Best Shoes For Swing Dancing

Being a swing dancer, you will be familiar with the kind of energy and complex movements this dance requires. I hope you know that there are ballroom shoes, dance shoes, and shoes specifically made for Swing dancing. 

best shoes for swing dancing

You know that these shoes make you look good and are easy to perform in, but did you know that without the right kind of swing dancing shoes there could be a risk of all kinds of bodily harm.

Yes, you read it right, wearing the wrong kind of shoes while swing dancing can end up seriously hurting you. So to ensure that your performances are safe and fun, I have come up with a list of the best shoes for swing dancing from which you can choose one for your performances.

LIST OF best shoes for swing dancing



The Cheapdancing brand lives up to its name and manufactures some of the most cost-effective dancing apparel available in the market. The leather flat jazz boots for both men and women are rugged and designed for rough use.

They can withstand not just the long hours of practice that every dancer goes through, they are also designed to take all the mistakes, twists, and turns that a dancer does during practice and still keep going strong despite any kind of abuse to its body.

When it comes to practice, these shoes for swing dancing are the best and what's better is that you can use them for a ton of other dances as well.


  • Made of 100% pure leather.
  • The complete sole is flat.
  • They have a laced closure system.
  • Uppers are designed to be light-weight.
  • Outsole is made of split suede. 
  • These shoes are available in a classy black color. 
  • They are designed to have a lot of foot room.


  • Their soft structure protects your feet from injury.
  • Your legs will have total flexibility of movement.
  • The shoes won't slip off of your feet during complicated dance moves.
  • They are durable and can be used for a long time.
  • Ideal for dancers of all ages to use.


  • They can only be used for practice sessions and won't last if they are worn for vigorous stage performances.


The brand Bloch originated in Sydney and was founded back in 1932. They are well known around the world for their top-notch dancing shoes that cater to everything right from ballet to Swing.

The Dance Super Jazz Leather and Elastic Slip-On Jazz Shoe is reliable in all possible ways and helps the dancer in giving their full focus on nothing but the performance.

In addition to that, it is made to be comfortable and easy to use, which makes it ideal for any dancer to have during their performance.

Coming from a brand that has carved a niche for themselves in the technical dance market, you can be sure that these are some of the best shoes for swing dancing ever made.


  • It comes with a split rubber sole.
  • Uppers are made of soft leather. 
  • The top piece has an inbuilt elastic in it.
  • The inners have 100% cotton lining.
  • Outsole is injected with EVA foam. 
  • They are designed to have a free-form profile.
  • The heel and forefoot are made of rubber.


  • There is a fine balance of grip and flexibility.
  • Your feet will be able to breathe during the performance.
  • You won't have to worry about chafing or rubbing your skin.
  • They are easy to slip on and slip off.
  • They are soft on your feet and comfortable to wear.


  • They aren't available in a wide range of colors.


Minishion specializes in creating stylish ballroom shoes. These shoes are meant for indoor use at formal gatherings and beautifully smooth surfaces that World-class swing dancers are usually invited to perform on. They are done in a classic ballroom style that goes along with jazzy costumes and rich suits alike.

You can also see that this pair of dancing shoes is not just suitable for a number of dances like Swing, Tango, Salsa, and Cha Cha, but also a range of formal functions like weddings, evening dinners, and proms.

The Suede leather coated soles promises long life. You could notice a lace-up closure for Men's version and a double strap in the women's version. They have all the crucial features that can help you dance well. In fact the black and white swing dance shoes for men looks more fashionable. 

All of these things make the Minishion dancing shoes a great fit for the list of best shoes for swing dancing without a doubt. 


  • Suede leather coated soles.
  • Standard heel heights of 1 inch for men and 3 inches for women.
  • Comes with a few classy color variations.
  • Satin is used for the uppers.
  • Round shaped design in the toe region.
  • Features extra foot room.


  • Smooth sole shoes for dancing
  • The height gives it an elegant look while being functional for dancing.
  • These swing shoes are soft on the toes. 
  • The design makes it easy to blend with any outfit.
  • You get the right amount of grip for indoor dancing.


