Best Shoes For Sprinting (With and Without Spikes)

Sprinting is a running sport that happens between 60 meters to 500 meters. It's a race where even a blink of an eye changes the fellow sprinters' winning possibility. That's how this high-speed sport is!  

What helps these sprinters run so fast are the specialized shoes called sprinting shoes. Such shoes for sprinting are not made available everywhere. You have to dig deeper into the footwear market to pick the most professional ones.

Here, I have reviewed some of the best spike and spikeless sprinting shoes which you could find on Amazon. I insist you to get a pair of these shoes because this sport is all about grit and acceleration. If you lack even one of these needs, you're out from the competition.

When you have worked hard to lend a hand in such a furious sport, you do not want anything to refrain you whatsoever, especially physical pain, discomfort in legs, and instability.

To avoid any possible factors, you must have a pair of these high-level shock-absorbent shoes that could help you win the race! With this mind, have a look at my sprinting cleats list.




Saucony Havok XC3 is mainly designed for the peoples competing over a variety of terrains and surfaces that distances between 5 to 10km. It is a versatile and lightweight shoe.

The outsole is made up of sticky rubber that can handle everything a cross-country track starts at it. The arrow-shaped patterns give grip and frictions and help for smoother heel-to-toe transitions.

The thin intermediate composed EVA sole provides comfort. Light and flexible, the shoe perfectly follows your strides and guarantees you maximum sensations.

The 6 inter-changeable 9mm steel points allow you to tackle any terrain, even the greasiest and slippery. This spikeless track shoes is the best choice for sprinting, and it is available in eye-catching colors for both men and women.


  • Breathable and strong upper.
  • Enough protection for longer races.
  • Attractive colors are available.
  • Stability and resistance.
  • Comfort and fit.


  • Great for grassy courses.
  • Even comfortable without socks.
  • Stability and resistance.
  • Handy for both men and women


  • Too narrow.


The Nike Sprinting Shoes features a multi-layered upper for competitive comfort. Its diagonal striped coverings and bold branding evoke the allure of speed.

The lightweight shank wraps around the midsection of the foot to provide a comfortable fit and support when rolling. Plus, perforations in the fabric increase ventilation to keep you comfortably cool at all times.

When the temperature starts to rise, the well-ventilated upper ensures a constant cooling effect so that you can work out at ease.

The foam that resides under the foot provides a smooth, stable, and responsive run. Its durable rubber provides a sturdy grip and protects against damage, and prevents users from losing control or slipping. Overall, it is best sprinting shoes without spikes.!


  • Provides structure, support and durability.
  • Lightweight and responsive cushioning.
  • Provides grip and traction.
  • Comfort and fit.


  • Good traction.
  • Affordable.
  • More comfort for wide forefoot.


  • No disadvantages.



Are you a professional athlete looking for elite track flats? Well, In that case, go for these good track shoes from New Balance that are made sprint-ready for professional runners.

This SB 100V2 model is made available for both men and women. These shoes are thunder-fast field shoes with 5.1 ounces and suitable for racing from 100 to 500-meter field or track.

If you are a tough sprinter, you would want such good-looking spike shoes for yourself because these shoes would not cost much and offer good amenities like a 6-spike configuration for seamless traction, mid-cut construction with a moldable sole. All of these specifications in one shoe are hard to market.

In men's SD100V2, available colors are Silver and Black, whereas the same model is available in White and Neon green for women. So, run carefree without any hurdles on the track. I am sure you will love the SD100V2 model of Spike shoes due to its sleek design and the level of efficiency it is capable of offering.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the "check prize on Amazon" button to make your purchase on these sprinting shoes with spikes.


  • 6-spike Pebax Plate for ultimate traction and control
  • 5.1 ounces shoe weight
  • 100% Rubber heels for extra protection
  • Mid-cut bootie construction
  • Use of synthetic material in the lace closure


  • These shoes are extremely lightweight
  • 6-spikes plate gives maximum traction
  • Ideal short distance spikes
  • Sleek design
  • Handy for both men and women


  • Not friction resistant 


If you're looking for budget friendly yet best sprinting shoes, then the new Hyper® series from ASICS could be your favorite companion. These shoes are ideal for runners, athletes, intense trainers, footballers, etc., because these ASICS shoes feature an entirely new superlight Pebax Spike Plate with a 5-spike configuration that lets you have a strong grip on the ground. 

