10 Best Military Boot Socks Reviewed

Wearing the right socks is not only important for keeping your feet comfortable but also for your footwear in good condition. For your heavy-duty military work, you need one of the best socks for military boots; that will reduce the risk of slippage, blisters, and bunching.

Your military mindset may help you avoid minimal pain of blisters or simple ankle sprain due to slippage, but your negligence could make the injuries worse. Prevention is all time better than cure.

best socks for military boots

So, without further discussion, let’s jump into the reviews of the best tactical boot socks available right now. However, you’ll get a comprehensive buying guide below the review part; scroll down to it if you have any confusion while making a decision on what to choose.



Product Name




Fox River Mid-Calf Military Socks


Under Armour Tactical Boot Socks


Darn Tough Tactical Boot Socks


Thorlos MCB Max Cushion Combat Socks


Army Demi Season Uniform Boot Socks




  • Made of 2% Spandex, 28% Nylon and 70% Polypropylene
  • URfit System renders personalized fit
  • Contoured rib top and spandex compression zones
  • Scentry technology combats the bad smell
  • Washable by machine

Most army men are choosy about boots, but they rarely think about purchasing the right socks; compatible with their military boots. Henceforth, the improper selection of socks can lead to foot blisters, peeling of the skin, and soreness and may introduce a lack of safety in adverse conditions.

On the contrary, the best military boot socks safeguard the feet from slippage and accidental falls, as well as keep them comfortable to ensure the best military operations. In other words, wearing the perfect socks associated with the proper footwear is not only a good practice but also mandatory for military jobs.


When it comes to the best army boot socks, Fox River socks have proven most advantageous in all aspects. The fully cushioned soles and legs of these tactical boot socks protect the feet from blisters and injuries during duties by absorbing impacts. They come with excellent insulating properties to conserve the temperatures of the feet working in cold environments.


Furthermore, the exclusive wick-dry technology of these socks keeps the feet free from moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria and infections due to sweaty feet. Besides, the Scentry technology renders a healthy environment for the feet by keeping the odor at bay.


The URfit technology renders the custom fittings by blending the proficiency of memory knit compressions, spandex compression zones, and a contoured rib top. The socks, therefore, are very flexible and supportive of the arch.

The toe seams are smooth, minimal, and flat by construction. They render barefoot and comfortable fillings and are the perfect choice for sensitive toes.

These socks are machine washable. Additionally, they dry swiftly due to their quick dry material. Therefore, these men's socks are a must-have for the militaries looking for good-performance and low-maintenance socks.


  • A fully cushioned sole renders comfortability
  • Wick moisture away but also keep feet warm
  • Hazardless washing process
  • Personalized fittings
  • Abrasion resistant and durable


  • Expensive



  • 4% Spandex, 24% Cotton, and 72% Polyester material
  • Heat Gear sock with pull-on closure
  • Anti-odour and moisture-wicking technology
  • Dynamic arch support to reduce foot fatigue
  • Machine washable

With soft textured fabric these Under Armour socks come to provide feel-good and fit-good vibes when it would be worn with any military combat boots.


These socks come with medium weight and keep the feet comfortable in hot weather. Moreover, though thin by construction, these socks render a warm environment to the feet when worn in cold weather.


The moisture-wicking property keeps the feet dry and helps breathe them during training and duty hours. The anti-odor technology kills the foot bacteria before it interacts with sweat. Thus, this technology lessens the foul smell.

Foot Support and Cushioning

While the strategical cushion of the sock keeps the high-impact areas of the feet safe, the dynamical arch support minimizes the burden of impact by rendering a stabilizing surface. They relieve foot pain due to stress and offer a comfortable work experience with pain-free and fatigue-less feet.

However, when a soldier fights in a hostile environment to serve a nation, he is thousands of miles away from a podiatrist. So, keeping your feet healthy rather than staying healthy is their responsibility so that you can’t overlook a single factor.

