How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes – Complete Guide

When it comes to lightweight and comfortable slip-on shoes, like – most Hey Dude models, people mostly love that thing that they don't have to struggle with lace every day. On the contrary, people with narrow feet or who love to wear snugly fitted shoes often wander around the internet with a question - how to make Hey Dudes fit tighter?

How to make Hey Dudes fit tighter
No more worry! In this guide article, I’ll answer all your questions regarding Hey Dude fittings, including how to style Hey Dudes with various Hey Dude shoe lacing options?


Yes, Of course. Like all shoes with a lacing system, the Hey Dude shoes also let you tighten them as you want and shrink after washing.


How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

Are you not getting a proper fitting across the feet even after purchasing a pair of right-sized shoes? The problem is probably your lacing style. Tie your shoes in this way to achieve the best fit -

  • First, you have to cross the laces. Laces are placed on the tongue. Take one and cross the lace over another lace.
  • Next, keep pulling the crossed laces until you get snug fitting across your foot.
  • Once you reach the desired fit, make a couple of knots at the ends of the laces to secure tight fittings against your foot. 
  • Now, repeat the same steps on the other side of the shoe.
  • Sometimes the shoe manufacturing brands incorporate extra large laces to let you try different lacing patterns. If your shoes are flush with lace, cut down the excess laces to make your boot look well organized. 
  • Now, put on the shoe and ensure it fits properly around your feet and you can comfortably walk around wearing it. 
  • If it’s a bit loose or tight, adjust the place of knots on the lace as needed. Follow the steps again to do so.


How to make Hey Dudes fit tighter

Apply these tips and tricks to get a better fit in your Hey Dude shoes-

  • Try different tying methods, like – the Loop or Bow method, if the above-mentioned tying style fails to give you proper fitting.
  • If the shoes are still a bit loose, wear a pair of thick socks to get more tight fittings.


Some people try to tie a bow with the lace and follow differently lacing patterns, or wrap the laces in and out of the eyelets to avoid looking boring. Apart from trying the different Hey Dude lacing options, you could paint the boot or attach printed leather on the upper portion to look cool.


How To Remove And Replace Hey Dude Laces

You should remove the laces before washing the shoes, or if the laces are too long for you to handle, thanks to the Hey Dude for making them easily removable laces.  You’ve to go through a few simple steps to remove and replace the laces – 

  • First, properly untie the shoelaces.
  • If there are any knot covers at the end of the knots, get rid of them next.
  • Untie the knots using a pair of tweezers, though tweezers get used for tiny knots.
  • Now, take off the laces from the lacing holes.
  • Put the new laces through the holes and tie the knots at the end as it was to secure them.
  • Finally, you’re ready to tie up your shoes according to your desired fit. 


1. Which is the most reliable way to tighten Hey Dude shoes?

If you don’t want to lose the aesthetic look your shoe offers, pull the shoe closer and knot the strings close to the eyelets on both sides to keep the fittings as it is for a long time. It is the most reliable tying method, though you could also try the bow or loop tying style.

2. Are Tight Shoes a Big Problem For You?

A shoe is of no use if it doesn’t fit well. It doesn’t even matter what type of shoes you wear to complement your outfit; you can’t carry the attire with full confidence until you achieve the best comfort.

That’s why; most people tend to buy bigger-sized shoes in fear of getting squished and uncomfortable feet by the end of the day. The tight shoes could give you blisters, fatigue, or other serious injuries, as well.

So, it is always preferable getting a bit of loose shoes and achieving the snug fit you want by following the hacks; you’ve learned here. 

3. Can Hey Dude tighten due to shrinking on wash?

Yes! Like other shoes, the Hey Dude shoes shrink after washing and become a bit tighter than the previous size. 

4. How can we size up or down in Hey Dude shoes?

Being laced shoes, the Hey Dude models offer a comfortable snug fit as you want in just three steps

  • First, untie the knots of Hey Dude shoe strings.
  • Then, pull the strings to tighten up the shoes until you get desired tension and fittings around your feet.
  • Finally, tie a knot again to prevent the laces from loosening. 

If you’re still confused, watch this tutorial video on - how to tighten Hey Dude shoes to understand within a few seconds.


The Hey Dude shoes started their journey with a mission of being lighter and more breathable than the traditional shoes, and now it becomes easier to wear. Do you agree? 

However, I’ve tried to cover most of the things related to Hey Dude shoe laces and fittings; if you still have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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