How To Blouse Boots – 4 Easy and Effective Ways

blouse boots

If you are looking for an in-depth guide on how to blouse boots, then you must not miss this article.

Have you ever seen a military volunteer wearing puffy bottom pants? Those are nothing but military boot blouses. Of course, you might have seen people wearing them in movies, military parades, camps, training. etc.

But do you know the actual reason why they tuck in their pants? There’s a solid reason for this that only a few people know. Here, in this article, I will help you understand the importance of blouse boots, how to blouse pants, how to tuck pants into combat boots, and many more. So, stay with me till the end. 


You must know the correct steps to blouse your boots because it would save your day while you do high movement activities and also protect your pants from dirt, debris, etc.

Now, let’s dive straight into steps and pro tips. 

1. Blousing straps

strap - How to blouse boots

Are you unsure of how military pants are tucked into boots? Learn it now. This method requires a separate blousing strap that looks more like a band.

These blousing straps are highly preferred in military parades and marches due to their clean and attractive look.

With the blousing strap, you would get the perfect look you need and also eliminate the chance of it coming out undone.

But, again, this method also has its demerits. Firstly, you have to invest in buying the strap, and secondly, it will not fit perfectly if the pants are shorter in length.

So, make sure you always wear long pants while using a blousing strap so this way you can minimize one disadvantage, and what you’d get in the end will be worth it. 

How to use blousing straps

  • Put on the usual uniform or attire.
  • Lower the pants to the ground.
  • Reach down the end of your pants and pull them up while making small folds up to the level of your boots. Make sure the fabric stays straight. 
  • Now, take the strap and tie it around the fabric you pulled up.
  • If everything is done correctly, you will get a perfect blouse or balloon above your boots.
  • Adjust the length by tugging the bottoms down, so they sit more neatly above the boot level.

2. Using blousing bands

How to blouse boots

Do you know how to tuck pants into combat boots in the quickest time possible? If not, learn how to do it here.

This is one of the easiest methods of all. All you need is an elastic military boot bands or a rubber band.

Elastic bands are lightweight and very comfortable to use for any kind of activity. This technique will help you blouse boots in no time.

But, it’s a little tricky, so initially, it will take some time to get it done. There are no major cons of using blousing bands. Though it could be a little tricky at first, after practice, you can wear them like a pro.

How to use boot bands

  • Pull your thick fabric socks.
  • Slide the band onto your feet.
  • Pull your pant.
  • Now tuck the bottom part inside the elastic band.
  • Fold the remaining pants over the elastic band. This will create a perfect balloon over the elastic band.
  • Adjust the pants so that your socks stay hidden.
  • After that wear the boots.

Pro tip: Elastic bands could be uncomfortable around the ankle after a certain period. So, make sure you wear very thick socks so that the band does not interfere with your blood circulation.

3. BDU blousing

bdu - How to blouse boots

Battle Dress uniform includes a kind of pants that already has a blouse. You don’t have to struggle yourself to make a perfect blouse.

This method is convenient and used in many practical purposes such as hunting, hiking, parades, etc. These types of pants have two fabrics in them.

One that layers blousing ties and the other that falls over the bloused boots.

You can find these pants in essential army stores or even online. So, finding it wouldn’t be difficult at all. If you don’t know how to blouse BDU pants, follow the below steps. A similar step is followed when you blouse ABU pants and ACU pants.

How to blouse bDU pants

  • Wear socks and BDU pants.
  • Tuck in the blousing tie(inner layer) with the help of a blousing strap.
  • Later wear boots.
  • Adjust the outer layer above the boots until it looks neat and asymmetric.

4. Tuck your pants into your socks

tuck your pants

This is the easiest way to blouse boots. In this method, you have to tuck your pants into your socks, so you get a more secure fit and comfort.

But, make sure that the socks are not longer than the boots. If that happens, the blouse won’t hold its shape for longer.

One downside of this method is not applicable for shorter military pants tucked into boots because if you run or tug, they will constantly budge and will not let you concentrate on your activities.

Thus, make sure your pants fit perfectly and are longer than your usual height. This way, you would get perfect bloused boots.

How to tuck pants into boots military

  • Wear your marines or military attire.
  • Put the boots untied.
  • Tuck the ends of the pants into the socks or shoes.
  • Once tucked, lace the boots to ensure the pants are intact.
  • Try to run, jump, crouch to see if the pants come untucked.
  • If not, you are good to go. But if it loosens up, try the next step.


Blousing boots are highly important for people serving in the marines or military.

  • It is part of their discipline and regulations.
  • It helps the personnel do everyday military activities such as run, march, jump, etc.
  • Blousing boots prevents the bottom of the pants from getting dirty or frayed.
  • Also, to prevent debris, insects get into the pants while crawling.
  • It helps reduce mud riding up the trouser and also helps run faster when needed.


Now that you have seen various ways on how to blouse pants. Make sure you try one of those. Blousing is extremely important for people from the military or marines.

So, if you serve any of those, you must know the correct way of blushing your pants and make yourself more presentable in front of everyone. Hope, this article on military boot blousers sounded interesting and useful for you. Thanks for reading through!

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