The upper part of these shoes is very lightweight. What makes these shoes so comfortable and lightweight is their lightweight mesh material, strong TPU overlays in the backfoot for flexibility and synthetic pad overlays in the forefoot that give extra support.

In my opinion, this is the perfect shoe for sprinters, short distance runners looking for affordable and efficient sprinting shoes that are wonderful to use in short distance racing events in between 50m to 200 meters. These standard width shoes are pretty sleek in design and are made available in both men's and women's versions.

So, it's high time you get yourself a pair of these sprint spike shoes that give you the strength to reach the finish line in time.

Are you someone with bunion medical condition who looking for some good sports shoes? then you can try out these recommended shoes for bunions.


  • 5-spike configuration
  • Nylon Spike plate for excellent traction
  • EVA heel pad for heel grip
  • 6mm pyramid spikes
  • Synthetic leather insole and mesh upper body


  • These shoes are a combination lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent leather body
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Spikes are stronger


  • The spike plate is non-removable 


No runner will like his/her shoes to be bulky and heavy. Especially when it comes to professional use, you cannot compromise on this. So, for your ease, I've picked up these lightweight shoes from Saucony. These Havok XC2 shoes give close-to-the-ground feels with their lightweight and arch support.

With a full-size rubber outsole, these shoes provide wonderful texture, fit and are the best in terms of comfort, stability, and toe alignment. If you wish to be a strong competition to your pals, then having grippy and comfortable spike shoes is necessary.

I recommend you to use these sprinter shoes during short distance races because they use intriguing features in their construction like they use a layer of Saucony's premium crystal rubber sole that wraps the bottom perfectly. A pliant mesh over the top of the shoe offers great flexibility for narrow and wide-footed runners and gives them long-lasting performance.

The SAUCONY Havok XC2 features embedded cushion midsoles that do not feel heavy and also provide maximum comfort and force required by the runner to hit the line.

With respect to the above-listed features, these high-performance sprinting cleats finds a place in my "best shoes for sprinting" list.


  • Moldable rubber bottom
  • 6- pin spike plate
  • FLEXFILM technology strengthens fit
  • SSL EVA foam midsole
  • Stretch mid-cut boot construction


  • Inexpensive
  • Several good features
  • Excellent built quality
  • Long term performance
  • Spike plate is nearly unnoticed


  • Frictional falls are frequent.


The ADIDAS® Sprintstar is a true star for sprinters as it is designed specifically for sprinting high jump purposes.

These sprint running shoes are ideal for short-distance races ranging from 60m to 400 meters. Every technical parameter that a professional sprinter needs, such as high power, speed, stability, and comfort, these shoes has everything.

The SPRINT STAR shoes have tiny 1/4" 6 removable spikes in the forefoot surrounding that provide superb grip and toe safety as well. It also has a unique breathable SPRINTWEB mesh wrapped around the forefoot to give stability during certain tight turns of moves during sprints.

The synthetic overlays keep your foot intact and in one place throughout the race. The spike plates used in this series are Pebax® plates that strongly hold the spike and transfer energy in the soles to keep you moving faster in the race. The good news is this shoe series is available for both men and women and comes in exciting colors and sizes. Grab one soon!


  • Synthetic rubber outsoles for grip
  • Full-length EVA foam midsoles for cushioned feel and return energy
  • SPRINTWEB mesh upper for firm pressure
  • Synthetic overlays near foot for breathability
  • Achilles tendon and ankle protected


  • Excellent design
  • Supreme quality mesh
  • Lightweight
  • Six removable spikes
  • Strong construction


  • The heels and forefoot are narrow.


These puma sprinting spikes are built for teenagers looking for entry-level spike sports shoes. As you know already, Sprinting is a sport that demands speed and stability. Well, this shoe is made for it. You can rely on their quality and breathability.

The Evospeed star V4 is a versatile round for a horde of field events such as football, sprinting etc. These shoes are perfect for events that follow between 100 meters to 10,000 m distances, hurdles game and high jumps. The level of comfort you get with these shoes is unbeatable.

The spikes in these shoes are strong enough to bear any bodyweight and foot size. Thus, I infer these are the best shoes for sprinting you can buy for your teenagers to give comfort and style at the same time.


