TOMS vs BOB Shoes : Which Shoes Are Better?

Looking for Toms vs Bob shoes? Toms and bob shoes are two unique shoe brands that deliver good quality shoes. Not only do they sell high-quality products, but also, they are a great help to unprivileged kids. They give a free pair to the needy when one of their pairs gets sold. Bob's shoes are launched by sketchers and are more expensive than Tom's shoes. 

Toms vs Bob shoes

However, there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding Tom and Bob's shoes. Although the two pairs of shoes appear identical, there are many differences in the insoles, material, quality, and other areas.

Toms and bobs shoes are very popular among youth, and these shoes are evergreen, matching any outfit. If you are curious to know about the significant difference between toms and bobs and the comfort they provide, compare them, read below. This article will be a detailed guide to resolving the queries.


No, they are not. Many individuals believe that Toms and Bob shoes are similar. The degree to which they resemble one another is the reason. Despite their resemblance, they are not the same and are two different brands. Blake Mycoskie owns the toms, while sketchers own the bobs.

With the slogan "one for one," Toms has shown significant initiative by donating shoes to the less fortunate for each pair of shoes sold. On the other hand, Bob Sneakers donates shoes for each pair of shoes purchased. Bob's shoes are made of canvas and available for men, women, and kids.

The patterns are appealing since they include both plain and floral prints. The cost of Bob's is around $10–$20 more than Tom's when comparing the two prices. However, Toms has been selling shoes for much longer than Bob. They have a distinguished history and have long enjoyed market success.

Toms vs Bob shoes

Toms alpargata are classic original ones and popular. Toms manufactures a variety of boots, sandals, and flats. However, their trademark shoes were the Alpargata flats. Additionally, these boots are vegan-friendly and environmentally friendly.

The key distinction between these shoes is that the Toms have ortholite insoles made of recycled rubber, while the Bobs have memory foam insoles. The outsole of the bobs is regular rubber, and the Tom outsole is of EVA. However, toms is an independent company, and bobs come under sketchers.

Toms also sell other accessories in addition to shoes. However, there are many distinctions between these two pairs of shoes in terms of the soles, materials, pricing, and quality. Some say that bobs have copied toms, and regardless of that, these are both stylish shoes. 


It is common to have many questions regarding toms and bobs shoes. But these two shoes differ significantly from one another. They belong to two distinct brands. Below is a more in-depth review of both toms and bobs.


Blake Mycoskie is toms shoes' founder. The "one for one" approach is used to promote these shoes. The inventor got the idea to give away a pair of shoes to the less fortunate for every pair of Tom's shoes sold after he spotted children playing without shoes on the street.

People started buying pairs of Toms because they appreciated the concept of giving and wanted to support the organization. However, it is a noble marketing strategy. Additionally, Tom's shoes do not skimp on either style or quality. These are the most stylish pair ever with the comfortable material of canvas.

Toms stepped into the market in 2006 and is much more popular. Since the toms' outsole comprises EVA, they provide good shock absorption. Additionally, it is highly lightweight and flexible. But these outsoles won't last as rubber, and if you choose comfort over durability, you can go for this one.

Tom's shoes also have ortholite insoles, which support each foot's motion. If you need a high-quality upper, you can go for toms since it has canvas material as the upper, which is of superior quality. These shoes are the coziest and reasonably priced.


Sketchers manufacture Bob's shoes. The bobs shoes were introduced into the market in 2011. They make incredibly fashionable and comfortable shoes. Same as toms, bobs shoes even indulged themselves in charity. They provide pairs to the needy for each pair of shoes sold.

They have also gone the extra mile by incorporating an 'animal-inspired' shoe line. Therefore, whenever you buy new pairs of bobs, the donation goes into the account of an animal welfare organization. A shoe company taking this kind of action is truly commendable.

When analyzing the materials used in shoe manufacturing, we can see that bobs use rubber outsoles to give utmost durability. Rubber outsoles are also responsible for providing good flexibility. The bobs use memory foam insoles in their shoes, allowing the wearer to experience the highest level of comfort and cushioning.

These shoes will also aid you in getting relief from pain. Although canvas makes up the upper portion of the shoes, the material nevertheless has a faintly soft and thin feel. The footwear from Bob is incredibly cozy. The fact that Bobs solely makes shoes for women Is interesting, and the styles include sneakers, casuals, sandals, boots, bottoms, and tops.

There is a division with the names regular bobs and bobs sports. Additionally, the wearer can select their preferred width. You can choose shoes with a standard or wide fit. Stunning craftsmanship can be found in these shoes.


It is challenging to compare Toms vs Bob shoes that are well-regarded in the marketplace. There are many similarities and variations between these shoes. However, if you take a close look at the features and components of these shoes, you can choose which one best meets your needs. Let's examine some crucial shoe components to determine which is best.


