Best Shoes For Water Aerobics

Mark my word, the future of exercise is going to be in the water. People are just now realizing what researchers have been saying for years: exercising in the water is the best way to keep up your overall health as well as not cause any damage to your joints. Even if you are not going to that level, getting a pair of aqua-ready shoes is a must if you live near the beach. 

best shoes for water aerobics

Let's face it; no one likes wet socks or shoes. Whether you are going to try your hands on surfing or perhaps something as simple as yoga or running on the beach, you could use one of these.

I doubt most people spend their time looking for the best shoes for water aerobics… I do, though and so, I present to you the best shoes for water aerobics that you can buy right now.





  • Rubber sole.
  • Water shoe/sock.
  • Slip-on design.
  • Made with a waterproof fabric.
  • Unisex, multiple color options.

The VIFUUR are a pair of water sports shoes (can also be worn underneath water boots) that are slim but effective. These shoes are made with a soft, breathable and quick-dry fabric.

The construction of these is really high quality and they are lightweight and elastic, making them the perfect "always in the trunk/bag" purchase as bending them will not cause any serious damage. The convenience factor alone makes these a worthy purchase if you live near the beach.

These VIFUUR water shoes/socks are made using a rubber sole and this rubber is non-slip rubber, so it will provide you with a decent grip while protecting you from beach rumble like pebbles, random garbage people through, etc. The upper is made with a smooth fabric that can be stretched and the neck design is smooth and thus prevents chafing.

These are unisex shoes and comes in several different color options. If you intend on going to the beach anytime soon or yoga, swimming, fishing, car-washing and more… you could definitely use one of these. Definitely one of the best shoes water aerobics.


  • Fine stretch fabric upper.
  • Easy to wear and take off.
  • Fit for multiple activities.
  • Anti-chafing neck.
  • All seasons.


  • Not much provided you use them for what they're for.



  • Made from synthetic.
  • Synthetic sole.
  • Slip-in design.
  • Multiple colors
  • Unisex.

Crocs is a company that stands out and has carved a niche for being the only brand that captures the entire market instead of a set percentage.

Don't get me wrong, we all know someone that swears by Crocs and could give their life for it, but Crocs are a very nominally priced brand that comes with very simple yet effective footwear that everyone from the rich to the poor, from grandparents to little kids, everyone seems to love. They aim to start a "comfort revolution," and it seems their names keep growing by the day.

Okay, all that aside, Crocs are the perfect best shoes for water aerobics. Naturally, the Crocs is short for Crocodile, thus the design and specialty near water.

The massive holes on its upper don't let any water stay in, and the sole has a decent amount of traction, so it is perfect for beaches. The design…. Well, I am going to leave to look the part to subjective preference but, and I hope there's no debate here, Crocs are designed to be incredibly comfortable.

They have a slip-in design just like your regular slipper but also come with a heel strap, you know, in case things get intense. I like to call it "sports mode". Definitely recommended and one of the best shoes for water aerobics.


  • Ventilated upper.
  • Grippy, traction outsole.
  • Incredibly comfortable.
  • Heel strap for "sports mode".
  • Water won't be ruining these.


  • Looks but that part is subjective.



  • Made from Spandex fabric.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Lace-up design.
  • Elastic straps.

The Mishansha Sports-D are the best shoes for water aerobics! And they certainly look like they are built for it. At a single glance, they might just fool you into believing they are just ordinary but sleeker everyday running shoes but only upon closer inspection do you realize that they are something special.

The Sport-D are made using special spandex fabric, which hugs your feet enough to not let your shoes fill up with water. The upper on here is made using lycra material, which allows cross-ventilation and faster water draining, all the while being flexible and comfortable.

The rubber sole is made with camo anti-slip rubber providing you with traction and has several holes on each bottom for water to keep flowing out, creating a cleaner and cooler environment inside.

Though these are an elasticky pair of shoes, these do feature a lace-up design for that extra sportiness you are going to need if you are going to run, surf, or do some other water-sport activity.

There is a pull-strap for the convenience factor and the elastic straps quickly adjust to the width of your feet, so even if you forget to tie your laces, they won't go down and end up in a shark. I love these and would recommend them to anyone without hesitation!


  • Lace-locker.
  • Pull strap for convenience.
  • Lace-up design with elastic grip.
  • Rubber sole with quick-dry feature.
  • Breathable and lightweight.


  • Not much.