When it comes to footwear, only a perfect boot and sock with essential arch support and cushioning can shield the feet from all possible hazards and secure a tireless and uninterrupted military service.

These Under Armour socks are one of the best boot socks for the military that, due to their exclusive above-mentioned features, have ensured their name on my recommendation list.


  • Contoured comfort with strategic cushion
  • Protect high-impact areas of the foot
  • Wicks sweat and dries fast
  • Prevent odor
  • Perfect for hot and cold environments


  • Too tight fit for wide feet



  • Fine Gauge Knitting with undetectable toe seam
  • Made of 2% Lycra Spandex, 36% Nylon, and 62% Merino Wool
  • Fast drying technology
  • Elastic rib arch support with reinforced heel and toe
  • Terry loop cushioning and mid-level cushion density

Every run, step, march, or climb during the training sessions for the military leads to blisters and soreness of the feet. In other words, the boots that often accompany the military could be the cause of their miseries. Therefore, a pair of Darn Tough socks for military boots play the role of the savior to get rid of this problem.

Foot Support and Cushioning

Although thick and heavy military boots, like Darn Tough, protect feet from adverse environments during duty hours plus intensify all the factors that cause soreness of the feet.

While the terry loop cushioning of these sock combat boots cradles the foot bottom, toes, and calf with an incredible cushioning, the elastic arch support renders snug yet supportive fittings. The socks fit pretty well and prevent foot slippage and blisters without affecting comfortability.


The high-density knitting technique of the socks introduces more stitches per inch than usual socks. Therefore, they render more long-lasting comfort when compared to the other socks.


The strategic stitches and construction of the socks result in undetectable seams that render an invisible and ultra-smooth feel to the feet.

Furthermore, the socks are weather friendly and versatile. They keep the feet warm in the winter but cool in the summer. They are compatible with super supportive boots as well as with minimalist boots. So, soldiers can wear them during working hours and also during intermissions.

These tactical boot socks dry quickly and keep the feet sweat free. This feature, associated with all the others, has made them one of the best socks for military boots.


  • Best for a high arch and sweaty feet
  • Unbeatable comfortability
  • Highly durable
  • True to fittings, not bulky
  • Compatible with all weather


  • Highly priced



  • Exclusive Thor-Lon fibers
  • Come with low profile toe, ventilation panel, and no rub toe seam
  • Traditional thorlos padding in high-impact areas1% Elastic, 14% Nylon and 85% Acrylic material
  • Spandex top

Working in the military is difficult. But putting on the wrong pair of socks with military boots makes it unendurable. One of the best things to overcome this situation is to choose a suitable pair of socks. These Thorlos Mcb socks are one of the best tactical socks since they perform excellently with their patented technologies.

Foot Support and Cushioning

The renowned padded technology of the brand provides customized padding for the different parts of the feet. The pad density is maximized on the ball and heel areas, which protect those high-impact areas during each stride.

Moreover, the padding is particularly dense in the areas where the feet experience the highest shearing forces. On the other hand, the arch portion of the sock comes with a light-density pad to ensure a secure and contoured fitting.

Thus, this technology safeguards the soldier’s feet from the distinctive stresses placed on feet from extended wear cycles and military boots. It is clinically proven that the paddings reduce foot pain, blister, and pressure on the feet.

Breathability and Comfort

These combat boot socks come with the legendary Thor Lon fabric that wicks the moisture away from the feet to keep them dry. Thus, this material upgrades the blister protection ability of the socks without disturbing their insulation properties. The material has made these socks resilient and super soft to feel.

The fibers of the sock do not pill, shrink or stretch over multiple usages. Hence, they give a long-lasting performance over the year. Moreover, this fiber cooperates with the ventilation panel to ensure air circulation within the socks.

The tactically designed seams do not rub the toe. The spandex top is efficient enough to hold the feet in place throughout the long day.

A performance with an optimum level of foot protection for enhanced mobility defines these thorlo boot socks for military well.


