How To Keep Shoes From Dry Rotting

Summers are here again! Get your pair of trendy shoes out and flaunt them. Wait a minute! Did your shoes feel hard and are falling apart? That’s what shoe rotting is. But you stored them in your dry closet, right? See, there are a lot of your shoes didn’t survive for a small time. It might be the quality of your shoes, how you store them, or even how you maintain them. 

So, want to find out what’s actually wrong with your shoes or your maintenance? Read this guide, and you will know each detail about dry rotting. Moreover, we have explained how to keep shoes from dry rotting. Thus, do read this guide till the end and find out.

How to keep shoes from dry rotting

How To Keep Shoes From Dry Rotting - Step by Step guide


Dry rotting of shoes doesn’t mean actual rotting of shoes. This process takes place when your shoes are stored carelessly in extremely humid or dry conditions. There are two ways of dry rotting. First one, if the moisture in your shoes dries, the gum of the shoes dry, and they become brittle and even break down. On the other hand, bacteria and molds form in the shoes if the moisture level increases.

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There are loads of reasons your shoes are dry, rotting in your closet. Here are some of them given below:

  • There is no proper maintenance and cleaning of shoes before and after wearing them all day long. 
  • Improper storing such as keeping them in shoe boxes or closed places where air cannot circulate.
  • Extreme temperatures you are living in can be a reason. For that, you can use shoe maintenance products.


1. Get high-quality shoes

The first most reason many people experience leather dry rot is because of the quality of their shoes. If they are cheap and made of fake leather, they will break over time, even if you do everything to maintain them properly. We would recommend buying high-quality shoes if you want to wear them for a long period.

2. Don’t store them in extreme conditions

If your region experiences extreme weather conditions, your shoes cannot survive there. You should not keep them at a humid temperature or else molds form in them. Also, do not place them in extremely dry conditions or direct sunlight. To keep shoes in good condition, You can store them in your closet, but make sure there is no moisture.

3. Don’t store them in a box

If we buy expensive shoes, we tend to keep them in a shoebox or any box in hope that they will last long. However, you are ruining them. Storing them in a box will surely make them fall apart. That’s because there is no air ventilation. So your shoes will have a moisture buildup. Hence, keep them somewhere the shoes can get fresh air.

4. Wear them frequently

Buying expensive shoes doesn’t mean you have to keep them packed in your closet all time. Wear them frequently, let them experience the fresh air. Moreover, if you wear them frequently, you will care for them, and clean them frequently.

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Unfortunately, there is no way to fix the dry rot shoes. If your shoes are falling apart, there is no way to revive them back.

But, as dry rot is a slow process, you might realize your shoes are dry rotting. That’s when there are some hopes you can get them back to life by frequently caring for your dry rotted shoes and applying oil over them.


1. how to store shoe long-term?

If you want to preserve your shoes for the long term, you have to store them in an open area, clean them regularly, use shoe trees and other maintenance products. Moreover, using a shoe organizer works too.

2. how to prevent Jordans from crumbling?

If you want to prevent your Jordans from crumbling, try cleaning them frequently and use a leather shoe cleaner on the leather part and clean the other non-leather parts using a damp cloth. Moreover, make sure you place them well.

3. how to prevent crumbling soles?

For preventing crumbling soles, use shoe trees to absorb the moisture, or you can even stuff your shoes with newspapers or tissues. Moreover, cleaning your shoes, especially the soles, is a must for preventing the crumbling of soles.


Dry rotting is an irreversible process where you are left with nothing when it ends. Therefore, try preventing your shoes from dry rotting and keep your expensive shoes safe so you can wear them for a long time.

Especially if you have leather shoes, you need to maintain them even more. As we are at the end, we hope that now you can keep your shoes from rotting or even revive them after rotting.

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