Best Shoes For Peroneal Tendonitis

The Peroneal tendons in the foot are tissues that attach muscles and bones, and they help to lend stability to the foot so that you can walk smoothly while reducing the risk of sprains. If you happen to take part in a lot of sports or have suddenly started committing to high-intensity sports, you might end up developing Peroneal tendonitis, which inflames these tissues. However, this can also happen if you’re wearing the wrong shoes. 

If you’re a runner, your ankles may have suffered from it before. So you might experience the trademark aches and pains that the injury brings, but aside from seeing a doctor find out what else you can do to nurse your feet back to health, you should also pick up some shoes which take the stress off the ankle.

Shoes that lend proper support to the foot are essential to get your feet back in shape, so here are some of the best shoes for Peroneal tendonitis if you want to keep up with athletics but need some extra cushioning.




First in our list are these amazing shoes from the brand Under Armour. How these shoes help to reduce Peroneal pain? Let me explain briefly.

To start with, the cushioned midsole is soft and molds to your natural foot shop, but it's also very flexible, so bodyweight is evenly distributed, and the shape of the shoe isn't too stiff. Combined with the outsole, the overall shoe is quite capable of preventing further injury, as it doesn't lock in your foot too far.

However, the leather overlays provide quite a bit of midfoot support. The Under Armour shoes are particularly for runners who want to get back in action but need some extra help. The shoes are breathable and light, so you won't feel like you're lugging the extra weight around; in fact, these shoes balance out the overall body weight. 

These shoes from Under Armour are available for men and women. The colors are largely black and white for women, but you get a wider color variation with some blues and reds for men.

The shoe design is fairly simple but attractive, with a logo on the side and no other major designs. Some of the color varieties available are particularly quite stylish, with grey and blue patterns. Overall, these shoes deserve a big thumbs up!

These shoes are one of the most versatile, and of course, great for Peroneal tendonitis, but they are also an excellent supporting shoes for Sciatica Problems.


  • 24 color varieties for men, 20 for women
  • 3-colour print adds to the style factor
  • Textile and synthetic make
  • Mesh upper is very light
  • EVA sockliner for comfort
  • The midsole uses Charged Cushioning technology
  • Insoles not removable


  • Built for runners with tendonitis disorder
  • Can manage ankle pain well
  • Super light
  • Good grip
  • Lots of colors available


  • The soles could provide a bit more cushioning


If you're a shoe fanatic, you would have got at least one pair of shoes from this brand. Yes, you guessed it right! I'm speaking about the well-known shoe brand named ASICS.

These US-made sneakers are quite the fashion statement. The snazzy, slightly futuristic look makes it a perfect sneaker for gym or a long morning run, even if you have Peroneal pain and need to take things a bit slow.

The wide color selection for both men and women gives you a lot to choose from, and the cushioning of the shoe makes it easier to absorb shock so that the impact doesn't have to be felt by your foot.

These are some of the best shoes for Peroneal tendonitis because the upper mesh provides a lot of support and also improves the general fit of the shoe to fit whatever activity you're doing.

The Trusstic system technology of the sole makes it much lighter but still maintains the structure of the shoe, so the sole is firm but also contributes to the overall lightness of the body of the shoe.

Also, the SpevaFoam 45 and EVA sockliner combine to make this a high-comfort pair of sneakers, allowing a lot of flexibility at the same time.  All in all, the shoe is made to reduce any kind of stress to the foot while you get in shape. Great one!


  • 28 color varieties for men, 27 for women
  • Synthetic and mesh make
  • Sneaker-style shoes
  • Gel cushioning reduces the risk of trauma to the foot
  • The rubber outsole is built to last
  • Technology to improve the natural stance of the foot
  • Vertical grooves to improve grip


  • Good for all activities
  • Lends a certain amount of arch support
  • True to size
  • Thick but light soles to reduce shock
  • Enough toe room


  • A bit pricey


If you can trust any brand to make a good pair of shoes, it’s Nike. You can’t really go wrong with their shoes, and they’re perfect for managing any kind of foot ailment.

These shoes can take everything you throw at them, from rounds of cardio to a bracing jog. You can get simpler or more elaborate designs depending on which color you opt for, with the Nike logo usually on the side of the shoe. The Air Zoom shoes are highly breathable because of perforations, which makes them a great, light package.

The shoe is built for runners, and it can definitely keep up with your usual speeds. The Flymesh fabric makes it light in construction, but the airbag in the shoe is great for absorbing any kind of impact, so the damage won’t go to your foot. The Cushlon ST foam also gives you a comfortable cushion to rest your foot on, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort at all.