  • Enhanced durability
  • Wicks moisture away excellently
  • Maximum foot protection for enhanced mobility
  • Superior breathability
  • Customized under-foot padding clinically reduces blisters, pain, and pressure


  • Little bit thick



  • Wide elastic on the feet and calves
  • Come with air circulation channels and rubber elastics
  • The flat and smooth toe seam5% Elastane, 25% Nylon, and 70% Organic Cotton
  • Material provide a slight compression effect to increase blood flow

The current market is flooded with various socks for military boots. With so many choices, you can get lost and confused. These boot socks are my recommendations to point you in the right direction.

Design and Fittings

These 281z military boot socks come with bands on the calf and foot portions. These bands, accompanied by a rubber elastic on the top of the feet, render the perfect fittings. This tight fit also protects from dirt getting inside the socks while working and restricts the irritation of the feet.

Foot Support

The band-based tight-fitted socks prevent the sock from slipping and secure stepping. Moreover, during long-term usage, these bands compress slightly to regularize the blood circulation in the feet. Thus, they mitigate the problem caused due to foot pain from prolonged use.

Breathability and Odor Control

The fiber compositions and the air circulating channels of the socks upgrade the airflow surrounding the feet and render a cold environment for them while working in the hot outdoors.

Furthermore, they maintain thermoregulation to stop the feet from sweating. Still, if the feet sweat by any chance, then the moisture wicks away from the feet and keeps them cool yet dry in the hot seasons. The odor control technology takes care of the feet’s health and restraints the odor caused by sweat.

Design For Better Comfort

The flat construction of the toe seam stops the toe from rubbing and inflammation. Additionally, the extended heel flap restricts the rubbing of the heel against the socks. While the cushioning softens the steps, the wide elastics on the feet and heel portions provide an optimum level of support.


The polyamide threads make the heel and toes of the socks highly durable. Additionally, the finest combed cotton materials expand the lifespans of these socks.

No military should miss the pleasure of the spellbound performance of these socks that are easy to clean and built to last.


  • Good fittings
  • Undebatable breathability
  • Efficient odor control capacity
  • Render impressive foot support
  • Built to last


  • May shrink after wash



  • Made with 3% Spandex, 17% Nylon, 20% Merino Wool and 60% Acrylic
  • Come with half cushion foot
  • Support in arch and rib top
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Odour-free and itch-free protection

Inexpensiveness does not always equate to poor performance. These Combat Boot Socks are a shining example of this fact.

Breathability and Fast Drying Technology 

The socks are porous enough to allow maximum air circulation to the feet. Additionally, they render proper insulation to the feet and keep them warm while camping in a cold environment.

Thus, these socks are capable enough to provide feet with breathable, odor-free, and cozy surroundings. The moisture-wicking technology helps to vaporize the sweat from feet to keep them dry and itch less.


The Marino wool material of the socks is light to the feet. Generally, cotton materials lose their shape after getting damp. On the contrary, acrylic material retains its shape better than cotton. Since these socks have 60% Acrylic material in their construction, they render tireless service to the feet for years.

The 17% nylon material improves the stretching capacity of the socks and enhances their comfortability. This material makes them abrasion resistant to lengthen their lives. Moreover, the spandex material makes these socks flexible enough to render a sung yet firm fit.

Foot Support and Cushioning

Due to the half-cushion construction, these socks have padding along the bottom of the foot and high wear areas. They protect the feet from harsh impacts and prevent blisters during strenuous activities.

These tactical boot socks are approved for military jobs and are a precious possession for them.


  • Relatively more affordable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Snug fittings
  • Extra impact protection
  • Machine Washable


  • Run a little small



  • Mid-calf length
  • Come with elastic arch support bands
  • Smooth toe seam
  • Made Of 80% Cotton 15% Nylon And 5% Spandex
  • Quick dry fiber; Soft cotton blend wicks moisture

Yacht and Smith have established their proficiency in the market by producing premium quality winter apparel and military-grade socks at bulk wholesale prices. This Army sock is one of their exclusive tributes to all veterans as well as soldiers serving the nation.

