Best Paint for Shoes And Sneakers

Wondering - who would want to paint a pair of hundred dollars shoes? Why?

The answer is simple! Painting is a great way to rejuvenate shoes, make them look cool and express your artistic nature. The trend actually begins since Nike started offering customization options for their Air Force 1 shoes.

To keep up with this nice trend, there are some people who are dying to paint their shoes but often get confused about where to begin or what paints to use for shoes. No worries — I’ve got you covered.

best paint for shoes

In this article, you’ll get an updated list of the best shoe paint available right now in the market, with their in-depth reviews. After that, I’ll share some tips for using paint on shoes.



Product Name





CALIART ACRYLIC PAINT SET - best paint for sneakers
















  • Water-based acrylic colors
  • Non-Toxic ingredients
  • Rich pigments with a creamy consistency and high viscosity
  • Enriched with Fast-dry formula
  • Come in a sturdy box with 12 brushes and squeezable, labeled bottles

Whether you wish to customize your old, favorite pair of sneakers or want a quick touch-up on your new pair of sneakers, choosing a proper sneaker paint is the first and foremost task. It should be rich and safe in quality. The color also must be easy to apply. These Caliart paints have met the expectations in these regards.

This paint is water-based and hence, is easy to apply. It does not require to be mixed up with hardeners, thinners, or additives to get the desired effect.

The package comes with 12 brushes to ensure a hazardless application. Moreover, the coloring equipment and tools can be effortlessly cleaned up after application with water.

The smooth consistency with the rich pigments of this paint spreads over the sneakers evenly. Due to the high blending capacity of the colors, they mingle with each other skillfully to create a unique color for the sneakers.

The quick dry formula of acrylic paint helps to dry your sneakers as soon as the application process ends. So, you don’t need to wait for long to add additional coats.

The paint is suitable for different types of material surfaces. Due to the exclusive color retention property, this shoe's color paint has triumphed at the top of my recommendation list.


  • A vast range of colors
  • Great for adding vibrant color to most types of material
  • Glide on smoothly
  • Render rich and smooth texture to the shoes
  • Dries quickly after application


  • Expensive



  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant acrylic color
  • Non-Toxic ingredients
  • Easy to mix
  • Renders semi-gloss finishing
  • Blends with color base in liquid form, instead of white base

Quality products and reliable service with hard work have made Angelus Brand famous in the world of shoe care products since 1907. This paint is one of their exclusive inventions and the best gift to sneakers lovers.

This nontoxic paint is suitable equally for leather, suede, canvas, and tennis sneakers. It coats the surfaces of the sneakers with a supple cover to resist future cracking, peeling, or rubbing off. It is also waterproof and built to stay long on the shoes.

The package consists of 12 attractive colors. The colors come with a color base instead of a white base to offer the users an excellent, flawless hue. Furthermore, you can mix each color with another to get various unique and customized shades.

Due to the water base, these color paints are easy to apply. It can be applied with sponges or brushes in almost no time and can be cleaned up with water if the hand gets colored by chance. This color has no bad smell and is safe to use.

Moreover, this paint dries rapidly after application. Another best part is that this leather acrylic paint can be used on numerous materials, including canvas, plastic, denim, mesh, nylon, vinyl, and more.

To conclude, with all the previous features, this paint can be considered one of the best leather paints for shoes.


  • High-quality light-fast pigments
  • Safe to use
  • Short drying time
  • Easy to apply
  • Mixes effortlessly for personalizing shades


  • Some of the colors may take multiple coats to render the desired effect.



  • Water-based acrylic colors
  • Glossy finishing
  • Semi-translucent consistency
  • Non-flammable, and easy to mix
  • Improved non-cracking and flexible formula

This leather paint is another extraordinary collection of Angelus brands. I was a bit confused about the utility of this paint while searching for the best paints to use on shoes for the first time. Some of the reviews I have gone through were negative. They disappointed me much. But I became doubtless about its excellency after I applied this once on my shoes.

It came with compact packaging. The bottles have tight caps to restrict them from accidental spilling. Though the bottles are small, a tiny quantity of the paint serves its purpose efficiently.

Moreover, with two limes, four pinks, one yellow, one blue, one purple, and three oranges, this is an impressive set to rejuvenate a few pairs of shoes. The colors are vibrant. One may get his desired pastel shades by blending them with white or other colors.

The flexible formula ensures the smooth texture of the shoes. The brightness of the shades is mind-blowing.

These paints for shoes come with a water base that dissolves in water easily. Hence, they are easier to wash by hand than oil-based paints after a painting session. Moreover, this paint has excellent adhesive properties that help them stick to the sneakers longer than other solvent-based colors.

