How To Get Creases Out Of Leather Shoes Without Iron

creasing - get creases out of leather shoes without iron

Want to know how to get creases out of leather shoes without iron? Then this article is exclusively written to address this problem. 

Well, most leather shoes get creases way early. It does not leave you with any other option but to buy a new pair. But, as you already know, leather shoes are usually expensive, and if you go for the highest grade leather, it would literally burn your pockets.

I have seen people use iron to fix their creased shoes, and honestly, it seems to be a quick and convenient means to fixing creases.

However, what you don’t realize is that you are ruining your precious leather because iron is meant to press the ceases out of clothes, not shoes, and if you overuse them on your shoes, it would eventually ruin the leather. Do you know how to get creases out of leather shoes without iron? If not, get to know the tricks here.


Bending is important. If the shoes don’t bend it means the shoes are stiff and will cause severe problems later such as pain or sore feet, etc. But, as far as leather shoes are concerned, creasing them is bad.

So your shoes bend with your feet and that generally causes creasing.

Following are the reasons for wrinkled leather shoes:

Poor shoes fitting: If the fit of the leather shoes is too tight or too loose, it would certainly cause creasing. If your feet are small, plus the shoes are wide and long, there will be more space in the shoes to flex your feet, ultimately making the look creasing more prominent.

Leather quality: The quality of the leather does not make much of a difference when it comes to wrinkles. Expensive or cheap, in both cases, creasing will occur but at different duration and different rates.

Shoe design: The design is arguably the most important reason for creasing. Plain, whole-cut shoes can create more than full or semi-cap brogues shoes because they have less leather dressing on the shoes.  And as you all know now, leather shoe creases, so wherever there’s more leather involved, creasing will transpire. Thus, plain toe shoes have more creasing than others.

HOW TO get creases out of leather shoes without iron?

Here are some ways by which you can get rid of leather shoe creases; 

1. Water steamer

This is the best appliance you can use because it is much more portable and convenient than an iron box. Additionally, it provides a good moisturizing effect on the wrinkled area and makes the crease tighter and smooth as well. 


steamer - get creases out of leather shoes without iron
  • Clean your shows and let them completely dry.
  • Open the shoelaces.
  • Stuff the toe region of your shoe with newspaper or socks or any other item that can tighten the toe region appropriately.
  • Use a damp cloth to cover the toe area.
  • Switch on the steamer and let the steam pass to the toe area through the cloth.

Note: Do not directly put a creased area above the steamer; always use a cloth because if you don’t, the leather might tear itself into small pieces.

2. Hairdryer

If you choose to opt for this method, make sure you have the biggest shoe tree. You need a bigger shoe tree because it would stretch the shoes better and get you better results. This is a bit of a sluggish method but the most effective one too. 


  • Take a shoe tree and assemble your shoe on it.
  • Hold the blow dryer a few inches away from the crease area.
  • Once you turn on the blow-dry, constantly keep moving it.
  • Blow for about 1-2 minutes and then massage the crease and rub it against the tree, so it molds back to its original shape.
  • Let the shoes cool down.
  • Polish and condition( if needed).

3. Cedar tree

cedar tree - get creases out of leather shoes without iron

This is the best method for removing creases from leather shoes. Cedar shoe trees are easily available, and they come with adjustable features, so even if your shoe runs larger, it can fit the shoe perfectly.

If you hold on to the shoe tree every day, it will certainly help maintain the shoe’s actual shape and get rid of wrinkles partially. Let me tell you, this solution will not completely remove creases but mainly help maintain its toe shape. 


  • Whenever you are not wearing shoes, you can simply stuff the toe part with socks or newspaper.
  • Remove shoelaces.
  • Place the shoes on a cedar tree, fully stretched.
  • Leave it overnight and wear them again the next day.
  • This method does not make the shoe firm but also keeps odor at bay.


Having wrinkles on shoes is a common problem, especially in the case of leather shoes. Wrinkles make them look crummy and old. On top of that, leather shoes are highly expensive if you go for premium quality leather, and buying a new pair every time is not a great option.

Instead, you can try to get rid of wrinkles that can make your leather shoes look sober and brand-new. Here are some steps that can help remove creases from leather shoes instantly;

wrinkle out of shoes

Step1: Keep the shoes on the cedar tree

The cedar provides a counterbalance to unpleasant leather odor and also helps maintain the shape of your leather shoes. If you own an additional pair of shoes, you can keep one pair on a cedar tree while you wear another pair.