While the elastic band in the arch provides superior support to the feet during movements, the anti-slip calf and cushioned heel restrict feet from unwanted slippage.

These sock combat boots come with air circulation channels to raise the degree of breathability. The quick dry fiber of the socks makes them easy to wash and dry.

The 80% Cotton material has made these socks lightweight yet strong. The 15% Nylon material helps to absorb the moisture from the feet swiftly and keeps the feet fresh. Additionally, this material makes the sock stretchy enough to render proper fittings. They are efficient enough to reduce blisters and bunching.

Due to the spandex fabric of the socks, they are flexible and provide comfortable rides. It helps to keep the socks in place. The perfect combination of different fibers allows the feet to be comfortable for long hours without making them very constricted. The colors of the socks also obey military regulations.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to wash
  • Efficient arch support
  • Excellent moisture-wicking property
  • The anti-slip cuff provides good fittings and support


  • Too thick to wear on summer days



  • Antimicrobial and moisture-wicking properties
  • Ribbed cuff and leg design
  • Quick dry fabric
  • Made of 76% Polyester, 16% Cotton, 7% Spandex, and 1% Nylon
  • Padding in the high-impact areas

Whenever you wish to find the perfect military boot socks, you must start with a proper choice of fabric and styles. The texture of the socks should be soft, comfortable, breathable, and flexible.

These socks have come with excellent properties. They have ticked all the boxes and have become one of the best combat boot socks.

In these socks, polyester fabric combines with cotton to render an excellent moisture-wicking performance with incredible soft feelings. They pull the moisture away from the feet and erase any discomfort during usage.

The antimicrobial treatment in this sock restricts the proliferation of bacteria when the feet sweat. Thus, it stops the growth of odor-producing bacteria and keeps the feet healthy.

The compression ability of the socks boosts the blood circulation in the feet and diminishes the swelling. They secure the feet from getting tired and painful.

The ribbed cuff and leg design give the socks desired elasticity and flexibility. They help to stretch the socks according to the curve of the feet to render the best possible fit. They provide support without slippage and ensure safe transitions in the workplace.

Furthermore, the added cushioning over the most affected spots of the feet helps the feet endure the collisions at each step. They provide extraordinary comfort throughout a busy day.

Due to their hazard-less washable property, they can accompany soldiers in hostile environments, where washing might become an issue.


  • Proper fittings
  • Long-standing comfortability
  • Warm and soft feeling
  • Wash easily and dry quickly
  • Help to remove moisture and odor


  • Relatively thinner



  • Made of 1% spandex, 26% polyester, 26% wool, and 47% nylon fabric
  • Anatomical cushioning design
  • Rib cuff and flat toe seam
  • Merino wool and Thermolite blend

A lengthy digging in the world of socks for military boots has taken a break after finding these Nike socks.

The high-density cushioning rib cuff offers incredible comfort and a non-slip fit. The flat toe seam keeps feet safe from rubbing against the socks. The anatomical cushioning of the socks provided superior impact protection where required without adding extra bulkiness to the appearance.

Moreover, itching often becomes an issue while wearing wool socks. But the Merino wool is thinner and softer to the skin when compared to the regular one. Hence, these merino wool socks are more protective and comfortable for feet and skin than their usual wool counterparts.

These socks neither become saggy nor sit too tight on the feet. They easily stretch according to the feet' shape when worn and then restore their original shape when removed. Hence, these socks render the ideal fittings for a diligent fit in military workplaces.

The antimicrobial property helps the wearer to bid goodbye to foul smells. The breathability of the socks ensures perspiration-free feet. On the other hand, the Thermolite material helps to keep the feet toasty and dry in the winter.

A perfect blend of those two materials results in snug, securely fitted socks that are compatible with all weather and have thrown a hard-to-bit challenge to the all-other tactical boot socks.


