How To Break in Cowboy Boots

For staying trendy forever, you must have a pair of cowboy boots in your wardrobe. These cowboy boots, made of cowhide leather, are tight and can protect your feet from the scorching sun or even the icy snow.

However, you can't wear them right from the store, they might be overly tight and can’t even accommodate your feet. You have to break in cowboy boots to make them comfortable and also to prevent blisters and rashes on your skin.

There are a lot of ways you can break into cowboy boots. We have given some of them below. In this guide, you will learn how to break into cowboy boots, what time it takes, and why it's important. So read it till the end.

How to break in cowboy boots


Breaking in cowboy boots is important because you cannot use them directly. They are made of thick leather from cows and even alligators. Moreover, they have a long shaft with a long heel, everything is made of leather.

Hence, they are not at all comfortable to wear at first. You might be knowing how we get blisters when our thighs rub each other, similar to that. Because of friction, you will get blisters and feel uneasy. That's why stretching out cowboy boots is a better option, as it provides suitable space for your toes.


The easiest, painless and best way to stretch cowboy boots is to freeze them overnight. But you cannot simply pop them inside your freezer and expect them to expand. You need to place two sealable bags filled with water inside them.


You might know that water expands after freezing, so while the water turns into ice, your snipped toe boots will stretch. The best part about this method is that it won’t harm your shoes in any way. That's why, even if it seems harsh, it’s not and you can go for it.


1. Wear thick socks

The first, and the easiest way to stretch cowboy boots, is to wear thick socks underneath them, or you can even wear two pairs of socks. Simply wear socks under your cowboy boots and walk in them for some time. Due to the pressure because of the thick socks, the boots will stretch.

2. Use them frequently

Using your cowboy boots frequently can make them loose over time. However, this method can be painful for people who want to stretch them a lot. But people who want to stretch them a bit can endure the pain for a day or two. Moreover, cowboy boots stretch a lot so don't underestimate them.

3. Steam your boots

If you have a steamer at your home, you can use it to stretch your cowboy boots. However, this method has its own drawbacks, such as the color may fade, leather might deteriorate, etc. for steaming, use a kettle and steam the insides of your cowboy boots. Afterward, wear them while they are warm and walk in them. Lastly, let them dry naturally.

Steam your boots

4. Use a boot stretcher

The most convenient and less painful way of breaking in cowboy boots is to use a wooden boot stretcher. All you need to do is to place the boot stretcher inside your shoes for a day while you do your chores. However, you need to buy a boot stretcher which will add to your expenses.

Use a boot stretcher

5. Freeze your boots

As we all know, leather is used in lower temperatures so they can endure those snowy weather. So for stretching them, get two sealable bags full of water and place them deep inside your boots. Further, put your shoes in the freezer for at least 8 hours. As water expands after freezing, your shoes will expand too.


There is no difference between cowboy and cowgirl boots when it comes to breaking in. but there is a difference between the heel size and arch. Anyway, you can break in cowgirl boots by using the methods for breaking in cowboy boots


The cowboy boot stretching depends on the type of leather those shoes are made of. It can take up to 80 hours or even 100 hours to break into cowboy boots. However, we don’t want you to go through the painful process for straight 5-6 days, so take your own time. You can wear cowboy boots for 3-4 hours daily.


People love cowboy boots for their thick leather and warmth. However, they don’t know the right way to wear them, and stretching is an integral part of wearing them. That’s why stretching them is important.

Here we have tried our best to make this guide easy for you by asking experts and people who wear snipped toe boots i.e., cowboy boots. Lastly, we hope you understood these methods and would refer to our website for more such articles.

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