How to Clean White Mesh Nike Shoes

How to Clean White Mesh Nike Shoes? This question may arise from all mind. Nike shoes are popular shoes of all time. At the same time, they are one of the best high-end shoes. The designs of Nike shoes are fabulous and the quality is top-notch. The company was founded in 1964 and was known as blue ribbon sports. 

Nike is one of the successful brands. Ranging from teens to old, Nike has grabbed everyone's attention. It is a must-buy pair for every shoe lover. Nike had more male customers because it had started producing various shoes focused on male athletes. 

How to Clean White Mesh Nike Shoes

But, now, both males and females embrace the shoes as having Nike shoes is key to showing off. Cleaning the shoes can be irritating. Since many of us are slackers, cleaning shoes might be troublesome. And many lack the knowledge to clean their shoes properly.

To extend shoes' longevity, we must clean and care for them. But there might be lots of unresolved doubts about cleaning shoes properly. Especially cleaning White mesh Nike shoes. No one likes to spoil brand-new sneakers. Here is a cleaning guide for how to Clean White Mesh Nike Shoes?


The shoe loses its appeal when it is masked in dirt and debris. White shoes quickly catch the specks of dirt, leading to an old Every person desires to make their shoes look brand new. But with the correct techniques, you can quickly and flawlessly clean Nike shoes. These techniques will clean the shoes and give them a fresh, new feel. Let’s take a quick look at how to clean white mesh nike shoes?


Alright, to clean a white leather Nike sneaker, you may need to remove the shoes' laces. After removing the laces, you can start the process of cleaning. All you have to do is, take a toothbrush with soft bristles and rub it on the shoes to clear any debris existing on the shoe. 

After removing the dirt from the shoe, you can wash the shoe using washing powder and water. Do not use colorful toothpaste or toothpaste, which comes in the form of a gel. Although, you can clean the sole of shoes and give them a brighter appearance by using white cream toothpaste. 

Then, combine one spoonful of baking soda and one and a half spoons of detergent. Apply this mixture using a soft toothbrush and leave it alone for about half an hour. After that, you can wash the shoes to acquire sparkling white shoes.

Another way to clean Nike shoes in a washing machine is to use a toothbrush to remove any dirt or debris from the shoe. Separate the shoelace next. Place the shoes in a mesh laundry bag after that. Use gentle liquid detergent in a typical quantity and then cycle the washing machine. Use cold water to wash the shoes. After that, air dry the shoes, and enjoy wearing white Nike shoes.


Start by removing your shoes’ laces and cleaning them of any filth. Now prepare a bleach and water solution. One part of bleach to five parts water should be used to make the solution. Blend properly to get a perfect mixture. Start scrubbing off the shoes with this mixture using an old toothbrush. Be certain to immerse the laces in this mixture.

After finishing the cleaning process, rinse the shoes and laces with warm water. Air dry them overnight and enjoy the wear. These techniques help you breathe new life into your dull white Nike shoes.



How to Clean White Mesh Nike Shoes.1

Who wouldn’t desire white, spotless shoes? In the meantime, washing shoes might be tricky, and many of us lack cleaning instructions. You can clean Nike shoes easily by sitting in the comfort zone of your home. Below are the instructions for cleaning white mesh shoes at home.

Cleaning the shoes with a bristle brush is the first and most essential step in cleaning white mesh shoes. Remove the dirt present on the sole of the shoe and the upper of the shoe as well. The first step to restoring your white shoes to their former condition is to ensure they are dirt-free.

You can also clean off the shoes by adding a teaspoon of dish soap to the three cups of warm water, ducking the used toothbrush into it, and rubbing against the dirt in the shoe. 

Next, soak the shoes in lukewarm water for a thorough cleaning. Do not forget to unlace the sneakers and dunk them separately. Immerse them for a while to let more dirt come out.

The shoe laces need to be cleaned as well. To accomplish this, apply laundry detergent to the dirty portion of the shoe laces, put them in a special bag, and wash them. Once the washing is completed, Air dries them.  

Shoes can have yellow stains removed using vinegar. Spray vinegar on the sneakers and leave them to dry for at least 40 minutes. 

If you have followed all the instructions and cleaned the shoes well, but they still look dirty, you may need to apply stain remover or stain lift. The residual stains on the shoes may be removed by spraying stain remover on them.

You need to dry the shoes if all the washing and rinsing are over. However, you can use a crumpled paper towel to clean Nike shoes entirely. To help the shoes dry, place some clothes or towels inside. After completing these steps, you can leave the shoes outside to dry naturally. These will shorten the drying period.

However, you can clean the shoes at home with bleach, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, white toothpaste, OxiClean stain remover, shaving cream, etc. Yet, you should exercise caution when using a tiny amount of bleach to clean the shoes and using protective hand gloves. These ways, you can clean Nike shoes easily at home. 


If you want to deep clean the white mesh shoes, there are some methods you need to follow to get a bright shoe. You can use these straightforward methods at home to achieve decent results. Nobody likes to wear dirty shoes. White shoes can enhance the overall look. But removing the hard stains and dirt may be difficult. Here is the list of methods to clean the kicks.


You can use bleach to clean the shoes. To do this, take 5 tbsp water and 1 tbsp bleach in a container and mix them well. Pull a toothbrush and dunk it in the aforementioned mixture. Remove the toothbrush and clean the shoes where dirt seems to be sticking out.

Cleanse the filth and stains that are visible on the shoe. Then, you can keep the shoes under the running water and clean them properly. Take a dry cloth and wipe away any extra water when you’ve finished this. Hold off until the shoe dries.


