Can Birkenstocks Get Wet – Easy Steps To Dry Birken

Birkenstock? Did you heard this term before? If you are from Germany, you would know about it. However, if you really don't know about it, you should read this guide till the end. There are different types of Birkenstocks sandals and shoes that are popular amongst youths as well as elders for their comfort and affordability.


And the best part is, as you go on wearing them, the base molds into the shape of your feet, thus making them even more comfortable to use.

However, some questions are unanswered yet, such as can Birkenstocks get wet? What should be done if they get wet? And many more. Here we will answer all your questions and try busting some myths regarding Birkenstocks. 

Can Birkenstocks Get Wet?

Yes, absolutely, like many other normal shoes and sandals, Birkenstocks can get wet. Most of the Birkenstock sandals are made to use during springs and summers, so you should avoid getting them near water.

However, Birkenstocks offers water resistance to some extent and their water-friendly styles are a must if you want to use them near water. But, there is a limit. Waterproof Birkenstock shoes and sandals are not to be totally submerged in water.


What Happens When Birkenstocks Get Wet?

There is no pair of shoes that are entirely waterproof unless they are of plastic and uncomfortable. And at some point in life, knowingly or unknowingly, you will get your shoes wet due to some water spillage or stepping into a puddle and it's no point to worry. Also, some myths are whirling around birks. Don’t worry, your birks won't get ruined with some water splashes.  

However, if they get overly wet due to submerging in water or due to rains, there is a chance they might get deformed. Moreover, as they are sealed using water-absorbing material, the seal may get removed or even break. If you frequently step on water, you can get their special water Birkenstocks that are water-resistant to some extent.

Deformed Birkenstocks

How to Fix Birkenstocks After They Are Wet?

Fixing Birkenstock shoes and sandals is way easier than you think. You won't require a long procedure for that. Simply make sure you don’t make them wet and if you do, keep them dry in a shady area where they don’t encounter direct sunlight. Yes, you cannot use your soft Birkenstocks in the blazing sun.

Furthermore, to prevent them from deforming, stuff them using foam or newspaper, which will also make them dry easily. This step is crucial if you have closed-toe Birkenstocks as the chances of them getting deformed is more. Lastly, avoid using them while they are wet.

Suggestions: Since most of the Birkenstock shoes and sandals are made of high quality leather you might be interested to know how to conditioning leather shoes with household items.


How To Maintain Your Birkenstock

  • Keep them away from water. Even if there are some waterproof Birkenstocks, it’s better to keep all of them away from water as they are made from the same material.
  • Clean your Birkenstock footwear regularly, specifically the fur-lined Birkenstocks, which involves more care. You can simply dry brush them or use shoe cleaner with a damp cloth for wiping them.
  • Do not keep your Birks in the burning sun as the material is not that strong and may get deformed. 
  • You can also use a waterproof spray to prevent water from entering your Birkenstocks slippers. However, use the spray from a distance.


1. Can You Wear Birkenstocks in the Rain?

Avoid wearing Birkenstocks near water and you can't wear Birkenstocks in the rain as they are not made for it. If you do so, they will get wet and may get deformed. Or worse, the sealing material may get removed.

2. Can You Wear Birkenstocks to the Beach?

Absolutely yes, you can wear Birkenstocks to the beach. However, don't submerge them in water or wear them on wet feet. Also, don't place them in the blazing sun directly. You can keep them to dry in a shady place and wear them when your feet are dry.

3. Do Birkenstocks Get Smelly After They are Wet?

No, Birkenstocks don't emit a foul odor while being wet. However, if you will wear them for a long time, and if there is any chance of your feet being sweaty, they might get smelly. So try cleaning your Birkenstocks shoes or sandals regularly.

4. Do Birkenstocks Run Big or Small in Sizing?

Birkenstocks run true to size and you can get your favorite pair of shoes or sandals without any measurement. However, some models might be narrower, so in that case, you can go a half size up. Or check for the Birkenstocks sizes for a better fit.


With proper care and maintenance, Birkenstocks can last for years. Many people get them for the comfort they offer, so if you have the question like are Birkenstocks good for your feet? Yes they are, they provide a good posture to your feet.

However, make sure you keep them away from water and direct sunlight as it might reduce their lifespan. Otherwise, you can wear them casually, as they are strong and water-resistant to some extent.

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