Best Insole For Ski Boots Reviews

Just because you bought a pair of dedicated ski boots; doesn’t mean you’re all set to enjoy the adventurous life. Without ski boot orthotics, your feet can easily get fatigued in the boots, as most ski boots come with flat or flimsy insoles; that provides neither comfort nor the support you need for skiing.

Actually, our feet take tremendous pressure on the ski board and undergo a lot of force from all directions, as feet are the main point of energy transfer from our body to the board.


So, people start feeling like their feet are being cramped in every direction. Along with a well-fitted boot, all you need is a reliable ski insole to ease all sorts of problems.

Here are the best ski boot insoles that are made to provide comfort for an entire day of skiing and last for several seasons.



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  • Breathable EVA foam base fabric stays fresh longer
  • Built-in silicon material for shock absorption
  • Semi-rigid orthotic 7mm arch support
  • Deep stabilizing heel cup evenly distribute weight 
  • Suitable for people with plantar fasciitis, high arch, flat feet

Though skiing is an adventurous sport, it often gets hard on the feet. The feet endure a lot of pressure and forces from multiple directions during a ride on snowboards. Hence, proper underfoot support and cushioning are essential while skiing to restrict feet from being tired.

Unfortunately, most of the shoes for skiing are tight and come with flat insoles that do not offer the required arch support. The lack of support causes improper body alignments, muscle strain, discomfort, and pain during skiing.

You can nullify these unfavorable effects with Walk hero insoles, meant for skiing. They enhance skiing performance by providing support and stability to the users.

These insoles are designed to serve dedicated athletes. It comes with deep heel cups and a stabilizer; those maintain correct foot positioning. They protect the heel during the heavy collision of landing. Moreover, these insoles confront overpronation and supination to reduce back and foot pain.

The impressive EVA foam provides desired underfoot cushioning and reduces foot fatigue through its excellent shock absorption features. The feet stay dry due to their breathable nature.

Furthermore, these ski boot inserts render total arch support and improve skeletal alignment to reduce foot pain. They minimize stress and the effects of bunions, pronation, arthritis, Achilles Tendonitis, heel pain, and heel spurs. Hence, these insoles are a must-have for every skier.


  • Correct body alignment and foot positioning
  • Excellent arch support for flat feet
  • Reduce friction


  • It may leave some odor, as nothing was mentioned about breathability



  • High profile, and orthotic super feet shape for arch support
  • Designed to cover full length and width of your feet
  • Wide and Deep heel cup for comfort and pain relief
  • High density closed cell foam layer for maximum cushioning and support
  • Stabilizer cap for extra support and long-lasting comfort

Are you a skier and are not satisfied with the performance of your ski boots? Do your feet hurt due to the lack of arch support and searching long for the proper insoles compatible with your ski shoes?

If yes, these Superfeet insoles are the perfect solution for you. These high-profile insoles are ideal for high arch feet; that evenly balance the weight during ski sessions. They contour the feet' length and width and render the best shock-absorbing performance.

The base-layer stabilizer caps provide a stable base for the body and control the foot movements by rectifying the misalignment of the feet and ankle. They render support for the rare foot. Moreover, these caps provide stability and the foam layer ensures maximum comfort with support.

These ski boot footbeds come with deep and wide heel cups to fight against heel pain by offering optimum comfort. The closed cell foam layer

renders proper insulation on snow, so your feet get the warmth you need to stay comfortable in extreme snowy weather conditions. Furthermore, this foam makes these insoles durable, flexible, and lightweight and cradles the foot by providing long-lasting comfortability.

The foam layer insulation keeps your feet warm, but your feet won’t sweat much due to the breathable material. The organic odor control property restricts the overgrowth of the bacteria in the sweaty feet and eliminates odor from them.

With cushioning comfortability and proper arch support, you can blindly trust these insoles of the Superfeet brand. When you put these insoles into the shoes you have, it will make all of your shoes flexible while skiing or doing any serious athletic activities.


