Best Shoes For Hip Pain (Men & Women)

Hip pain may not be a concern for someone in their 20s, but the joints feel like they are closing up when you start to get a little older. Individuals experiencing extreme hip pain might even require putting an insert in their present shoes because many shoes disrupt your joints due to a lack of cushion. 

best shoes for hip pain

Ankle support might also be essential because I perceive from my personal experience that rolling an ankle during a night out could be a real nightmare. Even the spine could be twisted into an odd spot due to a tight hip flexor, contributing to increased pain.

But individuals do not realize that they could get relief from their suffering by utilizing certain methods. If you have an issue like hip pain and back pain, you could resolve them by purchasing the right shoes for yourself.

Therefore, in this article, I will be recommending some of the best shoes for hip pain that will not only reduce your pain but are also supportive and comfortable. Also, I will include a guide that will help you pick the best shoes for hip pain.




These Nike Flex Experience Running Shoes are those kinds of shoes that are made to look incredibly stylish and are designed to last. In comparison to the former iteration, it features slight changes, mainly in the design of the outsole and the top. Thus, the new flex runs 8 is an upgraded version with improved traction, versatility, stability, and all other distinct factors that running shoes required.

Also, the inclusion of Flex groove helps to improve the shoe's overall versatility. Its midsole consists of full-length phylon foam, which is responsive, yet versatile cushioning foam.

The top features Flywire cables that serve to provide a snug, sock-lit fit, while the padded collar and cushioning foam so the shoe aids in protecting ankle and thus gives you the necessary comfort while walking if you are suffering from hip pain. 

Also remember, overuse or any sudden increase in volume or intensity of your training can also result in developing Peroneal tendonitis. To avoid such issues, you might have to get recommended running shoes for peroneal tendonitis.

Overall, this running shoe offers a decent amount of stability and is considered an updated version when compared to its predecessors and acts as the best shoes for hip pain. It also comes in different color schemes and has a sleek and streamlined look, making it ideal for daily wear, as it is reasonably inexpensive.


  • The outsole has a flex groove that aids to provide natural stability.
  • Extra padding is provided in the collar for additional comfort and protection.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • Features Flywire cables for a snug fit.
  • Full-length phylon foam midsole gives sensitive cushioning.
  • Accessible with many color selections.
  • No-sew overlay at laces to ensure additional longevity.


  • Lightweight and breathable upper.
  • Sensitive cushioning.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Versatile construction.
  • Very comfortable.


  • Sizing issues.


If you are looking forward to invest in the best shoes for hip pain, then this shoe might be a perfect option for you.  These Orthofeet sneakers feature an intense degree of comfort due to their orthotic insole and foam padding that is mostly required by patients suffering from severe hip pain as it aids in easing the pain.

It is also considered by paramount individuals as the most comfortable and trendy shoes as it provides the perfect cure to all forms of foot pain. 

The shoes are available in several sizes, including medium and broad. And as the extra foam padding offers excellent support and preserves the sensitivity of the feet, it is also ideal for patients having diabetes and arthritis.

One other positive feature of the shoe is its big toe box that provides a convenient and outstanding fit. So, overall, this is one of the best shoes for hip pain.

Shoes with good arch support helps a lot in relieving the back pain. However, choose comfort lower back pain shoes that fits you perfectly. It is important to choose a shoe that feels comfortable and fits properly despite your arch type.


  • Has extra foam padding that gives additional comfort.
  • An ideal choice for individuals who suffer from diabetes and hip pain.
  • Features a distinctive therapeutic design that aids in relieving stress.
  • The removal insole offers adequate foot space.
  • Made up of 100% per cent synthetic material.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • Offers powerful arch support.


  • Wide toe box.
  • Includes multiple cushioning layers.
  • Perfect for individuals having sensitive feet.
  • Highly comfortable.
  • Simple to take off and wear.


  • Quite expensive.


Like paramount Asics running shoes, even this GEL-Nimbus 22 proves to be a great fit, which aids in fitting safely to the heel and midfoot with only a slight wiggle space in the forefoot. Its premium moulded EVA sock liner is also a foremost differentiator, allowing a range of foot shapes to be wrapped around the shoe.

Also, the new mesh upper monofilaments give the top of the foot superior relaxation and breathability. And when you wear the nimbus 22 shoe, it makes your foot feel luxurious and pampered due to its beautifully padded interior and heel collar, making the ride smooth by excluding any inhibition.

Therefore, this version of the GEL-Nimbus preserves its classic vibe, along with ensuring that after wearing these shoes, you feel better, making it a perfect choice for a runner on their path to longer distances.


