How To Walk Without Creasing Shoes

If you're planning to purchase expensive leather, suede, or canvas shoes. The next thing; that will come to your mind is how to keep your shoes from creasing. Isn't it?

Walking with creased sneakers, boots, hiking shoes, or even regular shoes is embarrassing and uncomfortable. Have you run into such a shoe problem?

Well! Today is the last day you've gone through such unpleasant things. We are here to tell you the best ways to prevent creases in shoes.

Before that, let's start with the things that you should stop doing to avoid creasing shoes.

How to walk without creasing shoes

What does creasing your shoes mean?

When we walk, the material gets compressed and repeatedly folds the way our feet move, and it causes several unsightly wrinkled lines or creases in the shoe. Despite its unpleasant appearance, we still quote this sentence that getting creases in shoes is completely normal.

The badly creased shoes do not look good, but some amount of creasing or wrinkle lines are normal in any shoe. You can't stop creasing the shoes over time, but prevent the creasing from getting worse. Check out the shoe crease preventer remedies.


The main reasons for getting creases in the shoes are material, poor construction, and fitting. When we walk, our feet bend; the shoes bend accordingly and cause creased and wrinkled lines.

The shoes have a 100% smooth surface construction with the material; that could easily bend and get back in shape; they neither get several creases nor makes the walk painful. 

Aside from the stiff materials, if someone doesn't get proper fitting from their shoes, those particular shoes relatively lead to more creasing or wrinkle lines when they walk. The additional space between the toe and shoe wall prevents the foot from holding the shoe in shape.


How to walk without creasing your shoes?

You have to walk properly to stop shoes from creasing. When you walk on your toe rather than the heels, it causes relatively more creasing. Never do that.

how to walk without creasing your shoes

You should carefully walk on your heels, touching the floor or the ground, which keeps the shoe's upper material flattened and straightened. Never put much strain or effort on the shoes to not crease shoes while walking.

How to prevent shoes from creasing?

Everyone wants to keep their shoes looking new, even after traveling several miles on them. Here is the best way to prevent creases in shoes.

1. Buy the Proper Size

If you wear a perfect-sized shoe, your feet support the upper material and stop creasing. Try to wear shoes as fit as possible; there should not be enough space inside the shoe.

2. Buy a shoe with a good quality heel counter

A shoehorn helps you easily and comfortably put on the shoe, adds back support, and stops getting creased around the heel area of your shoe.

3. Properly tighten up your shoelaces

When you snugly fit your shoes by tightening the shoelace, it will make you comfortable as well as avoid creasing. Tightening your shoelaces will lessen the space in your shoes and foot movement.

4. Wear your shoes in dry conditions

If you have pure leather shoes, don't wear them unless they properly get dry after a wash, even after wear. We also recommend not washing the shoes again and again.

5. Try to have multiple pairs

If you swap your shoe models in between your weekly routine, it will completely dry out the shoe before the next wearing. It is advisable to have at least two pairs of shoes or more for regular use, specifically during the rainy and winter season.

How to fix creases in shoes?

You could remove the shoe creases with heat by using a blow dryer or stream your shoes at the low heat setting. Moreover, you can insert a shoe tree inside the shoe to keep it for long when you're not wearing them. It will absorb the excess moisture from the shoe after a long day of use and lessens the crease lines.

How to fix creases in shoes


1. How to keep sneakers from creasing?

Simply, you should follow the above steps of walking and taking care of your sneakers.

2. How do not crease air forces while walking?  

Wear thick socks, or stuff a pair of socks into each foot to occupy the empty space if the shoes have. It will maintain the actual shape during walking.

3. How to prevent Jordans from creasing?

The Jordans tend to get creased within a short time. You can stop creasing by having a perfect fir as much as possible, using a shoehorn, tightening up your shoelaces and avoiding consistent wear, and obviously walking properly as I described.


Keeping your footwear free from creases may be hectic, like keeping the skin wrinkle-free. After all, no way can completely eliminate crease from the shoe.

The methods and DIY hacks stop your shoes from creasing badly with time. My hope is the tips we mentioned above will help prevent shoes from getting creased and keep your shoes appealing to look at, like it was as a brand new model.

If you apply any other tips, let others know by commenting below.

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