  • Cannot be used on outdoor surfaces.


Ballroom Modern Dance Shoes are the very best shoes for swing dancing. These shoes are specifically designed for dancing by Very Fine, a world-renowned brand that makes amazing ballroom dance shoes.

These Ballroom dance shoes are guaranteed to last you a long time and stay with you throughout the years.

They are also ideal for taking some smooth steps and turns during the performances you live on stage. You can see it is made with the finest workmanship, which will show your refined taste in the high-quality performance that you will give while wearing them.


  • Uppers are made with high-quality leather. 
  • Inners are lined with moisture-absorbing brushed material. 
  • The insole has a cushioned layer inside.
  • Heel is made of shock-absorbing material. 
  • Counters are strengthened with unbreakable steel. 
  • Soles are made of soft suede.
  • It has various air holes on the body.


  • These swing dancing shoes are comfortable throughout your performance. 
  • Your ankle gets extra support.
  • Your feet will not feel the impact of any jumps you make during the dance.
  • They are very breathable and have airflow for your feet.
  • You won't have to worry about sweaty feet destroying the inner material.


  • They don't have much space for flexibility.


BeiBestCoat Synthetic Tap Shoes are, without a doubt, the best shoes for swing dancing since they're not just designed for being comfortable and flexible.

These shoes have a unique distinction among the other models that they are designed to produce a pleasant sound during the dance, which will add a whole new element to your performance and enhance the music.

They are made with an elegant design that has been the norm and standard for ballroom dancing shoes for a long time.


  • They have a unique split sole design.
  • These shoes have a well designed full toe box.
  • A heel counter is inculcated in the design of these shoes.
  • Uppers are made of high-grade synthetic leather. 
  • There is an extra steel plate below the insole.
  • The outsole is made from solid rubber.
  • The lacing that goes through the tongue is non-slip.


  • You get ultimate flexibility during your dance.
  • The "points" you make during the dance will be exact and perfect.
  • The shoes will stay attached to your feet and won't slip.
  • The mounting provides a great tapping sound.
  • Your feet will be comfortable and protected when you wear these shoes.


  • They are a bit too high at the ankles.


The Sansha brand traced its origins to 1982 when it was founded by a Frenchman who was passionate about dance and wanted to help dancers have the right kind of equipment to help their performances on a daily basis.

This prominent dance-centric brand caters to all kinds of dances and is well known amongst the best dance teachers in the world.

The best in the field would undoubtedly tell you that this is one of the best shoes for swing dancing because of its design that is specifically engineered to suit a swing dancer's feet.

They come highly recommended and can help you enhance your performances in Swing dancing.


  • Uppers are made of suede and mesh. 
  • Outsole is made of rubber. 
  • It has a strong lace-up closure.
  • They are designed to have split soles.
  • This shoe has an inbuilt high platform heel.
  • They are available in two classy color schemes.


  • These swing shoes are breathable and won't make your feet sweat. 
  • They will stay attached to your feet no matter what complex manoeuvres you make.
  • They give the flexibility of movement to your toes.
  • It is easy to execute moves as turrets and heel spin with these shoes.


  • The heels may wear off with extensive usage.


The Linodes Jazz Shoe Slip-on are well designed unisex dancing shoes that are made to look sleek and modern. They are available in a wide variety of colors which you can choose to match any costume for your performance.

When you wear Linodes Jazz Shoe Slip-Ons for your performances, you'll feel a huge difference in how easy it is to pull off the hardest moves, and that is how you'll know that they belong on the list of the best shoes for swing dancing.

So when you're picking out shoes for your performance, keep this stylish pair of Jazz Shoe Slip-on for Women and Men's Dance Shoes as a strong option.


  • Uppers are made of soft tent leather. 
  • Lining is made of high-quality textiles. 
  • This shoe features a sole split design.
  • Heel is constructed to be flat. 
  • They have inbuilt arch support.
  • The shoes have ample space for your feet to move around.