The shoe also has rubber pods to encourage responsiveness, so if you run track or are in the habit of participating in marathons, this is the pair to grab as you train for the long haul.

If you are looking for a shoe that gives you the strong support and comfort, you should try out suggested shoes for lower back pain. These shoes are not just affordable but also very effective in combating lower back pain and feet problems.


  • A huge number of color varieties for men and around 20 for women
  • Sneaker-style
  • Soft mesh build
  • Flywire cables
  • Slim tongue and collar
  • Durable sockliner for support
  • Traction lugs on the outsole


  • Ideal for long-distance runners
  • Good arch support
  • Lots of color varieties available
  • Stylish, Nike-trademark
  • Great impact-absorption


  • It can look a bit bulky


Puma offers some of the best shoes for Peroneal tendonitis here, with the men’s shoes being in a typical sneaker style, while the women’s shoes are also built like sneakers but are constructed more in the fashion of a ballerina shoe. 

Both types of shoes feature a mesh upper with a light and comfortable midsole. The shoes are made in a slip-on style, so it’s very easy to just grab them and pull them on as you’re heading out.

These shoes have a sock-like snug fit, and the sturdy rubber outsoles are great for providing a decent amount of grip. While the men’s shoes are more suited to sports than the women’s, you can definitely go for a light run in these.

The cushioned fit is particularly appealing because it will cause you less pain if you do suffer from Peroneal aches, and it will work to absorb any impact while you’re walking or running. The men’s colors are pretty standard, but you get some more variety if you’re picking from the women’s section, and both shoes have an adequate caging/cross-strap system to hold your footwell. Highly recommended!


  • 5 color varieties for men, 14 for women
  • Textile and synthetic make
  • Sneaker style (men) and ballet style (women)
  • EVA midsole
  • Built for casual and light athletic wear
  • Rubber outsole
  • Light upper


  • Very light
  • Quite flexible, which will help prevent further injury
  • High comfort
  • Very good quality
  • Quick to slip on


  • Anticipate sizing issues


Are you’re looking for something tougher to last you on hikes and trails while still providing a lot of necessary support and not causing your feet any pain. Then these shoes from Saucony are perfect.

Like most branded shoes, this too is designed for both men and women. The men’s shoes are mainly in darker colors, with an occasional bright heel, but you get a bit of color variation with the women’s shoes.

These Saucony shoes for Peroneal tendonitis can really help you out if you’re struggling with this injury. The 8mm cushioning that spreads from the heel to the forefoot is well-distributed, so your body weight is also managed accordingly, and the sole can easily absorb any shock if you’re hitting a rough trail or going on a long hike. 

The carbon rubber outsole has a great grip so you won’t cause yourself any injury while you’re walking or running, and the shoe has a waterproof construction, so it’s perfect for hiking near lakes or rivers. You can also pull these on if it’s pouring outside and you don’t want to slip, so they’re fairly multipurpose.

As a bonus, they provide a decent amount of arch support. Green-light for this product!


  • Six color varieties for men, 10 for women
  • Sneaker-style shoes
  • Knit mesh design to prevent debris from getting stuck
  • Waterproof
  • Outsole lugs protect underfoot
  • Adequate cushioning
  • Footbed inserts supported


  • Light-weight
  • The grip is excellent
  • Provides support when you’re walking the uneven ground
  • No breaking is required
  • Doesn't allow your feet to sweat


  • Quality could be even more better


Want to posses a pair of running  shoes that fits your unique style? If so, here are a pair of shoes from Mizuno Rider.

These shoes are ideal for runners who are recovering from some foot injury or ankle pain. 

The models are stylish and snazzy, just the thing if you’re bored of plain old black sneakers, but you don’t want to go for something too outlandish. The shoes are light, and the mesh upper keeps temperatures even, so your feet won’t be sweaty or freezing. Grab these before you head out for a run or a quick gym session in any season.

The shoes also feature a dual compound midsole, which is highly responsive and makes running a delight. The shoes won’t be stiff around your feet but will be easy to move in and flexible. Also, these Mizuno shoes are particularly well-priced.


  • Six color varieties for men and women
  • Synthetic and textile make
  • Mizuno Wave cushioning effect for comfort
  • Cloud Wave technology for shock-absorption
  • Rubber sole
  • Arch support


  • Reduces foot pain
  • High quality
  • Attractive designs
  • It can take a lot of wear and tear


  • Issues with size may occur
  • The sole is a bit stiff


These running shoes from New Balance are well-known for providing some pretty good sports kits, and these shoes are no exception. They're well-crafted, and with these on your feet, you'll feel like you can take on any exercise routine.