These paints, with their mixable properties and glossy finishing, have thrown a hard-to-bit challenge to all the other competitors in the market.


  • Quick drying time allows applying several quotes within a few minutes
  • Doesn’t fade for a long time
  • Help to get enormous personalized color combinations
  • Repels water and scratch
  • Kid’s safe


  • It may seem to be thin and watery



  • Non-toxic Ingredients
  • Come in 12 Vibrant Colors, suitable for beginners
  • Semi to High gloss finish1 Acrylic Finisher, 1 Leather Preparer, and Deglazer Included
  • Perfect for airbrushing

If you wish for a good finishing for the colors, a proper finisher should be included in your painting set. The finisher should be designed exclusively for the material of your shoes. The finisher protects colors from scratches and gives you the desired finishing.

These Smalltongue paints come with an acrylic finisher to perform with perfection. This finisher renders a semi-gloss or high gloss finish to the sneakers when used after painting with the colors. Moreover, they protect the colors from streaking, peeling, or cracking even after multiple uses.

The included leather preparer, associated with the deglazer, removes the old factory finish from the shoe surface and properly prepares it for painting. So, the colors adhere to the surface easily and stay for a long time.

Furthermore, though this waterproof paint for shoes renders an oil paint-like impression, it dries much faster than oil paint. Hence, your sneaker takes a short time to get an impressive look with multi coated color painting.

The colors are dip pigmented and usable for various materials of sneakers. The colors in this package blend into each other easily to let you create your dream colors that are not in the box.

This good shoe paint comes with an attractive storage box and is a reliable tool in your shoe painting session.


  • Bright, smooth, and vibrant colors
  • Highest quality pigmentation
  • Easy to apply and wash
  • Stay for long
  • Low cost


  • The orange color is a little bit thin



  • Contains 11 Vibrant Waterproof Colors (9 basic colors, 1 metallic, and 1 glow)
  • Come with a unique Fluorescent green paint
  • Water-based and flexible formula
  • Come with an acrylic finisher for a glossy look
  • Three brushes come with it for easy application

The uniqueness of this paint lies in its fluorescent green color. It appears milky white soon after application. After that, it is embellished with a transparent appearance when dry out and glows green in the dark while absorbing ultraviolet lights. Hence, it helps to attract attention in the absence of light and provides your sneakers with a stylish look.

The package consists of eleven colors and one acrylic finisher. These colors can be blended as required to get a new unique color. The finisher seals the colors. If applied at the end of the painting session, and hinders scratches or chipping on the paint. Moreover, this finisher provides an eye-catching, glossy look to the sneakers.

The flexible and water-based formula has made this paint easy to apply to the shoe and wash from the hand. So, your hand and application tools do not need oil or turpentine to wash after painting a sneaker. Moreover, the colors stick to the surfaces so well, and stay as beautiful as new and glossy for years.

With its impressive performance, this acrylic paint has secured a remarkable place in the list of the best paint to use on shoes.


  • Ready to use paint set
  • Spectacular brightness
  • Fluorescent green glows green in the dark under UV light
  • Included finisher protects the paint from cracking, rubbing and peeling off
  • Enhanced bottle sealing to prevent leakage


  • Some colors do not render the required coverage



  • 24 vibrant water-based colors
  • Non-toxic Ingredients
  • Acid-free and meet ASTM D4236 and EN71 standards
  • Come with a set of seven nylon brushes
  • A double-sided color mixing tool included

The plenty of sneaker paint kits range from low-priced to expensive. Hence, finding the proper paint that fits your budget is pretty inconvenient. In the case of shoe colors, the top-quality products cost high but they perform best in the long run.

Though a little bit expensive, these paint kits shine in their performances. These kits come with twenty-four vibrant colors that add a new level to your creativity. They come in large amounts to serve you for a long time.

The package includes a set of seven various round and flat paint brushes and a double-sided color mixing wheel to render a simple and easy application process. The color wheel helps blend the different colors effortlessly to achieve your aimed shades.

This paint for cloth shoes is safe for kids also, as the colors are acid-free, non-toxic, and conform to meet EN71 and ASTM D4236 standards.

The paints stay new and do not crack or peel even after multiple uses and repeated washes. The extensive usage of the shoes won’t affect your artwork once ironed after drying.

Due to the water base, these colors dry quickly after application and render your creative contentment almost in no time. They have no harmful odors and fumes. The cleaning process of the colors is hassle-free. Furthermore, they are scuff resistant.

This vibrant color kit provides a stunning visual effect to the shoes with excellent covering strength and smooth consistency. Therefore, this kit is the best paint for shoes.


