How To Wear Combat Boots Over 40

The combat bat boot trend is going stronger than ever. This famous trend from the 90s is back again in the game but with more modern aesthetics and features. Combat boots are not just for teen girls but for matrons who still want to shine and style like youngsters.

Midlife crises can be challenging. You can make it right by getting better in fashion and self-care. Keeping up with modern fashion is crucial as it helps you embrace yourself more and builds self-confidence.

How To Wear Combat Boots

Wondering if you can still wear combat boots at the age of 40 or above? The answer is Yes and always be. Any woman of any age group can wear combat boots if they have the right balance for heels and good ankle stability. So, if you are considering buying combat boots for a change, here are some suggestions to pull off your combat boots.

How To Wear Combat Boots Over 40


How to Wear Combat Boots Over 40 with Jeans? Combat boots and jeans are unbeatable if you want to go for something minimalist and stylish too. Styling these boots with jeans depends on your jeans type: skinny, flared, bell bottoms, etc.

How To Wear Combat Boots with Jeans

Combat Boots with Skinny Jeans

Pairing your Doc martens combat boots with any skinny high-waisted jeans is an excellent choice if you go for a casual outing with friends or family. Here's how you can use it with skinny jeans;

  • Let the jeans lie above the boots.
  • Tuck the jeans into the boots
  • Roll up the jeans to make a cuff above the shaft of the boot
  • Wear socks above combat boots

Complete this outfit with a nice cropped top or tucked shirt for a chic style.

Combat Boots with Straight Length Jeans

If you are wondering how to style doc martens women's combat boots, you can wear them with straight-leg jeans to get the best fashion out of your combat boots. If you want a more casual spin to your style, you can roll up your straight jeans above your gumboots. You can complete the look with a ribbed top and a leather jacket.

Combat Boots with Wide Leg Jeans

This pairing is the simplest. You cannot do much experimentation with wide-leg jeans because they cannot be cuffed or rolled up like straight-length jeans. Combat boots and wide-leg jeans are an ultimate winter wear combo that can never go wrong. Complete the look with a bodysuit, army jacket, and crossbody sling bag.


Wondering how to wear doc martens with faux leather leggings? Then here's how you can style this combo. Leggings are very comfortable and easy choices for any middle-aged woman who wants to feel easy going anywhere without having to wear too many clothes.

How To Wear Combat Boots with Leggings

All you have to do is pick a black legging with either black or white combat boots. To be honest, I like burgundy combat boots better if I am wearing black leggings. But it's my opinion I am not saying you should opt for the same.

To add more grace to this look, you can try leggings with zippers, studs, etc. Complete this look with a boyfriend tee. Want to try my style this time? Go for the burgundy combat boots outfit and step out where your maroon boots will catch everyone's attention.


Yes, combat boots look a bit manly, so you can pair your combat boots with a maxi or bodycon dress to add a more feminine touch to your overall outfit. I think a woman styling doc martens with a nice floral dress look chic.

Out of all the boots categories, I believe combat boots look best with dresses. Clearly, combat boots would not look great with frilled frocks or dresses. So, here are my suggestions to style combat boots with different types of dresses;

How to Wear Combat Boots with Dresses

Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are the best. If you don't know what it is exactly just google it you will get the idea. These dresses are skin-tight dresses that fit into your body shape. Black, Pink, Purple, every color in these types of dresses would look good on your black combat boots.

However, if you have white boots and are wondering what to wear with your white combat boots? Go for dark color dresses such as black, navy blue, ash grey, etc. Vibrant colors attract better, so if you have white or any other colored combat boots other than black, you can go for a midi bodycon LBD, satin, or ribbed black dress with your patented combat boots to pull off this style.

Sweater Dresses

You might have seen celebrities wearing these long oversized sweater dresses these days. Well, sweater dresses have put a strong fashion statement in front of the general public; thus many millennial and older women are seen stepping out in sweatshirts and long sweater dresses in the winters.

If you are having a cozy day and want a laid-back or casual dressing, then you can put on your favorite sweater dresses and combat boots. This outfit will give you a comfortable yet stylish look that nobody can ignore to see. Too short or too long sweater dresses would not be recommended but a calf length looks better on long combat boots.

Maxi Dresses

Give your floral maxi dress a rugged touch and stand out in the fashion trend. If you are bored of wearing slippers, wedges, or sneakers on your maxi dresses, then the best option you can go with now is combat boots. These boots protect your feet and ankles from bruises and add a classic touch to your everyday look.

Maxi dresses are best in both summer and winter. For summer, you can put on some linen maxi dress with your combat boots but for winter I would suggest going for something heavier like a denim jacket along with a tote bag for extra style.

Slip Dresses

These are the sexiest types of dresses girls out there must try on for their hot dates. Put on a solid slip dress with your doc martens boots. If the weather is cold outside, put on a nice leather jacket. If you are not comfortable wearing jackets you can also put on a plain shrug, cardigan, or similar pullovers. This style can be worn for various occasions such as an outing with friends, colleagues,s or a first date.

