - Boot Oil




Leather comprises natural fibers. When leather boots or other products get exposed to heat, sun, rain, dirt, and grime, such elements draw out their natural moisture.

It fades away the color, dries out, and ultimately makes the leather material crack over time. Repairing such cracked or flaky leather shoes is very difficult, near to impossible.

If you want to keep your expensive leather boots in great shape for decades, proper oiling and conditioning is the only way you’ve to follow.

Proper cleaning and oiling not only save your money in the long run by enhancing the boot’s lifespan but also help it keep your feet dry and healthy.




  • No silicon, solvent, or animal products in it
  • Promotes flexibility of the shoes
  • Not sticky and odorless
  • Protect leather from snow and rain

The polish with proper oil not only promotes the impressive appearance of the expensive leather boots but also prolongs the lifespans of these shoes. Hence, choosing the right oil for leather boots is one of the most important steps toward their maintenance process.

These Leather Honey conditioners come top of the list due to their excellent penetrating capabilities. It effectively penetrates the layers of leather and creates a protective guard for the new leather boots.

On the other hand, the loss of oil in the old leather materials of the shoes put them at risk of cracking. This leather conditioner comes as a savior in this regard. It rehabilitates and revitalizes the sun-faded, dried-up old leather shoes to the top-class contentment level.

This leather boot oil contains no toxic elements like a solvent, harmful animal ingredients, or silicon. It is not sticky and moisturizes the shoes without leaving any greasy residue.

Moreover, this leather conditioner renders a waterproofing effect to the leather shoes due to its market-leading water-repellent properties. Hence, it is efficient enough to protect the shoes in all weather, whether it's raining or snowing.

The USP of this leather honey conditioner is that if it applies to the shoes once in three months, its effect credibly lasts over six months and makes leather shoes extremely supple.


  • Even if over-conditioned, shoes remain non-sticky
  • Nontoxic and has no chemical odor
  • Efficient water repellent


  • Not advisable to use for suede, faux leather, or vinyl items



  • Exceptional cleaning and conditioning property with a simple application process
  • Completely wax free
  • Does not leave any sticky residue
  • Does not darken the original colors of the leather

Maximum leather conditioners contain wax to enable waterproofing. They form a thick protective layer to block water and restrict it from coming inside. Wax also hinders the moisturizer from evaporating and thus, affects the breathability of the shoes. This leather conditioner is remarkable and exceptional in this regard.

Unlike other oils that leave waxy residues on the shoes after use, it does not make the shoe greasy even after overusing. Since this leather conditioner does not contain wax, they also do not hamper the breathability of the leather shoes by sealing up the pores while conditioning.

Moreover, this conditioner comes with an impressive cleaning capability. It cleans, polishes, conditions, and preserves all slick, polished leather shoes. It is equally proficient in reconditioning old leather as well as maintaining the softness and shine of the new leathers without darkening them. It helps to conserve the shades of the color as you bought the shoes in.

Furthermore, the cleaning and conditioning process of leather shoes often becomes strenuous if the oil you are using has a complicated application process. In the absence of proper types of brushes, this application may result in vain.

Bick 4 conditioner is extraordinary in this regard too. It is easy to apply and condition the shoes efficiently without further spilling all over the hands and floors.

This conditioner acts like a moisturizer that makes the leather shoes supple and soft without altering their original colors and has secured its position in the list of best oils for leather.


  • Very easy to apply
  • Brings life to the old and worn leather
  • Preserves the flexibility and original color of old leather products


  • Shine may seem last for a short period



  • A blend of natural preserving oil, propolis, and beeswax
  • Come with an applicator
  • Odorless and restores original color to old leather
  • Do not contain silicones and harmful solvents

Experienced people already have all the essential tools they need for applying the oil to their leather boots. But inexperienced people often use their hands or a piece of cloth during the application.

This application process can distribute the oil over the shoe evenly, but problematic too. The hands get dirty during the application resulting in an imminent mess. Obenauf’s leather oil comes with a good solution to this problem.

This oil comes with an applicator connected to its cap. This applicator helps users during the application, making them feel easier to condition the boot than ever without using a cloth or your hand.

