Things To Put In Shoes To Make You Taller

Physical height can affect your emotional state of mind. Sometimes it can make you feel inferior or lower your self-esteem. It is possible to fulfill your requirements by getting the right footwear.

Sometimes, some occasions arise and make you feel like you need to appear taller by wearing shoes.

At such points, you don't necessarily need to buy height-enhancing shoes. All you need to do is apply some of the principles that will be thoroughly explained here.

Things To Put In Shoes To Make You Taller

Things you can do to your shoes to make you taller

The following products/tools will boost the height of your shoes (and your height once you wear them):

1. Height boot insoles

Height boot insoles are one of the best options to appear taller in your shoes. You can choose from various materials, including gel, silicon, etc.

Height boot insoles

The good news about these insoles is that they are comfortable and offer a balance for your feet, they can also be customized to elevate your shoes and increase your height.

Overall, the height boot insoles will instantly make you appear taller and great for both men and women.

2. Thick socks

It is good to wear two or three pairs of thick socks before putting on your footwear. This can boost your height when you wear your footwear. It is also best to choose socks that are warm, cosy, breathable, and very comfortable to wear for a long time.

Cotton and woolen socks are the most suitable thick socks for an effective height boost. They meet all the necessary requirements to make you look taller as you wear them with your shoes.

Thick socks

3. Adding heels

Besides insoles and heel lifts, other shoe inserts can be purchased separately for different parts of your shoes. Heels can help you increase your height wearing them. You put these materials inside your shoes to make them fit you much better.

Also, shoes need to be comfortable, cosy, and flexible enough so that you can move around freely when you wear them. The right kind of shoe inserts needs to fit you.

If you use height-boosting shoe inserts inside your shoes, you can make your feet taller. Shoe inserts and insoles can often be interchanged, but the difference lies in that while insoles cover most of the shoe, shoe inserts are designed to focus on one part of the shoe at a time.

Adding heels

4. Elevator shoes

The other option is elevator shoes. These are amazing ways to appear taller even though you can't put them into shoes. Essentially, elevator heels are the opposite of high heels; while high heels are on the outside and can be seen by everyone, elevator shoes have elevated insoles that can only be seen by the person wearing them.

Elevator shoes

In the same way as heel lifts, elevator shoes are also beneficial to treating leg and knee issues. They improve both stability and impact absorption and encourage a more natural walking gait.

5. Consult a professional for quality service

For further inquiries about how to do this with your shoes, you should consult a professional like a shoemaker or a cobbler for more information.

Consult a professional

A knowledgeable professional will size and measure your shoes to ensure that they are heightened enough to give you that boost you need.
Depending on the shape of your shoe, your shoemaker or cobbler may even be able to advise you on the length, material, and shape of the high heels you need to be added to your shoes.

Also, professional shoemakers have the materials needed to make your shoes fit better and make your height taller. The good thing about this option is that it allows you to measure and set the exact height that you desire for each pair of shoes.


Height will be very helpful in putting you at ease and boosting your self-confidence. The tips you read here will help you make yourself taller, increase your self-confidence, and boost your overall personality.

To ensure that your foot is safe and that you enjoy a comfortable life, we have done our utmost to help you and guide you, so please share this information as widely as possible with your family and friends so that they can also benefit from it.

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