  • A wide heel cup absorbs impact efficiently
  • High-profile, high-volume design for contoured comfort
  • Supportive and fabric top reduce shifting of the feet


  • Expensive



  • TPU-based strong arch support
  • Good metatarsal support to prevent all sorts of cramps
  • PU memory foam base cushioning layer
  • Breathable velvet cover1-year guarantee

Ski shoes may offer little flexibility and poor insulation for the feet. Lack of support often makes these shoes uncomfortable, leading to tiredness, pain, and cramps of the feet. As a result, your skiing experience becomes horrible instead of joyous.

A flawless skiing session, therefore, essentially needs the proper support that can enhance your skiing. This EASY FEET gel insole is one of the most valuable pieces of skiing equipment; that ensures the best performance on the slopes when attached to standard ski shoes, with its comfortability and top-class arch-supporting properties.

The arch support helps the feet to transfer pressure evenly. Moreover, they spread the forces over a large area on the bottom of the feet to prevent foot fatigue.

The arch support reduces buckle pressure without sacrificing performance. They minimize the risk of pronation and lessen the rolling of the feet inside to stop supination.

The inserts diminish the effect of plantar fasciitis, back pain, ankle stress, metatarsal, bunions, and many more foot problems by improving balance.

These insoles for ski boots correct the alignment between legs, ankles, hips, feet, and knees. As a result, they make skiing easy and increase the speed while riding on snow.

The air capsules reduce the force of impact during each stride. These capsules combine with gel forefoot to efficiently absorb the impacts. This way they provide maximum cushioning to the underfoot.

The built-in heel support cradles the heel and keeps the foot bones vertical to improve balance. A great combination of hard TPU with PU memory foam base has made these insoles one of the best footbeds for ski boots.


  • Render support and ensure
  • correct alignment
  • Absorbs impacts efficiently
  • Reduce heat and friction


  • It may make irritating noise while walking



  • Carbon Fiber Stabilizer Cap
  • Structured heel cup
  • High density and lightweight foam
  • Organic odor control
  • Low profile design with foam edge improves fit in slimmer fitting footwear

Neither loose, nor tight, only the snug fittings can make a shoe perfect for skiing. In very baggy ski boots, the feet can slide back and forth, which results in an accidental fall.

Moreover, the loose fittings of shoes may cause knee, back, and shin problems. Many people end up searching with the big mistake of buying big ski shoes for desired comfortability.

But the fact is that ski shoes are not designed to render an easy, loose feeling since they should hold heels and feet firmly in the correct place during skiing sessions. On the other hand, wrong-shaped and extra tight ski shoes lead to pain and discomfort and drain away the fun of skiing.

The insertion of the proper insoles in the ski shoes makes them supportive yet comfortable by rendering a snug fitting. These SUPERFEET insoles are perfect in this regard.

These low-profile insoles do not take much space to fit into the shoes. They combine ultra-light foam with the strength of carbon fiber to improve the fittings without sacrificing comfortability.

The EVOLYTE stabilizer caps on the bottom restrict the feet from sliding and rolling sideways and improve control and flexibility of the feet. They respond to compression and spring back to their original shape as soon as the pressure disappears. This feature provides the users maximum stability and balance with contoured comfort.

While the heel cup ensures the proper alignment of the ankle and stabilizes them. Plus, the good air circulating features render a breathable environment for the feet.

The lower fit arch support is perfect for flat feet. With their natural shock absorption property, these insoles have ensured their position in the list of best insoles for ski boots.


  • Best for Plantar Fasciitis
  • Render excellent support
  • Long-lasting comfort


  • Smell bad



  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane material
  • Gel padding and breathable fabric
  • PU foam base and deep heel cup
  • Deep U foot cup to prevent over-pronation
  • Ergonomic arch support for plantar fasciitis, flat feet, over-pronation, heel spur

If you and your partner hold different foot arches and have an equal interest in skiing, spending money for once on these insoles would be a wise decision.

