Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes

Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes? You may have already researched a lot, but your search is still on; it means you're unsure what size to get in crocs. From my experience, I can say that ordering normal-size generally fits the best in most cases, as most Crocs Clogs have a similar, true-to-size fit.

However, crocs sizing can vary depending on the style, while fittings will go on your foot shape. Hereafter, a few questions arise, such as - do crocs come in wideDo crocs have half sizes for wide-footers? How are crocs supposed to fitShould I size up or down for crocs half sizes? Etc. Etc.

Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes

In this crocs size guide, you'll get answers to all your queries and other related, necessary information you need to know before placing an order for a new pair of Crocs shoes.


Crocs footwear only comes in full sizes (4, 5, 6, and up to 17 inches for men and from 3 to 12 inches for women). If you wear whole-size footwear, you can expect a comfortable, snug fit with ordering your natural size.

If your foot sizes are in-between two round figures, the bad news for you is that Crocs footwear is not available in half sizes. However, you can size up and down the sides with straps.

With that said, one piece of advice for you is that it would be wise to buy one size bigger than your standard size. Strapping up the crocs may offer your comfortable fit in small-sized shoes but won't secure the feet. Your feet may slip out of the boots.

Hence, you get one size bigger and size down with a strap according to your comfort to keep your feet secure and comfortably fitting in the Crocs.

To get a comfortable, snug fit, while purchasing any shoes from the shoe store, make sure the upper portion of the shoes is not rubbing your feet, the toe areas have enough room to move, and the shoe is comfortably and securely holding your feet with or without strap adjustment.


Crocs have a wide range of sizes for men, women, and kids, with multiple country shoe sizes. Here is the chart of all available Crocs sizes explained in detail.


Men's Crocs Size Chart
Men -Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes
Women's Crocs Size Chart
Women -Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes
Unisex Crocs Size Chart
Unisex Size -Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes

Most Crocs have a size for women (W) and a size for men (M) printed on the bottom. But seeing some Crocs have printed sizes M/W, you may wonder - are crocs unisex? Well! Yes. There are some unisex printed sizes, but the fact is, there is nothing different in Crocs for men and women. Check how unisex crocs run in size.


Crocs Kids Size Chart  (1 To 7 Years)
 Kids (1-7) -Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes
Junior Crocs Size Chart (Above 8 Years)
Crocs Junior Size -Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes


Crocs should fit snugly, not too tight or too loose. Your feet should sit properly in the shoes, making you feel comfortable and secure. Tight boots are incredibly uncomfortable as they pinch the toes and heel badly, causing blisters, fatigue, and several foot problems.

On the other hand, the loose Crocs will pull the foot inward, so there will be a high chance of getting slipped out from the shoes while walking in them. So, always get a pair of Croc shoes in which your feet can fit comfortably and securely with or without strap adjustment.


Since we all have different foot shapes and sizes, Crocs offer three different fit styles, roomy fit, relaxed fit, and standard fit, for maximum comfort. The comfort of Crocs footwear is no doubt to die for; if you choose an appropriate size based on the shape of your feet.

You may have already decided what size you should get in Crocs. Now all you need to do is check what fit style will suit your feet.

how are crocs supposed to fit


Roomy fit shoes are specifically designed for the wide footer so that there are no short ends in this shoe style. If your feet are relatively more extensive, you will still get adequate free space around the feet in your actual size shoe.

For this reason, the toe areas do not crumple, and the upper can't rub the feet, unlike other fits or brand shoes. Since the boot is spacious enough, you may worry about whether the roomy fit Crocs will come off your feet. Don't worry. The back strap is there to improve stability.


The relaxed fit shoes can be considered as Crocs with a wide fit, though they are not as spacious as roomy fit style shoes. The sides of your feet could touch the shoe walls for a relatively tighter fit but will not rub your feet. However, the top of the shoes will not touch your toes.

That's why; your feet will stay secure in the crocs even when you wear the shoes without a backstrap. The relaxed fit style option is best for the person; who likes to wear snug-fit shoes. If you have wide feet, relaxed-fit shoes may not suit you.


Standard fit Crocs are for narrow feet persons, as they design to provide the snuggest fit among all fitting styles. However, the shoe fits snugly but not so tight to make your feet uncomfortable. If you have narrow or standard feet but face issued with relaxed fit models. The normal fit Crocs never come off from the feet.

The front area has little space, though your toes will not be squeezed for this reason. Plus, there are no extra spaces around the fit, so your feet will stay securely. If a slippage problem still happens, it will be minimal.


The brand Croc offers three types of fit styles, and sizing varies from shoe to shoe. The brand has designed the fitting style types by keeping different usage in mind. For instance, Crocs has designed standard fit for working professionals, who require snug fittings so that the shoe won't slip off their feet during work or walking.

Similarly, those who want casual slip-on shoes for wearing around the household can look for any option with a roomy and relaxed fit. The roomy fit shoes accommodate more than others, so the wide footer looks no further than roomy options. Thus, the brand offers perfect sizing for men, women, and even kids with all types of feet.


Crocs can increase your height by anywhere from one inch to two and a half an inch, depending on the model you choose to wear. The heel looks taller from the side but not taller than a tennis shoe's heel. The heel height ranges between 0.7 and 3.4 inches, not more than that.

Since the sides of the Crocs shoe come up to 'cup' your heel, their heels look taller than it is. For this particular design, your heel won't slide from side to side, and debris can't get inside when you do some 'off-roading.'


As I mentioned above that the three fitting styles fit differently. For instance, the roomy fit is the most spacious, the standard fit offers the snuggest fit, and the relaxed fit is less roomy than the first one and a little tighter than the second one. No matter what style you choose, you'll always get true-to-size shoes.

Crocs neither run large nor small. So, choose the suitable crocs from three fit style modes according to the amount of space you require in the shoe and place an order for it choosing your original size. If you need half-size shoes, get one size bigger and wear them with thick socks by sizing them down using straps.


Yes, you can size up or down the Crocs to get the best fit. Sizing for crocs is a hurdle for the person who normally wears half-size shoes. Hence, you can size up most types of Crocs clogs.

On the contrary, I would probably advise you to size down some specific models, like - the Crocs Specialist, Crocs Bistro, and Crocs Bistro Pro; those fit looser than other clogs.


As mentioned above, some Crocs are available in unisex sizing. Those unisex models have one size for women (W) and another for men (M) printed on the bottom.


To sum up, I would probably advise you to choose crocs with your original size, as they run true to size. With that said, it's safe to say that sizing may differ on what model you choose to wear, as different models are designed for other fittings for various purposes.

Since you won't get half sizes in Crocs, it would be best to go for one size bigger and secure a comfortable fit using the strap. I hope you have found this guide article valuable and exciting. 

However, if you're still confused, share your thoughts and queries with us by commenting below, and please keep checking to get your solution and more updates on other footwear.

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