Killing Fungus in Shoes

Shoes add style to the attire and shield our feet from numerous hazards. However, there are some occasions when we are needed to protect our feet from shoes. It may occur if fungi and bacteria begin colonizing the shoes' interior. Killing fungus in shoes is quite complex.

Fungal infections can do more harm to our bodies. Since the inside of the shoe is warm and dark, it gives a perfect spot for these microorganisms to grow and expand. Stinking, moist shoes can indicate the effect of infections. The astounding reality is that the fungus may survive in a shoe for up to 20 months.

But how can you stop the fungus from growing? What are the methods to get it off the shoes? Here are some simple techniques for eliminating bacteria and fungi growing within your boots. Read this article to learn more about disinfecting shoes to get healthy feet.


The best and most popular way of killing fungus in shoes is by using spray disinfectant. These aid in eradicating bacteria and provide shoes with no odor-causing fungi. The main culprit behind fungal infections in shoes is bacteria.

Additionally, the sweat from the foot provides these microbes with the ideal breeding ground. Disinfectant sprayed on shoes will maintain the foot odor-free and kill the fungus. An alternative way to eliminate fungus in shoes is to use shoe sanitizers.

High-quality shoe sanitizers come with excellent disinfectants that can kill microbes within 15 minutes. Shoe sanitizers are antifungal sprays, and they come with an infused UV light that has the power to killing fungus in shoes

How to Kill Fungus in Shoes- Killing fungus in shoes

Additionally, you can use baking soda and vinegar to eliminate the growing fungus inside your shoes. Vinegar is highly acidic and can kill the fungus inside the boots. However, some people do not prefer vinegar, and if you are some of them, you can use baking soda as an alternative which can also kill the fungus.

Before wearing shoes, dust them with baking soda. They can also keep odors off of your feet. Spraying baking soda and apple cider vinegar both have advantages. However, you can eliminate the fungus by using an antifungal spray.

You can spray these directly onto the shoes before wearing them, or you can spread the solution on paper tissues and put them in the shoes and leave them overnight can do good.


HOW TO KILL BACTERIA IN SHOES-Killing fungus in shoes

UV shoe sanitizers are the stars in eradicating bacteria from shoes. These shoe sanitizers are capable of eliminating 99.99% of bacteria. This is a fantastic solution to destroy warts and athletes' foot-causing germs.

It is also one of the easiest methods to kill bacteria, with no need for rubbing and scrubbing. UV shoe sanitizer should be inserted into each shoe, plugged in, and left for up to 45 minutes. The device will turn off automatically.

White vinegar works as an excellent disinfectant in killing bacteria. Mix white vinegar and water in a 50/50 ratio. Spray them into the sole and lining of the shoes. Now keep it there for 30 minutes and air dry them.

Placing the shoes in a plastic bag and freezing them overnight is another quick and simple method of sanitizing the shoe from microorganisms. Wait for it to defrost and wear them. These will ensure the elimination of the bacteria.

Another way to eliminate bacteria from shoes is to use rubbing alcohol. Combine three parts rubbing alcohol with one part water to create a solution. Pick up a clean cloth and dunk it in the mixture. Now rub every inch of the shoe's exterior, leaving them to dry for around 15 minutes. This method works well for leather sneakers.

Black tea bags are quite effective at killing microorganisms. The tannins present in the black teabags are great for killing bacteria. Place the tea bag in the hot, boiled water first. Take out the tea bag and let it cool for up to five minutes. After that, put it in the shoe and wait an hour.

These steps are a part of rainbow sandal care that you must follow before and after wearing your rainbows. Keep reading further if you want to learn how to clean rainbow flip-flops leather that can cause a bad odor after specific use.


Utilizing disinfectant sprays is the most effective technique to eradicate the fungus. You can make the disinfectant spray by yourself, or you can buy those at the store. However, if you wonder about the sprays available to kill the fungus breeding in shoes, read the below passage.

Using spray disinfectants can also make your foot feel odorless. If you are searching for an excellent anti-fungi spray, go for the one labeled "cure." You can carry these disinfectants in a small bag since they come in a small portable container.


Although bleach is an effective disinfectant, it may also be abrasive and stain shoes. As a consequence, utilize them with caution. Essential oils can kill fungi. You may create your disinfection spray with water and essential oils. The most effective anti-fungi oil is tea tree oil.

However, you can also make an effective fungal spray for shoes to destroy the fungus by combining apple cider vinegar and water. These are the top readily accessible anti-fungus sprays. Using fungicide sprays such as Lysol can also work wonders.

Spray Lysol on a tissue, place it inside the shoe, and leave it overnight. Doing this will kill the fungus inside the boots. There is also Scholl antifungal shoe spray, terpenic shoe spray, and many more. Using antifungal sprays for shoes, you can keep your feet healthy by killing the fungus inside the shoe.



Toenail fungus can change how a toe looks. The fungus will cause the toe to thicken, crack, and turn yellow. Treatment for an infected toe can be very challenging.

It may even hurt a lot while wearing socks. As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Preventing toenail fungus is essential. Let us see the ways to put a stop to toenail fungus.

