Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet

A great combination of comfort and durability is the key to any cycling shoe. No one can beat Peloton footwear in these two areas. Unfortunately, the Peloton shoes run a little narrow with limited design options and colorways. Moreover, the brand does not manufacture shoes for wide feet. Just because you have wide feet, you can’t restrict your desire to wear such super comfy shoes.

Best Peloton Shoes For Wide Feet

If you are after a decent pair of cycling shoes designed for wide feet, today’s article is just for you. Below are some of the best wide cycling shoes for peloton bikes. Let’s jump right into the reviews to decide what will work best for you.





  • Upper: Highly-breathable mesh and
  • synthetic material
  • Quick-drying technology
  • Textile lining
  • Removable sock liner
  • Compatible with Peloton Shimano SPD & Look ARC Delta
  • Cleats with a 9-degree float

Venzo has established its proficiency in the market by producing premium quality biking and cycling products, including peloton shoes for wide feet. This pair of a ready-to-ride cycling shoes is one of their exclusive tributes to all skilled cyclists and spinners.

It is not only a fairly wide cycling shoe but also versatile enough to support various pedals, as the shoe is compatible with all cleats available right now.

To save your cost, these shoes come with Look Delta cleats. The 9-degree float of the cleat prevents knee and joint pain during lateral movement, though the floating resistance is adjustable enough for optimal freedom.
The classy uppers, incorporated into the breathable mesh and sturdy synthetic material, dry quickly after getting wet and allow the air to flow within the shoes.

They are sturdy enough for road biking or indoor cycling but not too hard on the feet. The stiff sole avoids energy loss and absorbs all possible shock during riding.

You may have noticed maximum peloton shoes compromise their comfortability while rendering rigid and sturdy performance during cycling. But these shoes are exceptional; more precisely, the best among all. 


  • Low-cut construction for flexible fitting and enhanced comfort
  • Classy upper design, breathable too
  • Extremely breathable interior
  • Flexible forefoot
  • Heat insulated tough and stiff sole


  • Relatively minimal power transfer due to slight flexible sole



  • Upper: Synthetic leather, mesh
  • Pre-installed LOOK DELTA cleats
  • Compatible with all types of cleats
  • Ratcheting Buckle closure with Velcro straps
  • Sole: Fiberglass
  • Lining: moisture wicking

Tommaso Strada values the precious time and convenient usage of the buyers. Hence, these shoes come with a pre-installed LOOK Delta cleat so that customers can use the shoes immediately after purchase without any further hassle. Moreover, these shoes are compatible with all the other types of cleats. So, during cycling, they offer perfect platforms while ignoring the types of pedals, making these men’s shoes genuinely versatile.

The ultra-stiff fiberglass sole of the shoes renders adequate stiffness. They help to bend the shoes less than usual during cycling or sprints. These soles are efficient enough to transfer force from the feet to the pedal. They, being sufficiently rigid, save energy so that users can spin fast for a long time without getting fatigued.

The durable synthetic leather and mesh upper are perforated enough to provide a breathable and cold environment for the feet.

The Ratcheting Buckle closure and Velcro straps secure the feet during rides. They can be adjusted to get proper fittings.

These peloton shoes come with spacious toe boxes and have ensured their name successfully in the list of the best indoor cycling shoes for wide feet.


  • Superlative breathability
  • Efficient power transferring capacity
  • Ergonomic closure
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Compatible with different types of cleats


  • Do not last long



  • Outsole: Nylon sole with new carbon fiber pattern design
  • The package includes one pair of 9-degree Delta Cleats
  • The package included the hexagon wrench
  • Double Velcro design with adjustable buckle
  • Upper: Synthetic material with mesh insert
  • Handy magic bandage and comfortable inner

After two men’s shoes, now I’ve picked a unisex model of peloton wide shoes from Kescoo’s online store. These shoes are useful for other indoor and road bikes when combined with separately purchased cleats.

These unisex shoes come with sturdy nylon outsoles that are slip-resistant and compatible with the Delta cleats and the SPD-SL cleats both. The included delta-style cleats ensure optimum power delivery while cycling with TRIO pedals.

