8 Best Shoes For Jumping Rope

Looking for some high-intensity cardio option? Jumping ropes is the best of all as it gives total body strengthening, enhances agility, and gets you in good shape. Jumping ropes has a technique that needs to be followed to get most of your training sessions. Jumping ropes barefoot is a common mistake most people make.

However, if you are jumping on a yoga mat or any rubber surface, you can freely jump ropes barefoot, but if the surface is hard such as wooden flooring or marble, you cannot take the risk. This can damage your feet or ankle as you continuously put an impact on your feet, which ultimately leads to internal injury, which does not reflect instantly but can be dangerous in the longer run. Hence, wear jump rope shoes to protect your feet while also enjoying your cardio sessions.

best shoes for hip pain

Now, what are the best shoes for jumping the rope you may ask? Well? There are many, and picking one can be hard. So, here I am enlisting some of the best shoes for jump rope for you. There are plenty of unisex skipping shoes on the market. I would rather bifurcate them as men and women for your convenience. 


8 Best Shoes For Jumping Rope REVIEW


Scrolling on the internet for some pair of good shoes for jump rope? Take a look at Puma’s Tazon series. This shoe is excellent for various sports activities, especially indoor sports and exercises. Thus, I feel this will be a useful choice for ladies looking for the best shoes for jumping rope women.

This shoe possesses features such as a midfoot saddle for a comfortable fit, and a TPU shank for utmost stability and protection while jumping ropes. These streamlined and stylish designs of Tazon 6 shoes for women from Puma set it apart from other shoes in the women’s category.

To make your jumps effortless and smooth, these Tazon 6 shoes have a breathable EcoOrtholite sock liner that feels not only light but also easy to dry due to its water-resistant layering. The synthetic upper and EVA sole in the middle makes a good juncture for shock absorption and breathability.

The mesh upper and padded toe tongue gives excellent comfort to men who regularly do CrossFit or skipping. Ankle support is backed by a collar that does not put pressure on your feet whatsoever. Moreover, the Softfoam memory foam insole and Foam liners ensure high performance and comfort while running or jumping.

The rubber outsole, on the other hand, is meant for traction and stability that keeps you at the top of your game and prevents you from slipping. Thus, I feel this will be a useful choice for ladies looking for the best shoes for jumping rope women.


  • PVA midsole
  • Lace-up closure system
  • SoftFoam Memory insole technology
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Synthetic mesh upper


  • Ankle support
  • Toe protection
  • Good traction
  • Comes in various size


  • Expensive


You can shut down shock with these shoes. Why we say shut shock because it features a unique Charged Cushioning® technology that has excellent shock absorption capacity so that you excel in every stride. The synthetic leather gives durable support and good breathing so that you can skip as much as you want without feeling sweating on your feet.

With these shoes, you get an airy feel due to their lightweight mesh upper so that you get proper ventilation and breathing. The EVA sock liners are also provided in these shoes to provide smooth step-in comfort. The rubber outsoles are capable of delivering ultimate traction control and stability to keep up with your running, basketball, and skipping sessions.

The stylish 3-colored digital print The stylish 3-colored digital print upper mesh looks extremely beautiful and also is good at breathability standards. The durable leather is overlaid to lock your midfoot so that the gap between your toes and heel is filled-in.

The solid rubber outsoles provide support over traction and stability like no other shoes. This is one of the best shoes for jumping rope 2022 has ever witnessed. Plus, these are suitable for both men and women.


  • Charged Cushioning® technology
  • EVA sockliner face-in comfort
  • Lace-up closure
  • Solid rubber outsole
  • Compressed molded foam for perfect responsiveness


  • Excellent traction
  • Good ankle support
  • Flexible construction
  • Lightweight


  • Not true to size


The Nike Air Zoom SuperRep are HIIT class-specific training shoes designed for gym enthusiasts, women, and men. It catches the attention of the buyer due to its unconventional and futuristic design and double padded soles and the branding logo looks stunning without any debate. I highly recommend this shoe to only and only fitness enthusiasts who specifically like to do strength training such as cross fit or jump ropes.

For people who have wide feet and are weightlifters, I wouldn’t recommend this shoe due to its lightweight construction. The shoes are backed by Zoom Air Cushioning on the forefoot combined with a large, supportive heel that gives the wearer the freedom to move in any position or direction.

Asymmetrical lacing is featured in these shoes having hidden nylon webbing on these lateral sides. These SuperRep shoes are true to size as per Nike Standard ds. However, they are a little bit narrow in the toe region, but I wouldn’t say they give discomfort.

These shoes are suitable for high-intensity as well as fast-paced exercises that also include jumping rope. These are not only mere designs but an extra cushioning layer that can beat any other shoes on the market. The shoes are highly flexible and feel lighter than they look. You can jump rope in full freedom if you are wearing these Nike jump rope shoes.


  • HIIT/Gym use
  • Medium toe box
  • Nike Zoom cushioning
    Flyplate forefoot
  • Translucent rubber outsole


  • Excellent comfort
  • Futuristic design
  • Airy cushioning
  • Good traction 


  • Non-detachable insoles 

4. ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 27 Shoes

These are no regular athletic shoes, and it’s rather a modified version of athletic shoes that you ever had. These ASICS Gel Kayano are integrated with multiple cushioning technologies and top-quality materials so that they last forever.