The lugged outsoles are perfect for hiking trails, so you can use these for more intense and long workouts as well.

These shoes have an ABZORB midsole technology, so while you're walking or running, the impact is easily taken by the shoe and doesn't spread to your feet or your body.

The shoes' midsole is also very comfortable because of a good cushioning system, and the reinforced toe tip protects your feet from any major injury. So, these New Balance 510 V5 shoes are the best comfortable shoes for Peroneal tendonitis.


  • Nine color varieties for men, 8 for women
  • Leather make
  • AT tread on the outsole for great grip
  • EVA foam midsoles
  • Insert for added comfort
  • Shoes for an active lifestyle


  • Toe protection is an added bonus
  • Cushioning is good, prevents further pain or injury
  • Gives a good amount of stability
  • The grip is strong


  • Arch support could be better
  • The toe box could be a tight fit


You’ll be the envy of everyone at the gym with this Adidas model. Not only that, these are supreme for Peroneal aches. Take a peep into their features.

The foam midsole makes the shoe very responsive and flexible, and the cushioning provides the necessary padding to support your foot while taking the strain off the ankle. Wear these pair of shoes, and you feel like walking on air!


  • Eight color varieties for men, 3 for women
  • Very light
  • Mesh upper is supportive but breathable
  • TPU heel construction adds to the comfort
  • EVA sockliner


  • Very eye-catching designs
  • Boost inserts are great for adding comfort
  • Good brand value
  • Breathable


  • Better for larger feet
  • The tongue is a bit long


Altra gives you some great options if you’re into shoes that are bright and bold, with vivid colors, which sports shoes won’t always offer you.

The cushioning is crafted such that your whole foot is on an equal plane, and the shoe is waterproof and thus ideal for hikes along a waterfront. The tread is built for rocky or uneven land, so you can go anywhere you like in these. 


  • Three color varieties for men, 4 for women
  • The outsole rubber is built to last
  • The insole is contoured to suit your foot shape
  • eVent waterproof engineering
  • The toe cap is reinforced


  • Very comfortable
  • The sole is soft but firm
  • Don’t really need to be broken in
  • Lots of toe room


  • The fabric could be of better quality
  • A bit expensive
  • It can be a bit noisy


You can definitely expect Reebok to give you some of the amazing shoes for Peroneal pain because the cushioned feel of the underfoot is crucial to enhancing your workout.

The uniquely-designed midsole is a real eye-catcher, and the outsole has a bit of bounce to ease the process of walking and running and to reduce impact-absorption. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Reeboks. 


  • 17 color varieties for men, 6 for women
  • Tongue and color are padded
  • Responsive fuel foam cushion
  • The outsole has ZigTech engineering
  • Pulls on heel and tongue for easy wear and removal


  • Very modern, stylish shoes
  • It can take a lot of wear and tear
    Good fit
  • Decent amount of support


  • Arch support could be better
  • Break-in time required


If you suffer from Peroneal tendonitis, you know how uncomfortable and painful it can be. It takes time for the condition of your foot to improve, and if you still want to work out, run, and go to the gym during that time, you need shoes that will provide the necessary support and flexibility while cushioning your foot to distribute body weight accordingly.

If you go for shoes that are unsuitable for your condition, you might aggravate it, which will only result in more pain. The choice is simple, buy the right shoes!


If you’re confused about which shoes to buy or overwhelmed by options, here are some things to look out for.

  • Flexibility combined with comfort. The shoes for Peroneal tendonitis allow your foot to move freely with a certain amount of limitation and also provide a soft but firm base for your foot so your body can comfortably rest in the shoes. If the shoes can take the weight and give back support, you won’t be injuring yourself.
  • Shock-absorption is a must. The shoes must be firm enough to take the impact so that your feet don’t suffer further injury, so don’t choose shoes that will only push pressure back onto your body.
  • Pick light shoes to reduce damage, as this will add to the flexibility of the shoe.
  • Make sure the outsole is durable enough to withstand a lot of pressure and impact. This will ensure that the impact doesn’t hit you but is instead absorbed by the shoe.


So the best shoes for Peroneal tendonitis are all listed here for your perusal! All you need to do is pick the item to add to your sports kit that will allow you to get the most out of your exercise routine.

Don’t torture yourself with a cheap pair of off-brand shoes when you can buy shoes that will really make a difference to your life, and improve the state of your health. Nurse your feet back to working order, starting with the right pair of shoes. Great day!

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