Clarks Bushacre VS Desert Boots – Everything You Need To Know

You may have seen various shoes of Clark pop up repeatedly during browsing. After going to the deep, you may have already explored their two iconic models - Bushacre and Desert of the ‘Chukkas’ series. The confusion starts at his point. Right? 

Most people struggle to decide what to choose, Bushacre or Desert? Have a look at their major differences to pick the best one according to your needs.

Clarks Bushacre vs. Desert Boot


With durable soles and a less expensive price tag, the Bushacre has come to offer greater mileage. These leather shoes have a sophisticated appearance; that complements every office outfit. It is true to size, though takes a few wears to break in. 

The hard synthetic rubber sole could disappoint you on a long walk or when you need to spend long hours on your feet. Moreover, it doesn’t have a shank. So, you may feel more pressure on your heel.

Clarks Bushacre Overview


  • More durable Vulcanized rubber sole
  • Sole doesn’t get dirty in a short time, unlike crepe sole
  • The softer lining around the ankle
  • Less expensive 


  • Sole is hard
  • It lacks heel support (shank)
  • Fewer color options 


The Desert boots also have the same Clarks Chukkas design of pull-up leather, but it has a crepe sole. The crepe sole is more delicate than the synthetic rubber sole of Bushacre, but the comfortable interior of breathable material built insole and more padding compensate for the shortcomings.

Desert Boot Overview


  • It has a relaxed fit
  • Comfortable on fit
  • Provides good support to feet


  • Crepe sole wears out quickly
  • The sole captures a lot of dirt and gets dirty quickly 


Clarks Bushacre vs. Desert Boot


Both Clarks chukkas boots have a near-identical leather upper design with similar quality of leather. The primary difference is in the sole. The Desert Boot comes with a lightweight and spongy crepe rubber sole; that offers comfortable cushioning to support your arch and feet. 

The only problem is the outsole becomes dirty within an hour of wearing; that’s why the Bushacre 2 has come back with a modern synthetic rubber sole to make it more durable.

With enhanced durability, the harder sole lets you experience less pressure on the heel while walking, making it perfect for those; who walk a lot. However, the hard sole could make your feet uncomfortable when you stand in one place for a long time.

Likewise, several differences are there; that one can explore after wearing them for a few weeks; how I’ve noticed.    

Leather Quality

The Bushacre and Desert Boot both come featured with pull-up leathers; packed with oils and waxes. The high level of conditioning on both shoes makes them fairly water-resistant, though they won’t work well in a rainstorm. Another best common point is that the leather is easy to maintain; doesn’t require a lot of effort into care.

The finishing and construction of the Bushacre are better, but the leather is a bit stiffer than the Desert booth. On the other hand, despite having better quality leather, the Desert boot can’t win over the Bushacre due to its stitching issues and dull edges. 


The vulcanized rubber outsole of Bushacre is much more durable than the crepe sole of Desert boot, though crepe soles are softer and more comfortable. 

If durability is your top priority, go for the Bushacre and Desert boot if you want comfort.    

Fit and Sizing

The Clarks chukka style has a decent amount of heel slip. Both model bushacre and desert belong in the chukka series. They have the same shape and style, and both fit well. If you want more ankle support, the chukka style isn’t for you.


Desert boots go well with a casual outfit. I always keep my comfort overall, so Desert boot is my first preference.

Anyway, if you plan to wear the boots more than three times a week to the office, I highly recommend the Bushacre 2, as it will look much cleaner, and the sole is more durable than Desert. Bushacre 2 is also less expensive.


I hope you got an idea about Clarks Bushacre VS Desert Boot from the above points. You decide for yourself which boot you need to buy and which is a suitable one for you.

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