These shoes have a gender-specific trusstic system meaning these shoes protect men’s and women’s biomechanical needs. The space Trusstic technology enhances stability and flexibility without hampering the structural integrity of this shoe. Rearfoot and forefoot gel technology cushioning is meant for shock absorption during jumping or running.

Rearfoot cushioning on the other hand allows movement in various planes with superb traction. These shoes have ASICS’ very own FlyteFoam Propel technology integrated to provide effortless bounce with high responsiveness.

The midsoles are backed by the DuoMax Support System, which helps in the correct positioning of the foot inside the shoes. This feature is important in any position-focused sport. For all these reasons, I feel these Asics shoes are the perfect jump rope shoes women and men can buy for their every day skipping sessions.


  • FlyteFoam Propel Technology
  • Dynamic DuoMax Support System
  • External heel counter
  • Integrated jacquard mesh upper
  • Forefoot GEL technology cushioning system


  • Excellent mesh coverage
  • Sleek and futuristic design
  • Provides excellent traction and stability
  • Wide toe area


  • It could be more affordable

5. Whitin Men’s Minimalist Trail Runner

This shoe is something any woman or a man doing jump ropes would adore. The minimalist look and high-end features make this a good fit for any gymnastics. Agreeably, you will be impressed with the level of features you get with these bees for jump roping. Starting off, these shoes feature zero drop forefoot that promotes minimal impact on the foot also giving weight balance from knee to foot. Thus, the soles are intentionally made flat and not non-elevated.

The wide toe box lets you relax and spread to their actual position causing any discomfort in walking or running. This is the reason why I like these shoes for jump roping. The good thing is these shoes have zero animal material making them cruelty-free for people who avoid cruelty-free products.

In addition, the shoes have adjustable hook and loop closure at the point of the instep to give you a more secure and stable fit. If you are not feeling like having insoles in the shoes you can also remove them and get a barefoot feel while you jump ropes.

The wide toe box, on the other hand, is good to have in this shoe as it helps you fit your toes properly aligned in the level of your midfoot. Overall, these are good shoes for jumping rope.


  • Hook & Loop Closure type
  • True rubber sock liner
  • The removable insole or sock liner
  • Zero drop shock absorption system
  • Wide toe box


  • Excellent traction
  • Zero animal skin use
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Very simple design


The latest NewBalance DRFT v1 shoes are totally capable of handling your everyday, intense workout sessions and can be worn by any man or woman as these shoes are unisex. The shoes feature ACTEVA midsole cushioning that provides outstanding support and flexibility to move your feet in any plane.

The Ground Contact EVA outsole technology provides underfoot comfort without adding up weight to the overall shoes. The lightweight synthetic mesh upper is great for breathing, and there are no-sew overlays to make them look sleeker and stylish.

These shoes take your comfort to the next level by giving a forefoot comfort pad that not only provides a smooth and soft landing but also supports your body posture. If you are looking for some good jump rope shoes then you can consider buying these all-day comfort trainers from New Balance and enjoy jumping ropes with minimal effort.


  • 100% synthetic fabric
  • ACTEVA midsole cushioning system
  • Forefoot Comfort Pad for zero impact landing.
  • Ground EVA underfoot outsoles
  • Lightweight and breathable synthetic upper


  • Smooth landing
  • Excellent comfort all-day
  • Heel support
  • Traction rubber outsoles


  • Not affordable

7. Reebok Men’s Nano X Cross Trainer

Reebok has a legacy that supports fitness. With these Nano X cross trainers, Reebok has endured great success among gym enthusiasts. If you are looking for some sneakers for jumping rope in a unisex category then the Reebok Men’s Nano X is the best shoe for running and jumping ropes.

These shoes have got flex to weave women’s textile upper that gives a flexible and stretchable feel when you jump ropes and gives support to key areas of the feet. These shoes are made with eco-friendly and recycled material, including the EVA midsole foam that contributes to elevated stability and convenience for your underfoot.

With its strong foot support, you get a lightweight feel, smooth transitions, and a perfect grip over your shoes, so you can jump ropes for cross fit without worrying about tumbling. These trainers are suitable for men and women who often go to the gym or do intense training on the treadmill or kickboxing.

Nano X shoes can be the best choice to use at home as well as at the gym. These shoes are constructed for high-paced and functional training exercises due to their stable fit and excellent cushioning in the soles that keep the athletes on top of their game. To add a more vibrant touch to these shoes, the lace tips are covered in tie-dye colors. To put it simply, these are the best and most reliable jump rope sneakers you can buy for yourself.


  • Synthetic and mesh fabric
  • Recycled lightweight EVA foam cushioning
  • Lace-up closure system
  • Rubber outsole material
  • Flexweave woven upper


  • Excellent stability
  • Versatile for various exercises
  • Soft landing
  • Heavy EVA midsole padding


  • Utilizes more storage space

8. Adidas Men’s Racer Tr21 Running Shoe

If you jump ropes regularly, then you might already own jumping rope shoes. If not, then here is a great jump-running shoe option that you can consider buying. The Adidas Men’s Racer Tr21 has a CloudFoam Midsole cushioning that lets you have great comfort and a delicate feel in every step that you take.