Whereas it preserves, restores, and conditions the old, bleached, and dried-up leather authoritatively, it also shines the new leather effectively. Moreover, this conditioner shortens the break-in times of brand-new shoes. So, you won’t have blisters and sores on the feet in the early days of any pair of shoes.

Due to the presence of beeswax, this oil is capable enough of restoring any kind of leather product. It resists scuffing, cracking, and dry rot to increase the lifespan of leather boots. It is odorless after application and resists water better than any other oil at the same price without sacrificing breathability.

This conditioner makes leather shoes durable and comfortable to wear and is a must-have for all, opting for the best oil for leather.


  • Easy to apply
  • Rejuvenate leather and enhance the lifespan
  • Strong waterproofing ability


  • May darken some leathers to some degree



  • Come with an easy-to-use cap
  • Creamy, non-toxic
  • Odorless and leaves no sticky residue
  • Provide full clean-and-condition leather treatments

Lexol has been renowned for its excellent leather care products since 1933. This leather conditioner is unexceptionally an incredible invention of theirs.

This Lexol leather conditioner contains fine oil droplets that can easily penetrate the leather fiber evenly and deeply. It reinstates the flexibility of the old, cracked leather shoes and renders a soft, supple feel to the users.

This gentle yet effective non-toxic conditioner. It doesn’t leave any significant, greasy residue on the leather after application.

Where all other leather oils might seem too heavy for delicate and fine leathers, the Lexol leather oil comes into play. It offers full cleaning-and-conditioning leather treatments for delicate shoes without damaging a bit.

Moreover, it protects the leather from cracking, as well as maintains flexibility as the shoes have new.

Since the oil comes in a 16.9 oz bottle, it is easy to use with the built-in cap that controls the amount of conditioner needed.

The regular care of the leather shoes with this boots oil makes them long-lasting. To conclude, with its excellent performance, this conditioner has thrown a hard-to-beat challenge to all all-other oils for leather.


  • Versatile for all leather
  • Prevents damage and discoloration
  • Protect leather from cracking


  • It May leave a white stain on leather sometimes



  • Wax free
  • Cares for all types of leather and reptile skin leather
  • Removes water spots and restricts cracking

Over the period, of exposure to the elements like heat, sun, rain, and dirt, the leather shoes may lose their natural moisturization. This exposure results in color lightening, drying, and cracking of the leather products.

If you condition your shoes at a regular time interval with this boot lotion, it will prevent this decay of heavy usage of leather shoes. This product comes with impressive features that work diligently to restore and rejuvenate the overall appearance and feel of the shoes.

This leather shoe oil is wax free and helps to keep leather in its optimum state. Moreover, it takes care of all types of leather or reptile skin-like leather products equally. It has a soft and satiny finish. This lotion prevents cracking and removes water spotting on the shoes. It hydrates the leather so well that after several applications of this conditioner, the shoe looks pliable and smooth.

The oil darkens and restores the shines of the pale, dry-colored, old shoes to give them refreshed rich looks.

The package quantity is large. Only a tiny amount of the conditioner works well for a long. Hence, it would not hurt your pocket too.

This boot leather lotion is capable enough to remove scratches. It takes care of 95% of your leather maintenance needs and is my blindfolded suggestion for all searching for the best oil for boots.


  • Can be used for all types of leathers
  • Prevent cracking and water spotting
  • Economically affordable


  • Cleaning property is poor



  • Macadamia-oil-based and a mink-oil-based formula
  • Contain all-natural products, pine-based turpentine, vegetable waxes
  • Exceptional cleaning, conditioning, smoothing, removing loose pigment & polishing.

Though synthetic ingredients like chemical solvents, silicons, and petroleum-based products, due to their self-stable properties, are often used as the ingredients while composing leather oil for shoes, they are not a good choice as the ingredients for the long run.

Some of them have awkward chemical odors, and some of them dry out leather over time. This Renovator is free of all chemicals that are harmful to fine leather. Hence, it is an appropriate choice for those searching for a powerful tool to take care of their shoes.

The mink oil-based formula of this product makes the leather soft and crack less by conditioning them and blocking the water amazingly. The vegetable wax forms a thick layer to restrict the water from coming in. Hence, this oil keeps feet dry even in rain with its superior water repellency capability.

