How To Stretch Cowboy Boots Instep

No one is there; who isn’t in love with stylish cowboy boots. The sophisticated look of the cowboy shoe adds the final touch of elegance to one’s western look. Unfortunately, many people; who have a wide foot or fatty calves can’t feel comfortable at any cost and end up with foot aches or injury.

Are you having the same problem? Probably, the pair of your cowboy boots are tight on the top of the foot or instep or maybe around the calf. That doesn’t mean; you’ll start hating your boots.

Right now, I have two pieces of good news for you. The first one is that your cowboy boots have a solid genuine leather construction that we desire the most, as the pure leather material is prone to shrinkage. Another one is that you could stretch out cowboy boots with ease.

Let’s have a look at how to stretch leather cowboy boots following a few simple steps -

How to stretch cowboy boots instep


In this section, you’ll learn how to loosen cowboy boots from various places; like - how to break in cowboy boots? How to stretch leather boots around the ankle? How to stretch the shaft of cowboy boots?...


Having a properly fitted instep is the most important to stay comfortable in cowboy boots. If you could stretch the instep of the boot, it will relax your ankle, heel, and top of the foot, as well. I’ll suggest using an instep cowboy boot stretcher for stretching cowboy boots tight instep.

Steps of stretching out cowboy boots with boot arch stretcher

  • Put the boot stretcher inside the boot
  • Leave it at least for 8 hours with the desired "settings".

The fibers of the leather or other material take time to relax or loosen the knitting of the material.


Like an instep stretcher for boots, you’ll get several calf stretcher tools. Spray your boot with a reliable leather stretching spray. This way you could widen the shaft of the boot using a stretcher, like - The Ariat boot stretcher.

boot arch stretcher
  • Crank up the handle or arm and stretch out the calf portion of the boot a bit. Don’t overdo it; otherwise, it will destroy the boot.
  • Leave the boot overnight, like this way, and check how much it has stretched.
  • Repeat the same over a few days. You could slightly increase the pressure to the boot with time unless you get a proper fitting.

If you don’t have any western boot stretcher tools, there is no need to rush toward the cobbler or boot stretcher person near you. I’ve some DIY ideas on how to stretch boots at home. Let’s check out the DIY hacks -


You could stretch the cowboy boots by keeping them in the freezer overnight. It might look awkward. Hence, you could try the ice therapy method by stretching leather cowboy boots; this way –

  • Keep a shopping bag inside your boot and stretch it out of the boots.
  • Fill some water into it. Fill 1/4th of the bag if you want to widen only the toe area, and ½ to 1/3 for ankle, instep, and toe areas. If you want to increase the calf area, water till the calf area.
  • Please place the boots in a freezer until the water gets frozen. Find something to prop the bootup and keep it in the freezer this way.
  • Take the part of the boots out of the freezer; remove the frozen water bag out of your cowboy boot.
  • Wait until the moisture dries completely and the boot becomes wearable. 
How to stretch your boots with ice


  • Make a boot spray using rubbing alcohol and water mixture in 1:1 proportion. If you worry that the alcohol could damage the boot, you could take 1 part alcohol and 3 parts water, though the diluted solution will evaporate quickly.
  • Apply the mixture to the areas that need stretching.
  • Keep wearing the boot with socks until it makes you comfortable. 


Hopefully, the cowboy boots stretching ideas will come in handy in making your shoe comfortable as you want. Aside from these methods, you will find many other cowboy boot stretching hacks, but the above-mentioned techniques are safe enough.

I could guarantee you that the tools or ingredients; you’ve asked for will not damage our expensive cowboy boots. So, follow the method you want to apply without being worried a bit. Don’t worry; you’ll end with a smiley relaxed face. 

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