Alternating shoes every day is also a good solution because it does not form creases easily, unlike the one you wear every day.

Step 2: Moisturize the crease

This method helps greatly with deep cracks and excess creasing on leather boots or shoes. Use a good massaging oil or a shoe cream. Massage the oil evenly deep into the line of crease. Rub the area for about 5-8 minutes. Once you are done, place the shoe on the shoe tree because when the oil dries out, the leather tends to lose its shape. When shoes are kept on cedar trees, they reshape the surface as before.

Note: Do not use thick or strong oils. It may stain the leather.

Step 3: Rubbing

This method is effective only when the crease and new and less. Take some cream or light leather oil. Massage it on the prominent areas such as the toe area and heels. Massage until the oil is completely absorbed and the creases are gone.

Follow the above steps and remove creases in leather shoes successfully in just a few minutes.


Brisk walking in leather shoes is a potential cause for the formation of crease lines. While walking, people experience pain from creases when formed at the toe region or instep. So, how do you keep shoes from creasing when walking? Here are some ways to minimize creases in leather shoes.

wrinkle shoes - get creases out of leather shoes without iron

Using Shoe Horn

If you walk in your leather shoes, make sure they are in the right size. If the shoes run larger than the actual size, it may contribute to more crease formation. This does not mean that the right size shoes will not cause creases, they will too, but the creases will be minor.

Don’t wear leather shoes when it’s raining

Make sure you don’t go walking in leather shoes when it’s raining. Water and moisture can harm the leather fabric very easily. If they wet somehow, on drying, they will take shape in the impression of your foot and form sharp creases. Therefore, use other shoes for walking, or you could also use a water-repellent spray before going out with leather shoes. 


Prevention of crease must start from the first day. Here are some preventive measures you can learn and start to follow.

Wear the right size

If you walk in your leather shoes, make sure they are the right size. If the shoes run larger than the actual size, it may contribute to more crease formation. This does not mean that the right size shoes will not cause creases, they will too, but the creases will be minor.

Shoe horns

Use this while forcing your heels in the shoes to prevent heel region creases and also ease in wearing shoes.


Massage and clean the leather boots or shoes every week to get a flexible, crease-free surface.

Shoe trees

Using shoe trees is beneficial as it controls moisture in the shoes and keeps them odorless by absorbing left-out water and sweat.


If any of the mentioned solutions do not work for your shoes, you can try some alternative solutions to get rid of shoe creases.

How to get creases out of shoes with iron

Hot iron, if applied directly, can damage the leather, but a moderately heated iron with a damp cloth on it can be a good way to remove creases. See how- 

with iron - get creases out of leather shoes without iron
  • Heat the iron.
  • Place a damp cloth covering the iron plate.
  • Move the iron around the area of the crease.
  • Once done, immediately place the shoes on the shoe tree.
  • Leave it on the tree for a week so it gets enough time to strengthen its shape.

2. How to get creases out of jordans

creases out jordans - get creases out of leather shoes without iron

Air Jordans are popular sneakers from vintage, but they do not always look crisp and fresh. Additionally, they are prone to creases as well.

So, to make it look bright and crease-free, you must do some procedures. Want to know how to increase leather shoes? Check out below.

  • Gather all the materials(Iron, water, ironing board, damp clothes, towel, etc.)
  • Remove shoelaces.
  • Stuff the shoes with cardboard or paper.
  • Heat the iron and place the shoes on the ironing board.
  • Cover the shoes or the iron plate with a damp towel.
  • Iron out the areas.
  • Let them cool and spot check
  • If there are no spots, you can keep them on a cedar tree. If you see spots, paint the spots immediately.

3. How to get creases out of suede boots

Suede sneakers or shoes complement any attire. Thus, people having suede boots want to keep their suedes top-notch at all times. Here’s the method to prevent creases. 

  • Gather the materials needed.
  • Remove shoelaces.
  • Insert the shoes on the shoe tree while the iron is heated.
  • Once heated, put a damp cloth on the creased area.
  • Iron the area in back and forth motion.
  • Put the shoes back on the shoe tree and let them cool for a few days.


Ironing your leather shoes is not always good. For this reason, I came up with alternative options on how to get creases out of leather shoes without iron. I believe the article has turned out useful. You can follow any of these methods to get rid of creasing in leather shoes without iron.

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