Best Surf Boots Review + Buyer’s Guide

Is there a need to wear booties when surfing? After all, who would wear boots and surf on the ocean? These questions might confuse you. But wearing the best surf boots while surfing can give the foot extra protection, and we all want to live as healthy beings and will not want our feet to get damaged.

Surf boots are specially designed, and they are not like our every day sneakers. They can keep the feet warm and give good protection from sharp rocks, corals, and shells while entering the ocean. Surfing boots are the best alternative if you want to enjoy surfing without being hampered by any conditions that might make it uncomfortable.

Best surf boots

Surfing with a cold foot can be hurting, and surf boots help one to surf seamlessly, as it keeps the foot warm and helps in staying in water for a longer time. Another benefit of wearing a surf boot is that it protects the foot from jellyfish stings and other harmful aquatic animal bites.

So put on your surf boots and enjoy the ride. Here, we have compiled a list of the best surf boots for a comfortable surfing experience.



Product Name




O'Neill Heat

O'Neill Heat 5mm Round Toe Booties - Best surf boots



SEAC Pro HD 6mm Neoprene Wetsuit Boots with Side Zipper - Best surf boots


XS Scuba Thug

XS Scuba Thug 8mm Zippered Boots - Best surf boots


Rip Curl Flash Bomb

Rip Curl Flash Bomb Hidden Split Toe Wetsuit


XCEL Drylock

XCEL Drylock Round Toe Boot 7mm- Best surf boots




  • Fluid flex round toe
  • Interior taped seams
  • Glued and blind stitch seam construction
  • Anti-flush shin strap
  • Forefoot strap
  • Round toe design

You can say adios to the uncomfortableness faced while surfing in the cold and freeze water by wearing this surf boot. It keeps the feet warm even in chilling water. The boot is durable and also provides great traction. O’Neill toe booty is built with Fluid flex Neoprene, and hence, it can guarantee solid performance in the sea.

The boot will witness the adrenaline rush, as the boot can give a good surfing experience. It is a boot designed specifically for surfers who appreciate spending many hours surfing in a choppy sea. The boot provides a lot of warmth in wet conditions and feels comfortable. Your feet will not freeze due to the exposure to chilling ocean water.

This boot also has a durable outsole, and hence you will not have to worry about the durability of the boot. It also has a Fluid Flex Firewall insulating lining. Shin straps and stabilizing arch straps can stop flushes, and the Fluid Flex firewall lining can quickly shed water.

What are you waiting for? Get into the sea and enjoy surfing. Grab a pair of O’Neil boots and start surfing right now instead of waiting for the ideal opportunity.


  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Keeps feet warm
  • Excellent traction
  • It Keeps water from flushing


  • Tough to get on and off
  • Lack of stretch



  • High grip sole
  • Easy-to-grip zipper
  • Reinforced hook and loop closure
  • Good arch support
  • Heel air bubbles

It is a great surf boot to surf in cooler water. These boots have 6 mm thickness and hence provide utmost protection. The boot also has a high grip sole that reduces the risk of slipping when riding. The SEAC pro wetsuit boot is the finest option to wear if you’re searching for a good arch-support surf boot. It also contains air bubbles in the heel to lessen stress on the foot area.

The boot is built with easy to grip zipper, reinforced hook, and loop closure, which makes it simple to put on and take off. You might be interested in learning how far these boots can be worn when I indicate they are suitable for use in cold water.

Well, you can wear this footwear in temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees. The seams are stitched and glued to provide maximum durability and protection. The boot comes in black, and you can buy the size which is suitable for your feet.


  • Full rubber sole
  • Flexible upper
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Keeps feet warm


  • Not made for gripping



  • 8 mm neoprene in all panels
  • Ryno Hyde exterior lamination
  • Heavy-duty molded rubber sole
  • Toe cap
  • Protective heel
  • Glued and double-blind stitched

This is a perfect diving boot. The boot comes in black and is comfortable to wear. XS scuba boot is made from 8 mm neoprene which provides good cushion and comfort. The boot is durable as well.

The boot is resistant to high abrasion and has a protective heel and toecap. The interior and exterior of the boot are double-blind stitched and bonded together for strength. This shoe is so popular that it is YKK’s best marine bronze slipper slider #10. It is a US-imported surf boot and has an extended toe protector.

The boot also has a nylon edge binding and a nylon zipper stop. Cold water zipper dam and the heavy-duty molded rubber sole is other features of the boot. The boot also provides good arch support to the wearer. Sizes for the XS scuba surf boot range from 5 to 13.


  • Keeps feet warm
  • Flexible
  • Durable





  • Fast drying
  • 3 mm E4 neoprene construction
  • Taped seams
  • Velcro shaft closure
  • Flash lining
  • Super soft sole

This boot is 3 mm thick and available in black. Rip curl boot is built up from neoprene. It has a soft sole and Velcro shaft closure. Flash lining in the boot aids in providing the utmost comfort and warmth. The boot also can withstand cold water and winter. It is a perfect surf boot made to give a seamless surfing experience.

The boot can keep the foot Warmer in cold water, even if you stay in water for a prolonged time. Rip curl boot is flexible, warm, and has fast drying technology. It also has a super thin sole which provides a textured grip and durable rubber outsole.

The E5 tape used to seal the boot allows for good elasticity and warmth. Stich less strap in the boot helps in minimizing water entry into the foot and reduces lateral foot movement. Another excellent quality of this boot is its high arch support. Also, it has a slide on the easy entry system. The boot can also dry quicker, unlike other regular boots.


  • Soft bottoms
  • Warm
  • Super comfy


  • Poor quality



  • Taped seams
  • Taitex outer seam
  • Single rubber bottom
  • Quick dry fibers
  • Dry lock ankle seals
  • Ergo strap design

This boot has a 7 mm thickness and 3-dimensional foot mold for a contoured fit. Taped seams and taitex outer seam for durability. It also has a single rubber bottom, which maintains the boot's longevity.

