How To Break In Shoes That Rub Your Heel

Desiring shoes that go with the trend and are comfortable is no crime. In fact, comfort is the essential thing you should get from your new pair of shoes.

Most of the time, it’s the heel that rubs with your new shoes and causes immense discomfort and small, painful blisters which leave a mark.

We are sure you might have got into situations where you have avoided long walks because of these hurtful blisters, but no further.

What if we say we know how to break in shoes that rub your heel? Seems fun and comfortable, right? If yes, go along and read this guide, which includes the top 7 ways to stop shoes from rubbing the back of your heel. Moreover, we have added some FAQs which will answer your doubts.


1. Using heat

Using heat for stretching shoes is apparently the cheapest way to make your shoes stop rubbing the ankle. However, this method will only work on cloth, leather, and suede shoes.

In this method, you will require a hair dryer, thick socks (as thick as they won’t let your feet burn), and a lot of time. 

Firstly, wear your leather shoes with those thick socks on. Further, start heating the shoes using the dryer from a safe distance. Once they expand, you will feel a lot of space around your feet, and that’s when you stop the dryer.

Lastly, walk for some time in those heated shoes until they cool down so they will take your foot’s shape and will be more comfortable. The only problem with using heat is that if you overheat your shoes, they might expand and won’t fit, so make sure you follow this method precisely.

2. Using Rubbing Alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol on your new shoes is the safest way to prevent the back of the shoe from rubbing your heel. As everyone does, your house also might have a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Grab it and spray some on the heels of your shoes. Further, you need to wear them while the rubbing alcohol evaporates. You can also use socks soaked in rubbing alcohol to keep the shoes from rubbing heels.

However, do not expect your shoes to expand one size bigger by using rubbing alcohol. The difference will be minimal but sufficient to prevent your heel from cutting.

3. Bend and Twist the Shoes

Occasionally, it happens that the shoes have outstanding quality, good fit, and comfort. However, the first few days of wearing them can be hell because they are rigid, thanks to the harsh treatments they undergo.

To overcome this problem and prevent heel rubbing on the shoe, you can try bending and twisting your new shoes to make them expand. 

To make it even more, easier, try this method after using them for a while as they are warm. However, excessive bending and twisting of your shoes can break them, so make sure you apply light pressure.

4. Shoe-stretching Spray

If you have a lot of leather shoes, you might know about the shoe stretching spray that actually makes your boots rubbing the back of heel a little bit comfortable. It’s similar to rubbing alcohol as it expands the shoes only to some extent.

However, if you are super careful about your shoes, you should use the shoe stretching spray. Using it is easy. You only have to spray the solution on the shoes’ heels and walk for a while, while wearing thick socks underneath. 

5. Using Moleskin

The blisters caused because of breaking in the heel of sneakers or any other footwear are the worst. However, you can prevent blisters and cuts on your heels using a patch of moleskin. Firstly, it’s a cotton fabric that you can stick to your shoes to avoid friction between your heels and shoes.

By using moleskin, your shoe heels will eventually stop hurting you, and you can use them with no problem. You can also use it on your running shoes, rubbing the back of your ankle. 

6. Get better Insoles

Mostly when your shoes hurt the back of the ankle, it’s because of their ill-fitting. Your heels keep on moving inside your shoes, causing friction.

Hence, the last and mostly working method is to get better and thick insoles to prevent your feet from moving inside and shoes from cutting back of the heel. Also, better insoles provide better comfort. 


1. How to treat blisters on the back of the foot & blisters on heels from shoes?

Firstly, apply an antibacterial ointment on those blisters. Secondly, use a band-aid to cover those blisters and keep it until the blister heals. Moreover, applying a bandaid will also let you wear your shoe comfortably. 

2. How to stop your shoe from rubbing your heel?

You can use moleskin or a pair of thick socks to avoid friction, or you can loosen your shoes a bit using heat and other methods which are given above. 

2. Will thick socks help in protect your heel from shoe scratching?

Yes, using thick socks will help in protecting your heels. However, your socks might get worn out while making your shoes comfortable. Hence, we would recommend you to wear old thick socks.


The discomfort and long-lasting body mark caused because of shoes are terrible. And you should never let your shoes harm your heels in any way. As many people face this problem, we are happy to give you solutions on how to stop shoes from rubbing heels out there. Also, we have tried these methods, and they work like magic. 

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