  • It contains a layer of FlyteFoam midsole that helps provide a soft feel.
  • The outsole is made up of tiny rubber segments.
  • It consists of lightweight mesh fabric that makes travelling easy.
  • The forefoot gel technology assists in shock absorption.
  • Has utilized FluidRide technology to give a smooth ride.
  • Available for men as well as women.
  • The shoe design is mixed to offer both comfort and style.


  • Abundant color alternatives are available. 
  • Very supportive across the arch.
  • Highly comfortable.
  • Enhanced versatility.
  • Provides a strongly secured fit.


  • Might be bit bulky for few individuals.


The Adidas Quester Ride is an adaptable running shoe that offers an ideal lightweight and versatile feeling for regular athletes.

It's neutral cushioning and ortholite sock liner aids to better withstand the shock impact along with relieving excessive aches and pains from hips and thus making it the best shoes for hip pain.

Also, the revolutionary midsole Cloudfoam embraces every contour of the foot, making it the must-have shoe option for both casual and athletic wear. 

And when talking about its characteristics, the shoes Cloudfoam midsole are a new and upgraded EVA material that is both lightweight and super versatile so that you could walk the way you are supposed to without feeling constrained by the shoes or hip pain.

Therefore, these quester shoes offer an ideal combination of design and performance, with their wide range of characteristics and impeccable appearance that combines seamlessly to create this high-powered pair.


  • Comes with plush cushioning for all-day relaxation.
  • Equipped with the technology of Cloudfoam to give a lightweight feeling.
  • It has an airy design that is perfect for the shoe's natural airflow.
  • A complete range of motion in the feet is permitted by its synthetic upper materials.
  • Ideal for daily runners because of its modest construction.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • It contains an outsole of non-slip rubber that will protect you from accidental slips.


  • Available with a variety of colour selections.
  • A great choice for casual walking.
  • Cloudfoam technology.
  • Includes an extra padded comfort.
  • Budget-friendly price tag.


  • Inconsistent sizing.


The Latest Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v10 is a generously cushioned everyday running shoe and the new Hyper Knit top gives the shoe a stylish look along with a very adaptable fit.

Its moulded heel cup acts with soft comfort to secure the foot in place while relieving Arch's needless pressure. Therefore, the New Balance 1080 v10 will prove to be a perfect option for you if you want lightweight cushioning in your shoe along with a soft and bouncy trip.


  • Aids to regulate the level of moisture to remove odour from the foot.
  • An ideal choice for athletes due to its abundance of innovative technologies.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • A sock-like knit upper holds the foot locked down without feeling constrained.
  • It has a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet cool.
  • Includes an alternative lacing system for assisting in quick wear.
  • Composed of high-quality materials to provide a pleasant ride.


  • Highly comfortable.
  • The outsole is made up of rubber.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Good shock absorption capacity.
  • Well-balanced cushioning.


  • The appearance of the shoe could have been better.


The Skechers max cushioning elite performance is a road running shoe that provides a combination of style and comfort. This running shoe features advanced technologies designed to enhance the users running speed. You can wear this shoe for distinct purposes such as wearing it while working, or for casual walks, etc.

The usual performance of the foot is extremely accommodating by this Skechers shoe. Their features even provide comfort and injury relief that could be easily noticed when wearing this shoe.

Thus, these are the neutral running shoes that offer complete underfoot support via thick ortholite technology and air-cooled Goga mat midsole cushion making them the best shoes for hip pain.


  • Enhanced breathability is provided via the engineered mesh fabric upper.
  • The midsole is cushioned for shock absorption.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • Grooved outsoles aid in enhancing flexibility.
  • Mid-foot strike zones encourage performance in each stride.
  • Extra cushioning provides the foot with good protection.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Lightweight and versatile.
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Easy to wash.


  • Fewer color alternatives.


The Exersteps Whirlwind sneakers could be the right option for you if you are looking for affordable but high-quality sneakers. These shoes are not only perfect for people with foot problems but for any person.

Because of their excellent foot support system making them the best shoes for hip pain by aiding in stimulating muscles and providing relief from hard surfaces.

Also, to encourage air circulation, the sneakers' sides and toe vamp are perforated so that your feet will not feel hot even though you wear the shoes the whole day.

You will also not have a problem walking on various kinds of surfaces with these shoes, as its lightweight midsole absorbs shock, and provides relief. Then, apart from its toughness, its moulded sock is a notable feature of Exersteps Whirlwind shoes, providing you with enduring cushion and comfort.

