How To Wear A Sweater Dress With Ankle Boots

Winters are just around the corner, and our favorite dressing season is back. Sweaters, hoodies, and cardigans are going to rule the next few months. Sweater dresses are my personal favorite styles during the winter; what are your favorites? No matter what you wear, only the dress is not going to make an impressive style. You will have to pair it with some nice footwear, and what goes better - sneakers or ankle boots? 

wear a sweater dress with ankle boots

Sweater dresses feel cozy to wear and stylish to step out for a dinner date, outing with friends, etc. There are many sweater dresses with different knit styles and lengths for which you can get suitable footwear, and in my defense, nothing suits you better than ankle boots because they give you full coverage and make you feel cozy inside. You can also go for a long walk in your ankle boots and avoid blisters and dryness.

In this post, I am going to show you how to wear a sweater dress with ankle boots. I have list various sweater and boots outfits options that you can wear a different style each day for the winter season. From sweater dresses with short boots to tall boots, or any style in between, everything is covered in this post. Thus, stick to the end to know better.


wear a sweater dress with ankle boots

There are no hard rules on how or which style of boots you choose however, keeping a little contrast in color or texture works between dresses and boots. Remember, in fashion when you break the rules, only then do you stand out then the rest. All you have to do is experiment with your clothes and b0ots. If you don't like experimenting and want to follow all the rules, then you got me!

Here I am not going to exhibit wearing a super stylish dress with simple boots or vise-versa. You will get a blend of balance, class, and trend in every style that I am going to describe further.


Dress in boots is the chicest combination for every fun occasion. Sweater dresses are usually soft and knitted, which makes them extremely cozy to wear. To go with any kind of sweater dress, I prefer doing smooth leather, snake print, animal print, pony hair, or soft suede boot combinations.

If you are going to wear a thin knit dress or slip dress, or bodycon sweater dress, I would recommend using smooth leather knee-length boot material or animal print leather material. Either way, you rock the style!

I personally love knitted thick sweater dress to go with white boots that totally gives you a hot chic look that is suitable for all kind of occasions, including pub parties. If you are thinking of wearing a thick sweater dress with boots, then suede material is the best for a softer and offbeat look for your day.

Want to experiment with your black sweater dress? Try ankle-length leopard print material boots or snake print boots. This kind of boots goes well with all-color dresses. 


Sweater Dresses with Knee High Boots

wear a sweater dress with ankle boots

A sweater dress with knee-high boots looks fantastic on any woman who wants to look stylish even in the coldest winters. Knee-high boots are the trendiest boots in 2022 that never goes wrong on short or slit maxi dresses.

However, they might be a tricky choice to style with all types of clothes. Thus, knee-high boots should only be worn with a short bodycon or playsuit.

When you are styling a sweater dress with knee boots, make sure it's a leather pair of well-structured boots to give a contrasting look. The other option to go with this clothing is loose suede knee boots if you are looking for an extra cozy feel or are just too lazy to dress up like a doll.

How to Wear a Sweater Dress with Knee-High Boots

Sweater dress thigh-high boots make a fantastic style for any kind of outing. Knee boots can look good with any kind of sweater dress, right from short dresses to maxi sweater dresses. You can wear anything with your knee-high leather boots. Make sure there is at least a 3/4th inch gap between the sweater dress and boots so you can reveal your legs a bit.

If you don't prefer short dresses and want to go with a maxi dress, then make sure to wear a front and back slit maxi that reveals your boots to have a better sight for the photograph. However, there is a rule here. Don't wear maxi or short dresses that are too thin or skin-touching and boots too slouchy because it makes your outfit look messy or bulky. I suggest you go for a short sweater dress and kin-fitting knee boots.


Ankle boots are the second-best fashion icons in the range of boots. Ankle boots are the best go-to shoe options to wear with a short dress sweater. In today's time, the tongue of the ankle boot is shaped like an almond and ends just above the ankle. Squared toes are no longer in the fashion game; however, there are predictions that they may return soon.

Laced ankle boots are great, but people who are always in a hurry wouldn't prefer laced-up boots for those zipper systems, or Chelsea style is a perfect choice. There is no opinion on the looks because both zipper and laced boots look great. It's just a matter of personal choice. Ankle boots are so versatile that you can pair them with any type of dress.

If you are wearing a 3/4th length dress, you can wear a hose and put up these boots, or if you are wearing jeans, you can tuck in the jeans in those boots. Either way, all the pairs look good. Reach out for black leather or white leather ankle boots with pointed or stiletto heels, as they may go better with your short sweater dresses.

If you don't want heels, go for patent leather ankle boots or animal print boots. They both would make an excellent fashion statement without heels.

How to Wear a Sweater with Ankle Boots

Wear a sweater dress with ankle boots, especially with midi or mini sweater dresses, and use hose or leggings in case cold is a problem for you. If not, you can leave your legs naked. If your shoes are too hard to carry, make use of ankle socks that hide underneath the shoes or do not peek out while providing extra comfort.

Flat ankle boots are highly preferred by middle-aged women as they are comfortable for the hips, shoulders, and knees. These types of boots do not cause any fatigue, even if you wear them for long hours. Thus I suggest pairing your ankle boots with a floral maxi sweater dress, do not forget to maintain the gap between the hem of the dress and the boots, or else it will give a blended look which might be disappointing for some fashionistas.