  • Unisex water shoes/socks.
  • Available in multiple designs.
  • Sizes for kids to adults.
  • Upper Material.
  • Fine Stretch Fabric.

The WateLves water shoes are suited to be worn on a variety of occasions going to the beach, near swimming pools and all that fun stuff but these shoes will also help those that work on water cruises if you are a water-park employee, trekking to a waterfall, aqua therapy, etc.

There are many options to choose from in terms of size; you can get something for everyone, from kids to women to men. Having an array of colors to also choose from is great.

In terms of construction, the WateLves water shoes are made from 92% polyester with 8% spandex resulting in 100% water-resistant material. That is how chemistry works, right? The upper on these are made of breathable fabrics with fine stretch.

The neck is designed to be smooth and thus prevents chafing. The rubber sole is ergonomically molded, absorbs shocks and is strong enough to prevent your feet from any sharp objects. Definitely give these a look!


  • General foot protection.
  • Flexibility.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Lightweight.


  • No rubber sole covering the front.

5. UBFEN - best swim shoes for water aerobics


  • Rubber sole.
  • Upper made of stretchable fabric.
  • Lace-up design with elastic.
  • Many color options.

The UBFEN unisex aqua shoes are one of the nicer looking aqua shoes I have seen. They got a simple yet effective aesthetic, which I am a fan of.

What makes them worthy of being on this list of the best shoes for water aerobics is the fact their functionality is paired with their looks. UBFEN is using their new and updated sole, which offers much better resistance, is anti-skid and is much more durable.

The upper on the UBFEN aqua shoes are made using smooth fabric that can easily be stretched and thus provide you with a perfect fit and ends up being very easy to take off and wear while retaining its lightweight perk.

There are holes at the bottom of these shoes, what separates them from normal shoes, as they look similar to a pair of running shoes, is there special rubber sole with convex dots and these holes ensure no water stays inside while not being so big that they allow sand or rocks inside. One of the best shoes for water aerobics out there!


  • Cool looking.
  • Very effective.
  • Quickly dries off.
  • Fairly comfortable.


  • Drain holes not drilled.



  • Unisex shoes.
  • Available in multiple designs.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Lace-up design.
  • Elastic grip.

Water-adventure sports and aerobics are some of the best ways of having fun while exercising; however, doing them in regular shoes simply isn't possible unless you have a thing for discomfort. There are special water aerobics shoes made for these kind of sports like the SIMARI Water shoes for sports, which are one of the best shoes for water aerobics you can get.

The sole on this shoe is made with rubber material that is grippy and offers non-slip resistance with excellent air permeability, so using them for something like surfing shouldn't be an issue. The upper is made of elastic Lycra material, which is both, as I said, elastic and breathable and quickly dries up.

The sole of the SIMARI water shoes is specially molded in an ergonomically designed way that provides decent grip as we discussed above as well as offers shock absorption and protects your feet from the rumble you may find on a beach like pebbles, In order to dry them up, simply wipe them down.

Do not place them near a fire as that will ruin the shoe. We can call this the best water shoes for water aerobics and a must-have for travelers!


  • Rubber sole with unique bumps for grip.
  • Comfortable and adjusts to your feet.
  • Quickly dries.
  • Elastic-shoelace for intense activities.


  • You might want to order a size down.



  • Lycra material.
  • Elastic straps, Lace-up design.
  • Upper mesh fabric.
  • Rubber sole.

MOERDENG has made a pair of fantastic aqua shoes for men. In terms of design, they are one of the best aqua shoes I have seen and definitely an awesome choice for daily wear.

The upper is made with a knit air mesh that allows airflow and the special Solyte midsole is quite lightweight and offers decent bounce back. The ComforDry sockliner provides a way more cushioned experience, all the while keeping the inside-the-show environment healthy, cool and dry.

The outsole is made of rubber. This rubber has a water grip that offers traction and stability in slippery conditions. At the bottom of the sole, you will find several holes to ensure proper water flow. The shoes are very easy to put on and off with the pull-strap.


  • Fantastic looking.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Sturdy and flexible.
  • Good for those with a flat foot.


  • The sizing is a bit odd.



  • Rubber (TPR) sole.
  • Double-layer fabric upper.
  • Adjustable shoe straps.
  • Removable shoelace.
  • All-season.

Ah yes, the aqua shoes for those wanting some leather! The upper of the L-Run athletic hiking aqua shoes are made using a combination of leather and mesh is a fine stretch that is breathable, flexible and looks really nice.