  • 100% mesh fabric
  • Available in a different range of sizes
  • Full-length EVA foam midsoles
  • Rubber sole material and breathable mesh filling in the outer material 
  • 5-spike configuration with a removable plate
  • Mist control


  • Very comfortable
  • Comes in funky colors and sizes
  • Long-lasting
  • Minimalist design 
  • Rubber soles for better grip


  • Not friction-free


As per experienced racers, it has been noted that these shoes from NIKE are quite easy to handle and are perfect for daily field runs. The Nike Zoom Rival S9 is something every runner would love due to the comfort level and features it offers.

The cozy fit and lightweight feel of this shoe lets you take smooth and friction free-steps. These shoes were designed keeping sprinters in mind because sprinting is a serious short-distance race where runners mandatorily need to have sharp-spike and weightless shoes to get the right amount of strength and power to push through the finish line.

These nike sprinter spikes are perfect for short racing, long jumps, hurdle race events ranging from 50 to 400 meters. This series has an updated spike plate design that helps provide optimal traction on foot. Also, includes a sock liner to contour or blend itself in the shape of your foot and provide maximum performance and comfort. 


  • Solid rubber heel for traction
  • 7-pin spike plate
  • 7-removable aluminum spike pins
  • Synthetic overlays in midsole and heels
  • 3/4th length bootie construction


  • Performs well in 800 meters
  • Flexible shoes
  • Support forward propulsion due to little heft in the front
  • Complete heel protection
  • Truly lightweight


  • Spikes break off and get dull after certain uses 


Speedform ® construction from Under Armour® is a neat choice for a sprinter looking for durable and well-known brand sprint spike shoes. These sprint shoes are unisex in virtue and perfect in performance.

The shoes' spikes are very sharp and strong that they cannot be destroyed easily with foot pressure or ground friction. Adding to it, they have threadbare upper that is breathable, bounce fit, and weightless.

The spikes here are 8-spike configured built specially to keep the sprinters or runners' muscular feet intact and accelerate their overall speed. And the overall weight of these shoes is 6.2 ounces which is pretty good considering the weight of runners.


  • 8-pin spike plate construction
  • Pebax® plate is ultra-strong, ultra-lightweight, that helps in erratic racing.
  • TPU film covers
  • Strong heel cups with a silicone coating
  • Innovative UA SpeedForm® construction


  • Pebax plate for an ultra-strong grip
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Sleek design
  • Good construction
  • High-quality soles and heel cups


  • Expensive as compared to other spike shoes


In my view, these are the most eye-catching spike shoes I saw on Amazon. The reason is its sleek and smooth pigmentation and design. The spike shoes are unisex and are available in three alluring colors-Gold, Black and Blue.

These shoes are engineered with light synthetic leather material combined with an upper design to maintain friction and result in rapid moving or running. The heels of this shoe are made for excellent enclosure and traction for your heels while running or jumping on the grassy field of sprinting track.

The BETOOSEN ORRZER shoes are designed with a moisture-control system that enables you to move freely without your shoes holding you back. The functional spikes used in these shoes are anti-slip, so even if you use them on-field or damp roads, you would not get injured by falling.

These grass running shoes are removable as well. So, if you decide to take them for an outing purpose, you can do that too. If I had to buy spike shoes, I would choose this one.

If you often play outdoor games like basketball, then you should invest in basketball shoes. They are designed to increase comfort and enhance the overall sport's performance.


  • 8-spike plate configuration
  • TPU soles for soft feel and performance
  • Removable eight spikes plate.
  • Comes with extra spikes and a tool for replacement
  • Excellent moisture control technology
  • Synthetic leather upper, rubber outsoles


  • These are the best training shoes
  • Also suitable for use in Football
  • Offers good traction on the field
  • Lightweight design
  • Great ergonomics
  • Unisex athletics shoes


  • A little overpriced 


Finding the right pair of track spike shoes is difficult; you do not know their core requirements in shoes like styles, spikes, or levels, or protection. For those who know their professional needs, then it might be easier for them to pick the right one.

Nevermind whether you are a professional or a beginner, you always would need the right shoes for sprinting. So, here are some major factors you should consider before buying these shoes in-store or online. 