  • Perfect viscosity for easily blending and mixing colors for a custom look
  • Easily washable and hazard-less application
  • Crack resistant
  • High pigmentation gives good coverage and finish
  • Stay for long


  • High on price



  • Come with 40 different shades
  • Contains one pallet and twelve brushes
  • Suitable for synthetic and natural fabric
  • Come in huge sixty ml bottles
  • Water-based

The market has been flooded with a variety of paint for shoes in recent days. Different brands produce various color kits that differ from each other in the aspect of quality, quantity, and performance. You might get lost in this crowd. The hunt for the best paint for sneakers may leave you feeling confused.

This fabric paint is the proper choice to solve your dilemma. The package consists of a wide range of color spectrums to provide you with your coveted colors effortlessly. You can create patterns as you wish in an uncomplicated way.

These fabrics are safe for humans and environments as they contain no toxic elements. They are applicable to different types of surfaces of sneakers. These water-based colors dry quickly and render the best effect while diluted with water. They stay vibrant for a lengthy period due to their anti-faded performance. They are waterproof and blend well.

The bottles are huge. You can use them multiple times with only single pay. Due to its impressive performance, this paint is judged the best fabric paint for shoes at the best price.


  • Huge range of colors
  • Brushes and pallets make the application easy
  • Do not need heating, dry fast
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Non-toxic ingredients, kid’s safe


  • The package does not contain beige color



  • 12 color shades
  • Water-based colors
  • Water and crack resistant
  • Render semi-gloss finish

You may remain clueless about the best paint for fabric shoes. This acrylic paint is the answer to quench your question. This paint is suitable for different types of sneakers, like canvas or textile shoes. The package contains twelve bright colors. They can be combined freely to get more color options as you prefer.

The extra addition of some black and white colors in the color mix increases its intensity and brightness by a thousandfold. These acrylic paints are water-based. The cleaning process of application equipment after each creative session is easy and less time-taking.

These colors do not fade even in the sunlight. Moreover, these paints do not react with pollutants and render a durable stylish appearance without affecting breathability.

Due to the elastic structure, these paints are also crack resistant. They are waterproof, flexible, and do not harden the shoes. The colors restrict the mark of scratches and scuffs. Hence, your shoes do not show signs of wear and tear after years of usage.

The colors are highly pigmented and have been appreciated to deliver marvelous coverage and impressive finishing. In conclusion, these Creative Nation paints help to achieve a beautiful, customized, creative, and fashionable pair of sneakers that are safe and easy to use.


  • Protect the shoes from strains
  • Prevent scuffs and scratches
  • Dry fast
  • Easily blended
  • Safe for kids


  • Durability might be an issue

9. SEVENWELL Acrylic Leather Paint Kit of 14 colors


  • 14 bright and rich pigmented colors
  • Come with two acrylic finishers for the best finishing
  • Waterproof
  • Non-toxic
  • Gloss finish

Sevenwell’s painting kits are comparatively new in the market; they still achieve a huge fanbase in a short time due to their high-rich pigmented color effect with glossy finishing.

The fourteen different colors in the package vary from light to dark shades. Moreover, you can make any shades by mixing the colors in different ratios. Moreover, the package consists of two acrylic finishers. They protect the colors from fading, cracking, or peeling when applied after drying the colors.

People consider it the best acrylic paint for shoes as it is suitable for a range of materials, including leather and canvas. The colors glide smoothly due to their adhesive characteristics. They are free from chemicals and do not cause skin allergies, rashes, or irritations. They have no odor and dry swiftly.

These colors come in a sturdy storage box and are easy to keep organized after use. No artistic person should miss the pleasure of possessing this beautiful collection of the best sneaker paint that indulges creativity.


  • Cover the scuffs and scratches on the shoes
  • No harsh chemicals, safe to use
  • Render smooth and glossy finish


  • May leave some stickiness



  • Non-toxic and meet ASTM D-4236 standards
  • Forty-eight colors
  • Water-based
  • Airbrush paint
  • Thirty ml bottles

Though this paint has come at the bottom of the recommendation list of the best paint for painting shoes, it is in no way inferior to the other colors on this list.

The kit contains forty-eight vibrant colors that are more than enough for any creator. This vast range of colors is easy to dilute with medical alcohol or water for the best result.

They dry quickly in almost no time after application. The application process is fast and also easy. Additionally, the cleaning process of the colors after the application is hazard less. These paints are crack resistant and long-lasting. The colors of the shoes do not fade over time.

The non-toxic formula of this product causes no harm to the skin. The colors are odorless and safe to use on sneakers for kids.

The colors are suitable for canvas, fabric, plastic, and leather surfaces. This superb versatile nature has made it one of the best paints to use for shoes on the list.