  • Fit well
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Perfect for all weather
  • Protect from impacts with proficiency
  • Machine washable


  • Highly-priced



  • Mid-calf socks
  • Wick dry technology
  • Cushion in specific areas of high impacts
  • Moisture controlling capacity
  • Made with 75% Coolmax, 17% Nylon and 8% Elastan

Although these army socks come at the bottom of my recommendation list, they are in no way inferior to the rest of the socks in terms of performance.

The Coolmax fiber creates a soothing environment between the skin and socks. This fiber helps the socks to maintain a high level of breathability.

Moreover, this material makes the socks super soft, flexible, and comfortable. The socks are efficient enough to beat the heat and draw the vapor away from the feet.

The Coolmax ensures the fast-drying process of the socks and keeps feet dry and odor-free even after prolonged wearing.

The strategically placed cushions in the socks help the feet fight against stress during the strikes on hard surfaces. They stabilize the feet and ensure secure movement during training or duty hours.

These socks are resistant to abrasion and provide proper arch support. To conclude, no soldier should miss the chance of having a great experience after wearing these socks for military boots.


  • Perfect for a wide variety of environment
  • Prevent blisters, foot fatigue, etc could cause serious foot problem
  • Contoured comfort


  • Good for hot weather, but may not be as efficient as Merino woolen socks for extreme cold climate


Not all socks are constructed equally so that few shine in comfort and quality, while others are appreciable for breathability. Which one will be the best military socks; would depend on your requirement based on the climate under your work and personal preference. However, there are a few things common and mandate for consideration to ensure the best performance and comfort, and they are -

Materials and Moisture Wicking Capabilities

When it comes to military socks for hot weather, I would suggest not considering 100% cotton-based products. The cotton can’t render breathability the same way woolen and synthetic materials can and result-in sweaty feet.

When you walk around with sweaty and wet feet, you’ll be more likely to have a blister and stinky feet due to bacterial growth. Cotton socks are great for dessert environments, which don’t suffocate the feet but are a bit susceptible to moisture retention.

Therefore, you can choose any nylon or synthetic socks; formulated with natural fibers for cushion comfort and decent breathability.

Merino woolen socks are undoubtedly the best army socks for winter or to wear in cold temperate climate areas. Woolen material provides the warmth you want, along with the desired breathability. Such winter wear socks can be itchy and lead you towards excessive sweat during summer.


Having a decent amount of cushioning at heels, toes, and underfoot definitely helps absorb all possible shocks; that could cause foot fatigue. But how much thickness you want depends on your personal preference and weather.

Remember, the thinner socks have better breathability, whereas more cushioning helps withstand heavy-duty usage for longer than the thin socks.

Arch Support

Some tactical socks exclusively come with a gel pad to provide arch support. All though, they are designed to ease discomfort of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, arthritis, high arches, ankle pain, and other foot problems. Such socks absorb shock and minimize pressure on the feet by evenly distributing weight, so you’ll not have fatigue in your foot at the end of the day.


 The over-the-calf socks are well resistant to sliding down issues, though you may not like to wear tall socks. Plus, long socks are relatively warmer as they have more materials.


1. How Long Do Combat Boot Socks Last?

The combat boot socks, made of nylon under cotton compression or moisture-wicking wool could last a couple of years, though it will depend on how much heavy-duty work you do.

2. What Are The Best Socks To Wear With Combat Boots?

If you’re searching for socks to wear with combat boots for official military duties, crew or over-the-calf-length military socks are good ways to go.


The recommended socks for military boots are incredibly comfortable; those keep your feet dry and blister-free in the field, even in a pair of newly purchased boots. So, you could give your best during training and regular job duties.

Hopefully, you’ve already got the pair of socks you want for your combat boots. During your research on the best army boot socks, if you get any better option; that I missed, share your experience with those socks with remarkable insight by commenting below.

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