Do Peloton Shoes Run Small Or Big?

Peloton shoes play a significant role while doing an intense cardio workout. You cannot simply use any footwear or shoes of your choice while on a peloton bike. Hence, you should doubtless get a pair of peloton shoes if you are serious about your fitness journey.

Peloton shoe

However, finding the best fit peloton shoes is not that easy. You have to consider many factors such as material quality, durability, price, brand, and, most importantly, sizing.

Talking further about sizing, many people have questions like do peloton shoes run small? Or big? Or true to size? Never mind, we have got you all covered. In this guide, we will let you know everything about peloton shoes. So, read this guide till the end.

Are peloton shoes worth it?

Absolutely yes, a pair of peloton shoes is a must if you are a fitness freak. these peloton shoes are specifically designed for peloton bikes. Unlike normal sports shoes which may not offer a perfect grip on your feet, there are cleats on the bottom of the peloton shoes that help in keeping your feet intact on the peloton bikes pedals.

peloton shoes

So, having a safe grip between your feet and pedals will help you push yourself a bit harder than normal. Also, they are highly breathable due to their base vent and mesh, so you can bid farewell to sweaty feet.

Do Peloton Shoes Run Small or Big?

Usually, peloton shoes run true to size so you can buy the size you usually go for while buying running shoes. However, peloton shoes might run small depending on the brand making them so going one size down or up totally depends on your feet. If you have an ideal foot that is not too narrow or not too broad, you can go for your true size.

On the contrary, you can go a half size up if your feet are broad or go one size down if they are very narrow. You can also refer to the peloton shoe size chart for a better understanding.

And you don’t have to rely only on the peloton brand for these shoes, there are Nike peloton shoes and similarly, many other brands manufacture them so get them according to perfect fitting.

how to fit peloton shoes?

Getting the right-fitting peloton shoes is as important as buying them, so here are some tips to help you out.

  • For getting a perfectly fitting pair of peloton shoes, make sure you know your peloton shoe size. You can check the peloton shoe size chart for better results.
  • Also, check if the shoes you will buy can be returned or not. If yes, you can freely change it if the size is wrong.
  • Your toes should have a good amount of space inside peloton shoes while doing a workout and it will also help in keeping your feet dry.
  • On the contrary, the heel of your foot should be tightly fitted so it cannot move easily. Thus making it simpler for you to move your legs around.

how to put on peloton shoes?

Here, while explaining how to wear peloton shoes, we are assuming that you have cleats installed on your shoes. If not, you can refer to online tutorials explaining how to put cleats on peloton shoes for installing them or simply buy shoes with cleats. Here are the steps you should follow to wear them.

  • Similar to your sandals and other sports shoes, most of the peloton shoes have buckle and velcro straps over them. You need to unbuckle them and loosen the velcro strap.
  • Make yourself comfortable by sitting somewhere and wear your pair of socks. try to insert your foot slowly. Also, before inserting your feet in them, make sure the straps are loosened well and your foot fits well inside the shoe.
  • Once you have put on your peloton shoes, start with tightening their velcro straps and buckling them up. Always remember, peloton shoes should never get too loose or too tight. Your heel should stay in place and there should be some space for your toes to move inside your peloton shoes.


1. How Should Peloton Shoes Fit?

Similar to running shoes, peloton shoes should be tightly fitted yet comfortable. They should offer a better grip and tight-fitting around your ankle and heel so you can control your movement.

2. should I size up or down for peloton shoes?

We would recommend you check your shoe size first. If they are too broad as compared to an ideal size, go for a size up. On the other hand, if they are too narrow, go a size down. Check the peloton shoe size chart for the best results.

3. Do Peloton Shoes Come In Wide?

Unfortunately, no, there is no such thing as wide peloton shoes. they follow an ideal foot size. However, if you have wide feet, you can go for one size up to your normal shoe size.

4. Will Any Cycling Shoes Fit The Peloton?

Yes, you can fit the delta-compatible cleats to any of your cycling shoes and use them on Peloton bikes.


Unlike any other shoes, peloton shoes offer a good grip while doing a workout. And you can’t imagine how much it can affect your abilities. So, it’s better to have a pair of peloton shoes and that too with a perfect fit.

peloton shoe reviews are mostly positive and it’s not compulsory to buy from a specific brand, so you have the liberty to choose your favorite brand.

Moreover, there are women’s peloton shoes too, so you don’t have to get peloton men’s shoes. Lastly, we hope that you have got answers to all of your questions and will read more such articles in the future.

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