How To Fix Squeaky Shoes Bottom – Quick Steps

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Does your shoes make squeaky sound when you walk? It's annoying right? So in this simple guide you will learn how to fix squeaky shoe bottom without the need of going to a cobbler. 

First do you know when this sound occurs? When two materials rub against each other, squeaking occurs. Squeaks also have two categories- the one that comes from rubber sole and the other comes from the heel cup.

The rubber sole squeak is noticeable when you walk on a perfectly waxed floor, whereas the heel cup squeak is heard when your heel is sliding up and down at the region of the heel cup.


When air or moisture get trapped between different parts of the shoe or when two shoe rub against each other directly, this squeaking occurs. You can also hear the squeaking sound when the shoe's rubber sole rubs against the surface. 

Mostly, these noises arise from the bottom of the shoes or the insoles or outer part of the shoes.


Are you looking for an answer on how to fix squeaky shoe bottom? Then, you are in the right place. Here, I bring forward some positive solutions for you so you can also get rid of squeaky shoe bottoms without much trouble.

If your shoes are in warranty, you can ask for an exchange in case the shoes are too squeaky. But, if it’s not in warranty, then you can try to stop squeaking by doing the following methods;

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1. Enhance traction

Using dryer sheet:

This method includes rubbing the shoe bottom using a dryer sheet. It is a very simple and effective way to get rid of squeaky shoes. Simply rub the bottom sole against the dryer sheet for 2-3 minutes and check for improvement.

Using Grip spray:

You can use rubber sole spray to boost the grip of the soles. This could be a little more expensive method because the adhesive comes expensive.

All you have to do is spray a coating at the bottom and let it dry completely. Make sure it does not come in contact with water while spraying the sole.

Using sandpaper:

Take fine grain sandpaper or buy a sanding sponge. Rub the sandpaper against the sole. Doing this will improve the traction of the sole because the sand sponge will remove the smooth surface that is causing annoying squeaky noise.

2. Sprinkle Talcum powder

This is the best and effective diy method to stopping squeaky shoes. The grease or moisture that is present in the rubber sole leads to squeaky noise, and talcum powder (can also be used as shoe deodorizer) is well known to extract all sweat, water, moisture from any surface. 

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How to Sprinkle Talcum powder:

  • Sprinkle some powder on the upper sole and also under the inner sole.
  • Let it sit there for some time.
  • After some time, brush off excess powder.
  • By that time, the powder will absorb all the moisture and give you the perfect traction needed.

3. Apply Petroleum jelly

using petroleum jelly - fix squeaky shoe bottom

Petroleum jelly can significantly reduce squeaking, as per some reviews. You can apply a little amount of Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly under the insole of the sole.

This could not be the most delegated method, but it is the quickest and simplest method to stop squeaking when you are in a hurry. 

4. Silicon spray

There is one of the very prominently used silicon sprays called WD-40. WD-40 has a lot of applications. Thus, many people have them in their homes.

Spray a little WD-40 on a cotton ball or soft cloth and immediately apply it to the outer layers of the sole and shoes. This will temporarily fix the issue, but in the longer run, you have to figure out other alternatives. 

Note: Do not apply the spray directly on the shoes; otherwise, it may permanently damage your suede shoes.

5. Reattach loose parts

Loose parts in the shoes can also bestow in making shoes squeaky. Analyze each part properly, majorly the areas around the inner sole and outer sole, because many layers in them could have been left out unstitched or unattached.

Once you see any loose ends, fix them using any strong shoe adhesive. Surprisingly, your shoelaces can also cause squeaking. Hence, rub the shoelaces with saddle soap to moisturize the laces and stop them from making noise. 


Walking with squeaky shoes on a hard floor makes you self-conscious every time you walk out in public places. So, here are some ways which you can employ before stepping out and roam carefreely and stop squeaky shoes.

1. Adding lubricant under the insole

Friction is one of the leading reasons for squeaking shoes. Thus, by applying lubricant, you can reduce squeakiness in the shoes. First, remove the insole, then apply lubricant all over the surface, including edges. Seal the insole back before it dries. 

2. How to fix squeaky shoe bottom using paper napkin

Friction is the main reason for squeaking, and you can stop that by using tissue paper or paper napkins. Cut the paper and fold it in such a way that it fits inside the gap between the shoes and the insole. This results in less squeaking than usual. 

3. Air drying or heat drying

Moisture is another important reason for squeaky noise in the shoes. Shoes squeak on a tile due to suction created by the shoes when walked on hard floors. You can eliminate this problem by simply drying your shoes.

Squeeze out all the water from the shoes with your hands, then apply some external heat or let it air dry for some time. 


Moisture damage is one of the dominant reasons due to which the bottom of the shoe squeak. Whenever you walk with shoes filled with excess moisture, they will squeak. The best way to stop this issue is by keeping the shoes dry at all times. But, that is not practically possible.

You have to step out in shoes for important tasks such as workouts, jogging, offices, etc. So, what can you do about your squeaky shoes?

There are many ways to fix squeaky rubber soles that have been the victim of water damage. But the easiest way I could find for you is air drying.

You can put your shoes in direct sun but drying that would take an entire day. Thus, to dry them, use a hairdryer shortly.

  • Remove all the parts such as shoelaces, insoles, etc.
  • Warm up your dryer.
  • Move the dryer around the insole while keeping a few inches’ distances.
  • Touch it and check if all the moisture is gone.
  • Try them on and check for the noise.
  • If it still isn’t gone, you can repeat the process or keep them in the sun for some time.


I hope you have now understood the reasons for noisy shoes and the ways on how to stop shoes from squeaking. If you follow any of the steps I have mentioned, you can subsequently reduce the shoe noise while walking on hard floors. 

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