How To Fix Heel Slippage In Cowboy Boots

It really doesn’t matter how expensive the branded cowboy boots are; most of us surely experienced heel slippage in our cowboy boots once, twice, or more than times.

How to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots

The cowboy boots could slip when they are new, but after a few wears, the boot will stretch out and reduce irritation. However, you won’t need to wait for a long time to ensure the best safety; if you read the article by the end.

Here, I’ll share some quick tips and tricks regarding heel slips in cowboy boots.


Generally, heel slippage occurs when your chosen boot is too big for your feet, specifically when the heel portion gets enough space to move inside the boots.

What is heel slippage in cowboy boots

The cowboy boots come featured with the high shaft, which means relatively more restricted movement and without a lacing system, so you can’t achieve your comfortable fitting across the feet; if you by chance purchase a big size shoe.  

Hence, the cowboy shoes come with a tall heel to prevent the feet from sliding forward in the stirrup, but the men rarely would like to wear the heeled shoes and slip after wearing cowboy boots.


Your feet could slip after wearing perfect-sized shoes. So, before moving into the solutions, let’s see what could cause heel slippage in boots -

  • First and foremost, the poorly fitted hoes lead to heel slip. Heel slippage occurs mainly if your boot doesn’t fit snugly or is too wide at the instep.
  • Secondly, the walking style could make you slip. If you walk into your middle foot instead of walking on your heels, you’ll be slipped for sure.
  • The newly purchased boots remain stiff for a few days. The shoes get molded to the shape of your feet more quickly the more you wear them.


1. Choose correct size

Since the cowboy boots don’t have a lacing system. So, you have to choose the right size, neither too tight nor too loose. I can assure you that the well-fitted shoes will completely eliminate the chances of heel slippage. But, with a snugly fit instep, check if there is enough room inside for toes to move freely or not? 

2. Wear socks

As I mentioned before, the loose cowboy boots mainly cause heel slippage, so you can wear a pair of thick socks to get snug fittings and stop slipping your heel during the walk.

Wear socks to avoid heel slip

3. Use heel grips/heel pads

You can use heel pads, or heel grip or heel cushions to solve heel slippage or heel-related problems. Moreover, such cowboy boot heel inserts offer ample heel support to keep your feet relaxed and comfortable. So you won’t get heel pain.

4. Use non-slip insole

The insole could cause heel slippage. In this case, you could replace the insole of your shoes with a slip-resistant insole. Such insoles come constructed with a sturdy, long-lasting, and 100% non-slip material.

Use non-slip insole to avoid heel slip

5. Use hair spray

You could apply hair spray to the heel areas before wearing the boots. The stickiness of the spray sticks your socks to the shoe temporarily. Remember, it’s not a permanent solution for heel slip in cowboy boots.

6. Use boot dryer

Sweat on your feet increases the chances of heel slippage, so wear breathable shoes. In addition to that, dry the insole of your cowboy boot by using a boot dryer before wearing them.

boot dryer

Keep in mind, that the leather lining could be damaged if you often use a boot dryer. In that case, you can dry the boots out by keeping them under sunlight for 5-6 hours; the next day follows drying out with a boot dryer and keep running the process alternatively. 


Using sandpaper

If you have a smooth surfaced leather sole in the cowboy boots, scrub the sole with sandpaper to reduce slippery smoothness.

Using protective soles

Scrubbing could make the sole scratched. In this case, if you don’t want to have such unwanted scratches on your boot, use a good protective sole insert. Glue the boot heel slip inserts against the sole to render ultimate grip and slow down the damaging process.  

Using traction spray

If you’re looking for a quick solution, usage of traction spray is the way to go. The traction spray offers a moderate grip on the leather surface. So, it won’t be helpful for a long walk.


  • Since the size of both shoes may not always be the same and their size could be changed due to weight fluctuation; so, always measure the length, width, and arch of booth feet to know the correct size of your feet.
  • Your feet could become a bit bigger in the afternoon or evening after prolonged working seasons. So, try to measure your feet in the evening to get the best fitting.


  • First, stop wearing wrong-sized shoes.
  • Second, make sure you walk on your heels, and the heel touches the ground first.
  • Third, try to use a boot heel slip insert to ensure a gripped surface under your feet. 


Getting a slight slippage of around half inches or one-fourth inches in the newly purchased boot is normal. The slippage issues will disappear once the boot breaks in. After a few wears, if you’re still having slipped feet in the boots, try one of the solutions; I’ve recommended.

Remember, you need to invest a thousand more money and time after a broken foot rather than you pay for these tips. So, don’t overlook heel slippage problems.

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