You can also rely on this pair of shoes a bit more than others for long-distance cycle rides due to its’ specially designed SPD-SL cleats. The low profile and extra wide cleats distribute the energy with proficiency during the prolonged cycling season.

The heel cup protection stabilizes the feet by aligning them properly. They provide unbeatable support and cushioning comfort irrespective of whether you are engaged in indoor cycling or riding road bicycles.

With all the previous features, the Double Velcro design, the adjustable buckles, and the spacious toe box have made these shoes easy to maintain and the best cycling shoes for wide feet.


  • Unparalleled breathability
  • Unisex model, compatible with pelaton indoor and outdoor bike
  • Compatible with different cleats, need to be purchased separately
  • Affordably priced
  • Power transferring proficiency


  • Fitting is not perfect



  • Material: ‎Synthetic material, Carbon fiber
  • Upper: Mesh, PU with perforated tongue
  • Insole: EVA
  • Compatibility: 3-bolt and 2-bolt cleats (LOOK Delta, Speed play, Crank Brother, SPD, SPD-SL)
  • Sturdy closure with three supple straps
  • Carbon fiber-nylon cleats, non-slip

With a porous tongue and breathable mesh upper, these universal shoes come to serve your desired comfort for wide feet, quality, durability and compatibility for cycling with various pedals.

To facilitate comfort and odor free journey, these shoes incorporate vented outsoles and excessively perforated EVA midsoles, which enable proper air ventilation inside the shoes. These well-built shoes dissipate heat and deliver all-day comfort to the feet while riding.

These wide bike shoes work well with the 3-bolt and 2-bolt cleats. They, whenever combined with various types of cleats like Keo, Crank Brother, SPD-SL, LOOK Delta, and so on, render perfect platforms irrespective of the natures of the pedals.

The slip-resistant cleats of these peloton-wide shoes reinforce upgraded safety while walking on the wooden floor or tiles. Hence, users can wear them all the time, during exercise, or while wandering at random during breaks.

Three supple straps with a strong closure render immediate adjustability. The Nylon-fiberglass composite outsoles combine pedaling efficiency with comfortability. To summarize, all these features have made these men’s shoes one of the best peloton shoes for wide feet.


  • Optimum comfortability in all aspects
  • Perfect fittings
  • Efficient in transferring power
  • High ventilation within the shoes
  • Enough toe room for wide feet


  • Poor durability



  • Upper: Quick-drying mesh and flexible synthetic
  • Outsole: Nylon, compatible with 3-bolts and 2-bolts
  • Comes with free 9-degree delta cleats (1 pair)
  • Tight Velcro straps
  • Compatible with the LOOK Delta cleats
  • Easily installable shoe clips within the package

These shoes come in a little larger size than usual peloton shoes and offer enough space for wide or swelling feet. Moreover, they are so lightweight and stretch well to provide proper fittings.

The three tight Velcro straps have made these wide-width cycling shoes easy to get off and on. Moreover, the plastic fastener helps tighten and loosen the straps easily and to get a perfect fitting.

The shoes come with free 9-degree delta cleats that are easy to install and can clip on the Peloton bikes.

Furthermore, these shoes are compatible with the LOOK Delta cleats and help in road biking.

In conclusion, these previous features and many more features like quick-drying mesh upper, high breathability, and affordable budget of this pair of shoes have thrown a hard-to-beat challenge to all the other wide-width cycling shoes for the peloton.


  • Roomy toe box
  • Durable and breathable upper
  • Lightweight
  • Economically affordable
  • Unparalleled comfortability


  • The plate, inserted within the shoes to install MTB-style cleats, is loose and makes noise while cycling



  • Closure: Adjustable rotating buckle with hook and loop straps
  • Outsole: Nylon
  • Insole: memory foam
  • 2-bolt mountain lock and 3-bolt road lock design
  • Upper: Leather, breathable
  • Heel cup ankle protection and anti-collision toe cap

Are you a dedicated bike rider having wide feet? Do you spend most of your time spinning indoors or outdoors? If yes, these cycling shoes for wide feet must be your best companion.

