How To Pack Shoes In Suitcase – Complete Guide

Packing shoes in a suitcase or any bag has constantly been a topic of concern. That’s because you cannot fold or bend them similar to what you do with clothes. You need to pack them as if they are in their odd shape while making sure they don’t get damaged. 

Best ways to pack shoes while traveling

However, what if we tell you can easily pack your shoes in any bag without damaging them? Seems fun, right? If yes, go on reading this guide on the best ways to pack shoes while traveling, which explains the best way to pack shoes without damaging them. Moreover, we have given small yet essential tips which will help you pack shoes for travel with no hassle.


If your shoes matter to you the most, you should make sure they are safe while traveling. Here are the best ideas to pack shoes for traveling that will keep your shoes safe and also make your traveling easier. 


Best ways to pack shoes while traveling

1. Shoes at sides

If you want your shoes to not move at all while traveling, you should try the shoes at sides method. In this method, firstly wrap and stuff your shoes and then arrange each of them near the walls of your suitcase. Place them such that the soles touch the sides of your bag.

However, this method is solely for sneakers and boots, so don’t try this if you have wedges or heels. 

2. Shoes at bottom

While packing shoes in a suitcase or any bag, you can place them at the bottom. However, before that, make sure you have cleaned, stuffed, and packed them in different plastic bags. Thus place them heel to toe and add a pair of shorts or jeans in between them. You can pack your heels and wedges at the bottom. 

3. Pack them in zipper compartments

The zipper compartment is the safest place you can pack your shoes in, that’s because your shoes won’t move from their place. Wrap your shoes and align them from heel to toe and pack them in zipper compartments. 


Wrapping a pair of shoes while traveling is crucial. Otherwise, they will ruin other items in your suitcase or bag. 

  • Clean your shoes thoroughly and make sure they are dry. If you have no time, spray some disinfectant and shoe freshener; thus, they won’t smell awful.
  • Further, put each shoe in a different plastic bag and tie the ends. Make sure there is no air inside the bag.


Best ways to pack shoes while traveling
  • Wear the bulkiest and heaviest shoes while traveling, so you need not pack them in your bag.
  • Keep minor items like socks, belts, and underwear inside your shoes to save space.
  • For a suitcase, always place your shoes at the bottom. It will make sure your suitcase stays balanced.
  • In a suitcase, always assemble your shoe from heel to top. Similar to how you receive them in a shoe box.


If you are on a one-day trip and need shoes there, you can take them with you in your backpack. However, a pair of shoes will take up a lot of space in your backpack, so make sure you will need them. If you are firm on your decision, here are the steps to pack shoes in a backpack. 

  • Make sure your shoes are clean and to avoid deformation, stuff them with socks or newspapers. Lastly, wrap them in different plastic bags, respectively.
  • Firstly, stuff some secondary items or clothes at the base of your backpack. Also, get a sizeable bag so at least your shoes can get in.
  • When you are in the middle of your backpack, toss in your shoes and keep them such that each shoe’s toe will touch the other shoe’s heel.
  • Lastly, put on more clothes over your shoes and fill your backpack with the most important items.


A duffle bag is larger as compared to a backpack, so there is no need to worry about fitting your shoes in the bag. Here are the steps to packing shoes in a duffle bag. 

  • Similar to earlier methods, clean your shoes and stuff them with socks or newspapers. Lastly, put them inside different plastic bags, respectively.
  • Unlike a backpack, you can place your shoes at the bottom of a duffle bag such that one shoe is on the top of another, heel to toe.
  • Also, for distributing weight evenly in a duffle bag, add all the heavier items at the base beside the shoes.
  • Lastly, place your lighter clothes above the heavier ones.


While packing shoes, the primary matter of concern is to not let them squish in your bag. Here are some methods you can follow to prevent your shoes from squishing. 

  • Always stuff your shoes with socks or newspaper while packing, or else they will get deformed.
  • If your shoes are too expensive, don’t take a chance with stuffing newspapers or socks. Get shoe trees to keep your shoes from squishing.
  • To keep your shoes firm and from acquiring a lot of space, assemble them close to each other.


Use a shoe freshener or spray

Using a shoe freshener or a spray before packing shoes is a good idea. No one can clean their shoes each day. Therefore, to keep them fresh, carry a spray with you while on the trip. 

Avoid packing shoes and expensive equipment together

It’s best if you don’t put your expensive jewelry or electronic device besides your packed shoes in a bag. That’s because your shoes are hard and might scratch or damage the expensive items beside them. 

Keep valuable items safe in your shoes

You can’t keep valuable items besides shoes but can keep them safe inside your shoes. In case of theft, no one will ever check your shoes. Also, the small, expensive items will stay safe inside your shoes stuffed with socks. 

Take a pair of shoes only if they are important

Do not unnecessarily pack 6-7 pairs of shoes if you are not going to use them on your trip. These shoes will be of no use and will only take up space in your bag. 


1. How Many Pairs of Shoes Should I Take?

Even though the answer depends on you, we would recommend you to pack at the most 3 pairs of shoes and not more than that.

2. Are Shoes Allowed In Carry-On Luggage?

Yes, shoes are allowed in carry-on luggage. However, you might be charged for the extra weight they put on.

3. Where Should I Put My Shoes In A Suitcase?

Always put your shoes at the bottom of your suitcase. This will prevent your suitcase from tripping.


Many people, including us, value shoes a lot. Simply by pairing, They can make any outfit look classy or even trashy. Hence, pair them well, and don’t leave your favorite shoes while going on a trip. Take them with you.

We hope that using our guide, and you can pack shoes for travel easily. And that too without taking much space. Lastly, flaunt your shoes and enjoy the trip.

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