These Unisex insoles rectify the wrong alignment of the feet by providing aimed support and work efficiently for all arch types and gender. Due to their proper arch support, they reduce stress on knees and feet while skiing.

These arch supports, associated with the deep heel cups, help to keep the feet in proper position within shoes and stabilize them to ensure pain and danger less riding on snow.

Moreover, the arch support not only prevents damage to the tendons but also mitigates the excessive pressure on the feet and knees to keep them energetic. Thus, they erase the effects of uncontrolled muscle stretching and extreme pressure on the feet.

The gel cushion material in the forefoot of these ski footbeds renders revolutionary impact absorbing performance and cradles the feet with extraordinary comfort.

The cushioning PU foam base distributes the load evenly during strikes. While they provide good insulation to the feet, the fabric of the insoles allows the feet to breathe.

The TPU base renders the structure and support to the feet and adds extra stability to the PU foam layer. Overall, the DACAT ski insoles are one of the top recommendations for the skier due to their unbeatable supports and undebatable comfort features.


  • Enhanced shock absorption
  • Prevent stretching and relieve foot pressure
  • Effectively relief pain from the back, knee, shin, foot, ankle, and heel


  • May cause blister on wide feet



  • Neutral arch support, including PowerStep arch shape
  • Dual-layer cushioning
  • 50% PORON, 50% EVA Foam base and 100% Wool top
  • Wool based top cover regulates temperature and reduces sweating
  • Semi-rigid support shell

Skiing demands to lay the feet bare in the extreme cold temperature. As a result, feet could lose their sensations and dexterities. Hence, insoles for the ski shoe must have good insulation properties. These Powerstep insoles are the best in this aspect.

The 100% wool top of the insoles, with their natural climate control properties, insulate and regulate the temperature of the feet within the shoes. They keep their feet warm in the snow.

But maximum insulating insoles may cause the feet to sweat. That, as a result, breeds bacterial overgrowths and unhealthy feet. Unlike most insulating insoles, these wool insoles are breathable enough to wick the moisture away from the feet and keep them dry.

The wool material is hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. Moreover, the complex structure of the wool has made these skiing insoles impressively sturdy.

The incredible arch support keeps the ankle and feet in a neutral position and eliminates supination or pronation. This incident causes the proper alignment of the feet, knees, ankles, and bodies and improves efficiency, stability, and balance while skiing on the slope.

The dual layer cushioning and the Powerstep arch shape hold the arches properly to control the motion on uneven terrains. This full-length insole

renders the soft and comfortable feeling next to bare skin and minimizes the miseries of shin splints, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, and joint pains.

These footbeds for ski boots are compatible with a different collection of shoes and need no trimming if ordered in the same size as the shoes have.

These unisex insoles are semi-rigid. They blend the motion-controlling efficiency of the rigid insoles with the cushioning benefit of a soft one and hence, are a reliable companion in any skiing session.


  • Render improved balance and more control over the skis
  • Corrects body alignment and removes foot pain
  • Breathable yet insulating


  • Durability might be an issue



  • Made of carbon fiber and rubber
  • DuraShred foam base layer for maximum comfort
  • Primatech skeleton protects the arch from primo landings
  • Deep heel cup for better stability and balance
  • High-density gel-based ShredBed Microcellular heel bruises 

One might think of cutting short their expenditure while purchasing the ski boots' insoles. But a tiny breathing space within your budget will accolade you with the pleasure of smooth skiing that money cannot buy.

These Shred Soles insoles are a bit expensive but shine in their performance. The DuraShred high-density foam base renders comfort and long-lasting support, especially for skateboarding.

The ShredBed Microcellular Urethane under the forefoot renders snug fittings due to their easy-to-tough feature. The highly resilient performance over the complete compression range of the insoles secures feet from unwanted vibrations during strides. These flexible underfoot pads have superior impact resistance capability. They dissipate force excellently on each impact.

