Sandal Size Vs Shoe Size – Know The Differences

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When it comes to footwear, they come in different forms and types, each targeted towards a particular kind of usage. Two among them are sandals and shoes.

Sandals often used changeably with flip-flops, are casual footwear that people generally wear in times of their leisure. Whereas shoes are used for a lot of many things, be it brisk walking, running, athleisure, etc.

Shoes also keep your feet safe and are known for their durability. Now even though there are sufficient differences between them, people often get confused with them. So, in this Sandal size Vs Shoes size, we will try to explore the noticeable differences between them.


If you are in a hurry, you can take a look at this quick comparison table. 



  • A sandal is a type of open shoe made up of straps which look like an inverted Y and is open from all sides.
  • Sandals are great for hot weather where chances of rain are minimum. Due to their superior air circulation, they allow the feet to breathe.
  • Sandals don’t come in half sizes in most countries. Hence, they lack the kind of fit provided by shoes.
  • You need to be careful with the size that you buy with sandals as you can’t wear socks with them if you end up buying a larger pair unlike shoes.
  • If you end up buying tighter sandals they won’t give you burns and blisters.

  • Shoes cover the foot completely and have a soft material on the top.
  • Shoes are a better option in the case of rainy seasons, and they also provide better support to the heel and toes.
  • Shoes are more suited for running, jogging, hiking, etc.
  • Your feet can sweat a lot while wearing shoes, which can lead to bacteria and fungus formation.
  • Shoes provide better support to the feet, protecting your feet from injuries. But if you end up buying tighter shoes, you might get burns and blisters. 

ARE SANDALS AND SHOES THE SAME? What are their purposes?

No, sandals and shoes are not the same things. Sandals, often referred to as flip-flops, are a type of open shoe that does not cover the feet completely and has straps to provide support while walking. Their heels are flat and are made of rubber or some other synthetic material.

sandal and shoe - sandal size vs shoe size

Sandals are only meant for walking, and doing any other thing can be dangerous due to the poor support that they provide. They also provide good air circulation to your feet and help them stay fresh, but at the same time make them prone to dust, dirt, and tanning.

Shoes, on the other hand, cover the feet completely and protect them from harsh weather conditions. Shoes are an all-rounder as they serve multiple purposes. You can walk, trek, run, jog, jump, etc., in them. They are more comfortable than sandals as they provide better cushioning and heel support.


If you are confused with what size sandal should I get or want to know your shoe size in general, then you can follow the below steps-

  • Step 1- Take a white sheet of paper and place your feet on it.
  • Step 2- Take a pen or a pencil and draw a rough outline of both your feet. 
  • Step 3- Using a measuring tape or ruler, measure the width and breadth of the outline drawn.
  • Step 4- Once you have taken the measurement, use a sandal size chart or a shoe size chart to compare the measurement with the various sizes.
  • Step5- Now, select the size that is closest to your measurement. There you go, you have finally measured your feet.


Finding your sandal/shoe size is simpler in the case of visiting an offline store and buying from there rather than shopping online. It is because in online shopping, everything is virtual, and you are not able to try the shoes and check their size in person.

To avoid this situation, you can refer to the shoe size chart provided on the company’s website to find the right size. You can also refer to the comment section of the product and screen through it to get valuable insights. 

The biggest perk of visiting an offline store is the fact that you can try various sizes of shoes before buying them. Most often, there is also a professional to help you in finding the right size. If, after wearing the shoes, the fit is proper with minimum movement of the feet, then that is the right size for you.

But again, you won't find variety in it and due to time constraint many people prefer to do online shopping. 


fit size - sandal size vs shoe size

People often get confused with their shoe sizes, mainly because they have not properly measured their feet. This case is most common with people who shop their shoes online, but at times even people buying offline are prone to it.

If you are any one of them, then you can use the provided tips to make a judicious decision.

  • Measure your feet using the method discussed in this thread to know the length and width of your feet.
  • Before buying, try various sizes of the shoes that you are planning to buy.
  • Refer to the foot size chart provided on the shopping websites and in the stores. Take note that shoe size chart women are different from males. So, if you are a female, ensure that you are referring to the right chart.

    If you follow the above tips, you will certainly get true to size shoes.


1. How to measure foot size?

Foot size can easily be measured by outlining the feet and then measuring it using a measuring tape. Once you have got the figure of the length and breadth, you can refer to the shoe size chart to know your size.

2. Is there any ratio of shoe size to height?

Based on a study done by a medical professional, there is no positive correlation found between height and shoe size. But, if somehow you lack the complete data of the individual’s shoe size, then you can use height to foot ratio of 6.6:1 to get a rough idea.

3. Are UK and US size are same?

No, they both are not the same. In the US, sizes are gender distinguished, and we have different sizes for men and women. On the other hand, in the UK, there is an individual size for both men and women, which are distinguished based on color and type. UK size can be converted to US size by adding 33.

4. What Size Shoes Should I Wear?

When it comes to shoe sizes, you should wear a pair that provides a snug fit to your feet. It shouldn’t be tight, nor should it be very loose.

5. How to measure shoe size at home?

You can easily measure the size of your shoe at home by outlining your feet using a pencil or pen. By measuring the width and length of the drawing, you can get to know the size of your feet easily.


Often people confuse with sandals and shoes, thinking that they are the same thing, but as you now know that they are way different and target a different kind of usage. We hope that this Sandal size Vs Shoes size article would have helped you learn some key differences between them and other handy information that you can use.

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