Ankle boots also look great with playsuits and bodycon sweater dresses. If you carry any of these types, do try to wear solid ankle boots and see the attention you'll have as you pass by.


Wondering how to wear boots with dresses? Here's my suggestion. Western boots, cowboy boots, or calf-length boots are amazing options to pair with winter dresses.

They look more casual as compared to their counterparts but also give a cowboy feel alongside. Watch out for shoes having almond-shaped toes and pointed heels all stacked up to enhance your overall look, or a simple, flat western boot will do just fine.

How to Wear a Sweater Dress with Western Boots

Sweater boots are best when they are western-inspired. They go well with mini or midi-length dresses just so you can show off your boots. If you don't want to reveal and feel too cold to step out in a short sweater dress, then go with a slit-cut maxi dress that also allows a little show-off and also does not make you feel cold.

3/4th length bodycon leather dresses look wonderful on western boots. You can also top up the dress with a woolen jacket, huge hoop earrings, and a shoulder bag to complete the look. Check out social media for western boot looks. I am sure you will find much better choices to pick.


Sweater dresses and boots are evidently the most common trendy people opt for in spring and autumn months. Short boots are also called booties which are laced, ankle-length leather boots that come in various prints and colors to meet different people's choices. The best short boots that go nice with sweater dresses are flat-heeled, laid back, having zipper closure to give a sophisticated look to you. 

How to Wear a Sweater Dress with Short Boots

In my opinion, loose or skin-tight sweater dresses would look great on short boots. Pairing them with leggings or stockings really intensifies the look. You can either opt for heeled or no heels at all. It's up to you but does not forget to carry a nice leather jacket and side waist pouch bag. Adding this accessory completes your look and makes your style more appealing.


Combat boots are those sporty-looking boots that never go out of style but come reinventing new designs every time. At the current time, combat boots with thick lace-up construction having lug soles are going trendy, so you should pair them with your favorite sweater dress.

It could be midi or a maxi. Combat boots come in various designs and styles; however, my favorite style is black patent leather material boots that can go on almost any kind of outfit. Make sure to buy waterproof combat boots in case you want to head out on snowy roads and yet want to feel dry inside.

How to Wear a Sweater Dress with Combat boots

Tandem your cute knitted sweater dress with combat boots. You either go for a loose sweater dress and wear skin-tight combat boots or put on a soft, tight bodycon sweater dress with unconsolidated boots.

If you want to wear sweater dresses with boots, make sure to wear a shorter dress, at least above the knee length, or else go for a maxi dress with a slight slit on the front side. Only then you'll be able to pull off this style on the roads.

You can pair combat boots with a short sweater dress while adding a trench coat and cross-body purse.

Sweater Dress with Sock Boots

If you are looking for shoes to wear with a sweater dress, try pairing them with sock boots, it's a great choice! Sock booties come in various sizes, shapes, designs, knitting, and colors. Most sock boots stretch below ankle length but occasionally they can be extended up to the calf region. Ankle-length sock boots make your sweater dress look much fancier; hence you should try them. Want to know how to wear a sweater dress with ankle boots? Keep reading! 

How to Wear a Sweater Dress with Sock Boots

In 2022, the best styles we can see in the sock boots range is the almond-shaped toe or pointed toes. This style looks beautiful on sweater dresses, especially if they are shorter in length.

If you feel too cold, you should pair your same short dress with opaque legging and tuck it inside your sock boot to bring a continuous look from the hem of the dress to the toes. This way you look stylish and also avoid being cold.

I have another suggestion if you find the above styles exhausting. Go for suede or faux leather sock boot having well-pointed heels, or go for flat or patent sock boots. To avoid skin show, put on a black tight or hose and chain belt on the dress to complete the look.


Thigh boots literally stretch above the knee level. These types of boots used to rock in the late 20s, but they are still widely worn by some modern actresses and fashion icons worldwide to keep them alive. Thigh-high boots not only look highly fashionable but also keep you warm during cold temperatures. Keep the style eccentric with block heel high boots having an animal printed design, or keep it casual with flat thigh-high boots.

How to Wear a Sweater Dress with Thigh High Boots

Skin-fitted thigh-high boots can go very well with loose knitted sweater midi dresses or sweater maxi dresses with a little slit on the front end bottom. You can style in whichever style you want; just make sure they are tight enough under your dress and do not peek out.

If you are not a fan of skin-tight boots and rather prefer stiletto then make sure to wear a loose sweater shawl dress to make this look imploring.


Of course, an article about sweater dresses cannot go without mentioning winter boots. Winter boots can be your go-to boots for autumn seasons, just put on a vibrant, thick, knitted sweater dress and enjoy this outfit.

How to Wear a Sweater Dress with Winter boots

Shorter snow or winter boots look classier; besides, if it's sheepskin even better to keep your feet warm. Just put on a simple sweater cardigan on a thin bodycon dress, and you're ready to go!

Sherpa snow boots are great for sweater boots. In addition, you can also try out suede or faux leather winter boots, as they look fancy and safer to put on while walking on slippery snowy terrain.


Now that you have seen how to wear a sweater dress with ankle boots, it's your turn to make a fashion statement in the crowd, and it's all worth it!

If you ask me above all, my favorite is sweater dresses with tights and booties, but the choice differs from person to person. The most common and popular styles are sweater dresses with knee-high boots and sweater dresses with ankle boots.

You can choose any of these styles in your favorite color and prints. Just make sure to put good accessories to complete all the mentioned looks. 

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