8 Best Shoes For Orthotics From Top Brands

Finding properly designed running or work shoes; that can ease the stress on the feet is a chore. You may consider many things like – what will happen if you go with overly cushioned shoes, what will you do if the thinner footbed doesn't provide good foot support, what about the ankle support, and much more. Finally, the search keyword - best shoes for orthotics 2022 brings you to the right destination. 

Best Orthotic Shoes

Like you, I've searched a lot. After long research, I've created this list of the best shoes for orthotic inserts. Every shoe on this list could tick all of your consideration points, though more aspects need to be considered to ensure the best stability and support. I'll share them also in this article. So, stay tuned till the end.  


Orthotics are customized shoe inserts; designed to provide extra comfort and support to the feet. Sometimes people purchase orthotic-friendly sneakers or such inserts to get rid of foot fatigue by the end of the day; meanwhile, some others purchase doctor-prescribed orthotics insole over-the-counter to get relief from chronic foot pain like fasciitis or to correct foot positioning, such as supination. 

Apart from such medical conditions, orthotic inserts are tremendously helpful for the runner. It keeps the foot in alignment with the lower body to ensure a perfect running pattern. Moreover, the added cushioning absorbs impact while running on hard surfaces. So, you don't have any fatigue or cramps on any muscle.  




Despite not being one of the renowned orthotic-friendly shoe brands, do you want to know why I pick Gravity Defyer shoes at first? When I was checking out the orthotic-friendly shoes of various companies, my eyes were stuck on a review of these shoes. 

I was surprised to know that these shoes helped an Achilles Tendinitis patient to walk; when the doctor gave up and prescribed physical therapy.   

After that, I purchased these shoes to check the claims. The front rolling design genuinely reduces stress on the feet, as it helps to walk or run in the perfect posture. All muscles, bones, and joints stay isolated, so the injuries can't get worst and feel less pain. 

The shock-absorbing power of the VersoShock patented sole is stunning; designed to relieve knee pain. When you add the orthotic insert, you'll get additional foot support; that ensures the best safety and stability.  

The soft lining and breathable mesh upper create a healthy and comfortable environment for feet. In addition to that, the spacious toe box ensures better comfort and blood circulation to aid the medical conditions. 

These shoes truly help people with plantar fasciitis correct their body alignment during the walk. If you're suffering from any chronic disease, like - diabetes or arthritis, that could lead you towards feet aching and screaming with pain, I highly recommend these shoes.


  • Upper Material: Synthetic Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Outsole: Polyurethane sole
  • VersoShock Patented Technology
  • 5 mm thick foam cushioning
  • Front Rolling Design
  • Roomy Toe Box


  • Gorgeous appearance
  • Ultimate breathability
  • Free orthotic insoles
  • Thick cushioning
  • Effectively reduces pain in the knee


  • Less arch support


The shoes of Orthofeet come with more advanced offerings, and this model isn't an exception. Look at the picture; you can sense how breathable the shoe is. Anti-odor foam and fabric construction is a great add-on; after all, no one is there; who doesn't want to have freshly smelled shoes by the end of the day? 

The stretchable upper with a wide toe box offers a good fit for all, and the shoe is also true to size. The extra foam padding ensures a comfortable snug fit, whereas the seam-free interior ensures the best comfort.

The soles are ergonomically designed; that provide great arch support. You can enhance the level of support under the arch as you want simply by adding the included arch booster.

The multi-layers cushioning and heel padding provide pillow-like support to ease the pain in the feet and heel. The soft footbed never lets you be unstable during walking.

This ortho feet shoe is another best solution for those; who are struggling to walk due to some medical conditions, such as - bunions, hammertoes, Morton's Neuroma & swollen feet. People with swollen feet often struggle to find properly fitted shoes for them, thanks to the brand for making such flexible shoes.


  • Uppers: Flexible uppers with extra foam padding
  • Interior: Breathable fabric built soft and Seam-free interior
  • Multiple cushioning layers, including heel cushioning
  • Premium quality orthotic insoles
  • Adjustable arch booster
  • Wide toe box


  • Made of anti-odor fabric and foam
  • Extended Widths
  • Enhanced anatomical arch support
  • Ease of walking
  • Provide excellent stability


  • Doesn't have any slip-resistant feature


Among all brooks shoes for orthotics, the Adrenaline GTS 22 is the more stable version. If you are a professional runner and foot issues are affecting your performance, these women's shoes might be the best solution for you.

These brook's orthotic shoes not concentrate only on the feet but also protect all the organs by correcting walking posture, which might be affected due to wrong walking or running postures. 

The built-in guide rails support diminishes excessive heel and shank rotation and keeps the knee motion in the safe range. Thus, by reducing the rolling of the foot inward and lowering the shifting of the heel in the outward directions, these shoes ensure natural motions and limit excessive motions.