This oil keeps the leather flexible and the shoe ages with elegance. It also can clean the effect of previous polish to render mirrors shine without discoloring and damaging them.

This boot leather oil is easily applicable with the help of essential brushes for beginners. A little quantity is sufficient to get an optimum result.

The exceptional smoothing, unbeatable conditioning, and incredible cleaning features associated with the removing capability of the loose pigments have made this product one of the best reliable companions while taking care of valuable leather products.


  • Do not change the original color of the product
  • Can repel the water
  • Render the fresh feel, look and smell to the leather products


  • Expensive



  • A combination of beeswax and natural oils
  • Do not contain solvent, animal fat, or harmful additives
  • Prevent scratches and scuffs

Taking care of valuable leather boots is not always an effortless job. People often have to be wise enough to choose the proper solution for cleaning and caring for leather products. Hence, many do not enjoy their task in this regard.

This Huber’s oil has made this struggle easy to handle. It protects the leather from damage due to repeated drying cycles by restricting water penetration. Hence, they are the safeguard of the shoes that protects them from cracking, being brittle, and shrinking.

This oil for leather shoes renders a layer of shielding from scratches and extends the lives of the leather boots.

The uniqueness of this oil lies in its liquid formula. It successfully reaches the hard-to-reach areas of the shoes like the grooves of the tooled leather or their stitching.

The beeswax in this oil prolongs the life of the leather shoes and renders a long-lasting shine by covering scuff marks.

By providing excellent water-blocking performance, this oil creates a thin protective layer on the upper of the shoes and keeps the feet dry.

The tricky part of choosing a proper oil for leather shoes is that you cannot technically understand how the product would perform instantly by checking it visually. Only time can tell the truth. This oil is one of the time tasted leather care products that assure its performance.


  • Can reach difficult areas of the shoes
  • Waterproofing capability
  • Prevent shrinking and cracking


  • No brush in the package makes the application a bit hazardous



  • 100% natural plant-based ingredients and non-toxic
  • Bergamot essential oil provides a citrusy fragrance
  • Deep penetration into leather fiber

Many boot oils darken the color of the leather, which has faded after getting exposed to the sunlight or ultraviolet rays. The degree of darkening varies from product to product. While some consider it unpleasant, this is a desirable outcome for others.

If you cherish having a little darker color on your shoes compared to their previous color, this natural oil will delight you. This lightweight oil penetrates deep into the leather fiber to keep it well hydrated. This incident initially darkens the color, which might seem quite dark to someone. But, after a few wears, the ultraviolet rays and temperature bring this color to a desirable degree and render the warm, rich appearance of the leather shoes. Hence, do not worry about the color changes after applying the oils. That, of course, is the result of a genuine product performing its job perfectly on leather.

This conditioner works incredibly at rejuvenating old leather shoes. It works equally to maintain flexibility and suppleness irrespective of new and old shoes. A blending formula of bergamot essential oil in this conditioner helps to add a polished yet delicate fragrance and to remove dirt.

Furthermore, if applied regularly, this leather oil for boots prevents the damage, drying, and cracking of the leather. Leather can quickly absorb this oil without having any sticky residue on it. Due to its easy application process and all the previous features, this product can be considered the best oil for leather boots.


  • Lengthens the lifespan
  • Easy to apply
  • Render shine and flexibility


  • Do not help much with scratches and scrapes



  • 100% all-natural ingredients, a combination of vitamin E, sweet orange oils, and high-oleic safflower oil
  • Multipurpose and versatile
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and made in the USA

Searching for a perfect solution that would help you to restore the shine of your favorite old vintage shoes? Have you already tried many of them, but none can give you the ultimate satisfaction? This Otter Wax Leather Oil is the only solution to your problem.

This oil consists of all 100% natural ingredients. It is non-toxic and safe to use. It preserves the natural shine of leather shoes year after year. It restricts the water efficiently to upgrade the durability of the leather.

Though the bottle is small, a tiny amount covers vast areas and renders the desired long-lasting result. It dries up soon after application without sacrificing its hydrating capability.

While this conditioner improves the color and texture of the old shoes to look buttery smooth and rich, it renders a flexible or supple feel and superior protection for the new shoes.