  • Keeping the feet dry and clean is the primary step. Wash the toe and feet well with soap and water. Cleaning them frequently will reduce their susceptibility to fungus.
  • Another tip is to change the pair of shoes and socks often. It is recommended to wash the socks every day. In addition, avoid wearing the same shoes every day. Take off the sock and shoes if your feet start to sweat excessively.
  • Regularly trim the nails. Cut them straight and short. But be careful not to pick the skin around the toes.
  • Using foot powder after a shower or drying the foot can prevent an athlete's foot or fungal infection on the toe. Therefore use a good foot powder to prevent toenail fungus.
  • Do not use old shoes or footwear. Additionally, before wearing regular pairs, spray them with an anti-fungal spray.
  • Never go barefoot in public areas. These bacteria spread from one to another so quickly. Therefore, make a habit of wearing flip-flops or sandals while going out in a public space.
  • Clean any nail-related equipment you may have, such as pedicure equipment and clippers.


Shoe sanitizers will allow you to sanitize the shoes from fungus. In these ways, you can disinfect the fungus and have odorless feet. Also, it is easy to sanitize shoes using shoe sanitizers. 

UV shoe sanitizers allow you to have a hand-free disinfecting session. These UV shoe sanitizers are also good at destroying 99.9% of bacteria from the shoe's surface. Even though it is pricey, a good investment to kill the fungus

All you need to do; to use this device is plug it in, put it inside your shoe, and wait up to 40 minutes for it to shut off on its own. These will ensure the elimination of fungus. The high-quality top shoe sanitizer can kill the fungus within 15 minutes. 

However, you can cleanse your shoes using rubbing alcohol and disinfectant sprays. These work well to get rid of the fungus and sanitize the sneakers since they have qualities that destroy fungi. So these are the techniques that help in sanitizing the shoes. 


Disinfecting the shoes with toenail fungus is necessary as toenail infection can lead to a yellow toe and may hurt your toes. Therefore, disinfecting shoes with toenail fungus is essential in keeping the toe and foot safe. Here are some techniques to assist you in cleaning your shoes and getting rid of toenail fungus.

Baking soda is an effective method that reduces fungi growth inside the shoe. To stop the growth of toenail fungus, sprinkle baking soda on the inside and outside of the shoe. Once you finish sprinkling, spray apple cider vinegar diluted in the water, and rub the shoes. Wait for 12 hours and wipe it away with a wet cloth.

Another method is to take up wadded new paper and spray them with Lysol and stuff it inside the shoe. Leaving it overnight can disinfect the shoe from toenail fungus. You can use UV shoe sanitizers, disinfection sprays, and foot powder to clean the shoes and prevent toenail fungus.


1. what to spray in shoes for athlete’s foot?

If you have an athlete's foot, it is best to sprinkle the antifungal powder on the feet and shoes daily. There are also antifungal creams and sprays available to reduce the infection.

Athletes' foot has the propensity to spread quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the infected foot. However, spraying baking soda and vinegar can also work well.

2. does freezing kill fungus in shoes?  

Yes, put the shoe in a plastic bag, place it inside the freezer and leave them overnight. Doing so will result in the elimination of fungus by the morning. Thaw the shoes and enjoy wearing them.

Cold climates are inhospitable to bacteria and require warm areas to breed and grow. Consequently, freezing the shoes will destroy the microorganisms and provide you with odor-free footwear.

3. Does vinegar kill fungus in shoes?

Vinegar has highly acidic properties. Being said that, it can reduce the fungus but not kill it off the fungus entirely. To increase the impact, try sprinkling baking soda and vinegar combined.

Vinegar is said to be a natural disinfectant, and as a result, it can kill bacteria, especially hiding inside the shoes. Fill a bottle with diluted apple cider vinegar and spray them on the shoe whenever you wear them. It will disinfect the sneakers. 

4. Is it ok to get a pedicure if you have toenail fungus?  

However, getting a pedicure will not hurt the existing fungus. However, if you do this in a salon, the fungus may spread from one individual's toe to another. Notify the staff beforehand to sterilize the tools to prevent the fungus from spreading to other clients.

Applying nail polish and pedicuring is possible. On the other hand, fungus thrives more in a moist environment, and painting nail polish may worsen the condition. It is recommended not to get the pedicure done until there is no fungus growth.

5. How did I get toenail fungus?  

Toenail fungus can develop for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is walking barefoot in wet public areas. Swimming pools, showers, and gym areas might contain fungus from others, and it may spread to your toe.

Additionally, there is a substantial risk of infection if you have skin-to-skin contact with someone who already has toenail fungus. It can quickly spread to you. Wearing tight-fit, closed-toe shoes also cause disease when you have sweaty feet.


Fungal infections can be unpleasant since they take a long time to cure. These infections also have the habit of spreading from one to another. Fungal infections in the toenail cause discoloration of the nail and lead to a poor appearance.

Hence it is preferable to clean the shoes and stop the growth of fungus. By disinfecting the sneakers, you can stop fungus and other bacteria from growing inside the kicks and relieve the ailment. The indicated microorganisms are dangerous since it will be difficult to cure the infection.

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