How To Wear Doc Martens Over 40

In decades past, the Doc Marten shoes were championed. After a long time, their footwear starts retaining its cult status in the ongoing post-pandemic phase. Honestly, they were designed as work boots for complementing sophisticated uniforms, but it looks good with everything.

What’s great about these shoes is that Doc Marten shoes are comfortable enough to wear all day long and perfect for one like you, who is always ready to experiment with their style.

If you’re over 40 or more and looking for something new this article is just for you. Keep scrolling to explore different ways to add a little edge to your style with Doc Martens.

Doc Marten


Yes. Of course! It’s better to say that there is no age limit on fashion. You can’t prohibit yourself from wearing anything just because you become 40 plus. Now let’s see how to style docs over 40 to look chic and stylish.


If you know how to style any attire properly, you’ll look stunning with everything at any age. The Doc Marten footwear is not an exception. If you’re over 40, you can still add an edgy touch to your look while staying within the bounds of conservative fashion these ways -

How to Wear Doc Martens Over 40

Low Doc Martens Outfits for Casual Look

At your 40-plus age, if you don’t go beyond the casual look, you could try most of the platform Docs outfits. A t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and the platform-heeled Doc Martens will create a relaxed vibe. During winter, you can add a normal hoodie or a blazer to it to look simple yet stylish in low-profile shoes.

Dr. Martens Women Outfit for Grunge Look

When you're going to attend any rock concert or any parties with your friends, you can create a cool grunge look with a flannel shirt, ripped jeans, and a leather jacket.

Knee High Doc Martens Outfit for Girly Look

Ankle or knee-high boots with skirts or dresses is a great outfit for the autumn and winter months. If you want to look younger and stylish in your 40s, you could try your favorite skirts or dress with Doc Martens. The women with proportionally longer legs and lean limbs will look far way better than the younger ones in dresses and Doc Martens.


Well! Apart from these basic doc marten looks, you could try to balance the line between girly and grunge by pairing your Doc Marten sandals with a cute and colorful outfit.

The platform sandals of Doc Marten look cool with a boilersuit on the hottest of days. You could create a gorgeous summer look by wearing Marten sandals with delicate summer dresses or skirts.

Doc Marten Sandals

If you want any smart casual outfit to wear with doc martens, the combination of a smart blazer, creamy-colored jeans, and a summery YSL bag is a good option. During winter, you could try sweatshirts and jeans with doc martens.


Don’t want to cross the imaginary boundaries of conservative fashion of the 40s or more? No problem. Follow these outfit ideas to experiment with your look –

How to wear Doc Martens with dresses?

If you’re into a dress and looking for stylish ways to wear Marten shoes with dresses, follow these style statements -

  • Simply pair the colorful dress on its own and throw on a pair of your black doc martens. It would be a cute look for a coffee date with friends, parties, carnivals, family outings, and all things adventure during summer days!
  • During cooler days, add a leather jacket or sweater to it.
  • Slit dresses will keep you looking stylish no matter what.
  • To add edgy styling to the mini dresses, you could wear a black hat with black Dr. Marten shoes.
  • Plain stockings or dot patterned transparent tights will help you style the outfit of Doc Martens and dresses while staying within conservative fashion.

Love to wear skirts? Then know, How to Wear Doc Martens with Skirts?

The black Doc Marten shoe with a slit skirt is a super cute outfit for a day out with family or a lunch date with your friends. Pair the slit skirt and ankle-high black Marten with a vintage tee or a cute crop top to complete the cool fashionable look.

For comfort, can’t think beyond jeans and top? Know, How to Wear Doc Martens with Jeans?

Dr. Marten’s footwear could add a fashion-forward twist to your simple casual look with loose fittings and jeans-top.

With black Doc Marten shoes, you could try wearing denim color jeans with an abstract print shirt without tucking it into the jeans.

As an office outfit, wear blue mom jeans rolled up the bottom, a black high-neck T-shirt or pullover tucking it into the jeans, black socks, and black Doc Marten shoes. You’ll look stunning in this formal attire, but don’t forget to put your hair up in a bun and wear some dainty jewelry pieces.

How to Wear Doc Martens with Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans really give you a bolt look with ankle-high or knee-high Doc Martens; if you tuck the jeans into the shoes. You will look a bit slimmer than you are, most women dream of which.


How to Wear Black Dress with Doc Martens?

You could try a knee-length black dress with ankle-high Doc shoes by pairing them with a black hat. If it seems more revealing; you could try this outfit with transparent blackish tight or plain stockings.

Can You Wear Doc Martens in the Summer?

The sandals of Doc Marten are great for summer days. I’ve already mentioned above how to style them. Repeating here again! You could wear a simple crop top or oversized shirt by pairing it with a pair of sweatpants and Doc Marten shoes to get a comfy fit during summer days.

What to Wear with Doc Martens?

It’s not a chore to decide which accessories would look good with your decided outfit. If you’re sure about how you want to look or what style you want to adopt, it won’t be a hassle. Here are some trendy outfit and accessories ideas to get you going:

  1. Wear plain or patterned transparent stockings or tights with your Doc Martens dress outfit instantly to look hot.
  2. The sun hat helps you look chic in heat, as well as keeps you cooler in warm weather.
  3. Contrast color or black socks will keep your feet warm and complete your formal outfit.

What to Wear with White Doc Martens?

  1. With white Doc Martens, you can wear black bottoms and a light color top to look attractive.
  2. You’ll look nice in the white shirt, denim color jeans and white Docs.
  3. You could try a plain white knee-length dress with a black belt or a black and white patterned dress with white Doc Marten shoes.


It's no surprise that Doc Marten footwear has withstood the fashion and test of time. They are renowned as the most fashionable worker boots for the last 50 years.

These are just a few ideas. When it comes to style Doc Marten shoes, endless possibilities are scattered in front of you. So, don’t restrict your styling within these options; be creative and have fun with your fashion sense. 

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