Best Shoes For Mail Carriers & Postal Workers

The postal service workers, specifically the mail carriers are always on the move. Plus, they have to deal with a lot of unpleasant things. From the letter receiver’s furious pet dog to the waterlogged road, everything could push them towards serious injuries or even death threats.

That’s why; the U.S postal service agencies ruled that the letter carriers must carry the green tag footwear to ensure their safety. The shoes must be slip-resistant and water-resistant, as well as offer ample comfort. 

Best shoes for mail carriers

But finding green tag-labeled shoes won’t be a chore for you once you go through the suggestions of the best shoes for postal carriers. I suggest going through the buying guide first to reach the best option for you.





  • Upper: 100% Leather
  • Footbed: Compression-resistant midsole cushion
  • Insole: Premium quality foam insert
  • Outsole: Polyurethane Rubber sole
  • Weight: 11.9 Ounces Only
  • ROLLBAR technology

A few years ago, the post of ‘mail carrier’ was reserved for the male. In the year of equality, the postal offices also started recruiting female employees as mail carriers, though many people still considered it a mail-dominated job field. That’s why; finding a pair of SR USA label shoes for women is still not an easy task.

After prolonged research, I picked these shoes from the premium collection of New Balance for those post-women; who add an extra milestone to women empowerment.

The shoes are pretty lightweight and flexible enough for hassle-free movement. As a USPS-approved shoe, it offers far more extra than other walking shoes.

With the USPS approval, we can consider the rubber outsole to be slip resistant and durable enough to withstand years of abuse. As an extra, it comes with 100% genuine leather construction, making it look highly professional, durable, and breathable.

Next, comes the dedicated features for optimum comfort. The well-cushioned shoes not only provide good support for better stability but also absorbs all possible impacts when you walk on rough terrain. The foam insert adds an extra layer of support and comfort to the feet. So, there is no chance of having a fatigued foot by the end of the day.


  • US Postal Service-approved walking shoe
  • Best shock absorbing footbed
  • Breathable upper
  • Durable leather construction
  • Less expensive


  • Reported to be a bit stiffer than others



  • Upper Material: 100% Leather
  • Outsole: Durable Rubber sole, Maxum-Lite PU outsole
  • Insole: Removable PI-1000 cushion insert
  • Shock Eliminator heel cushion
  • Lining: MIL-22 moisture-wicking lining
  • Toe: Soft toe

Being a postal employee, I have to be on my feet ten hours a day irrespective of any weather. Neither the scorching heat of summer nor rain nor harsh snow spares me to have a break from my work. Hence, the perfect selection of shoes was a vital necessity for me. These Reebok shoes fulfilled the demands.

First, I opt for comfort and support. With a thick rubberized outsole, the shoes also come with a detachable PI-1000 cushion insert; that has great shock absorbent power. Since it’s detachable, so you could replace it with prescribed orthotics or medicated foot insert, as well to treat your foot problem.

All though, these USPS-approved shoes will protect your feet from all possible occupational hazards. These outsoles are slip-resistant and oil-resistant and provide excellent grips while moving around to deliver the packages.

The shoes have a high shaft, but it doesn’t restrict your movement at all; even support your ankle in the best way, so you never have an ankle sprain.

Along with the breathable leather material construction, the MIL-22 lining keeps the feet cool, sweat, and odor free, which is a dream of a mailman.

Next, I look for enhanced durability; the brand name and Maxum lite PU outsole are beyond my doubt in this field. The outsole is super lightweight, while the agronomical design also keeps my feet agile and as swift as possible to enable me to meet up with the mail delivery requirement, making it the best walking shoes for mail carriers.


  • Admirable professional look
  • Enhanced durability
  • Good fitting
  • Exclusive heel and ankle support
  • Ensure all-day comfort and safety


  • Takes time to break in



  • Sole: Polyurethane
  • Platform: Almost 1.0"
  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Heel: Approximately 1.5"
  • Stabilizer: Non-metallic
  • U.S Postal approved shoe with Aegis Microbe Shield

Choosing the right shoe for mail carriers is a bit tricky. The shoes should have a formal look that meets the occupational standard and regulations without compromising excellent functionality regarding longevity, comfortability, and support.