  • The large spectrum of colors
  • Built to last
  • Easy cleaning process


  • Due to the water base, the colors are sensitive to changes in temperature


Maybe you want to rejuvenate your favorite shoe pair or customize any footwear to match it to any particular outfit, or helping out your kids in their school project. Whatever the reason behind your shoe painting, some important things are there; that you need to consider before applying paint to the shoes.

It’s not as simple as you think. If you don’t prepare the shoes before painting or seal them afterward, the chances of peeling or cracking the paint go higher. So, first and foremost, your duty is to prepare your shoes with the proper combination.

Prepare Your Shoes for Painting

Before all, you’ll need to remove the finish so the new paint can adhere well to the surface of your shoes. The canvas, mesh, vinyl, and leather materials could be painted, but each type of material requires different preparations.

For instance, it is recommended to prepare a mesh or canvas surface with acrylic primer. Mild acetone shoe preparers are required to prepare leather and vinyl shoes.

Next, you can use any acrylic paints for painting and apply several thin layers of acrylic paint thinner to prevent cracking and get a good result in terms of the future.

Protect The Soles and Decorations 

Soles don’t take paint well, so if you paint on the sole or a few drops of paint get on the sole it will look like a mesh. So, it would be better, if you cover the sole and other embellishments, like - buckles, zips, etc., with painter’s tape before you start painting. Remove the shoelace, as well, or paint it separately.

Use The Right Paint

The paints work on canvas or fabric material and may not work on leather material and vice versa. Finding out the paints for rubber materials is much harder than getting leather paint. So, make sure you’ve chosen the right paint for specific materials. It would be safer if you choose tire marker pens, specifically designed to adhere to particular materials and not to rub or crack off in short.

Dry The Paint Between Applications

Multiple coats cover the shoes without any splotchy unevenness but don’t apply the second layer until the first layer gets dried out completely. It might be time-consuming, but it stops cracking afterward and gives you a good finish, making sure your extra effort has not been in vain.

Protect The Shoes With Sealant

After you’re all done with the painting, protect the shoe paint with a sealant to ensure the paint stays intact and prevents them from cracking or rubbing off. You could choose any matte or gloss finish sealant to get a desirable result.

Other Tips

  • Avoid applying thick coats of paint. Applying two thin layers of paint is always better than one thick paint coating. The first thin layer could look a little splotchy or uneven, but when you apply the second layer of paint, it will become even, as well as won’t be rubbed off or cracked easily.
  • It could be frustrating to paint the shoes all out with a big brush. The small brushes between 1/4 and 1/2 inches wide are good options to go.
  • It is highly advisable not to paint the top of the shoe, as the areas are bent with each step. Moreover, this part of a shoe generally has several small holes. Since, the areas get used so much and have small holes, the paint could start cracking from there. So, it would be a wise decision if you leave the areas as they are.
  • Every part of any pair of shoes is too curved to get a good seal with the painter’s tape. So, if you’re protecting the embellishments with tape, remember, paint can easily slip under it. So, be careful. It is much better to be careful and go slow than ruin the shoes by making any mistake.
  • If you’re going to paint for the first time, do your experiment on a test pair.


Only you have the answer to this question, what is the best paint to use on shoes? It totally depends on the types of shoes you have. If you have canvas shoes you could try acrylic or fabric paint on your shoes.

There are some expensive leather paints designed to adhere to leather material. If you have vinyl shoes, you can choose any leather, acrylic, or fabric paints.


1. Which Is Better For Shoes, Spray Paint Or Brush Paint?

It depends on your taste and the material of your shoes. For instance, painting with markers or brush painting may give you better coverage on canvas or fabric shoes. Likewise, airbrushing or spray painting works better on leather shoes.

2. How Do You Get Paint To Stay On Shoes?

If you prepare your shoes before painting, choose the right paint, and seal the painted shoes afterward, the painting will stay for a long time. Remember, rain, logged water, sun, dirt, and mud could damage or fade the color. So, protect the painted shoes from being directly exposed to these elements.

3. How Long Will The Paint Last On The Shoes?

Well! There is no defined lifespan for acrylic or fabric paints; rather, any paints. If you follow the proper methods; we discussed above, the painted shoes will stay as they are for years. Otherwise, the paint will last only for several weeks after wearing the shoes.


In this article, I’ve tried to provide all the information you need to consider before and after painting, including a list of the most reliable paints for shoes. Now it’s time to find out the pair of shoes you never wear as they don’t match your clothes or you would like to rejuvenate them with your creativity.

Look into your wardrobe, take out the best shoes to paint on, pick your favorite paints from my recommendation and get creative. Don’t forget to share your experience and picture of your creation with us.

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