  • Fit: This is a personal choice, although sprinting shoes are not very comforting because they have fewer cushioned soles. But it wouldn't hurt if they are a little snug fitting. When you try them on, make sure there is extra room for widening your feet and your feet are not squeezed in the shoe.
  • Breaking-in capacity: Every new spike shoe has its friction areas or spots that need to be broken down. Never use the new shoes in the race; use them 2-3 times before the actual race so they would have their break-in period and will not cause accidental falls.
  • Spike Plate: This is the most important piece of your sprinting shoes. Since sprinting is a short-distance sport, so at least there must be 6-7 spikes on the spike plate and for long-distance sprinting, make sure there are less than seven spikes on the spike plate.
  • Upper, Midsole, and Heels: Upper body of the shoes must be breathable, flexible, and lightweight on the feet. Hand-stitched or machine stitched mesh lining, rubber insoles offer strong reinforcement three toes heels. Heels, on the other hand, must be cushiony or impact-absorbent that protect heels from any possible injuries. Midsoles, on the other hand, must be lightweight EVA or RevLite midsoles are suitable for firm foot support and comfort.


If you plan on buying track spike shoes for your next sprinting competition, then you are making the right decision. Because no other track running shoes would benefit as much as spikes should, but before that, just take a look at what are the advantages of buying sprinting shoes or spike shoes to make a decisive choice. 

  • Greater Performance: Spike shoes tend to serve great performance because they have excellent traction control mechanism SSM, versatility, foot alignment space, and, most important, weightlessness. Spikes shoes are generally lighter than the other types of running shoes. This makes these spike shoes noteworthy for their high efficiency or performance. You can run faster if you have spike shoes on for your dash race. 

  • Provides better grip: The best thing about track sprint shoes is that they provide exceptional grip on the track, ultimately giving you the right amount of traction needed on wet tracks or uneven tracks.

    Grip comes with the density and size of the spikes. There are a variety of options available in terms of spikes size, namely sharp spikes or smaller spikes, larger spikes. All of these spikes are metal-based that work perfectly on standard tracks or lands meant for short-distance racing.

    Then there are cross-country spikes shoes that have larger and wider spikes which not only help during sprinting but also help you walk on rough terrain. So, buying track flats is a win for those looking for high-traction running shoes. 

  • Lightweight: Only good traction does not contribute to high speed; the weight of the shoes makes a difference too. Spikes shoes are lightweight because they do not have sufficient padding or cushioning in them that makes them efficient solely for racing purposes and not long runs. So, this is a good point to be considered about sprint spikes before buying them.

  • Customization: Best sneakers for sprinting offer great personalization options with their removable spikes plate. If you are not sprint racing and needed to replace them with regular running shoes, you can do that too. Say if the racer need strong traction during turns, what he or she can do is use the insides of the left foot and outside of the right foot with spikes. This way, they can smoothly take tight turns in a fraction of seconds. Racers wanting their cross-country shoes to become more efficient can spike all over the bottom.


Can you sprint in running shoes?

Yes! You can sprint wearing running shoes, but try to choose a lightweight and less cushioned shoe model.

Do you need special shoes for sprinting?

Some amount of cushioning in the shoes is good for sprinting. You may have a problem with extra cushioned shoes during sprinting. Flat and lightweight shoes are ideal for sprinting.

Do 100m sprinters wear spikes?

Most 100m sprinters wear aggressive spikes, as they need to push more force into the track and the spike plate bends less to keep them comfortable.

Which spikes are best for sprinting?

The 3 mm to 5 mm pyramid-shaped spikes are best for sprinting, as such shoes provide adequate grip and acceleration.


When it comes to high speed, you essentially must buy shoes that escalates your speed but not drop it down. Not only that, this sport is all about grit and acceleration. If you lack even one of these needs, you're out from the competition.

When you have worked hard to lend a hand in such a furious sport, you do not want anything to refrain you whatsoever, especially physical pain, discomfort in legs, and instability. To avoid any possible factors, you must have a pair of high-level shock-absorbent shoes that could help you win the race!

I hope this review article was helpful for you to pick the best funky spike shoes for all your sprinting competitions. Look out for high-quality spike plates, several spikes, and less padded interiors, so you feel safe and connected to the ground. So, go shop and grab your ideal shoes for sprinting today!

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