The soft DNA LOFT midsole cushioning secures the feet and eases pain by absorbing socks while walking on a hard surface. The 3D print technology renders the structure moving with feet without an excessive bulky appearance and ensures a less distracted run.

The soft interior and relaxed fit ensure you won't get a blister, not even after the first time wearing it, making it the best ortho walking shoes for diabetic patients.  

 The rubber soles provide excellent tractions and balances. The tiny arch render of these shoes is very comfortable for flat feet. 

Providing the right amount of support, stability, and smooth transitions these shoes have secured their remarkable place in the list of best orthotic-friendly women's shoes.


  • PDAC A5500 standardized Diabetic shoe
  • Midsole: DNA LOFT
  • 3D Fit Print technology
  • Upper: Air mesh
  • Guide Rails support
  • Different attractive color combinations


  • Good for orthotic
  • Great support
  • Ergonomic Sole
  • Modernized fittings
  • Stretchable construction for better comfort


  • The laces are small


I often suffered from foot pain and stiffness due to my flat feet. I tried different shoes though none worked properly to relieve my daily concerns. 

After that, I explored these new balance shoes. 'Smart look with great functionality is the appropriate catchphrase for these orthotic-friendly shoes.

These Men's shoes come with a TRUFUSE midsole that combines two different forms which provide a smooth blend of responsiveness and durable cushioning while working on the streets and standing for a long time. The inserted TPU heel delivers extra arch support and cushioning for users' entire foot and reduces joint stress.

These new balance orthotic friendly shoes are engineered with rugged rubber outsoles that render unparalleled tractions in all outdoor environments. Additionally, the mesh uppers enhance longevity without adding extra weight to the shoes. They allow the air to flow within the shoe and make them highly breathable.

Moreover, these shoes come with exciting Roll Bar technology. A molded plate is connected to the inner and outer edges of the shoes. It secures users' feet from rolling outward or inward. Hence, these shoes help to control the rare-foot movements providing excellent stability and support. 

To summarize, these men's shoes are a must-have for all pronators opting for a proper shoe to overcome the problems caused by certain structural defects of their feet.


  • Material: 50% synthetic and 50% mesh
  • Midsole: TRUFUSE cushioning
  • Upper: Mesh
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • TPU heel insert
  • ROLLBAR stability


  • Durable cushioning
  • Render extra arch support
  • Provide good grips to walk
  • Breathable construction
  • Custom orthotics can replace removable
  • insoles for better result.


  • A little expensive


Are you suffering from Planter's fasciitis, bunions, or Spinal stress? Overpronation or wrong walking postures causing muscle fatigue or stiff joints? Want to get rid of them? This ortho comfort shoe is the perfect solution to your daily agony and long searching.

These orthotic-friendly boots come with a removable orthotic insole; made of PU memory foam and hard TPU and render strong support for the arch, as well as perfect cushioning for feet. 

A metatarsal pad is strategically placed under the transverse arch to maintain the proper toe position and healthy movements of joints. The massaging gel technology of these Men's shoes acts like a tiny spring and counters individually to different levels of impacts and activities. They provide all-day-long comfort, as well as perfect energy rebound through users' steps. 

Moreover, the arch shells of these flat shoes are flexible enough to control motions with added stability and excellent arch supports. The insoles are laminated with a soft fabric that nullifies any displeasing odor.

In addition, with the above qualities, the diligent sewing, lightweight canvas upper with excellent heat dissipation property, easy slip-on design without laces, decent grippy outsoles, and breathable linings have made these shoes one of the best orthotic shoes among many.


  • Upper: Canvas fabric
  • Midsole: EVA
  • Outsole: EVA+Rubber
  • Insole: Orthotic, removable, supportive for arch
  • Footbed: Metatarsal padded
  • Slip-on design


  • Easy-washable
  • Removable insoles, which are Orthotic too
  • Easy to put on and of
  • Good looking
  • Inexpensive


  • Durability has been reported to be a little poor


Flexibility, aggressive tractions, mind-blowing support, and comfort are the most concerning characteristics when looking for the ideal shoes for orthotics. Do you agree? And the good news is that these Skechers shoes have satisfied all these essentialities with great success.

The orthotic insoles provide good support to the feet and arch and improve stability. They remove ankle strains and foot fatigue; also make users more productive throughout the whole working day. 

The padding under the foot base efficiently absorbs shock and impacts while walking or jumping. Moreover, the EVA midsoles make these shoes highly flexible, lightweight yet durable. These midsoles ensure the best absorption of impacts on each step.

These men's shoes come with rubber outsoles that reinforce unparalleled tractions maintaining excellent hold with the ground. The SR MAX MaxTrax technology channels away liquids and makes these orthopedic running shoes completely slip-resistant.

