Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude Shoes?

Wearing socks with shoes is optional, though sometimes it becomes necessary to maintain hygiene and the health of the feet. However, most people want to take a break from socks and closed shoes during summer.

Hey Dude shoes come into play to win your heart in scorching hot weather by providing utmost comfort and breathability. But, what about socks? Now the question is should you wear socks with Hey Dudes, or could you go without them?

Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dudes offer different styles to wear with casual or formal outfits. Similarly, they offer different designs and features rock with or without socks.

It's not enough to decide; there is something more to consider. Keep scrolling till the end to clarify all the things related wear shoes sockless or with socks.

Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude Shoes?


Regarding shoes, most design enthusiasts blindly trust a brand, Hey Dudes. Alessandro Romano, a fashion enthusiast, came up with a bunch of custom-made shoes with the tag name - 'Hey Dude Shoes' in 2008. His family and friends adored his design, then, he decided to market his collection.

In 2010, he started marketing the entire collection of Hey Dude shoes in the state. He also launched his collection on Amazon and other online shopping portals in 2010. Since then, the brand has been successfully doing business in Japan, Canada, and Australia.

Hey Dude Shoes


Most Hey Dude shoes come with a cool appearance. So, some people hesitate to wear socks thinking about whether their outfit will look weird or not with or without socks.

Like others, you might be wondering why you need to wear socks with Hey Dude shoes, what to wear, what will happen if you avoid wearing socks, etc. Here, you'll come to know all of these things. Let's start with the reasons; - why you need to wear socks with Hey Dude shoes.

Undoubtedly, wearing the right socks is essential for your comfort and the enhanced durability of your shoes. Know all reasons related to why you should prefer wearing socks with Hey Dude shoes -

1. During winter

When the chilly cold weather rolls around, your comfort and health safety come first. Choose a pair of thick breathable socks for Hey Dudes; that will keep your feet warm and comfortable in winter.

2. Protect your feet

The presence of dust and debris in sweaty feet could lead to fungal infection, so it would be a wise decision to cover your feet with quality socks. Nowadays, you'll find several cheaply priced shoes; made of artificial fibers; that could suffocate your feet. Ensure the socks you wear are breathable enough to keep your feet sweat-free.

3. Easier to keep the shoes clean

The shoes get dirty over time, so you often wash them, but if you wear them with shoes, the insoles will be less dirty; that will ease your cleaning.

4. Complement Outfit

When we're in an office outfit or wearing trousers, we should cover our ankles with socks to look decent. One more thing, when your cool looking Hey Dude shoes attract the attraction of people, they will notice the socks also. So, ensure you wear appropriate socks, whose color would compliment your outfit and Hey Dude shoes.

Benefits Of Hey Dudes Shoes With Socks


It’s up to you; you will wear socks with Hey Dude shoes or not. Without socks, the Hey Dude shoes are comfortable enough. The flexible and soft-cushioned footbed makes sure the interior of the shoes won’t make you feel harsh on the feet.

The cotton-based canvas material is pretty breathable; that keeps your feet firm and airy. You never feel uncomfortable or suffocating at your feet due to the lightweight and breathable construction with loose fittings and flexible upper.

The Hey Dude shoes don’t make the feet sweaty, but when you pursue some tenuous activities, you could get a sweat on your feet during summer or in warmer weather. So, many people prefer wearing socks to add more protection or keep their feet dry all day long.

If you wear socks, you won’t get blisters during the break-in period; sometimes socks prevent accidental slippages and even enhance the longevity of the shoes. However, if you decide to wear socks, prefer to choose breathable low-cut socks for your Hey Dude shoes.


The Hey Dude shoes are ultra-soft and smooth to tour from the inside, so you can comfortably wear the shoes without socks.

There are some specific models, like Wally Loafer, Wendy Chambray, etc that come with special construction to be worn without socks.

For instance, they have a soft and less abrasive interior with highly durable insoles; that prevents sweat and odor; plus, it prevents tearing and ripping without socks. 


1. Men’s Wally Loafer

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Loafers shoes are the most reliable options on this list; their soft fabric would comfortably let you wear the shoes with or without socks.

The high-quality woven textile fabric makes the interior ultra-comfortable, whereas the soft oxford lining is a great add-on for your comfort. The breathable material ensures maximum comfort and helps lessen sweat and prevent odor.

Men’s Wally Loafer

With an easy-to-remove detachable insole, the things of odor control or washing become relatively much easier.

Another best part is the shoes are machine washable, so you can wear the shoes for long times without having a worry in mind. 