Summer Dress

Summer dresses are the best for every outing. A lovely girly dress with a sturdy pair of rugged shoes can be an inspirational style for many girls. Summer dresses always add freshness and a sense of beauty to every girl who wears them. With such a great combo, all your pictures will be perfect and attractive. To complete the look, you can choose a hobo bag or purse to add an extra edge to your outfit.

Denim Dress

These are one of my favorite choices when it comes to dresses and I am sure they would be many girls' and women's favorites too. Denim dresses are utilitarian dresses that go with every other accessory and combination. If you are wearing a denim dress, try out white combat boots and a rugged jacket.

It will do justice to this look and not be a disappointment at all. No matter if you are 40 or 50 or 60, fashion goes wrong if you style it practically and smartly. Take a small cute clutch or a crossbody purse to go with this outfit.

Mini Dress

Do you love high heels? Here's what you can try to pair with your mini dress. No matter how short or long you wear the dress, combat boots always find their way to look perfect in every outfit. The mini dress is one such outfit that looks stunning when paired with combat boots. Any sleeveless mini dress topped with a fur leather jacket, trendy jewelry, and a pair of combat boots is excellent for any occasion, including club parties, birthdays, and casual outings.


If you miss an edge with your current skirt outfits, spice them up by wearing some trendy combat boots. If you want to flaunt your dresses or be a trendsetter in society, you have to keep experimenting with your outfits and footwear. Hence, I believe skirts are a good medium for experimenting with new things. Wearing combat boots with skirts If quite courageous. All you have to do is wear it the right way and you still shine like a celebrity on the streets.

How to Wear Combat Boots with Skirts

Mini skirt

Mini skirts have been there for several decades and might go on forever. Modifying outfits is a great way to show your fashion sense to everybody, so why not do the same with mini skirts? As mini means short, you must understand that it comes to your thigh level. So, to make it more sensible, you can top it up with long combat boots and a cute sequin top or maybe plain as per your choice.

Denim skirt

This again is such a classy and never-to-die fashion outfit that every woman and girl has tried at least once in their life. Slides, mules, and sneakers match denim skirts well, but did you know combat boots look even classier with light-washed denim skirts? Doubtful? Try it yourself! I would suggest going for white or black combat boots for both light and darker shades of denim skirts.

To make it more noticeable, you can also go for printed combat boots. To complete this look, you can put on a nice knitted lavender or beige top or sweater, hoop earring,s, and a tiny backpack. You can also take references from various fashion influencers and see what they wear with their denim skirt.

Midi Skirt

Checked midi skirts are the best when it comes to outdoor parties or a night out. A high slit on the midi is a cherry on top. Showing off a little leg is not attractive but not slanderous thus I suggest wearing them with full confidence.

Put on a plain or printed midi skirt with an off-shoulder white top and white combat boots, and everyone at the party will at least once take a glance at you.

Forget about everyone you yourself will love it. If you don't want to be noticed and have a minimalist look, try putting on a pleated midi skirt and plain combat boots with a sleeveless crop sweater.


Having a birthday party and nothing good to wear? Here's what you can do. Put on your shorts and an amazing pair of combat boots. Combat boots can do justice to any kind of outfit including shorts.

How To Wear Combat Boots with Shorts

Denim Shorts

If you have a light wash pair of denim shorts, then wear an oversized tee and then put on those chunky, huge combat boots that will give a light and comfortable feel even if you wear them for an entire day. Put a backpack or a stylish waist bag on the oversized top. When you step out with this complete outfit you will love all the attention.

Leather Shorts

Say if the weather gets cold and windy but you still want to wear your shorts and look stylish then put on pair of a leather shorts along with a faux leather jacket that will complete the look and give you the confidence to step out in the winter.


Combat boots never go out of style. They keep returning over and over again with new concepts and designs. Having a pair of these boots do not harm. They are low maintenance and do not get damaged easily. Plus, if you are 40 or above these boots give you a chance to relive, and rejuvenate this classic style of boots with new energy and designs.

In my opinion, you should never give up your style even if you turn 60 or beyond. What's important is how well you put everything up. Combat boots on the other hand have comfortable ankle and knee support that does not let your beautiful legs get injured.


I don't believe in categorizing style or fashion based on a person's age. No matter how old or young you are, you have the right to choose your style. Normalizing the combat boots trend in women over 40 or 50 is important.

Many women believe they cannot wear combat boots because they are more masculine than feminine and wouldn't look good on any elderly woman. In that case, let me clarify this to you! There is no limitation to trying new styles and outfits. Combat boots are one such style that everybody should use in everyday life. So, if you think the styles I suggested are worth trying, please try them. I am sure you ladies will love it!

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