The PrimoTech skeleton design renders enough arch support to prevent injuries due to primo landings. The deep heel cup improves overall stability by locking the heel in the correct place within the shoes.

They help to diminish the heel pain caused by rolled ankles and reduce foot fatigue. Compact ShredTech high-density gel in the heel eases the swelling by absorbing and dissipating impact energies.


  • Thick cushioning
  • Efficiently absorb shock and dissipate impact energy
  • Improve stability and balance


  • Highly expensive



  • Regular or low volume design
  • Full length ergonomic support shell
  • Auto-Adapt heel and arch
  • Heel cushion platform
  • Radiant metal barriers between layers

Though come last in my recommendations, these insoles are in no way inferior to any of the previous ones. These ski boot inserts come with auto-adapt technology that shapes according to feet to render them personalized fittings.

The Poron cushion heel platforms distribute the weight properly and reduce the effect of strain on the tendons and muscles. They soften the rough impacts at the sensitive points of the feet and provide focused pain relief performance.

The Ergonomic Support Shell returns the feet to their proper functioning conditions by rendering anatomical arch support. This system helps to fix the feet in the correct position during skiing. As a result, it improves balance and stability.

Additionally, the blood circulation of the feet increases, and the health of the feet is maintained. Moreover, these soles minimize pressure on the heel and absorb shock with proficiency.

The radiant heat barriers control the temperature inside the shoes and keep the feet warm during skiing sessions on the snow. The top cover of the insoles prevents blisters and odor.

To summarize, these ski boot insoles for flat feet are one of my top endorsements that can add a new level of skiing ability.


  • Work great for wide feet ski shoes
  • Redistributes weight evenly
  • Customizable fittings


  • Hefty price tag



Insoles are meant to provide a steady fit, but you’ll need to choose them according to your arch type. Before finalizing your decision, research the brand, and check reviews and ratings online about their fittings.


The insoles for a ski boot need to be thick and voluminous to offer the comfort and warmth you need during skiing.


If you get the insoles; your feet require, it will improve your posture by providing the proper support you need during skiing. For instance, if you have overpronation or supination issues, you should prefer an insole with a deep heel cup or stabilizer cup. Likewise, insoles with arch support are suitable for persons; who have flat feet.


During skiing, your feet will be exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Hence, besides having cold feet and hands, you may eventually lose sensation. So, choose woolen, synthetic, or polyester built insoles to get substantial relief from the chill, which can lead you even towards frostbites.

Moisture and Odor Control

The insulated insoles can cause sweating in your feet, and the moisture can lead to bacterial diseases and the release of unbearable odor. The moisture-wicking property wicks away the moisture keeping your feet warm, dry, and odorless.

The well-insulated insoles could cause sweat, which can lead to bacterial growth and a bad odor. So, make sure the insoles have moisture-wicking properties, as well to keep your feet warm but dry and odorless.


1. Can You Put Insoles In Ski Boots?

Yes! Most ski boots allow you to put into a custom footbed insole to help users with a better fitting, comfort, and balance.

2. How Much Are Custom Footbeds For Ski Boots?

A ski boot-friendly custom footbed can cost around $200.

3. Why Choose Insoles With Arch And Metatarsal Support For Ski And Snowboard Boots?

Insoles with arch support evenly transfer pressure that reduces strain in your feet and gives your feet the support you need to ski efficiently without having fear in the mind of being crushed from above.

When you’ll have the right amount of extra support beneath your metatarsals with the metatarsal pad, you won’t get cramps or pains in the feet.


When you ski in extreme snowy weather conditions, the risk of meeting accidents would be always there, but these recommended insoles for ski boots will help with turning and balancing while skiing.

Hopefully, you’ve liked my recommendations. If so, let me know which one you’ve chosen, and share your experience with it by commenting below. You could let me know if you come across any better options I’ve missed mentioning here.

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