How To Get Gum Off Shoes Without Making a Mess

get gum off shoe

We’ve all had it get home from a walk, start unlacing your shoes, and discover you’ve stepped on some gum! Well, don’t panic.

Operation ‘get gum off shoe’ isn’t as intimidating as it sounds. There are several effective methods that you can use, and your shoes will be back to good as new in no time. 

But when it comes to the issue of how to remove gum from shoes, it does depend on what kind of shoe you’re wearing. 

Having taken all of this into consideration, let’s look at some ways you can clean gum off shoe soles.


You don’t want to ruin your mint-condition leather walking shoes with a gum stain, do you? Gum stuck to shoe soles can be quite annoying when you put on the shoes again.

So, what’s the best way to remove gum from shoes? Read on and decide!

1. How to get gum off shoes with ice

remove using ice - get gum off shoe

It’s not just good for when you’ve had a nasty fall! Ice has many uses. It’s often what takes gum off shoes properly and cleanly if you know the right way to do it.

When gum sticks to your shoe, it tends to be a bit gooey and won’t come off without fragmenting and leaving stains.  

Instead of going down this route, just take some ice cubes and place them in a plastic bag. 

Make sure the ice doesn’t touch the top of the shoe. Just apply it to the sole where the gum is stuck. Once the gum has frozen, it can be taken off cleanly with a knife or any other object with an edge. Easy peasy!

2. How to get rid of gum on shoes with peanut butter

remove gum using peanut butter - get gum off shoe

Peanut butter is great on toast. You might be surprised to see it mentioned in an article about how to get gum off shoe soles. But it’s true!

You can also use peanut butter. First, scrape off as much of the gum as you can, perhaps with a knife. Then place a small amount of peanut butter (too much might stain the leather!) on the gum. 

Make sure it’s creamy peanut butter, as the oil in the butter will help to break up the dried gum. The best way to get gum off shoe soles is to wait for a few hours at this point.

Let the peanut butter do its work. Once some time has passed, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the shoe. The gum should come off with the peanut butter.

3. How to get gum off shoes using WD-40

remove using wd-40

If you don’t have any peanut butter at home or haven’t stocked up on ice recently, the next best way to remove gum from shoes is to use some WD-40.

It’s a lubricant that is used to protect metals from rust, and you may just have some lying around. Again, scrape away as much gum as possible first.

Then spray the WD-40 onto the gum. You should be able to ease off the gum now. 

WD-40 Original Formula, Multi-Use Product with Smart Straw Sprays 2 Ways, 14.4 OZ [2-Pack]
WD-40 Original Formula, Multi-Use Product with Smart Straw Sprays 2 Ways, 14.4 OZ [2-Pack]
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If you want to know how to clean gum from shoes completely so there’s no trace left, you can use a toothpick to pick out the pieces from the shoe grooves. But the WD-40 should do most of the heavy lifting here.

4. How to remove chewing gum from shoes using oil

remove using oil

This is a good choice, too, when you’re assessing methods for how to get dried gum off shoes. Rub oil on the gum, but try not to get it on too much of the shoe itself, as it can stain.

After a few minutes, gently try removing the gum with a paper towel. Most of it should come off. Any excess can be removed from the grooves with a toothpick, or any pointy-edged object dipped in oil. 


remove gum of suede shoes - get gum off shoe

So we’ve looked at all the methods for how to get gum off of leather shoes, but what about suede shoes? Actually, we can employ similar methods.

You can use the ice trick that we outlined for leather shoes, but be careful because if the ice melts immediately, then it will leave a stain on the suede. If it’s a hot day where you are, avoid using ice.

The best method is just to scrape off the gum first using the edge of a credit card or a knife and then use a stain eraser remover made for suede materials. You may not have one at home, but you can easily buy one or order one online.

And it’s a good thing to keep in your cupboard for a rainy day! The stain remover should be effective, and that’s how you can get the last bit of gum off your shoe soles.


Getting gum on anything, be it your hair, a carpet, or a shoe, is a bit of an irritant. But now you know how to get gum off shoe soles, so you’ll never be tripped up again! Just be patient while you’re dealing with it, and the gum should come off cleanly without too much of a fuss or too large a stain. Good luck!

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