How To Sew Ribbons on Pointe Shoes Properly

The pointe shoes made of beautiful satin seem easy to wear, right? But that’s not the case. These pointe shoes don’t come with sew ribbons or elastic. You have to do it on your own. However, it’s better as you can customize the ribbons according to your preference. If you are an aspiring ballet dancer or want to learn, you should know how to sew the ribbon on pointe shoes. 

How to sew ribbons on pointe shoes

Likewise, these ribbons have to be sewn with a proper technique for better results. In this guide, we will help you get the answer on how to sew pointe shoes with a detailed step-by-step guide. Moreover, we have added some extra tips for your help. Hence, read it till the end, and you are free to sew pointe shoe ribbons.


  • Thread- the thread should match the color of your shoes with ribbons. Often, they are baby pink or white-coloured, so get a thread of the same color.
  • Needle- make sure the needle you get is appropriate for the thread size. Further, a small needle is recommended as the stitches will not be visible easily.
  • Ribbon- get ribbons of the same color as your pointe shoes. There are different ribbons available, so choose wisely.
  • Elastic- the elastic is optional but if you feel it’s needed or your teacher has suggested it, get it.
  • Marker- a light marker or a pencil is highly required while sewing ribbons for marking the sewing positions.
  • Scissors- keep one pair of sharp scissors handy for cutting thread and excess material.
  • Sewing pins- if you are a newbie to sewing, sewing pins is crucial.


Step 1: Mark The Sewing Point

For marking the sewing point on your pointe shoes, fold the heel of your shoe inward. Further, mark the point where the bend ends on the sides of your shoes. You can use a pencil for that. Once you have marked the sewing points, unfold your pointe shoe and straighten it so you can go further. 

Step 2: Cut The Ribbons And Elastics

Before sewing the ribbons on pointe shoes, you have to cut them. The ribbon comes in a single piece which you have to cut into four halves. For that, double-fold the ribbon and cut it using scissors. Make sure all the ribbon pieces are of even length. Now you will have two ribbons for each shoe. The pointe shoe elastic should be cut according to the foot size, which we will see afterwards. 

Step 3: Sew The Ribbon

Firstly, take the sewing pins and secure the ribbons in their place. You can sew the ribbons at an angle for better looks and comfort. While sewing the ribbon on pointe shoes, make sure you don’t sew over the satin as it will rip off the satin, and also avoid sewing over the drawstring. 

Step 4: Sew The Elastic (Optional)

The elastic, if not sewn right, can cause discomfort to the dancer. Hence, most of the dancers don’t prefer sewing elastic on pointe shoes. However, if you prefer, you can go for elastic. Start with wearing the pointe shoes and check for the elastic measurement.

Secure one side of the pointe shoe elastic from some distance from the heel and measure how much elastic your feet will require. Next, secure the second point, too, using a sewing pin. Lastly, sew both the points with some angle comfortable for your feet. 

Step 5: Trim The Excess Ribbon

The last step is to trim the excess ribbon. You can do it by wearing pointe shoes and ribbons and seeing if there is any need to trim them. If yes, take a pair of scissors and cut them accordingly. Also, don’t forget to burn the ribbons’ edges lightly using a lighter so they will tear off. If you don’t have a lighter, try using some nail polish to secure the ends. 

Extra Tips

  • If you prefer some extra support and comfort, start sewing the ribbon from the base to the sides. Also, make sure you sew them with an angle for better support.
  • Even if elastics are not important, you can try using them for better support. Sew them by taking a perfect measurement of your ankle. Also, angle them properly for comfortable usage.
  • Other than traditional dance, ballet dancers use the same shoes with the only difference in the ribbon size, so you can sew ballet shoe ribbons in a similar manner.


See, that’s how easy it is to sew ribbons on pointe shoes. If you haven’t sewn anything in your life, you might face some minute problems. However, with time you can easily sew pointe shoes.

We would recommend learning from an experienced individual first, or else you might ruin your new pointe shoes. Lastly, if you are truly confident and have some sewing experience, go for it. 

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