To support the foot's mobility and conform to the foot's shape, the Toms shoes include ortholite insoles produced from recycled rubber and molded textile insoles.

They also do an excellent job wicking moisture away and keeping the foot dry. However, the memory foam insole used in bobs provides the wearer with superior cushioning. They are durable and provide relief from several aches related to foot conditions.


While determining the size, both shoes run true to their size. You should purchase Tom's shoes in your exact size. After the break-in period, the boots will, nonetheless, provide a precise fit. The shoes will stretch and fit better during the break-in period.

Tom shoes produce shoes for men, women, and kids. You can get shoes in whole and half sizes. However, they come in medium width. Therefore, your only choice if your foot is wide is to size up. Bobs solely make shoes for women. Moreover, they also come in medium and broader fits.


Both Bobs and Toms' shoes are excellent in providing a comfortable experience. Bob's shoes contain memory foam insoles, whereas Tom's shoes have molded textile insoles, which enhance wearer comfort. Therefore, the wearer's comfort is not compromised by either of these shoes.

According to consumer reviews, Toms are more comfortable than Bobs, while Bobs have a flimsier feel. The fact that bobs offer higher comfort, however, is beyond dispute.


Toms and Bobs have a similar appearance, and nearly all of the materials used to make shoes are the same. When analyzing Bob's shoes, it was discovered that the upper was made of canvas, which gave the boot a lightweight, casual appearance.

The memory foam insoles in the shoes conform to the foot's curves for a personalized fit, good cushioning, and support. To ensure durability, they also have rubber outsoles. Looking at Tom's shoes, we notice that they also have canvas uppers, giving them a more relaxed and calm appearance.

Toms have an EVA outsole for superior shock absorption, a molded textile insole, and an anti-odor twill liner. Since the shoes' components are high quality, cleaning and maintaining them is also simpler.


Tom's and Bob's shoes come in various designs and styles. Tom's shoes offer heels, flats, sandals, and boots, meeting the needs of every woman. However, the customers can get an option of buying vegan line products as well. They produce footwear for men, women, and kids.

When it comes to bobs, though, they only provide shoes for women. However, there are numerous types of footwear accessible, from sandals to sneakers and heels to casual slip-on.


Regarding the price of boots, bobs shoes tend to cost $10- $20 more than toms. The average price of a pair of Toms is $55. However, some pairs of women's boots can go as high as $140. On the other hand, the average cost of Tom and Bob's sneakers is $55. There might also be hiking boots available for $95.


Shoes from Toms and Bobs resemble one another. Many people believe that the same company manufactures toms and bobs. And both of them are identical. But these two shoes differ significantly from one another. Despite the distinctions, there are still many points in common.


Similarities are what give the same brand feeling to the customers. Let's examine the similarities between Tom's and Bob's footwear. The fact that they both feature canvas uppers is the most considerable similarity of Toms vs Bob shoes. People wonder if they are from the same firm because of these similarities. 

Additionally, the charitable work these shoes undertake is incredible and remarkably similar. For every pair of shoes sold, both companies provide free shoes to a person in need. This is not only a striking resemblance but also the most charitable behavior.

Both of these shoes give a good fit as they are true to size. Women's shoes from both brands start from size 5 to 12. Another similarity is that these sneakers don't need to break in and are comfortable immediately. In both brands, there are several slip-ons.

The cost of these two pairs of shoes varies slightly, but they are both generally around $55. So, these are the significant similarities between toms and bobs shoes. However, these two shoes differ in many ways.


1. Are bob shoes better?

Yes, bobs shoes are better. They have gotten a ton of excellent ratings. The memory foam insoles with Bob's sneakers offer good support and cushioning. Even while the upper canvas initially feels stretchy and snug, it will begin to expand and become comfortable. Therefore, Bob's shoes are the greatest in terms of comfort and appearance.

2. Can I wear socks with toms?

Yes, you should wear socks with closed-toe shoes. Since the foot tends to be sweaty in toms, mostly in heat, it is wise to socks with them. Additionally, the sweat and grime from the foot would quickly damage the bottoms of the shoes. Socks can therefore protect not just the foot but also the shoes.

3. Are bobs good for walking?

Yes. Bob's shoes are great for walking. Medium and broad widths are available, along with half and whole sizes to match the foot. Therefore, you can get a shoe that fits you well and enjoy walking in these. These are flexible shoes and provide good cushioning as well. 


In addition to being fashionable and high-quality, Toms and Bobs also excel in charitable work. Although Bobs followed Tom's lead regarding donations, they both performed admirably. Nevertheless, many people think that bobs and toms are the same footwear brands.

However, there are notable distinctions between Toms vs Bob shoes. Their quality, soles, and insoles vary slightly. However, the pricing and upper material are nearly the same. Furthermore, toms produce vegan shoes and have shoes for men, women, and kids. This article will help you identify the best shoes for your needs, whether from Tom's or Bob's, depending on your preferences.

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