Can You Wear Suede Shoes in the Summer

A person who follows all the trends and who doesn't want to go out of style should atleast own one pair of suede shoes. These pair of shoes look amazing with their shabby look and softness. Wearing suede shoes in summer or not has been a topic of debate for a long time. Some people totally oppose wearing suede for summer and can even call the fashion police over it.

Many people, including us, consider wearing suede shoes during fall as they are of leather and provide warmth. However, some people still wear suede shoes in the summers, and that too with great comfort.

This might have got you confused and you might have doubts, like can you wear suede shoes in the summer? Or when to wear suede shoes? If you have these doubts, you are in the right place. Here we have answered all the frequently asked questions regarding suede shoes.

wear suede shoes in the summer

Can You Wear Suede Shoes in the Summer

Are suede shoes seasonal?

Many people say suede shoes are entirely for cold weather. However, it's not accurate, you can pair them with your favorite outfit and can wear them any time of the year. Still, the only way you can use your suede shoes the whole year long is that you have to maintain them well and take the required precautions to maintain their look.

Some tips are given below to maintain suede. During the olden days, people used to avoid wearing suedes during monsoon. But the times have changed now, suede shoes are waterproof now, atleast from some brands. They can readily endure some splashes of water.

suede shoes are waterproof

Anyway, it's still leather, you have to make sure you don't soak them in water as leather and moisture don't go hand in hand.

What makes suede?

Suede is a kind of exotic leather, primarily from Sweden. It's actually the same leather but from the inner side and kind of delicate. Suede is particularly obtained by deers, cows, goats, and lambs. 

Unlike the shiny leather, suede has a smooth texture and is thin. It was used to make delicate items such as gloves, handbags for women. People predominantly buy suede for its shaggy look, which looks amazing.

Moreover, suede is extravagant, which has made its shoes and other items a status symbol. However, nowadays you might encounter fake suede in the market, so make sure you know how to identify real suede.

Types of suede shoes

Tips for wearing suede in the summer

As suede is leather, there are a lot of precautions you must take in summer and even during fall. Don't worry! It won't take an eternity to care for your shoes. You only need to take an hour out of a week to maintain them. Likewise, here are some tips for wearing suede in the summer.

Get lighter shades

During summers in the blazing sun, you simply cannot roam out wearing darker clothes. As they absorb heat easily, you need to wear something of a lighter shade, including shoes. You can go for a lighter shade of suede boots in the summer for a cooling effect. Also, you can match the lighter shade of your suede shoes with suit or your favorite dress.

Suede Shoes for Summer

Use socks preferably no show socks

Many people have sweaty feet and if you are one of them, we understand how hard it might be for you. During sweaty summers, you can wear socks inside your suede and leather shoes. However, if you don't want to show them, go for the no-show socks but wear them as they prevent the foul odors and absorb sweat.

Let them dry naturally

If you got them wet by stepping on a puddle or simply by not wearing socks, you should keep them dry naturally. Avoid using dryers and heaters near them. Suede is a delicate material that can tear because of heat.

Use a suede spray

Similar to what you might be using on your other leather shoes, there is a special spray available for suede shoes. If you want to wear your suede shoes in the summer, this spray is a must. These sprays keep your suede loafers and shoes intact and their texture as it is. However, make sure you buy a good suede spray, as there are sprays available that might affect the color of your shoes.

Use a suede brush

The second most thing you should have after a suede spray is a suede brush. As suede can attract dust easily, you need something to clean them gently. That's why using a brush on your suede shoes will not only keep them clean but also keep their nap as good as new ones.


Unlike the normal leather, suede shoes have a different fanbase. There are multiple reasons for that, including, they are available in multiple exotic colors; they look premium, are comfortable to wear, etc. however, maintaining your suede shoes properly is the key to using them in summer or any other season. Therefore, we hope you will use the tips we have provided in this guide. Also, if you want any assistance regarding footwear, check out our site.

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