The alterable buckle closure associated with hook and loop straps has made these shoes well fitted and easy to wear and remove.

The nylon and artificial leather outsoles are lightweight yet strong and durable enough to reduce energy waste and to render support during a speedy cycling session.

Moreover, these perforated outsoles enable air to flow inside the shoes and keep your feet cool and dry. The memory foam insoles provide good arch support and absorb shock while riding to keep the feet comfortable.

The anti-collision toe cap and Heel cup ankle protection protect the feet by providing cushioning and securing them from injuries successively.

These wide shoes for peloton bikes are compatible with 3 and 2 bolts and are a must-have for all indoor or outdoor cycle riders.


  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Perfect fittings
  • Breathable inside
  • Compatible for indoors and outdoors
  • Spacious enough for wide feet


  • Durability might be a matter of concern



  • Upper: Synthetic leather and mesh
  • Come with adjustable three straps
  • Compatible with Look Delta, SPD, and SPD-SL cleats
  • Sole: Nylon, lightweight
  • Come with an Allen wrench, screws, and 9-degree floating cleats
  • Come in vibrant colors

From a cyclist’s viewpoint, the appropriate peloton shoes must be one of your precious belongings. The wide feet holders need to pay more attention to getting ideal fittings in the chosen shoes.

The sturdy yet lightweight nylon soles and well-ventilated upper and interior of synthetic material make these PQMN brand shoes ideal for cycling for long hours.

The perforated upper allows the air to enter and circulate freely within the shoes and renders an ideal breathable environment for the feet.

The adjustable three straps of the shoes allow you to wear and remove them within just three seconds! Moreover, they provide perfect fittings for the feet.

The cleats of these wide indoor cycling shoes are compatible with LOOK Delta, SPD, and many more. The shoes also come with screws and essential tools to make them ready to wear easily.


  • Come in a pocket-friendly budget
  • Well ventilated design
  • Ideal fittings, true to size
  • Long term durability
  • Efficient power transferring capability


  • The shoes seem to be a little bit narrow on the forefoot



  • Upper: Synthetic leather and mesh
  • Come with an adjustable buckle
  • Come with Delta cleats
  • Sole: Nylon
  • Compatible with LOOK Delta, SPD, SPD-SL, and SPD-R
  • Smooth neckline, arch, and heel support

Like others, the mesh and synthetic leather uppers of these shoes also have made them highly durable, lightweight yet breathable. Moreover, the shoes provide sweat-free, cold, and the utmost healthy environments for the feet during the long hours of cycling.

In addition to that, the portable buckle of the upper has made the shoes convenient to wear and remove. Only a tiny buckle adjustment with the simple pull-away renders the perfect fittings for the feet.

Furthermore, these wide spin shoes for the peloton reinforce good arch and heel supports. These features, associated with the smooth neckline, prevent chafing. They protect the ankle and feet from any slippage while sprinting. The stiff nylon soles transfer upgraded leg power during fast paddling.

The best part of these shoes is the universal compatibility with SPD-SL, SPD-R, SPD, and LOOK Delta cleats, which make these shoes suitable for indoor cycling, mountain or road biking, and traveling.


  • Unbeatable grips without even clips
  • Roomy enough for wide feet
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Premium quality


  • Wide and bulky for narrow feet



  • Pre-Installed with Look Delta Cleats Clip
  • Sole: Hard nylon outsole
  • Upper: Lightweight material construction with a breathable mesh hole
  • Quick-drying technology
  • Velcro straps, adjustable buckle

Whenever you wish to find the perfect wide peloton shoes, you may start with the proper choice of soles, styles, toe boxes, and enclosures. Above all, you must want that the outsoles of the shoes should work well with the delta cleats.

You’ll get all in one in this pair of shoes to ensure the best comfort, and your feet won’t get out of the saddle to enjoy the entire cycling season.

For instance – it comes pre-installed with Look Delta Cleats Clip. Moreover, it supports various pedal systems, like – Delta, SPD, SPD-SL, KEO, etc.

These shoes come with durable synthetic leather, breathable mesh uppers, and a soft interior that cuddle the feet with uninterrupted comfort.