This oil is compatible and safe for different leather types, products, and colors.

Incredible versatility and easy application have made this oil desirable to those who need the best leather boot oil.


  • Softens and conditions leather
  • No chemical smell
  • Only a tiny amount is sufficient to get the desired outcome


  • Come in a small container



  • Contain 100% vegetable oil
  • Non-slip yet waterproof
  • Prevent scratches and marks
  • Easy to apply

Even though this protector oil comes at the bottom half of the review list of the best oil for leather shoes, they are considered one of the first-rate options in this regard.

This conditioner genuinely extends the life of the shoes by protecting their soles from the effect of water and salt.

This oil can be applied easily with the help of a chamois and dries out within one hour after application. It also does not leave any mark on the floor after being used on the soles.

This Saphir conditioner restricts the water from permeating the surface and preserves the suppleness of the shoes. This protector can rejuvenate old leather insoles that become very hard and dry after several usages. It provides soles with a rich patina so that the soles don’t catch dirt and get soaked in wet conditions.

After experimenting with preserving and protecting the performance of this oil for leather boots, I can bet that Saphir is a step up in your shoe care regime.


  • Superior waterproofing ability
  • Lengthen the lifespan of the leather products
  • Do not darken shoes


  • May stress your pocket



Different qualities of leather require different types of treatments. For instance, the hard leather boots are designed for hiking, hunting, and other strenuous work, so they can withstand abuse and repel water.

Hence, you need a shoe conditioning oil that provides waterproofing without damaging the breathability factor. Light and non-straining polishes are good for delicate boots; made of suede leather.


Among lots of treatments, the greasy or wax type, more viscous treatment is effective for a hard leather work boot. On the other hand, boot conditioning oils are good for restoring and penetrating soft leather footwear or dry leather cowboy boots.


A range of natural and chemical-based wax or conditioning oils are available now for different purposes. For instance, wax-based products are far more superior as water-repellent than others.

Mink oil-based leather oils are good for providing long-lasting waterproofing and conditioning, but they are hard to find and costly. The synthetic ingredients-based products are affordable and give you a long-lasting effect.

However, synthetic ingredients like petroleum, chemical solvents, silicon, and much more may have a chemical odor and dry out the leather material with time. So, getting a boot oil based on natural or processed ingredients would be the safest choice.


Many boot oil manufacturing brands claim they offer dark and rich colors, but the chemical reaction could darken or even change the color of the leather material. So, make sure you’ve chosen the boot oil that won't darken leather to maintain its natural color for a long.


I’ve already mentioned which treatment can provide the best waterproofing ability but make sure it isn’t blocking breathability.

BOOT WAX VS. OIL: Which is better?

The boot oil lubricates leather fibers, so it won’t get cracked easily at stress points, though certain oils have waterproofing ability.

When you polish your booth with the wax-based product, it will give you the high shine we all want on the toe. It also protects the leather from minor dings and dents and getting excessively dried out. The wax entirely blocks the moisture to get inside the shoe, though it can lead your footwear to suffocate your feet.

So, if you want a superior water repellent, wax is better. Otherwise, boot oil is good enough for conditioning the boot regularly.


1. What Is the Best Way to Condition Leather Boots?

Several fancy boot-conditioning stuff is available on the market; you could choose any of them by checking the reviews and ratings. But make sure the conditioner won’t make your boot darken or change the original color.

2. How Much Does Oil for Leather Boots Cost?

Most leather boot oils are available in the market in the $10 to $20 per bottle price range.

3. Is Coconut Oil Good for Leather Shoes?

Coconut oil is the safe and natural conditioning oil for leather shoes, but the conditioning effect you get from it may not last as long as the dedicated leather boot oil or conditioners stay.


Treatments for leather boots come in various forms, such as liquid oil, polishing grease, conditioning cream, and much more. Some of them excel in providing longer-lasting waterproofing, while others get used just for getting a glossy exterior.

Choose accordingly, but make sure the chosen boot oil isn’t harmful to your footwear. It is tried and tested, and the recommended leather oils are safe enough for all types of leather material products, especially for footwear.

Hopefully, you’ve liked our recommendations. If so, comment below about your experience with them. However, if you come across any other good and even better leather oils, do share them with us.

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