How To Get Smell Out Of Boots (9 Simple Tips)

Have you just realized that you’re having stinky boots? You can’t throw your shoes in the washing machine, like socks. It may be too late for an easy fix.

But don’t worry. There are a few smelly boots remedies. They may take a few extra efforts but are ultimately worth it.

Today, I’ll share most of all tricks and a few prevention tips to remove odor from boots in this article. So, stay tuned till the end.


How to Get Rid of Odor in Boots?

There are many ways to deodorize boots; I’ll share only the effective methods; that I’ve tried and tested. Here, you'll need a few cheap and eco-friendly products for these simple DIY hacks. I suggest going through all of them and trying the one; sounds easiest for you.

1. The Most Popular One: DIY Deodorizing Powder

Here, you'll need a few cheap and eco-friendly products for these simple DIY hacks. I prefer this powdery solution most for being less messy and working most efficiently.

Things needed:
Cornstarch, Baking Soda and Essential Oil

  • Put together one cup of cornstarch and ½ cup of baking soda and powder in a small bowl.
  • Add five drops of essential oil (if possible, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil – the most efficient boot odor remover).
  • Now sprinkle this deodorizing powder, based on baking soda, into the boots and leave it overnight or a minimum for eight hours.
  • In the morning, your boots will smell fresh. Now, vacuum the boot and dump the powder into the garbage.

2. DIY Spray

This DIY spray is super handy for not only stinky shoes but also for furniture, bedsheets, curtains, and clothing; you can even clean surfaces with it.

Things needed:
Water, Distilled White Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil and a Spray Bottle

  • Take ½ cup of water and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle and mix them well.
  • Now, add 10-drops of tea tree oil to that mixture and again shake it well.
  • So, you’re ready to spray it inside the shoes, but don’t spray much.
  • After 10 minutes, wipe up the excess with a dry cloth and leave it like the same for air dry.
  • Keep using this spray every couple of days to make boots not stink.

3. Use UV Rays

The UV rays of UV lamps can kill bacteria, fungi, and nasty odors molecules. So, put the shoes under a UVC lamp after wearing them instead of stuffing them in the closet or a shoe bin. Don’t forget to undo the laces and pull the tongues loose.

Remember, the UV rays of the sub could damage leather. So, if you’re thinking about drying out your shoes in a sunny spot, never forget to use a UC protector beforehand.

4. Stuff in the Dryer Sheets

The dryer sheets are just like a savior for combating smells from a range of household things, so I tried this thing to work for the boots and get success. You also try this way -

Things needed:
Only Dryer Sheets

  • Ball up some dryer sheets and stuff them inside the boots.
  • Make sure you’ve covered the entire insole.
  • Leave it the same overnight and check the odors in the morning.

5. Teabag Test

Teabags efficiently absorb odor. So, keep four to five tea bags in each boot, and leave them overnight to suck up moisture and smell. In the morning, check the shoes for odor. It would smell completely fresh for sure.

I'm highly impressed with this trick; hopefully, you'll also be. And don't worry; the tea bags don't go completely to waste. You can use them for fertilizing plants or cleaning windows.

6. Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is another effective odor absorbent element; that you can use for stinky shoes.

Sprinkle a cup of cat’s litter inside each boot; leave it overnight and check it in the morning. The odors will be just gone.

7. Citrus Fruit

Sour fruits like - limes, lemon, oranges, or grapefruit are great bad odor removers. Put the peel of these fruits inside the boor; leave it overnight, and dump out the peel in the morning.

Your boots will smell fresh for sure. Keep following this way every few days to prevent your shoes from smelling bad.

8. Commercial Products

If none of the above-mentioned natural methods work, you can try a quality commercial deodorizer with strong fragrances.

Besides having moisture-absorbing and antibacterial qualities, if you own any strongly scented product, it will leave a fresh scent in your shoes.

Make sure you’ve gone through all usage instructions before starting using it.

9. Add a new Insole

If nothing is working for you, it might be time to repair your shoes by adding a new insole. You can order this from online stores of the original manufacturer of your boots or visit a nearby shoe repairing shop.

How to Prevent Odor in Boots?

Prevention is always easier than cure. So here are my tips with which you can stop the breeding of those nasty boot odor molecules.

  • Make sure you’ve cleaned your feet properly before wearing any footwear.
  • Always wear socks and wash them after a single-use. The sweat of your feet comes less in contact with the boot if you wear socks; that reduces odors.
  • Suppose your new shoes don’t start stinking noticeably yet. Start using the mentioned DIY spray, powder, or any home remedies and keep using, as suggested.
  • After wearing, you must air out your boots before putting them into a box or closet. Stuffing newspaper into the boots will speed up the airing out and odor-killing process.
  • I recommend not using the same pair of boots every day. Have a minimum of two pairs of boots and wear them alternatively to air them out properly between uses.


1. What causes boot odor?

The boots have less ventilation than other shoes, so it traps the odor when your feet stink. When you wear such enclosed shoes all day long your feet will automatically start sweating a lot.

Despite that, your feet could sweat a lot; when you’re stressed, anxious about something, going through hormonal changes, or having any serious medical conditions, like hyperhidrosis.

2. What is the best Boot odor eliminator?


Vinegar solution, baking soda, and fresh air are great for removing bad odor. So, air out the boot first; then, apply the DIY methods and wait for the magical result.

3. Will freezing kill boot odor?

According to many sourced suggestions, I’ve tried this method, but when I took my shoes out of the freezer, I noticed some bad smells. Then, I researched that freezing anything doesn’t kill any bacteria but prevents their growth. So, I don’t recommend this method for removing boots' smells.


You may think that the commercial fragrance sprays quickly mask the boot odor. In reality, the scents temporarily cover up the bad smells but can’t eliminate their sources. Enough of that temporary solution; it’s time to fix the problem permanently. Won’t you feel so? Hopefully, Yes! That’s why you’re still here.

Thanks for staying with me. I’ll be more than happy if you let me know whether any of these tips and tricks help you with the stinky shoe problem or not?

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