These oxford shoes have met all those conditions. The non-metallic stabilizer of these shoes provides excellent support. The rocky air-port footbed renders contoured comfort.

Moreover, it helps to rebound the shoes after each use and makes them exceptionally durable. The black leather of these mail carrier shoes has made them waterproof and polishable.

These shoes are easy to pair with any trouser since they come at 4” height. In addition to that, the formal plain toe and the 1” heightened platform adds a new degree to the professional appearance of the mail carriers.

The TPU outsoles are attached to slip-resistant TMC and offer incomparable stability and flexibility in strenuous work in all seasons. The slip-resistant and water-resistant properties secure the users’ feet in rainy, wet outdoor environments.

The lining helps to wick moisturizers and render a breathable, healthy environment for long-standing feet. The outsoles reinforce unparalleled grips to provide the best possible stability while walking up or down stairways or sideways.

These postal-approved mailman shoes are designed with Aegis Microbe Shield that defends against microorganisms and eventually makes them long-lasting. Hence, this imported shoe is a trusted companion for mail clerks in their hardworking jobs.


  • Built to last
  • Slip and water-resistant
  • Professional appearance
  • Postal shoe policy approved
  • Comfortable


  • Little hard to break in



  • Footbed: Rocky Air-Port cushion
  • Aegis Microbe Shield
  • Non-metallic stabilizer
  • Material: Full-grain leather, water-resistant
  • Height: 4”
  • U.S. Postal Service shoe policies approved

These full-grain leather shoes are postal policies approved and fit well with the dress code. These black shoes are slip-resistant, water-resistant, and polishable. Hence, they are perfect to use in rainy outdoor weather.

The TPU outsoles attached with TMC provide unparalleled flexibility and stability without restricting motions and mobilities. Non-metallic stabilizers render balance and secure steady steps while standing or walking all day simultaneously.

During research on the best mail carrier shoes, I keep comfortability first and longevity after that, though I was going through a huge dilemma.

Luckily, these shoes of Rocky shine in both. It renders high-end cushioning and excellent underfoot support. The Aegis Microbe Shield technology restricts the microbial growth on the sweaty feet and keeps them odorless and healthy for long break-free working hours.

Moreover, the Rocky Air-Port cushioned footbed technology and the full-grain leather construction make these women’s shoes durable enough to withstand multiple usages on difficult terrain and washing.

To conclude, the easy-to-maintain property with uncompromised appearance, the approval of the U.S. postal service, the upgraded cushioning comfort, excellent flexibility, stability and support, and durability push me to place it in the third place in the list of the best shoes for female mail carriers.


  • Long-lasting
  • Provide good grips
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Easy washable
  • Slip and water-resistant


  • Little bit expensive



  • Sole: Leather
  • Material: 100% leather
  • Heel: Almost 1.5”
  • Shaft: Approximately 5” from arch
  • USA postal approved
  • Outsole: Oil and slip-resistant

While handling their jobs, postal workers are bound to deal with a lot like seasonal hazards, roaming through uneven roads, long-distance delivery, and many more. The footwear, therefore, is crucial to ensure optimum comfort so that they can deliver a flawless performance even on an exhausting day. These shoes, with their Non-metallic stabilizer, provide strong support and turned out as the best shoes for mail carriers.

To enhance the durability, stability, and flexibility, a TMC is attached directly to the TPU outsoles of these imported shoes. The slip-resistant and oil-resistant features of the outsoles render safety and confident treads in uncertain conditions.

The full-grain leather material is easily polishable, waterproof, and easy to wash. These postal-approved shoes help to maintain a professional appearance effortlessly with their high-quality material.

An Aegis Microbe Shield technology is applied to design the footbed to prevent unwanted bacterial growth and odor of feet.

The high-tech composition of these boots ensures their longevity. Air-Port cushion footbed contributes satisfactory custom comfort to the feet and reduces foot fatigue.

In short, ‘a clean formal look with sturdy performance’ was the USP of Rocky while designing these shoes for postal workers.


  • Incomparable comfortability
  • Water and slip-resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Sleek style


  • Narrow for wide feet



  • Outsole: oil and slip-resistant, TMC attached to TPU
  • Approved by USA Postal department
  • Aegis Microbe Shield technology
  • Material: 100% leather
  • Footbed: Air-Port cushioned
  • Water-resistant, non-metallic stabilizer

Rocky has established their proficiency in the world of making perfect postal shoes for a long. This Chukka Duty Boot is one of their exclusive tributes to the hard-working female mail carriers.