  • You get a strong grip on the dance floor.
  • They are comfortable to wear and dance in.
  • Your feet have flexible movement within the shoes.


  • The midsoles are not built to be long lasting.

8. Very Fine Practice Dance Sneaker

Very fine is a world-famous shoe brand that provides the best available features to its customers. The very fine Practice dance sneaker shoes are known for the best quality they offer. 

These shoes are the best shoes for swing dancing since they come with a complete care package. This fine pair of shoes comes with a carry bag, an exclusive pouch to carry them in, and a unique dance shoe freshener.

Now, these perks are one of a kind that you won't find in any other practice sneakers. So make the right choice by going with these beautiful unisex Practice dance sneaker shoes.


  • This swing shoes are built with a split sole. 
  • It comes with a full-length professional midsole.
  • There is an inbuilt arch in this shoe.
  • The Heel is elevated higher than the tongue. 
  • Uppers are made of synthetic leather and mesh.


  • You get a better grip on the dance floor.
  • Extended support is a given with this shoe.
  • The shoe is breathable and made of durable material.
  • The outsole is made of long-lasting, tough PU rubber.


  • They do not allow a lot of flexible movement for your feet.


Buying the right shoes for a dance style like the Swing is essential. The key here is in knowing that apart from the elegant look that Oxford loafers for men and classy strapped shoes have they also serve really important functions during the process of dancing itself.

Dance shoes give you a snug fit that isn't too uncomfortable and tight at the same time they aren't too loose and tend to stay on your feet. They use flexible material to make the shoes compatible with all of the dance moves. Dance shoes have non-slip soles that balance traction and slide.

Swing dancing needs some extra support which is given to your feet by a steel shank in them, it is also important to note that dance shoes have thinner soles than normal shoes to help you be lighter on your feet.

One essential thing you should remember is that soles of non-dancing shoes can be dangerous on the dancefloor since too much grip can result in knee injuries and a lack of grip can make you fall. This is why if you're a swing dancer, you should only go for the best shoes for swing dancing.


  • Fit: Make sure that you are careful while going through the size chart of these shoes because the wrong size won't just affect your dance, but can also cause injuries.
  • Soles: See to it that you pick the kind of sole that won't slip too much while avoiding the kind of shoe that will have no grip at all.
  • Comfort: Always be sure to check the kind of padding used for the shoes, since this will determine how comfortable they will be to dance in.
  • Heel height: The heel should ideally have an elevated platform of 1 inch for men and almost 3 inches for women. This helps in several dance moves.
  • Insoles: Be sure to buy shoes that have soft padded liners because they will ensure you won't have shoe bites during long hours of dancing shoes.
  • Support: Shoes for swing dancing have an arch that provides extra support, no matter how long you dance for and what kind of steps you perform.
  • Breathable material: When you are performing an energetic dance-like Swing, it is essential to have ventilation for your feet and avoid getting blisters from the heat and sweat. This is why you should ensure the uppers are made from breathable material.


What kind of shoes do you wear to swing dance?

It is recommended to wear shoes with hard leather or plastic soles for swing dance. Try avoiding rubber soles as they make it hard to spin on. Apart from this, avoid shoes with high heels or spikey heels and sandals and slippers.


Dance shoes need to fit more perfectly than normal shoes. So while choosing your dance shoes, ensure to take one size smaller than your usual wearing size. At first, you might feel uncomfortable, but it will become flexible with time, and you will be more comfortable wearing it for dancing.


Most shoe soles have leather soles made of vegetable tanned leather, but the dance shoe bottoms are often covered with Chrome Leather Suede. These suede bottoms are more durable and give more grip on the floor while dancing.


Swing is a fast-paced dance that consists of some. Complicated moves like spins, twists, dips, and tricks which need to be performed in sync with the beats.

The kind of shoes you use is important in this dance because they enhance some of your movements and help you pull off moves that probably aren't possible to do with ordinary shoes. What's important to know is that the wrong kind of shoe can very easily end up injuring you. So choose the best shoes for swing dance from my list. You will never regret buying one.

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