The boot also has quick-dry fibers to dry up the boots faster. Dry lock ankle seals feature locks the water out, ergo strap design to provide less pressure, and finally pull up ankle loop for the easy entry of the foot into the boot.

This boot is perfect for temperatures of 46 degrees or lower. XCEL Dry lock boot is also glued and blind stitched, which helps in keeping most of the water out. The boot also minimizes flushing, forms snug, and is comfortable to wear.


  • Keeps foot warm
  • Excellent grip


  • Not durable



  • Neoprene
  • Fluid Flex split toe
  • Interior taped seams
  • Anti-flush shin strap
  • Forefoot strap
  • Glued and blind stitch seam construction

O’Neill boot is a perfect surfing bootie. Athletes can get the maximum use of this surfing bootie since it is a more comfortable and gripped one. This surfing boot can excel in the coldest climate’ Neill surfing boot comes with a durable outsole, built soft toe for maximum balance, a heel tab for pulling the boot on, an anti-flush shin strap to tighten the boot to the leg, and to prevent flushing, glued and blind stitched seams for the strength of the bootie. They won’t let the water in.

These booties can ensure that your feet will not get cold again in chilling water. They are incredibly durable and comfortable. Wearing these surfing booties will enhance your surfing experience. The boot comes in black. The boot allows you to perform at 60° or up to temperature. These booties also come with Velcro ankle closure.


  • Pull on and off the strap
  • Keeps foot warm
  • Lightweight
  • Good traction


  • Sloppy
  • Flimsy



  • Neoprene
  • Glued and sewn construction
  • Puncture resistant sole
  • #10 heavy duty zipper
  • Rugged traction sole
  • Water entry barrier behind zipper

Neo sport premium is excellent surf booty. They have puncture-resistant sole, which provides good foot support and thermal protection. You can wear these booties for any water-related activities since it is safe and keeps the foot warm.

The thickness of these surf booties ranges from 3 mm for warm water, 5 mm for mild water, and 7 mm for cold water. Zip-up uppers in the boot are glued. The boot also has a sole with excellent traction.

The water entry barrier feature in the boot completely prevents the water from entering the boots through the zipper. Puncture-resistant traction soles offer safety and exceptional grip on slick areas.


  • Durable
  • Super comfy
  • Blister protection
  • Fits good


  • Thin sole
  • No laces

Things To consider when buying the best Surf Booties

When it comes to providing a positive surfing experience, surfing booties are fantastic. They not only protect the foot from shells, corals, and creatures of the ocean; but also provides good support, grip, and warmth to the foot. But, there are some conditions to be met while buying booties. If you go through some qualities that surfing booties have to have and then proceed to buy, you will end up with good pairs of booties.

Best surf boots

However, you won’t be able to make use of all the advantages of surfing booties if you simply go with solite wetsuit boots and get a boot that you may think is beautiful. Here is a list of things to think about when purchasing surfing boots.


Most surfing booties are constructed using neoprene, which is seen in wetsuits. Surf boots should be made of materials that are flexible, light, and well-insulated. Also, look out for the Features such as glued, blindstitched, etc. Boots made from double-lined neoprene are better to consider.

Toe Styles (Round Toe vs. Split Toe)

Surfing boots with round toes are the most comfortable to wear. They convey a sense of naturalness. Round-toe boots also insulate better. Boots with split toes are harder to take off and put on. However, these offer high grip and lessen water sliding.

Thickness And Temperature Ratings

The thickness of the neoprene is a factor to be considered when buying surfing boots. The insulation is increased with increasing thickness. It is ideal for wearing 7 mm thickness boots for cold temperatures, 5-6 mm for cool water, and 3 mm thickness for warm water.

Ankle And Shin Straps

Ankle and shin straps help in not letting the water in. The straps keep the water from expanding and ballooning in the shoes.

Sole Traction

Good sole is a necessity for a great surfing boot. The sole will be able to provide good traction and grip on sloppy surfaces. And hence it is suggested to buy a sole that is not flimsy but provides good traction.

Fit & Comfort

It is ideal to buy a boot that gives comfort. Never purchase a boot that is too loose or larger than your normal size, so it could make surfing uncomfortable. An overly tight boot will cause your feet to irritate and hurt. Your surfing will become terrifying. Also, while buying surfing booties, it is better to try on the booties and buy them.


1. Which one to choose: Round Toe vs. Split Toe?

It is better to choose a surfing bootie with a round toe because round-toe boots provide comfort to the wearer and feel so natural.

But boots with round toe lacks grip. Split toe offers excellent traction but low insulation. Also harder to remove and put on the shoes. So if you are looking for a comfortable boot, then go for round toe. But, if you want a good grippy boot, then check out split-toe boots.

2. How thick should surf booties be?

The majority of boots are made in thicknesses between 3 mm and 7 mm. The higher the thickness, the higher the warmth. Go for 7 mm if you are surfing in extremely cold water.

3. What temp do you need surf booties?

It is better to put on the surf booties when the water temperature decreases to 60° F. Surf booties provide warmth. 

4. Can you wash wetsuit boots in the washing machine? 

No, it is not at all recommended to wash the wetsuit boots in washing machines. Washing in the washing machine can reduce the flexibility of the boot.

5. Do surf booties protect from stingrays?

Yes. Surf booties can protect against string days to a certain extent. Boots can wipe out the stings. It will stop the barb from going through.


There are various types of surfing booties available. Although most surf booties have the same features, some do differ. There are amazing surfing booties with exceptional features that make the surfing experience unforgettable. The best surfing booties are listed above, and choose one which fits you best. 

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