2. Men’s Sox Loafer

Like the previous one, these shoes are also pretty lightweight; they weigh only 170 grams weight; come with a cut-edge Flex & Fold System to provide maximum comfort and compliment different outfits.

The relaxed fit with the dual lacing system and high-quality cotton-based canvas material construction with memory foam insoles let you enjoy complete freedom of movement all day long.

Due to the breathable material and relaxed fittings, your feet won’t easily get sweaty and stinky. So, you could wear socks to complement your outfit or avoid wearing socks to maximize comfort during summer.

3. Women’s Wendy Funk

The previous two options are for men. Now, it’s the time to serve female Hey Dude fans. With these shoes, you can go ahead without wearing socks, as the smooth and less abrasive interior will prevent your feet from shoe bites and blisters.

It has a nice modern look; that complements every outfit, and the fabric and synthetic material construction are rugged enough from the outside.

Wendy Funk

Unfortunately, it is not designed for heavy-duty wear from the inside, but the insoles are removable. So, if they get torn or ripped in a short time of absence of the socks, you can easily change them.

Don’t worry about fittings, as it comes with a lacing system to give your perfect fitting without wearing socks. 

4. Women’s Wendy Chambray

Wendy Chambray is another worth checking out the Hey Dude version for those women; who won’t like to wear socks with shoes. With a stylish and appealing design, the Chambray model comes to provide the utmost comfort and durability without socks.

Wendy Chambray

It provides a great flexible fitting with a lacing system. The canvas and cotton construction is durable and soft to touch from the inside. So, you’ll feel good on your feet even without socks. 


Though it’s up to you; whether you’ll wear socks or not, you should consider a severe drawback of wearing shoes sockless. You may know human feet have more sweat glands than other body parts, so our feet sweat more.

On that note, socks absorb the excess moisture from sweat and keep your feet dry and healthy. When you wear shoes sockless, your feet stay in a moist environment for long.

Such a damp and dark environment is perfect for fungi and bacterial growth. So, after a while, the closed shoes start releasing an awful odor or you may get a fungus infection in your toe or nail at the end of the day.

Socks For Hey Dude Shoes

Though the Hey Dude shoes are breathable enough, but in sockless condition, you’ll miss the layer of bacteria between the shoes and your feet. Don’t wait for getting an infection or struggling with the embarrassment of odor; start wearing socks from now.

Socks also prevent the feet from rubbing against the sides of the shoes, so the shoes tear less, as well as you won’t get blisters and chafing, not even during the break-in period.

The thick socks provide a bit of cushioning to the feet for support, prevent slippage sometimes, and keep the feet warm during winter. 


First, find a pair of pure cotton socks; that are soft to wear, breathable enough to keep your feet comfortable, and look well with your Hey Dude shoes and outfit.

If you live in a country with a warmer climate, strictly avoid socks made of synthetic materials or mixed fabric (80$ cotton and other materials like spandex, etc) to prevent blisters and ensure ultimate comfort and breathability.

Next, make sure that the socks are slipping off your feet or not? Prefer to choose non-slip socks to ensure your heel won’t get slipped or make you fall accidentally. Safety is equally important as your comfort.

Finally, consider choosing low-cut style socks to look better with Hey Dude shoes than ankle-length socks.


  • Before all, remove all loose dust or dirt with a soft bristle brush from the shoe body and insole. Take out the insole to clean it properly.
  • After that, if any remaining caked-on dirt is on the outside of the shoes or insoles, wipe them out with a damp cloth. Don’t use any harsh cloth or hard bristles brush; otherwise, they would damage the surface. 
  • Now, put the insoles and shoes in a laundry bag and then put the bag into the washing machine. If you don’t wash the shoes and insoles; everything will start jumping around in the washing machine and get damaged or ripped at the end of the washing session.
  • Then, add a small amount of mild liquid laundry soap, and select the cold temperature and delicate washing cycle modes. Remember, bleach or strong laundry detergent could damage the fabric or harm the softness. 
  • After the washing session gets over, finally, take the shoes and insoles out and place them in an undisturbed place outdoors or indoors for air dry. Remember to keep them out of direct sunlight.


1. Can You Wash Dude Shoes and Insoles?

Yes! The Hey Dude shoes and insoles can be washed with a washing machine on a slow or non-spin cycle mode.

2. Can You Put Hey Dudes in The Dryer?  

No! Don’t use the dryer or put them directly into the sunlight to make the shoe dry quickly. Wait for the air to dry.

3. Hey Dude Laces Too Long?

If your Hey Dude shoes have extra long laces, you could go through our article on ‘How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes’.

4. Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude Shoes?

You can choose to wear socks with Hey Dude shoes or go out without them. It is completely your choice.


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