This shoe, therefore, boasts high-quality efficiency as walking and running shoe with all its characteristics.


  • Its moulded sock provides lasting comfort.
  • Includes a lace-up leather upper for a snug fit.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • Its non-marking sole provides excellent grip.
  • Can be used for varied purposes.
  • The insoles could be removed to add versatility.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Its style can suit a range of applications.
  • Good for running and walking
  • Made up of 100% leather material.


  • Insoles might feel quite stiff.


For those who desire to invest in something a little cheaper, this Reebok Work Shoes could be the perfect option for you. This product is the best shoe for hip pain due to the synthetic sole, which will ensure that your foot feels soft and secured from the stiff grounds.

Since our toes are always vulnerable to injury, the Reebok's Work Athletic shoes use the Alloy Safety Toe device to ensure that the toes remain in perfect condition and free from accidental injuries. This scheme also eliminates all types of electrical risks, rendering it waterproof.


  • It has an Alloy safety toe device that aids in enhancing the protection of the foot.
  • The outsoles are waterproof and slip-resistant.
  • The material of the shoes is highly comfortable due to its breathable mesh.
  • It's an ideal choice for those suffering from medium to severe hip pain.


  • Lightweight and versatile.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Oil and slip-resistant.
  • Highly comfortable.


  • No safety toe cap.


This pair of Defyer gravity shoes are built for providing advanced injury protection to individuals. The exterior fabric has a soft and velvety synthetic material and is fitted with a proprietary VersoShock technology to withstand shock and retain equilibrium on the ground.

And you probably won't even feel any kind of painful pressure on your hips or toes because of this wonderful feature, making it the best shoes for hip pain by providing heel-to-toe protection and elevated lateral stability.

On top of that, the inside of the shoes is completely smooth, which is one of the foremost characteristics to have in shoes for those who have super sensitive skin.


  • Has an ultralight multi-density midsole.
  • Its twin lateral stabilizers assist with shock absorption.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • Great for individuals who suffer from hip, knee, and back pain.
  • The toe box is slightly large to support people who have to swell in their feet.


  • Accessible with a no. of colour alternatives.
  • It is made up of top quality synthetic materials.
  • It is easy to wash and dry.
  • Slip-resistant.


  • Quite expensive.


The preliminary purpose of the MBT Modena Slip Shoe is to shield your back, knees, and hips from the shock you seem to get from walking on hard surfaces.

The shoes, along with muscle stimulation, aid to strengthen your posture.  It also possess a pivot axis and MBT sensor technology that aids in bringing your natural equilibrium back. These features make them the best shoes for hip pain by increasing your lower limb muscle activity to smoothly move forward.


  • Sensor Technology aids in shock absorption.
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes, including short to medium distance walks.
  • Easily absorbs moisture to keep you fresh all day.
  • Available for both men and women.
  • The special foam sole helps in returning your energy after every step.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Activate unused muscles.
  • Aids in enhancing posture.
  • Lightweight and flexible.


  • Fewer colour alternatives.


If you want to efficiently treat your hip pain problems, then your foremost requirement must be to invest in the right shoes. Nonetheless, the large range of shoes intended for hip pain has made it burdensome for individuals, particularly first time purchasers, to find the right shoes. Hence, below are few valuable tips that will aid you to find out the best shoes for hip pain.

  • Heel assistance

If you face extreme hip pain, it is important to wear a shoe that has a full heel and arch assistance. These characteristics will allow you to equalize your balance and, as a result, your foot will have an even weight dispersal.

  • Understand your situation

You need to assess the exact disorder you are experiencing before agreeing to purchase the shoe that will resolve your discomfort. For this, you should visit a doctor for diagnosis, so that you could acknowledge what the problem you are having is. Then you could proceed to look for the right shoe to suit it, with the knowledge of what you are enduring.

  • The material of the shoe

The quality of the shoe will often be decided by the kind of material utilized in manufacturing it. So, make sure that the material utilized to make the shoes is of the highest quality, along with a great breathability function to allow air to pass through your feet.

  • Convenience

When it comes to treating your hip discomfort, relaxation is very important. Therefore, having shoes that are not convenient will quickly increase your hip discomfort, which can be a great downside for your overall health, as if your hips are uncomfortable, you will not be able to walk properly.


Although there are reasons due to which hip pain might have occurred, one small step in resolving this particular issue could be swapping your shoes. Therefore, I recommend any of the ten options above as the best shoes for hip pain.

There is even no requirement to compromise with your style, comfort, or assistance to correct hip pain as these shoes come in a range of styles and will assist you on every occasion to walk pain-free.

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