The synthetic and mesh fabric upper are designed with liquid and stain repellent technology. Thus, the brand restores good performance, easily manageable great outlook justifies the price you pay for these orthotic running shoes.


  • Footbed: Arch fit cushioned
  • Outsole: Rubber, SR MAX MaxTrax technology, oil, and slip-resistant
  • Toe: soft
  • Midsole: Flexible EVA cushioned
  • Upper: Synthetic and mesh knit fabric
  • Insole: Detachable, arch fit cushioned


  • Easy to wash
  • Long-lasting
  • Slip-resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Removable insole


  • The laces are not customizable


For many years Saucony focused on enhancing its research and development to supply its customers with the best shoes possible. They did the enormous groundwork to reduce the problem of diabetic foot, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and many more problems caused by biomechanical foot issues. These running shoes are one of their successful innovations in the world of best shoes for orthotics.

These shoes are designed with PWRRUN+ technology, an award-winning cushioning technology, 28% lighter than previous Saucony shoes. The provided cushioning acts like a spring; that absorbs all impacts, so your knees won't get hurt while walking or running on hard surfaces.

The midfoot support panel renders upgraded stability. The spacious FORM FIT construction with a 3D heel counter provides optimum comfort and custom fittings to the flat or voluminous feet that need orthotics.

In short, the TRI-FLEX technology, the removable orthotic-friendly sock liner, foundation platform, and the roomy toe box… all made these shoes the best shoes for custom orthotics.


  • Material: Synthetic and mesh
  • Outsole: TRI-FLEX technology
  • PWRRUN cushioning
  • Sock liner: Orthotic friendly
  • Stable foundation platform
  • 3D support frame at the heel


  • Render excellent comfort
  • Easy to insert any orthotic insoles
  • Roomy toe box


  • Outside support is poor


Vionic shoes are well known for blending style and technology. These men's shoes perfectly combine the most desired trends and biomechanics essentials for the feet and hence can be defined as one of the best sneakers for orthotics.

The built-in podiatrist-designed footbed reinforces upgraded stability and superior orthotic support, whereas the dual elastic straps across the vamp enhance the support furthermore. 

Vionic's technology reduces overpronation successfully. Hence these imported shoes render relief from plantar fasciitis and all types of pains caused by wrong footsteps.

The rubber outsoles provide excellent grips while walking or running on uneven terrains and improve balance. The Microfiber wrapped EVA footbed reinforces comfortability and flexibility simultaneously to provide a healthy experience to the users' feet.

These bond Jackson sneakers are one of the best inventions for those, who need orthotics, as most of the time, they have to keep the medicated features over the style.


  • Outsole: Durable rubber
  • Upper: Neoprene and leather
  • Footbed: Microfiber wrapped EVA
  • Podiatrist-design
  • Dual elastic straps across the vamp
  • Black and white color combination


  • Higher-level orthotic support
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Impossible to tighten the shoes once the bands lose their integrity



Choose the shoes; made of mesh material to ensure good airflow inside the shoes. Such breathable shoes keep your feet cool, dry and free from sweat and odor, as well as dry quickly; if they get wet in rain.


Look for a pair with a removable footbed to insert your customized and medicated insole instead of the existing footbed. Make sure that the interior and the toe box are spacious enough to accommodate the orthotics.

Moreover, the shoes should have sufficient depth to ensure that the newly added orthotic insert will stay in place and won't slip off during running. You may not have a wide foot; I still suggest using shoes with a wide foot base to get better foot support.

Firm Density Midsole

In addition to the shoes with orthotics, you have to ensure that the midsole is soft enough to ease the pressure on your feet and reinforce the strength of the orthotics insert. 

Rigid Heel Counter

With an orthotic insert, the shoes should also have a firm heel to keep your ankle in the right position. So, your ankle won't get twisted or your heel won't slip away from the shoes during running or walking in a hurry. 

The low heel shoes; that work with orthotics are much preferable here than the high heel shoes.


1. What Are Orthotics For Shoes?

Orthotics are medical devices; that needs to be inserted inside regular shoes to make them special for you. The custom orthotics running or walking shoes are great for correcting foot problems and reducing foot pain; caused by medical conditions.

2. Do I Need To Buy More Oversized Shoes To Use My Orthotics?

No! Always buy the shoes; that fits well to your feet, even if you need to add orthotics. You can look for specially designed shoes that fit orthotics for better results.

3. Should I Wear Orthotics In My Running Shoes?

There are some running shoes for orthotics; that accommodate the insert without compromising the sizes. If you have standard running shoes with a removable footbed, I'll suggest replacing the existing footbed with quality orthotics.  


Now, you know very well which features to look for. You may or may not choose any of the recommended shoes, but must check out the points; mentioned in the buying guide while purchasing the shoes to wear with orthotics.

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