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A shoe’s comfort is directly proportional to how well it fits. Most often than not, people get mistaken with their shoe size because technically shoe sizes just consider the length of the foot, which has nothing to do with how comfortable you will feel when you wear them.

But the common mistake that people make is not buying shoes that are smaller in size but buying the ones that are larger.  This happens because even for the same sizes, the fit of every brand is not the same, and this leads to misjudgment.

In this thread, we will try to address that how you can avoid buying shoes that are larger than your size and what are the things that you should keep in mind to ensure this.


There are various ways in which we can check whether the shoes that we are planning to buy fit well or not. If you are skeptical regarding the same, you can check the below given factors.

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Easy to stumble: If you are confused about how to know if shoes fit or not, the easiest way to find out is to check whether you stumble upon them when walking in them or not. If you stumble even when walking on even surfaces, it means that the shoes have a poor fitting. The shoes that fit well won’t move when you walk, meaning that your body will be stable while walking in them.

Shoe Wrinkle: The best answer to, are my shoes too big? It would be to check that the shoes bend while walking or not. The bending of shoes causes wrinkles in them, which is a clear indicator of shoes being bigger than they should be. Wrinkles happen mainly due to the space that is between the feet and the shoes while you walk in them.

Loose feet: When you wear the shoes for the first time, move your feet to feel if they are moving freely in them or not. For shoes to have a proper fit, they should not slide while your feet are in them. A movement that makes for comfortable wearing is only feasible when it comes to shoes.

Footwear hurts your foot: Big shoes can easily hurt your feet. This happens because if the shoes are too wide, it means that there can be chances of friction between the feet and the shoes. It can also happen if the shoes are too long. The friction can cause blisters and burn in your feet, which can be very painful.


What can be more depressing than the realization that my shoes are too big that too after so much screening at the store? We know that feeling and don’t want you to go through the same. Hence, we have mentioned certain hacks that you can use to ensure that the fit of your shoes improves.

Wear thick socks: Wearing thick socks adds extra padding between the feet and the shoes, which improves the fit of the shoes. Winter socks can be used in this case. It is a great way of fixing big shoes and is also cost-effective, which means that almost anyone can use it. 

Use an insole: You can also use soft pads inside the shoes, which increases the cushioning and also improves comfort. These soft pads are what are known as insoles, and they decrease the size of the shoes, which improves the fit. They are generally made out of silicon, which also makes them durable and long-lasting unless tampered with.

Silicon gel: These are similar to insoles and provide better support to the feet while walking. The material is soft and hence improves comfort.


Heel Strips: Heel strips are a soft material that is placed at the back of the shoes to increase the overall fit. They come in handy if the shoes are loose from the rear. Heel strips are made of soft material, which is skin-friendly and is a boon for females who are into wearing long heels.

Foot Pads: Foot pads provide extra cushioning to the feet and allows the wider part of the feet to have a better grip.

Break in the shoe: After wearing the shoes continuously for longer periods, the shoes take the form of your feet, and the overall fit also improves.


To avoid buying big shoes, it is optimal to measure your feet and know you size. To measure the feet, put both your feet on a sheet of paper and draw an outline of it.

Now, measure the length and width of the outline drawn of both your feet using a tape or ruler measure the widest and longest part of your outline and and you are done.

Problems That Occur If Shoes Are Too Big

  • Discomfort while walking
  • Blisters and burn
  • Chances of stumbling
  • Shoe Wrinkles


1. How To Know If Shoes Are Too Small?

The easiest way to know that your shoes are small is when they are extremely uncomfortable while walking, and you frequently get blisters and burn whenever you wear them. Other signs can be a lack of movement of feet inside the shoes.

2. How Do You Know If A Shoe Fits?

If the fit of the shoes is accurate, they will be comfortable when walking. You won’t be hurting your feet, and they will have an ample amount of space to breathe. Other signs can be a lack of shoe wrinkles and blister formation.

3. how tight should a shoe be?

Shoes that fit perfectly allow for movement that is sufficient in a way that it provides for comfortable walking. You won’t stumble in them, nor will they feel tight. Most of the time, you won’t even notice that they are there.

4. how much room should you have in your shoes?

Until and unless the stability is maintained while walking, any amount of space is permissible. It should not hinder the support or make you nervous when you are in them.

5. is it better to buy shoes bigger or smaller?

If you are in a great dilemma of buying a pair of shoes that is either bigger or smaller and not exactly of your size, then you should go with bigger pair of shoes. It is because a bigger pair of shoes can be customized for a better fit by applying or adding various after-market accessories, but if you are stuck with a smaller pair, then there is no certain way of expanding them to your size.


As humans, we are susceptible to mistakes, and we make a lot of them, but not all mistakes are incurable, and getting a pair of shoes that are larger is just one of them. Nobody wants shoes that don’t fit properly, and the hassle of exchanging them is something not everyone is comfortable with.

But if somehow, after hours of shoe screening, if you land upon a bigger pair, then you need not worry after having gone through this article. We hope that this article and the hacks mentioned in it allows for guilt-free shoe shopping so that all you can focus on is shoes and nothing else. Now, that you know how to tell if shoes are too big, share this article with your friends and educate them as well. 

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