Heel Slipping Out Of Shoes – Know The Hacks

If you own plenty of footwear, chances are you’ve had the experience of heel slippage at least once in your life. Even though you go for expensive shoes, they might still disappoint you with heel slippage.

I have experienced it too, and it’s very annoying if you wear those shoes daily to your office or for outings. Heel slipping out of your shoe is an embarrassing sight for yourself, especially if you are walking in a crowded place. 

Shoe Slipping Off Heel Hack

Embarrassment is one thing, but more than that, your safety is important. Shoes with heels too loose in the back can cause severe fractures to your feet and permanently hamper your walking ability. So, to avoid such accidents, you should fix them immediately if in doubt.

This is a common problem if your shoes are brand new or too large in fit. If you are here for quick hacks on stopping heels from slipping, you have arrived at the right spot. Here, I will provide you with a shoe slipping-off heel hack that will help you the cheapest way possible.

Heel Slipping Out Of Shoes hacks


Yes, of course! Heel slippage could hamper your workout performance or regular routine. A slight slip on the heel may not affect negatively, but a slightly more than 1/8” heel slippage could cause an accidental fall and lead to serious injuries. 

If the shoes constantly keep sliding up and down, the increased friction could give you blister issues on the ankle and Achilles tendon. Moreover, if the shoes keep sliding around, it could negatively affect your movement mechanics.

How to stop heels from slipping

I understand how annoying it gets if your feet keep popping out off the heel. Thus, to help you out here, I am suggesting easy hacks to stop shoes slipping at the heel.

1. Wear the Correct Size Shoes

Wear the Correct Size Shoes

If your feet heels keep popping out of your shoes, it indicates that you are wearing the wrong size. Different brands offer different size examples; if you are wearing a size 8 in Puma, it might not be the same in Nike shoes.

Thus, identifying your size based on the brand is crucial. With so many brand options in the market, pitching your size is difficult. Thus, knowing your feet’s width and length is important, so you can predict what size would fit you better.

2. Lace-up your shoes properly

You can create a huge difference in fittings by loosening or tightening the lace-up system, including lacing style. You could try different ways to lace your boots and check what could eliminate the heel slippage problem. You could use other lace anchors to achieve a good fitting in both feet.

3. Wear Socks to Achieve Proper Fit

Sometimes we prefer to purchase a bit larger shoes to get relaxed steps during the walk. Suppose you don’t have the same size on both feet; you are still managing without a specially manufactured shoe. In both instances, we will notice alarming heel slippage.

In these cases, don’t size down the shoes; just wear thick non-slip socks to fix the extra space and slippage issues. Such socks are made of a non-slip material; that creates a grip against the shoe.

4. Wear Closed-toe shoes

Wear Closed-toe shoes

Closed-toe shoes are much better than open-toe shoes because they provide the highest stability and comfort. However, you will experience over-sweating in closed-toe shoes due to no air ventilation.

At the same time, open-toe shoes are always dry on the feet but are not comfortable to wear and do not provide the stability you need.

Thus, closed-toe shoes are excellent when avoiding narrow heels slipping out of shoes. If you are worried about sweating, you can also add an extra moisture control insole in your shoes to keep your feet try and clean.

5. Wear Heel Liners

Wear Heel Liners

Are you looking for a quick hack to keep feet from sliding out of mules? Here’s what you can do. Use a heel liner, a crescent-shaped glue patch that you can stick on the back of the shoes.

They fill in the gap between your feet and the back of the heel. The heel liners are affordable and comfortable to wear on high heels or flat boots.

6. Use Anti-Slip Insole

shoe insoles

If you find it difficult to use heel liner, you can also use shoe insoles or a ball-of-foot cushion. These work just fine like heel liner but are much more reliable and comfortable to wear.

Another benefit of wearing shoe insoles is if your shoes are bigger, these will decrease the size by consuming the extra room in your shoes.

7. Double Sided Shoe Tape

double sided shoe tape

This is the most popular method many models and actresses use to keep up with high heels. They use double-sided tape where 1 side sticks at the bottom of the shoe and the other end sticks on the feet.

Instead of covering the entire bottom, you should only stick the tape on the heel area. The double-sided tape will secure your feet from slipping off due to the stickiness of the tape on both sides.

However, there is one demerit of using double-sided tape i.e., Falling off. Sometimes the tape might not have enough glue, which may scrunch it up and fall off.

8. Put Hairspray inside the shoe

Hairspray inside the shoe

This is a discreet hack that very few people know and use but is highly effective. Hairsprays are a bit sticky, so if you apply them on the bottom of the shoe, the material will absorb it and will fit your feet inside the shoe perfectly without keeping any heel gaps.

Again this method has a disadvantage in that the effect of Hairspray wears off after a few hours. So, you’ll have to carry the Hairspray along to reapply it.

How much heel slip is normal

Ideally, heel slip should be out of the question. But, we sometimes make mistakes and buy the wrong size. This happens with me too; hence I always keep a backup for myself and wear them anyway.

Normally, the heel slip you can bare is 1/2 inch, but if it goes beyond that, it indicates that the slippage is intensive. In short, if your shoes feel uncomfortable while walking, it’s not normal and needs some fixation.

How much heel slip is normal

How to fix heel gap

If you have shoes that have heel gaps, then it will cause discomfort in the longer run. So, here’s a solution for how to fix heel gaps in big-size shoes;

  • Hairspray

Hairspray is a good adhesive agent for your shoes. You must spray some at the bottom of your shoes and place your feet afterward. Your feet will get properly intact to the bottom of your shoes and prevent sliding off the heels.

  • Double-sided tape

Some professional artists swear by this technique, and it works wonderfully. The intensity of adhesiveness is more in double-sided tape than a hairspray. However, as your release more sweat, the tape loses its glue and leaves your feet. Thus, if you use this method, carry an extra roll in the bag.

  • Insert ankle strap

If you are stuck with the question of how to stop the foot from sliding forward in shoes, then you can use this method which involves the use of a detachable ankle strap. These prevent heels from slipping and provide comfort from the inside.


That’s all for today! Hopefully, my suggestion will come in handy to fix the heel slippage problem. Don’t wait for the next wear to apply these tricks, do it now. Try these hacks and let me know if they work for you or not?

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