First, take ½ tbsp of hydrogen peroxide solution in a container, then pour ½ tbsp of water and 1 tbsp of baking soda into it. Now comes the mixing phase. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to thoroughly mix the solutions.

Use a cotton rag to thoroughly wipe the shoes. After that, apply the solution to the white mesh shoes with a toothbrush. Now begin to scrub the dirt away. Allow up to 30 or 60 minutes for the shoes to dry. Once it has dried, thoroughly rinse the shoes in fresh water and let them air dry again for a few hours.


The first step is to soak the white mesh shoes using a damp cotton cloth. Using your fingertips, dab non-gel toothpaste into the shoes. Apply it to the areas with scuff marks and grime.

After that, use a soft toothbrush to scrub the filth away from the areas where toothpaste has already been used. Now use a damp cotton cloth to remove everything. This is the easiest trick to follow to whiten the shoes again.


Take six ounces of OxiClean stain remover powder and mix it with warm water. Now use a toothbrush to thoroughly combine the solution. Before scrubbing the shoes with the mixture, make sure to wet the shoes using a damp cotton cloth. You may now rub the filth away. After cleaning everything, remove the filthy foam with a moist cloth. Hold off until the shoes have dried.


Take a small amount of white shaving cream. Apply shaving cream on shoes using a toothbrush with gentle bristles. Rub the dirt off now, and give it 30 minutes to dry. Then use a toothbrush or a wet cloth to wipe away the stains. Wait for the shoe to dry again, and then apply shaving cream.

Wash out the shoe after repeating the previous step. In addition, keep adhering to the white foam stamp to confirm the appropriate operation of the gel.


Shoe cleaning has got all instructions and manual. You can clean your shoes by following these instructions. The cleaning kit includes all the equipment needed to clean the shoes.

However, it is also one of the priciest ways to clean shoes. Grab a cleaning agent from the kit, then apply it with various cleaning brushes to the shoes. Rub on the shoe where there are more dirty particles. After cleaning, cover the shoes with a laundry bag kit and put them in the washing machine. Wash the sneakers while lowering the load on the washer. Allow the shoes to dry naturally.


When drying the shoes, extreme caution must be taken. Drying the shoes in the wrong way can make their shoes look worsen. Inappropriate drying can leave stains on the shoes, and your white shoes may turn yellowish. Therefore it is essential to use effective drying methods to safeguard your shoes. The following information will assist you in thoroughly drying off the white mesh shoes.

The most popular way for drying shoes is air drying. You may simply leave your shoes outside in the sun to dry entirely. If the shoe is incredibly wet, you might even insert some paper towels inside the shoe. This is done so that their natural shape will hold as the shoes dry.

How to Clean White Mesh Nike Shoe

Never attempt to speed up drying by machine-drying the shoes. The mesh material will be ruined if you do that. The most natural method for drying shoes is sunlight. Furthermore, it can eradicate microorganisms that cause odors.

Using electrical air driers may ruin the shoes as well. You can cram stiff paper sheets into the shoes to expedite the drying process, let the shoe air dry, and then remove the sheets to let the shoes dry entirely.

Sunlight not only dries the shoes more quickly but also has the potential to fade any stains, leaving behind a pair of crisp, white shoes. If dirt or sweat has not been thoroughly removed from the shoes, do not expose them to the sun for an extended period because this will lead to a yellow color change of the shoe.

The shoe should be completely dried before you wear them. These are the straightforward steps you may take to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your shoes.


1. How can I dry white shoes without changing them into yellow?

To avoid shoes turning yellow due to UV oxidation, Wrap the shoes with tissue and keep them under the sun. Since the dirt in the shoe turns yellow when allowed to dry, clean the bottoms of the shoes thoroughly. 

Another method is to not use cloth detergent as these detergents may still be left inside the shoe and will turn yellow when kept dry. Additionally, wash the shoes well to remove any sweat and debris that will later turn yellow when dried.

2. Can I put mesh shoes in the washing machine?

Directly putting the mesh shoes in the washing machine is not advised. If you decide to wash the shoes in the washer, try putting them in a mesh bag and using gentler cycles. By doing this, you can prevent your shoes from being damaged. Shoes’ insoles and laces should be removed, and they should be washed separately. 

3. How can I protect the white mesh shoes?

Try not to introduce the mesh shoes into water much. Use a protective waterproof product before putting on the shoe. Also, use stain repellent followed by water repellent for the shoes. To safeguard your brand-new or freshly washed white mesh shoes, repeat this procedure every two to three weeks.

4. Can I soak my white mesh shoes in vinegar?

Yes, you can. Applying vinegar to discolored areas and allowing them to dry for 40 minutes or more is a good idea if the stains on the shoes are still there or the white mesh has become yellow. To clean the white mesh shoes, combine two parts of white vinegar with one part of hot water.


White shoes are very popular. White shoes almost go with every outfit. White shoes appear very elegant, whether worn for a fun dinner date, a holiday, or a day at the beach. White mesh Nike shoes are popular shoes of all time. However, it might be challenging to maintain the shoes fresh and tidy.

White shoes easily indicate the dirt existing on them, as the dirt stands out in white more than any other color. Keeping your shoes unclean can make the shoes look dirtier and can affect your overall look.

As a result, it’s crucial to maintain and care for the shoes. Cleaning your white mesh Nike shoes duly will simply give them new life. The above-listed steps for washing shoes are efficient and yield decent results. Attempt the suggestions and techniques to keep your shoes neat and appealing.

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