This 6” boot is made with full grain leather that is easily polishable and water-resistant. They offer a formal, decent look for the mail carriers.

TMC is strategically attached to the TPU outsoles of the shoes to render steady and long-lasting support and flexibility for a balanced stride. Moreover, the slip-resistant and oil-resistant outsoles ensure safe stepping in all outdoor conditions.

The footbed of these mail carrier shoes comes with Air-Port technology; a cushioned technology introduced by the Rocky that provides contoured comfort. Moreover, the level of comfortability has been intensified by Aegis Microbe Shield. This shield confronts the odor of sweaty feet and bacterial overgrowth due to break-free working hours.

The non-metallic stabilizer has made these shoes durable and stable. These shoes need little break-in time and have achieved a secured place in the list of best shoes for postal workers.


  • Incomparable stability
  • Water-resistant polishable upper
  • Postal approved
  • Durable
  • Slip and oil-resistant grips


  • Fittings are different for left and right feet.



  • Sole: Rubber
  • Material: 100% leather
  • Toe: Soft toe
  • Lining: MIL-22 moisture-wicking
  • Shock Eliminator heel cushion with detachable PI-1000 cushion
  • Outsole: Maxum-Lite PU

Durability and comfortability are the two most pivotal characteristics when looking for supreme postal shoes. These Reebok shoes have fulfilled these conditions with utmost success.

The removable PI-1000 cushion, added with a shock eliminator heel cushioning, absorbs impacts efficiently and thus reinforces optimum comfort for the postal workers.

The MIL-22 lining wicks regulate the moisture and temperature balance inside the shoes and keep the workers’ feet warm and dry in all seasons. Moreover, this lining extends the lifespan of these shoes.

The shoes allow the wearer to pass through the metal detector without any hazards since they are 100% non-metallic.

These mailman shoes come with Maxum-Lite PU outsoles that make them extremely light to wear yet durable enough for multiple usages.

The soft toes of these shoes are stitched well so that it helps in increasing durability. These men’s shoes are approved by US Postal Services shoe policies and fulfill their regulations by providing a clean executive look with great slip resistance power.


  • Built to last
  • Executive look
  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable


  • A little bit heavy to wear



  • Upper: Leather
  • Outsole: Maxum-Lite PU
  • Toe: Soft
  • Lining: MIL-33 moisture wicking
  • USPS approved
  • Insole: Shock eliminator heel cushion and detachable
  • PI-1000 cushion footbed

These leather boots, being 100% non-metallic, empower the hazardless transition through the metal detectors.
These shoes for mail carriers come with a genuine leather upper that ensures enhanced breathability in the interior of the shoes. They keep the users’ feet as cool as possible while working in sweaty environments. The MIL-33 lining wicks moisture and helps long-standing feet breathe.

The superior stretching characteristic of the leather provides perfect fittings and keeps your feet fatigue-free even after a long working session.

The waterproof feature makes the shoe perfect to wear in the rainy, wet season. The high-end quality leather upper of these soft-toe shoes stays strong amidst the hostile working environments. The black leather upper of the shoes is easily washable. These upper helps to achieve a traditional executive look.

These postal-approved shoes come with a removable PI-1000 cushioned footbed with a shock-eliminating cushioned heel. They reinforce a superlative comfort by absorbing impact while walking on different aggressive terrains.

These women’s boots are a bit more expensive than others but they sparkle in support, comfort, and durability. Anyone can purchase a cheaply priced postal shoe by compromising the desired comfort. But if durability and comfortability come first in your priority list rather than the budget, it would be great to spend a bit extra.


  • Comfy to long wear
  • Formal appearance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sturdy


  • A little bit expensive



  • Heel: Almost 1.5”
  • Platform: Approximately 1.25”
  • Approved by SR USA postal
  • Outsole: Oil-resistant, slip-resistant
  • Material: 100% leather, full grain leather
  • Aegis microbe shield technology

Being a postal service worker, I found it very challenging to find a perfect shoe with incomparable comfortability without sacrificing the formal look. I tried many, some were very stiff and took too long to break in, and some, on the other hand, had poor durability.