These shoes are 60 perfect cotton and 40 perfect polyester fabrication, which makes these shoes great for outdoor activities and gym sessions for their lightweight construction. The synthetic upper is not only soft but is also durable if you think about using shoes for at least 2-3 years.

The leather and textile fabric on these running shoes offer breathability and durability as well so that no moisture is locked in the shoes, and you feel dry and clean even after running or jumping for an hour. The good thing is these shoes are made with recycled material and no animals are harmed while making these shoes.

If you are concerned about the environment and into buying sustainable products, this shoe is what you should consider not only for jumping ropes but for any kind of sports. Overall, these shoes are integrated with wonderful features that can provide comfort and protection at the same time.


  • Lace-up closure
  • 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
  • Rubber outsoles
  • Cloudfoam midsole
  • Available in various sizes for men


  • Enduring design
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Reliable traction


  • Not machine washable


If you want to efficiently treat your hip pain problems, then your foremost requirement must be to invest in the right shoes. Nonetheless, the large range of shoes intended for hip pain has made it burdensome for individuals, particularly first time purchasers, to find the right shoes. Hence, below are few valuable tips that will aid you to find out the best shoes for hip pain.

  • Breathability

During an intense workout, you sweat inside out. If the shoes are not breathable, you will not feel comfortable while jumping ropes and will start to experience fatigue in no time. Therefore, breathability is one of the important parameters while jump shock-absorbing shoes must have a breathable footbed, lightweight liners, and mesh construction which together enable better airflow in the shoes. 

  • Flexibility

When you are doing strength training, you are asked to move multiple times in different positions. If your shoe insole is not flexible you would end up getting injured badly with twisted toes or feet. Thus, make sure your shoes have flexible construction and memory foam that does not impact your feet and that you feel comfortable while jumping ropes.

Wide toe cap, Goodyear Welt Construction into synthetic/rubber insoles contribute to enhancing the flexibility of your shoes so that you can rope in peace without feeling exhausted and sore. 

  • Grip/Traction

Having traction, meaning the ability to create friction, is the most important characteristic of the best jump rope shoes. If your shoes have good traction capacity, you will have excellent landing on almost any type of surface without worrying about slipping.

In addition, with a powerful grip, you can take huge leaps while jumping. Thus, shock-absorbing or jumping will always have shock-absorbing, slip-resistant rubber outsoles that increase traction in your shoes and prevent you from falling on smooth or hard surfaces. 

  • Shock Absorption

This goes without saying. Ben t shoes for skipping rope cannot miss out on this important parameter, i.e., Shock absorption insoles. No matter how intense your jumping workouts go, your shoes will give a rebound of energy to you for your next leap, which means your shoes will absorb all the impact and not let you drain much of your energy. Hence, make sure your shoes for jump rope have shock-absorbent footbeds and outsoles. 

  • Durability

The type of material used and the quality of the material used in making the shoes decide how long the shoes will survive. PU, rubber, and soft, synthetic leather are some of the best shoe materials that increase the durability of the shoes. If the shoes are durable, you need to understand that the shoes are breathable too. 

  • Weight

Weight matters when you are looking for running jumping shoes. Lighter the shoes, the higher the leap. You can jump higher and better without having to be pulled by heavy shoes. Having said that, heavy shoes will keep you stuck on the surface and not let you make an easy jump. With lightweight shoes, you can enjoy your skipping sessions without feeling exhausted or breathless.

So, here are the major parameters you should keep in check while buying the best shoes for jumping exercises.



This question gets around a lot when there are multiple best shoes to jump rope in the market. In my opinion, you should go for shoes that have top-notch material construction in them such as leather, or synthetic. Besides, you should also check what type of features it offers. Make sure it has elastic, multiple footing outsoles, toe protection, waterproof soles, and excellent traction outsoles.


Yes. The best shoes for jumping are basketball shoes and cross trainers. When you take a jump, all the body weight is pushed on the ball of your feet. Thus it needs maximum protection. While playing basketball, you experience the same thing. Basketball shoes have excellent cushion and support in such areas that absorb feet impact and give you effortless foot movement. Hence, basketball shoes are also good for skipping or jumping ropes.


Well, I don’t feel there’s a compulsion to wear shoes while jumping ropes. You can avoid wearing them if you already are jumping on a yoga mat or any soft surface. But if you are jumping ropes on hard surfaces such afloorscrete floor or wooden floor, then you must definitely wear shoes as hard surfaces can cause injury to your joints if they jump continuously over them.


Jump roping is the best exercise for overall body strengthening. Wearing shoes while jumping ropes is an added benefit because shoes give you impact-resistant jumps that do not make you feel tired. If you don’t wear shoes, you are open to injuries and muscle damage. To avoid this situation, the other u must use the best sneakers for the jumping rope so you can do your jumping exercise effortlessly.

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