A limited warranty of 2 years adds an extra star in favor of these Kyedoo wide spin shoes for the peloton.


  • Carbon fiber sole maximizes power transfer
  • Allows you to cycle longer and faster using less energy
  • Lightweight and durable


  • A few users reported compatibility issues with the Peloton bike



  • Upper: High-resistant matt and mesh material
  • Outsole: Hard and non-slip rubber sole
  • Widely compatible with most pedals
  • Adjustable buckle and hook and loop strap
  • Velcro straps

After a long excavation in the field of the wide-width peloton shoes, your search could come to a halt after finding these HUA&RUI shoes.

Apart from the anti-collision toe cap, this pair of shoes has all the essential features; you need for cycling or mountain biking. The extra hard and lockable sole is a great plus of these shoes; they transmit power to the pedal more efficiently and last longer. The locking feature not only avoids accidents due to slippage of feet from pedals, but also all possible knee injuries caused by wrong posture riding.

The wide compatibility with cleats of these shoes has made them versatile enough for indoor biking workouts, mountain biking, and road riding with a peloton cycle.


  • Wear-resistant lock sole
  • Anti-collision toe cap
  • Easy to wear


  • Lacks in padding


Compatibility With Peloton

If you’re after a pair of shoes for your Peloton bikes, you have to be more selective than the common spin bike owners. The chosen shoes should be 3-holes to fit the clipless pedals and subsequently Delta or SPD-SL cleats.

Shoe Width Sizes Available

Some Peloton shoes are wide enough to fit wide feet. It doesn’t mean; it will fit your shoes. So, never buy any shoes without checking whether your feet are getting enough space to breathe into the specific shoes.

Quality and Durability

When it comes to pursuing your passion, cycling, having a premium quality hard-wearing shoe is a must. You can go for synthetic material with ventilated construction to falcate breathability and a longer lifespan.

Power Transfer

The tough and stiff soles have more power transfer efficiency, so you can spin the pedals faster and longer without a massive energy loss or getting fatigued. Rigid soles are the ideal choice for cycling shoes.


Inexpensiveness does not always equate to poor performance. Some of the above-mentioned cycling shoes have proven that with proficiency. You can go for a cheaper option, but make sure that the chosen option is compatible with a 3-hole cleat plate.


1. Do You Need Peloton Shoes?

No! The spin shoes with the appropriate cleat are safe enough for cycling indoors or outdoor. The commercial Peloton bikes come equipped with SPD cleats, and the Peloton bikes for home use have LOOK Delta cleats.

If you can afford the cost of Peloton-branded shoes, you could buy spin shoes and attach bike-specific cleats from the local bike store to ensure the safest ride. Before all, make sure that the size is for you.

2. Do Peloton Cycling Shoes Fit Wide Feet?

The Peloton shoes will fit perfectly, but you could feel a little snug around the front. The ratchet strap helps achieve enough room inside the shoes to snug the feet but not too tight.

However, it would be better to size up in the Peloton cycling shoes; if you wear a half size. It is also reported that the Peloton spin shoes run small. So, if you have wide feet, go only for those shoes; meant for wide feet persons. 

3. How Do You Adjust The Length And Width Of Shoes For Wide Feet?

Are your newly purchased shoes turned out a disappointment? Hence, you don’t need to purchase a larger shoe immediately. You can prevent the possible swelling or foot injuries by searching out the shoes this way –

Shoe expanders are the most effective and easy-to-use tool for stretching out the shoes in 4 ways. You’ll get one model for expanding the width and another for length.

Instead of 4-way stretching, use stretch length for lengthening the shoe size and stretch the width to widen the shoes. You could use shoe stretcher trees to enhance the length and width of the shoes. 


The comfort of Peloton shoes along with their performance-enhancing abilities justifies the higher price tag. The shoes look and feel well when you wear them. They are lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand thousands of hours on the bike and highly breathable.

No matter what your foot size is. You should definitely consider investing in a pair according to your size and budget. If you have wide feet, you may not find many options like others, but the recommended wide cycling shoes for the peloton will serve you all you want from a pair of Peloton shoes.

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