The elastic band on these easily adjusts to your feet; the shoelaces are just an extra and are removable in case you wish to not deal with them.

The outsole, the TPR sole, is perfect for outdoor activities like yoga, surfing, beach running etc as it provides traction and with the honeycomb structure insole protecting your feet from any damage. Worth a look!


  • Rubber (TPR) sole.
  • Double-layer fabric upper.
  • Adjustable shoe straps.
  • Removable shoelace.
  • All-season.


  • Run a bit large.



  • Knit mesh upper.
  • Rubber sole.
  • EVA Insoles memory foam.
  • Elastic bands and locks.

SOBASO is a company that takes into consideration and has produced one of the best shoes for water aerobics by doing so. These shoes look really cool and come in a number of colors.

The shoe itself is very durable and sturdy. The outsole is made using high-quality non-slip rubber in camouflage to provide traction and protect your feet. The insoles are EVA insoles, which is amazing! The SOBASO shoes feel supremely comfortable and they dry quickly.

The upper is a knit mesh upper with cross ventilation and fast draining. Despite the slip-on design, there are laces for a more snug fit. A wonderful option for everyone that lives in wet regions!


  • Non-slip.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Slip-in design.
  • Quick-drying.


  • Expensive.



  • Rubber sole.
  • Elastic Shoe Mouth.
  • Flexible mesh fabric.
  • Lace-up design.

JointlyCreating has created a pair of water shoes perfect for those with wide toes. Most water shoes tend to be a bit uncomfortable from the toe-side so for those with wide feet; these Aqua shoes are the way to go.

The toe-area also has anti-collision properties as that shoe around that area is thicker, protecting your toes from any damage. With quick-drying drainage holes, the water doesn't stay inside.

With the high traction rubber and average padding, these shoes for aqua aerobics are very comfortable, protect you from random dirty, and are one of the only aqua shoes I wouldn't mind daily. Definitely one of the best shoes for water aerobics.


  • Perfect for wide feet.
  • Decent daily wear shoes.
  • Quick-drying


  • Not for those wanting a snug fit.


The worst thing about going to the beach or near any water body for that matter is the fact that our daily-wears aren’t really meant to be good around water. 

First off, nothing is worse than wet socks and water in boots. On top of that, diving deeper, your grip is also decreased by a lot and thirdly, water shoes are able to sustain being emerged in water without any damage. So regular shoes might not come out of it looking very healthy. 

That is why getting yourself a pair of water shoes would be ideal if you live near the beach or go near pools often or do water aerobics.


In order to get the best possible shoes for water aerobics, keep in mind the following factors:

  • Material: The material using which your shoes are made is going to be a key factor in determining how good they will perform. You want a material that doesn't soak up water is able to sustain its integrity in water and doesn't irritate the skin.
  • Comfortable: This one is quite obvious. Getting a pair of uncomfortable shoes just doesn't make sense. So, determine your size and order a pair of water shoes accordingly. Some water shoes will feel a bit weird in the beginning, of course, I mean, they are a bit different from your daily wear.
  • Traction: Good quality water shoes have soles made from grippy material and special lugs or treads to maximize traction as otherwise, the only advantage water shoes would have over traditional shoes is the water-resistance.


Do you wear shoes for water aerobics?

The quick answer is yes. You should wear water shoes for water aerobics, where these shoes will be mostly rubber soles with foam padding and good ventilation. It is crucial to opt for shoes that fit your foot comfortably.

How does water aerobics reduce belly fat?

Yes, water aerobics reduce belly fat. Every time you perform water aerobics, kick, pull or push the water, which is 800 times denser than air, you are doing a resistance workout that helps burn belly fat.

Do water shoes prevent slipping?

Yes, water shoes help in keeping your feet safe and comfortable. The rubber bottoms of these shoes give you more traction and support while doing water aerobics and thus prevents you from slipping.

What do you wear on your feet for aqua aerobics?

You must wear a good pair of water shoes for aqua aerobics. These water shoes are designed to handle water. So you can support your feet while performing aqua aerobics. Also, the aqua aerobics shoes drain and dry faster once it is out of water. Another advantage with these shoes is that you are less likely to get blisters than in regular shoes.


That's a wrap now. Choosing a best pair of shoes isn't rocket science. But again I would like to highlight that you must know the specs to look for while buying the shoes for water aerobics. I hope that this list of best shoes for water aerobics has nudged you in the right direction. 

If you have any queries regarding this buying guide, feel free to comment them below.

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