Then I found these Rocky shoes. The TMC is directly attached to the TPU outsoles of the shoes to render outstanding stability. Moreover, the outsoles are oil-resistant and slip-resistant and provide incomparable grips while walking long distances. A non-metallic stabilizer enhances it furthermore.

The shoes come with an Air-Port cushioned footbed that provides an optimum level of comfort to the feet. It helps to circulate air within the shoes with every step. AEGIS antimicrobial technology fights against odor and growth of bacteria or yeast in the shoes’ interiors and makes them long-lasting.

These shoes are approved by the USA postal department. The strategic blend of all essential features and official approval has made these men’s shoes one of the best post office shoes.


  • Long lifespan
  • Highly comfortable
  • Slip-resistant and oil-resistant


  • Slightly heavy



  • Material: Waterproof leather
  • Toe: soft
  • Outsole: Maxum-Lite PU
  • Lining: MIL-33 moisture wicking, 3 Bar Knit with GORETEX Bootie
  • Footbed: Shock Eliminator Heel Cushion with removable PI-1000 Cushion
  • Sole: PU

Hard-working men need hard-working shoes. These Reebok shoes are one of them. Though slightly expensive, investing in these work shoes will help anyone to sustain their steady stride with outstanding comfortability in the long run.

The shock-eliminating heel cushion and removable PI-1000 cushioned footbed reduce strains and impacts while walking or standing on feet for hours. They provide unparalleled support and comfort.

The uniqueness of these mail carrier shoes lies in their lining. MIL-33 lining shows excellent moisture absorption capabilities. The breathable GORE-TEX technology blocks liquids from coming inside the shoes.

With this lining, the water stays outside of the shoes while perspiration can escape from the interiors. Hence, these boots are ideal for summer as well as winter or during the rainy season’s working days. Moreover, these lining expands the shoes’ lifespan by covering their inside seams.

Maxum-Lite PU outsoles make these shoes highly flexible, lightweight yet long-lasting.

These work shoes come with a black leather upper that makes them soft, polishable, and decent, formal looking.


  • Formal appearance
  • Highly breathable
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Stretch out very little


The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health revealed a bitter fact about the mail carrier job a few months ago. The agency sent a letter to the U.S. postal service union office mentioning the probable health hazards caused by faulty footwear.

They showed in their study how faulty footwear has been pushing the mail carriers towards accidents and the risk of various injuries, as well as forcing them to pay for costly replacements in short out of their own pockets. Which is not acceptable. Right?

According to the U.S P.S shoe policy, let’s see - what to look into a pair of shoes while buying shoes for your office. 

Comfort And Safety

The mail carriers deal with lots of advantageous situations in a day for their work activities. If you provide the right comfort to your feet, you’ll not feel fatigued or under excessive pressure on your feet from being up all day.

You should choose well-cushioned, shock-absorbent, dust and waterproof shoes to ensure the best safety from all possible occupational hazards and rough weather conditions.


The mailman boots should always be designed to withstand rigorous activities, standing and working for an extended time. Investing in high-quality shoes overlooking expenses would be a wise decision, but having an extra pair of the same quality shoes to wear interchangeably would be the wisest in terms of enhancing durability. 

Weight And Grip

The lightweight shoes with properly gripped shoes only could make you agile, flexible, and feeling sure-footed; those a mail carrier mostly expects from a pair of shoes.


1. What shoes can you wear at the post office?

You have to wear those shoes; that could meet all USPS policies. Make sure the shoes can keep your feet safe in a work-related accident scenario, withstand all weather conditions, and are dust resistant for a professional look.

2. Do Postal shoes have to be black?

Since the mail carriers need to wear USPS-approved green tag labeled shoes; those are featured with water-resistant black leather uppers and a slip-resistant outsole. As per the USPS shoe policy, the mail carriers largely wear black, but they don’t need to be entirely black.


Hopefully, you liked my suggestions; the claims I mention here about them are tried and tested. I really found these USPS-approved shoes are the best among all available options; those not only keep your feet healthy but also protect your feet from all sorts of occupational hazards, helping you avoid expensive medical bills in the end.  

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